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Google javascript Changes Put Publishers in Violation of Sponsored.

Adam Sherk

In addition to the nofollow attribute, using JavaScript has long been a popular way to ensure that sponsored links adhere to Google’s guidelines by making them inaccessible to crawlers, as seen in this example: To be clear, selling sponsored links is a perfectly legitimate business practice and an important part of most publishers’ advertising sales strategy. What Horrible Things Did Time Magazine Do in 1964?

What Your Webmaster Can’t Do For You


If you’re not starting a brand new company from the ground up, there is a good chance that you have lots and lots of usernames, passwords, and accounts attached to your online presence. Changing your company’s name on your website is one thing, but changing it across the web is another beast entirely. With that in mind, just imagine how bad Google flips out when you change your company’s name from “Fakecorp Plumbing” to “Fakecorp Plumbing & Heating”. R5GJNQWPUEK8 .

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Best Twitter Tips, Tools and Tactics of 2011

Webbiquity SMM

Twitter users are twice as likely to purchase from companies they follow than are Facebook users. 40 Examples Of Creatively Designed Twitter Backgrounds by Tripwire Magazine. Community manager Jen Lopez explains how SEOmoz increased its total Twitter followers by 250% to over 27,000 people. Hint: it helps to have a community manager. ” Among the findings: of the Fortune 50 companies in the study, 16 apparently don’t have corporate Twitter account.

How to Build a Superblog: Insights from the Technorati Top 10

Viper Chill

With almost 200 posts per day, it’s hard to still think of the Huffington Post as a blog rather than an online newspaper or magazine. I personally don’t care for their constant posts about Twitter, but the Twitter community does. Once you know this kind of thing, you can produce more of what works for you and your community. Home What the F ? Cloud Living Say "Hi!"

How to Generate Blog Post Ideas

Viper Chill

While the service was a little too basic to pay for, I do still enjoy the company’s Postrank tool. target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> 66 Comments book says: May 6, 2010 at 11:11 am Glen, I think, you got the idea for this post from your personal experience. Here are some other methods I use: Reading books Google Alerts for specific keywords Reading magazine headlines (copyblogger style) Thanks for some very good ideas. Home What the F ? Cloud Living Say "Hi!"

Conquering Big Industries: My Bulletproof SEO Strategy

Viper Chill

Using cell phones as an example once again, here’s a sample structure: Short: mobile phones Long: mobile phone recycling Phrase 1: recycle nokia mobile phones Phrase 2: recycle HTC mobile phones Phrase 3: recycle samsung mobile phones Phrase 4: recycle motorola mobile phones Note : Mobile phone recycling refers to trading in your old phone for money to companies who will then resell it for a higher price. I’m emailing big fitness and women’s websites/magazines.

Cloud Jacking: 7 Steps to Dominate Your Niche

Viper Chill

To find out where your audience is hiding, I recommend searching: Google : Try keyphrases such as “top blogs on [niche],&# “[niche] forum,&# “[niche] community&# Facebook : Search using the form on the top right of the site for keywords relating to your market. There’s a good chance you’ll find groups focused around topics you want to cover Ning : You can think of Ning as a Facebook but for niche communities. Home What the F ? Cloud Living Say "Hi!"

Six Figure Writing: My Journey from English Failure to Blogging.

Viper Chill

target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> 69 Comments Benny the Irish polyglot says: April 15, 2010 at 11:23 am Excellent and inspirational post once again Glen!! In school teachers would often ask me to contribute to the school magazine or I’d be chosen to write for the school magazine. So I never got round to contributing anything for the school magazine. Home What the F ? Cloud Living Say "Hi!"