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UTM tracking & URL shortening for social media marketers

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UTMs, or Urchin Tracking Modules, are a tracking device to help you get really specific with your traffic source. But they’ll be very interested to see how much traffic you’re sending to the FAQ page and customer support page on your site and what kinds of posts are driving users there.

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Influencer Marketing for Small Business: 7 Steps to Finding the Right Influencers (+ Free Templates!)


For example, with an influencer partnership, you could be aiming to improve your follower growth, boost your engagement on a branded hashtag, build a stronger community, or generate more leads to your website to make more sales. . UTM is short for “Urchin Tracking Module”.

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4 WordPress Alternatives: the What, Where, and Why


Habari is a secure blogging platform designed from the ground up with the current and future needs of the blogging community firmly in mind. Habari support is available via: FAQ. package FAQ. a thorough FAQ. This guest post is by Matt Setter of

PKM and the Organization - Pollard

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Many companies that jumped early onto the KM bandwagon have all but abandoned it, while many organizations that waited are now repeating the mistakes of the pioneers. Organizations provided staff with access to the Internet, but most of those who were inclined to use it already had it at home and were using it there, without the restrictions imposed by the company -- so that, too, was of marginal benefit. Fast Company Blog. Intentional Communities. Fast Company.