Brands, Marketing, Diversity and Equity- A #MindfulSocial panel

Janet Fouts

As responsible and conscious marketers we are taking a closer look at how marketing is handing issues of culture, diversity and inclusion, especially on social media (this is mindful social after all!). Aleya Harris is the founder and owner of Flourish Marketing.

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Solving Complex Marketing Challenges with Hana Jacover


Solving complex marketing and marketing ops challenges is hard. One of the biggest issues is aligning marketing and sales processes. We’re tackling this and more with one of B2B marketing’s rising stars. Attribution B2B Marketing Podcast


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Klout, the Super Bowl, and Our Addiction to Shooting the Messenger

Convince & Convert

According to the Indianapolis Super Bowl Host Committee , Klout was used to help identify the participants, and the list was augmented manually with known local bloggers, gadflies, and connectors. I do not know how many of the 46 were “found” by Klout versus already known by the committee, and it’s not particularly relevant. I have addressed it below through (which I love, am an investor in, and very much wish the host committee would have adopted).

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8 Steps to Success with Manufacturing Marketing


This is the main reason that brands and marketers spend huge sums of money on digital promotion. Now, as a B2B marketer , you might be quick to point out that, sure, a lot has changed. However, that is not the only reason manufacturing brands should adopt digital marketing.

Firebelly begins work with Team USA


It is recognized by the International Olympic Committee, the United States Olympic. Blog Social Media Marketing We’re excited to announce that we have recently started working with Team USA—specifically U.S. Synchronized Swimming. Synchronized Swimming, also known as USA Synchro, was established as a nonprofit organization in 1979 and is the United States national governing body for the sport.

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Words and Pictures – the Batman and Robin of Content Marketing

Waxing UnLyrical

But it struck me that the Batman franchise offers some great takeaways for content marketing. What can other comic franchises teach us about content marketing? Words and Pictures – the Batman and Robin of Content Marketing is a post from: Shonali Burke Consulting, Inc. He’s president of a consultancy, Martin Waxman Communications , writes a monthly column for Marketing Magazine and is one of the hosts of the Inside PR podcast.

Interns Don’t Manage 24% of the Marketing Budget


Modern marketing departments would implode without social marketers, but they’re still not getting the respect they deserve. Comments like this reflect a widespread but outdated view about social media managers: That they’re entry-level workers cosplaying as real marketers.

It’s 2015 and #PRDiversity Is Still An Issue

Waxing UnLyrical

percent of Hispanics/Latinos possess jobs in the fields of advertising, marketing and public relations.” a member of PRSA’s Diversity Committee and assistant professor of communication at Georgia State University, “Students don’t see others who look like them in the places where they wish to work.”. Ethics Public Relations State of PR #PRDiversity diversity in public relations PRSA Diversity Committee PRWeek 2014 Agency Business ReportEd: Did you do a double take?

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At the Gov 2.0 Expo – Who's Making You Successful?

Social Media Strategery

Expo held here in Washington, DC and I was honored to be a member of the Program Committee for this event as well as last year’s Expo Showcase and Summit. As Shedd mentions in his post, “In much the same way as you need to train yourself to recognize the market ‘pains’ that product opportunities create, you need to train yourself to note who you work best with, what personalities are most compatible.&# Home About Me Speaking Legal-ese My Team Gov 2.0

What’s Social’s True Value to Business? We Asked 2,162 Marketers.


Social has earned a well-established seat at the marketing table. In our Social Transformation Report , we partnered with Altimeter Group to survey 2,162 marketers and conduct in-depth interviews with leading brands to uncover the value organizations find when they invest in social.

5 Digital Marketing Predictions for the 2018 Olympic Games

Convince & Convert

While sports networks are predicting athletes’ positions on the podium, I’d like to provide you with a forecast tailored to those of the digital marketing persuasion. Olympic Committee is incredible at identifying and crushing any advertisements that unlawfully allude to the Olympic Games. The post 5 Digital Marketing Predictions for the 2018 Olympic Games appeared first on Convince and Convert: Social Media Consulting and Content Marketing Consulting.

The Marketing Industry

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Marketers frequently struggle with issues - from how to get more clients to how to keep those clients, and from how to continue to keep being creative to how to keep their teammates happy and engaged. Many years ago, I was considering joining the Canadian Marketing Association. I knew that if I wanted to have real "game" in the business, I would need to not only join the largest association of marketers in my home country, but that I would need to be active in it as well.

Tips for Your Business from Social Media Day Conference


I am honored to have been such an intrinsic part of organizing this Conference together with other members of the (small kickass) MRCC social media committee. Each workshop topic is a key component for making social media and digital marketing work for your business. Email Marketing. Social media/digital marketing is not a choice anymore. Social media/digital marketing is not a sprint.

Make A Mobile Marketing Impact

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is Chair of the Mobile Entertainment Forum and Chair Emeritus of the Mobile Committee for the Internet Advertising Bureau. He brings a plethora of experience and insights from the mobile landscape to our marketing world, and it's a true privilege to have him as a guest on the show this week. digital marketing. marketing. marketing over coffee. mobile marketing. new marketing labs. social media marketing.

Content demand: how to cope

Sherrilynne Starkie

According to the report’s authors Rebecca Lieb , Jessica Groopman and Susan Etlinger, having a content culture takes the concepts of a content marketing to a whole new level. It means extending publishing beyond the marketing department to include employees across the organization. The content leader will work with PR, social media and marketing teams and anyone working in a customer-facing group. It’s changing the way marketing departments think and work.

14 of the Best Content Marketing Tips, Tactics and Techniques of 2013

Webbiquity SMM

Content marketing success starts with developing a strategy and roadmap, but the rubber hits the road with the execution of tactics (and measurement of marketing results to support continual improvement). So it is with Content Marketing Week. Where do you find ideas and inspiration for content marketing topics? What pitfalls should content marketers avoid? What Can Disney Teach Manufacturers About Marketing? by Industry Market Trends.

Email Marketing and Social Media: 2 Peas in a Pod

Justin Levy

Justin Levy Marketing and Social Media Home About Archives Contact Disclosures Newsletter Speaking Email Marketing and Social Media: 2 Peas in a Pod Written on May 9, 2010 by Justin Levy in announcements , email , social media 15 Comments - Leave a comment! This was originally posted over on the New Marketing Labs blog. Are you desperately trying to figure out where your email marketing and social media efforts come together to form a seamless digital marketing strategy?

Lawyers & Legal Marketers: Kick It Up A Notch in 2016 – An #LMA16 Infographic

Myrland Marketing

[Infographic from #LMA16 below] Jonathan Fitzgarrald , Managing Partner of Equinox Strategy Partners, gave a stellar presentation at the recent Legal Marketing Association’s Annual Conference that was full of advice for how to prove your worth where your clients are concerned. The part of Jonathan’s presentation I found the most valuable included 10 tips for in-house legal marketers to prove their value to their internal clients.

Core Values Are Stupid Until They’re Not

Ignite Social Media

Have you been in those groupthink exercises where a well-intentioned committee of some sort throws out grand words and tries to massage them into sentences that include each person’s most important adjectives? This article was originally published on Inc. Masters on February 8, 2021.

#LMA13: It’s Almost Time

Myrland Marketing

All of this is planned by a dedicated 15-member Conference Advisory Committee, talented LMA staff and countless volunteers who are involved for the simple reason that they love their association. It is fitting that firms have invested resources in sending these marketing strategists to a conference that reinforces these skills, led by an association that is the leading authority for legal marketing around the world, and which seeks to help its members and their firms excel at every turn.

(Social Media) Strategy: Lessons from the Trenches

Dave Fleet

When Bill Doern asked if I would participate once again this year I readily said yes, and on a Friday afternoon this Spring I listened and provided feedback on social media strategy presentations by 10 teams of aspiring digital marketing professionals.

(Social Media) Strategy: Lessons from the Trenches

Dave Fleet

When Bill Doern asked if I would participate once again this year I readily said yes, and on a Friday afternoon this Spring I listened and provided feedback on social media strategy presentations by 10 teams of aspiring digital marketing professionals.

How Twitter & Facebook are making social media ads more transparent

Sherrilynne Starkie

And so are the possible ramifications for the global technology companies whose products and platforms are being used to spread fake news – loss of trust among users, reputational damage, increased regulation, reduced access to markets, and more. Hot the heels of having been compelled to answer questions from a Senate committee hearing on Russian interference in the US election, Twitter and Facebook have both introduced new ‘transparency’ policies, features and functions.

Lawyers: RDTC, Or How To Beat Your Competition In The Content Sharing Game

Myrland Marketing

A question was recently posted on one of the legal marketing forums I belong to, asking how attorneys can shorten the time-frame between deciding they want to post timely content in response to something going on in the world or in their practice area, and the seemingly endless need for wordsmithing and committee approval of every word that goes out the door. After the trial month, marketers, advisors and the practice team or attorney should step back and discuss how the test went.

Universities: How to Use Social Media as Well as Students Do

agora pulse

Prospective students are just as likely to check out a university’s social media channels as its website and marketing materials. Related: Social Media Marketing 101: What Every Smart Social Media Manager Needs to Know. Events committee and other committee chairs.

Is Facebook Still the Most Effective for Social Advertising?

Ignite Social Media

It is no secret that Facebook has seen its fair share of scrutiny related to data and security breaches, leading to Mark Zuckerberg answering questions from the Senate commerce and judiciary committees on privacy, data mining, regulations and Cambridge Analytica. According to a Social Media Marketing Industry Report from Social Media Examiner, small and medium sized businesses continue to focus their social media marketing on Facebook, which is being used by 94% of those surveyed.

Three More Ways to Get the Attention of Today’s Busy B2B Buyers

Webbiquity SMM

If you’re in B2B sales or marketing, you know how challenging it is to get the attention of today’s buyers. B2B marketers are struggling more than ever to get targeted prospects to engage; almost 60 percent say it’s a challenge for them to generate new leads, according to Chief Marketers’ 2019 B2B Marketing Outlook report. The post Three More Ways to Get the Attention of Today’s Busy B2B Buyers appeared first on B2B Marketing Blog | Webbiquity.

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#LMA14: Why Are We Here?

Myrland Marketing

I arrived in Orlando Monday for the LMA, or Legal Marketing Association, board of directors meeting and international conference. Pre-conference programs start today, followed by the opening reception this evening, as well as numerous LMA new member, chapter and committee receptions?, Whether in-house legal marketer, consultant, service provider or conference planner, we exist in our careers to help our attorneys and law firms do what they do.

The Only 4 Reasons Agencies Should Care About Their Own Content Marketing

Convince & Convert

Yet, far too many agencies are devoting resources to content marketing and social media solely because they feel they have to do so. 4 Reasons Agency Content Marketing Might Be Worth It. At least one agency blog post per week should be tactical , describing how marketing can be improved in some fashion (software, process, thinking, etc.). Surprise, surprise, those posts will be found and read by the selection committee. Mimicry is not a strategy.

Top Five: Should Facebook be regulated?

Sherrilynne Starkie

In this week’s Top 5 social media news for marketing and communications professionals we highlight new Google video display ads, a Forrester Research report on future digital marketing spend, TikTok’s FTC fine, Quora and potential Facebook regulation in the UK. Forrester: Digital marketing spend to reach $146B by 2023, but search landscape is changing. Facebook Marketing Social Media YouTube

Rules to Remember About Facebook Political Ads

Ignite Social Media

Related to, created by, or run on behalf on someone running for public office, a former candidate for public office, political party, political action committee. . Facebook Marketing Media Buying Social Media Marketing facebook Facebook Ads Facebook Political Ads media buying social media buying Social Media Political Ads Social Media PoliticsFacebook recently implemented an authorization process for page admins and advertisers in the U.S. who run political ads.

Social Media Marketing Taps The Spirit of Entrepreneurship

Diva Marketing Blog

Social media marketing is certainly one direction to pursue. Most social marketing tools. As with any marketing strategy (for a small business, a Fortune 100 company or a non profit) social media marketing must begin with understanding the organization's goals, objectives and defining success. 5 Get Started Social Media Marketing Strategies 1. It takes imagination infused with courage to bring a new way of doing business into the mix.

57 Social Media Policy Examples and Resources

Dave Fleet

International Olympic Committee. Employee Social Influence Marketing Guidelines. Over time I’ve found myself doing more and more foundational work for organizations looking to dip their toes into social media. One of the key elements of this work, in my opinion, is creating a social media policy that fits well with the organization’s goals, culture and risk tolerance. But where to start?

#measurePR Recap (September 2018): Ethics of PR Measurement

Waxing UnLyrical

Ali, APR, has a 15+ year career in communications and marketing, and is adjunct faculty in Georgetown University’s Corporate Communication and Public Relations program. He is also the Ethics Officer of PRSA Tampa Bay, and co-chairs the PRSA Tampa Bay PRSSA and New Professionals Committee and is PRSSA Liaison, PRSA College of Fellows Mentoring Committee. Guest Post by Jen Zingsheim Phillips. The September #measurePR Twitter chat featured guests Sultana Ali and Kirk Hazlett.

Associations rank low in Digital IQ Index


The ranking is comprised of more than 350 data points across four dimensions: Site, Digital Marketing, Social Media and Mobile. Democratic National Committee (DNC). Republican National Committee (RNC). Actually, low is kind. I believe the words used were “challenged&# and “feeble.&#. Got an email from Scott Galloway at L2 Think Tank last week announcing their 2010 Digital IQ Index® for the public sector. It’s the first time they’ve done this study.

4 Teen Activists You Should Be Following on Social


She sits on the administration committee of the People’s Climate Movement, and received the “Spirit of the UN” award in 2018. Uncategorized Climate Change Influencer Marketing Instagram Trends Twitter YouTube

Why is Multi-Touch Attribution Right for You in 2020 and Beyond?


Believe it or not, over a third ( 34.1% ) of businesses admit they don’t use any attribution model to measure marketing performance. In the data-driven marketing world of 2020, this should no longer be the case. But how can a marketer begin to choose?

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Social Media Beyond The Sale

Diva Marketing Blog

We committee. Q: How many marketers does it take to respond to a tweet? A: As many as in your committee. pioneer in social media marketing and 2. Rules of The Business on Main/Diva Marketing Social Media Small Business Tips Contest . Post your tip for how to use social media for branding on this Diva Marketing post And on this MSN Business On Main Post. If you don't post on MSN BOM and indicate Diva Marketing you are not part of the game.

How to Reap the Revenue Rewards of Smarketing

Convince & Convert

In most companies – especially B2B firms – sales and marketing don’t get along. It’s not always pleasant, according to the Corporate Executive Board: 87% of the terms sales and marketing use to describe each other are negative. Sales and marketing can work together harmoniously, and doing so make enormous financial sense. This is the power of Smarketing: the harmonious alignment of sales and marketing teams.

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Use Humor and Ridiculousness to Reach Your Audience

Convince & Convert

Tim Washer , Senior Marketing Manager in Social Media at Cisco , joins the Social Pros Podcast this week to discuss the value in making your customers laugh, how to spend less and storytell more, and bringing ridiculousness to big corporations. From Cision , a free ebook called Power Your Story: Content Marketing Essentials. There is a risk that comes with comedy and with ridiculousness, and that doesn’t always play well in the corporate world of committees and consensus.