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I use a RSS reader and read feeds because it is part of my writing process. Lately, my RSS reading habits have changed. I'm finding new links and posts either through twitter, comments on my blog post, or through people who have linked to me. Photo by Lynetter.

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Is Facebook building the new community-driven question-and-answer.

Social Media Citizens

Home Content RSS Log in Social Media Citizens Home Case Studies Reports SMC List TOP Lists Video Consulting Portfolio Is Facebook building the new community-driven question-and-answer platform? Is Facebook going to be selective in people answering the questions?

Analyse your RSS Feed

Koka Sexton

Koka Sexton dot Com Home About Koka Contact Twitter FULL RSS Analyse your RSS Feed Your RSS readership is just as important as tracking your visitors with Google Analytics. I have all of my blogs pushing their RSS feeds through Feedburner. Leave a comment!

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Facebook Listens. RSS Added Back to Pages. Will Twitter be next?

Stay N' Alive

In perhaps one of my most controversial articles (unintentionally), I wrote a week or two ago about how both Twitter and Facebook both quietly removed RSS from user accounts and Pages. The question now is, in this regard, does this make Facebook more open than Twitter? (I

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Are Blog Comments Dead? | Justin Levy

Justin Levy

Justin Levy Marketing and Social Media Home About Archives Contact Disclosures Newsletter Speaking Are Blog Comments Dead? Written on July 30, 2010 by Justin Levy in blog , community , facebook , interactions , social media , twitter 23 Comments - Leave a comment!

44 Blogging Questions and Answers


Last week, I was given the opportunity to do a live question and answer session on Social Media Examiner ’s Facebook page. So without further ado, here is the transcript with the questions that were asked during that hour and responses from myself as well as fans.

Blog Comment Spammer Leaves Comment. Forgets to Spin the Content.

Bill Hartzer

When you have a fairly popular blog, you have to deal with comment spammers. Unfortunately, blog comment spamming still works apparently, or at least the blog spammers haven’t learned that it doesn’t work. Occasionally I get some really funny blog comments.

20+ Commonly Asked Questions About Blogging & Online Marketing


I receive a lot of questions on a regular basis about blogging, online marketing, and traffic generation, so I thought I would share my answers in this post. Comments. Comments are the life of your blogging community. I shut off comments after 30 days.

What's The Point In Commenting On Blogs?

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What is the true value of a comment on a blog? Eventually, additional features like the ability for a reader to comment on a post and the introduction of RSS (a syndication feature that would notify readers by email or web-based readers when the blogger updated or published to the blog) helped to propel the platform to the mainstream. To this date, there is a constant slew of criticism and discourse on the importance of comments. Let''s get over the comments.

The Most Effective Way to Increase RSS Subscribers

Viper Chill

You are here: ViperChill » Social Media » The Most Effective Way to Increase RSS Subscribers The Most Effective Way to Increase RSS Subscribers Written by Glen, this post has 103 Comments I’ve been a big advocate of guest blogging over the years; currently ranking no.1

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The Value Of Blog Comments

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In the beginning God created the Blogs and the RSS. Last week, Mathew Ingram over at GigaOm published a Blog post titled, Yes, blog comments are still worth the effort. It seems like there's a movement for more and more Blogs to not bother having the comments enabled. Blog comments are becoming increasingly valuable. They can comment on the link that they shared on Facebook. They can link to the Blog post on LinkedIn and also comment on it there.

Turning off the ViperChill RSS Feed: What You HAVE to Tell Your Blog Readers

Viper Chill

Though niches that have more web savvy audiences like marketing or technology are more likely to be affected, this is going to impact anyone who has built up their RSS readership. Step One: Find Another RSS Reader You’re Happy With. I recommend Feedly as your new RSS home.

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3 Questions to Ask About Offensive Content on Your Blog


The question isn’t whether these tactics work at drumming up comments, social shares, response posts, and recognition for the authors as the heroes of free speech because for the most part, they do. Questions to Ask Yourself. The comment lines are open!

Top 10 Questions of 2009

Bill Hartzer

In a troubled economy there are so many questions people ask on a daily basis. With all these different questions being asked, you’d be surprised to find out which ones actually made the top 10 list of questions asked on More than 50 million people visit Ask each month, where they are three times more likely to enter their queries in the form of a question than on other search engines.’s Top Questions of 2009: 1.

What Is A Blog? The Question That Won't Go Away

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" In more than a few sessions, speakers and participants would ask questions like, "is The Huffington Post a Blog?" While some may call me a traditionalist, I think there are certain aspects of online publishing that does identify something as a Blog, and they include: RSS feed. Comments. Is flickr a Blog (you can post pictures, comment on them, archive them date, etc.)?

Use CommentLuv for better comments - Koka Sexton dot Com

Koka Sexton

Koka Sexton dot Com Home About Koka Contact Twitter FULL RSS Use CommentLuv for better comments I just finished my daily ritual of reading my favorite sites. Once I left a comment I saw that it had grabbed a feed from my site of the last post and added it. Leave a comment!

Mass Engagement: How to Get Hundreds of Tweets & Comments On Your.

Viper Chill

And I don’t even do this manually; the process is automated thanks to RSS feeds. Even though I do such little promotion, many posts get hundreds of retweets and comments. Anyone can retweet, comment, or link to you once. runs through a commenters head.

13 Not-So-Scary Ways to Become a Master at Blog Commenting

Writtent Blog

Every content marketing strategy should involve a plan for blog commenting. It’s entirely too easy to get stuck in a comfort zone of creating content , while keeping up on other blogs in your niche via RSS feeds or email subscription. Leaving comments on other websites, of course.

Open Government Directive Workshop Results in More Questions Than.

Social Media Strategery

Events Calendar Subscribe: Posts | Comments | Email Social Media Strategery Best Of Best Practices Enterprise 2.0 Development Social Media Open Government Directive Workshop Results in More Questions Than Answers…For Now Tue, Jan 12, 2010 Government 2.0

Social Networking Friends vs. Real Life Friends | Almost Savvy

Almost Savvy

Should I be concerned when someone tags me in a photo or I comment on someone else’s post? If you enjoyed this post, make sure you subscribe to my RSS feed ! days], I am still stuck on the question of what to do about my name.

What Drives You? | Justin Levy

Justin Levy

Written on June 27, 2010 by Justin Levy in hustle , personal 19 Comments - Leave a comment! If youre new here or just an old friend, Id love it if you subscribed via RSS feed. I have a simple question for you: What drives you? That’s not a new question, right?

Weekly Roundup: The Magic of Discovery

Waxing UnLyrical

A question from Davina Brewer on how folks are using their blogrolls got me thinking. David makes some very good points (whether I agree with all the comments is a different matter and might be a post for another day…) 2. And this a question almost everyone is asking themselves.

How-to: View and Organize Fan Pages on Facebook | Almost Savvy

Almost Savvy

What other questions would you like to see answered in this way? If you enjoyed this post, make sure you subscribe to my RSS feed ! And why didn’t I see the list entitled, “Friends who ask Lots of Questions?!&#

Do you lose value by turning off comments on a blog?

The Way of the Web

If you’ve ever spent a Sunday evening clearing out the contents of a website or blog anti-spam filter, you’ll identify with the decision of Dave Winer to turn off the comments on Scripting News. Is it ‘right’ to turn off the comments?

Is Pay-to-Post Blogging The New Advertorial?

Waxing UnLyrical

A few weeks ago, they asked a question about paying for blog posts. If you liked what you saw and read, Id love you to subscribe to my RSS feed or subscribe by email. Sign out Leave your comment here. Mark as read Approve comment Great points Justin!

What Is Your Good Name?

Waxing UnLyrical

December 7th, 2010 Tweet In India, if you meet someone for the first time you are more than likely to be asked a question that roughly translates to, “What is your good name?&# First, because the questioner wants to know what your “real&# name is, as opposed to your nickname.

Generation Y says “Yes” to the Convergence of Email and Social Media

Social Media Citizens

Posted in Trends Tags: email marketing generation y social media convergence You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 smcitizens ] — October 8th via Twitter Comments ??????

How to: Turn On/Off LinkedIn Notifications | Almost Savvy

Almost Savvy

Great question, David! Let me know in the comments if this was helpful to you and if you’ve got other questions. If you enjoyed this post, make sure you subscribe to my RSS feed !

How to Start a University Blog

Waxing UnLyrical

To my surprise this person – who didn’t know me or have anything to gain by helping me – wrote me back with a thoughtful, in-depth response to my questions. So if you have a question, please do contact me at sorochys [at] uregina [dot] ca. Sign out Leave your comment here.

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NBA Playoff Teams Ranked by Facebook Page Engagement

Adam Sherk

Ok fans could care less about that, but for myself and some sports and social media marketers out there it’s an interesting question. So I checked the number of likes and comments for each team’s last 10 updates.

Team 186

Weekly Roundup: The Long Of It

Waxing UnLyrical

One of the age-old questions, eh? I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer to this question. If you liked what you saw and read, Id love you to subscribe to my RSS feed or subscribe by email. Sign out Leave your comment here. Mark as read Approve comment LOL.

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Blogging – Just Do It!

Almost Savvy

In my last post, I invited you to share your questions about blogs and blogging and promised that I’d seek out various bloggers to share their thoughts and advice. Excellent questions poured in via email, Twitter, the AlmostSavvy Facebook page , and comments on my blog.

Add Flash video to Static FBML for Baratunde Thurston | Freelance.

Freelance Social Media

Thought this was a good question and others might have a similar problem so here’s a demo on how to add flash to static FBML.

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It's All About The Reputation

Small Business Mavericks

The only question to ask, really, is what kind of online marketing are you going to do? You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 You must be logged in to post a comment. About Us What’s a Maverick?

The End Of Blogging?

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I was there when it first started (remember Blogger ), embraced the power of RSS feeds (remember those?), For years, we've been seeing the "conversation" shift from the comments section on blogs to places like Facebook, Twitter , Snapchat , YouTube and beyond. Coercing them to leave their social media environment of choice, and drive them back to a unique blog has - without a question - become a game of diminishing returns. rss feed.

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Coming Soon: An Interview with YOU!

Almost Savvy

You share your thoughts by commenting on blog posts, sending emails and tweets, and participating on my Facebook fan page. I would record a short interview to learn a little about you and how you use social media, possibly including any questions or tips you may have.

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The Blog Turns 20 This Year

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With over 3600 posts and over 40,000 comments, it is much more than a publishing platform. Can you believe it? I had to re-read the headline a couple of times as well. Yesterday, The Guardian posted an article titled, The blog turns 20: a conversation with three internet pioneers.

Getting Ready for LeWeb, Need Your Ideas

Almost Savvy

While I’m there, I would like to ask one question of those I meet. If you had the opportunity to meet technology and social media users and entrepreneurs from around the globe, what one question would you ask them? If you enjoyed this post, make sure you subscribe to my RSS feed

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The Wrap, Newser and Content Aggregation: How Much Attribution is.

Adam Sherk

To me the real question is: when one site aggregates another’s content, how much attribution is enough? Adam Sherk April 9, 2010 at 12:27 pm Thanks for your comment Brittnay. Sitemap | RSS | © 2009-present Using Thesis Wordpress Theme

The Changing State Of Blogs

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Why is this question being debated so much lately? They enabled people to comment and share, had links within the text, and were also available via RSS feeds. Remember RSS feeds ? We would use independent RSS readers, web browser-based readers or email add-ons to have these pieces of content delivered to the reader, the moment that they were published by the writer. rss feed. rss reader. Are blogs dead?

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Myrland Marketing

The question had to do with a recommendation for the most effective online social network for lawyers. This is an interesting and important question. Share this on Facebook Share this on Linkedin Subscribe to the comments for this post? Thanks again for your comment Mike!

5 Social Marketing Stories You Need To Read This Week


Hart "Show The Love" Facebook Sweepstakes | Main | YouTube Tuesday: Digital Ethnography » February 26, 2010 5 Social Marketing Stories You Need To Read This Week Theres a lot going on in the social media space and so much can get lost or overlooked in your RSS feed reader. Your comment has not yet been posted. Your comment could not be posted. Error type: Your comment has been saved. Comments are moderated and will not appear until approved by the author.

How to Get the Biggest Bang for Your Time Online: A Look at.

Saying It Social

Saying It Social Your Social Media Marketing Resource Home About Polls Our Services Testimonials How to Get the Biggest Bang for Your Time Online: A Look at Efficient Ways to Effectively Social Network When You Have Limited Time I recently posed the following question to the members of the LinkedIn Group, Social Networking & Social Media Marketing for Franchisees , “If you are not currently implementing a social media marketing program for your business, why not?