IBM Social Computing Guidelines

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IBM Social Computing Guidelines. In the spring of 2005, IBMers used a wiki to create a set of guidelines for all IBMers who wanted to blog. These guidelines aimed to provide helpful, practical advice—and also to protect both IBM bloggers and IBM itself, as the company sought to embrace the blogosphere. So we turned to IBMers again to re-examine our guidelines and determine what needed to be modified. IBM Social Computing Guidelines: Executive Summary.

How to Create Facebook House Rules or Community Guidelines

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Every Facebook Page is a potential target for the irrational, irate person that ‘Likes’ the Facebook Page only to leave a barrage of negative comments on the Page. Does your Facebook Page have Rules or is it a free-for-all?

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Another Word on Social Media Guidelines


Other employees commented on her post, so the NLRB ruled that postings were subject to the National Labor Relations Act as “protected converted activity.” or defamatory comments when discussing the Company or the employee’s superiors.”.

Is Today Tonight Breaking Facebook Competition Guidelines?

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Facebook Page Competition Guidelines T&Cs. Please note that compliance with these Guidelines does not constitute the lawfulness of a promotion. For example, you must not condition registration or entry upon the user liking a Wall post, or commenting or uploading a photo on a Wall.

There is Nothing About Negative SEO in Google Webmaster Guidelines

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There is nothing about Negative SEO in Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. After a review of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, from what I can tell, there are no actual references to the practice of Negative SEO.

Guidelines for your Facebook Page’s Timeline Cover Photo

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Guidelines for Timeline Cover Photo. If you’ve come across some, feel free to share them in the comments section! Guidelines for your Facebook Page’s Timeline Cover Photo. The Timeline design will be coming to Facebook Pages on March 30th.

Guidelines for your Facebook Page’s Timeline Cover Photo

Freelance Social Media

Guidelines for Timeline Cover Photo. If you’ve come across some, feel free to share them in the comments section! Guidelines for your Facebook Page’s Timeline Cover Photo. The Timeline design will be coming to Facebook Pages on March 30th.

8 ways to deal with negative comments in online communities

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How do you respond to a negative comment in an online community, on Facebook? Shut the Page down, ban the commenter, suck up to them? Well, every company does it differently, but let’s look at corporate vs personal voice when dealing with negative comments.

Moderating Comments and Managing Online Communities

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Tweet Much has been writing over the years about how to manage comments in a blog or online community. Open Door Policy: The most liberal of comment moderation policies. All comments are auto-approved without any technical or human moderation. Cons: Comments can create community drama without being spammy or profane. . My comments require a sign-in ( LiveFyre ) and Akismet moderates for spammy links and the worst profanity, the rest is auto-approved.

Social Media and The Cone of Silence – Victoria Department of Justice

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DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE, VICTORIA: What does it mean when the people you elected to represent you, turn off comments in social channels? No mention of what to do with staff who see negative comments. The big issue I have with it is the next point – comments are turned off!

57 Social Media Policy Examples and Resources

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As it happens, lots of organizations publish their social media guidelines online, ready for you to review and use yourself. thanks for the suggestions in the comments!). Social Media Policies and Guidelines. Online Communications Guidelines. Editorial Guidelines. Social Media Guidelines. Social Media Guidelines. Community Guidelines. Guidelines for Student Blogging. Corporate Blogging Policies and Guidelines. Comment Policy.

Your 16-Point Content Publishing Checklist

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” Maybe it’s as simple as read and learn, or leave a comment, or maybe you have an action you want them to take, like download a free guide or register for a webinar. I love checklists. They break down very detailed processes into actionable, step-by-step items.

The Liberation Of Comments And The New Storytelling

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People leaving comments on a Blog has changed. The primary reason that people leave a comment on a Blog is to add their perspective. Many will point to comments as the key differentiator between what is a Blog and what would otherwise be known as an article. The question is this: is a Blog post any less valuable if the comments don't take place on the Blog post but happen anywhere and everywhere in the online sphere? blog comment. blog guidelines.

How to handle a shitstorm – before, during and after


Document all status updates and comments. With brands increasing their presence on social media regular crisis are to be expected.

Negative reviews – Proof that responding works!

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And given that a big part of making sales and getting loyal customers is based around surprising them with things that make them happy – 61% of consumers would be shocked if a retailer responded to their nagtive comments on the social web.

Content Marketing: Dos and Dont’s [Report]


” We think that content marketing is one of the most important subjects of today, therefore we would love to read your comments on it. You can download the white paper from here and share your thoughts in the comments section below.

12 Guidelines for Corporate Social Media Policies

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While wide social media participation offers innumerous advantages to companies and brands it also requires constant monitoring and the need to provide clear guidelines to all participants to protect both the employees and the company. 12 Tips for Corporate Social Media Policy Guidelines.

Breakdown of Facebook's new promotions and contest guidelines.

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Facebook has updated their promotion and contest guidelines again and it seems like nobody is paying attention. In your contest rules you MUST say that Facebook does not sponsor, endorse, etc your promo, have release from all entrants from Facebook, and that all questions, comments, etc.

Altimeter Report Provides Facebook Page Guidelines, Benchmarks

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Most brands neglect to set expectations through guidelines, commenting policies etc. In the latest of a series of practical and helpful resources for marketers, Altimeter Group has released a free report entitled The 8 Success Criteria for Facebook Page Marketing.

Guidelines for your Facebook Page’s Timeline Cover Photo

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Guidelines for Timeline Cover Photo. If you’ve come across some, feel free to share them in the comments section! Guidelines for your Facebook Page’s Timeline Cover Photo. The Timeline design will be coming to Facebook Pages on March 30th.

Get More Comments: How Q&A Video Can Help


My comments yo-yoed up and down. One post would get 15 comments, the next raked in a whopping zero. And no matter how much time I spent analyzing the differences between them, I couldn’t find an explanation for the stark contrast in comment numbers. I made assumptions, and while sometimes my guesses hit the nail on the head (15 comments), others flopped miserably (a big fat zero). I gave no other guidelines. Get More Comments: How Q&A Video Can Help.

100 Examples of Corporate Social Media Policies

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The following table contains the names of over 100 companies and organization that have published their Employee Social Media Policies or Guidelines online… The left side column is the name of the organization, and it is linked to their organizational or corporate home page.

Do’s and Don’ts for Community Management [Infographic]


Tweet It is always important to draw up guidelines for how to manage your social media channels – both for the everyday community management and if your brand changes community manager. How Can Brands Manage Facebook Comment Overload.

Always Up-to-Date Guide to Social Media Image Sizes

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Your profile picture will also appear when you post to other walls, comment on posts or when you’re searched with Facebook’s Open Graph (that’s a fancy term used for its search function). Image Guidelines. Image Guidelines. Image Guidelines. Image Guidelines.

Please Comment on WOMMA’s Ethics Code


The Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA ) is seeking public comments on its Ethics Code until January 5. The recently introduced FTC Guidelines, in fact, make numerous positive references to WOMMA’s Ethics Code. Please take a moment to review these disclosure guidelines at the Living Ethics blog and provide your comments. The comments section will remain open until January 5, 2010, and final guidelines will be issued shortly thereafter.&#.

Energize Your Fans and Followers with a Sweepstakes

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There are endless answers to this question but to simplify it we’ll narrow it down to a few that are easy to execute: Facebook Newsfeed Comment to Win. If you’re focused on your Facebook audience, a comment to win is an easy way to engage with your fans.

4 Ways Facebook Instant Articles Will Change Blogging Forever

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Guidelines for ads on your blog and new monetization options. This creates guidelines that may impact industry standard. Interaction was often limited to comments, if that. Let me know in the comments!

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Is it Time to Re-Think Your Social Media?


Are you getting comments on your blog? What you do and don’t do in those face-to-face meetings are your guidelines for what you do on social media. As usual, I would love your comments – share your thoughts with us! . . . .

Hiring A Social Media Manager? Ask Them These Questions.

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If you indeed are shaky on how to judge the skills of your future social media manager, here are some good guidelines for you to follow. Let us know in the comments!

6 Guest Blogging Emails That Suck

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When you don’t click the link above and read the guidelines, your email message shows me what you really want. Please read the guidelines for guest posting here. Please continue reading 6 Guest Blogging Emails That Suck and leave a comment if inspired.

EzineArticles Says Keyword Density Is Important | Small Business.

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But he boasts about EzineArticle’s quality guidelines post Panda. Here are the changes the article directory has made to its quality guidelines and what you’ll have to do to get your articles approved there. I understand all the other guidelines and agree with them.

How to Write a Social Media Policy

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While no enterprise can avoid negative comments in the social media realm completely, all companies can at least minimize the downside potential by providing employees with clear guidelines for any work-related postings. Guidelines for Social Media Use.

How to Convert Facebook Fans into ‘Superfans’


Superfans are the biggest advocates of your brand and the ones who share, like and comment the most. times more comments than less active Superfans. Here are some of our guidelines on how to create quality Facebook content, based on our own experience: Think local.

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How Consistent Branding is Being Challenged in the Digital Age

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Along with this, consumers can now interact publicly with brands by giving reviews, comments and feedback online 24/7. This is a guest post by Lucy Hunt. In the past, maintaining consistent branding was a much less complex exercise than it is today.

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Once Upon a Time With Klout….The Final Chapters


Such acts are gross breaches of guidelines regulated by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) with regards to Data Collection and Direct Marketing. The CEO of Klout claimed in a recent blog comment that Klout is however, audited every day by their users.

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Social Media Contests and Giveaways: A Good Idea or Not Worth It?


You may get rude comments when people find out that they have not won. You do need to be careful, however, to follow the contest guidelines that are set forth by the networks. Everybody likes free stuff, right? I know I do.

How National Geographic’s Successful Social Media Campaigns Build Engagement


Simplify participation: National Geographic kept the general participation guidelines simple. could participate in Wanderlust by uploading the shot and including the campaign hashtag in their comments. Like and comment on each photo that’s submitted.

Weak Passwords Can Jeopardize Your Personal And Professional Security [Infographic]

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Guess what…according to the Microsoft guidelines on passwords , you just created a strong password. I’d love to hear them in a comment! Are your passwords strong? Better yet…are they weak? Do you know the difference? I know, I know…passwords are a pain.

How to Get Your LinkedIn Articles Read by More People

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Here are some important guidelines: Always read the group rules first to make sure they don’t explicitly ban sharing your own links. Make sure to comment and follow up on any comments and responses in the group, don’t drive-by link drop.

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How To Become An Ethical Blogger


Sometimes we need guidelines to remind us how to be honest and transparent in our profession, isn’t it? Its main aim is to provide ethical guidelines and discourage people from malpractice. Do you feel blogging also needs an ethical guideline?