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Web Services. Collaboration. Its collaboration like never before and every CEO in IBMs recent survey of 765 global CEOs reported the lack of collaboration as a core problem holding back the growth of their companies. Managing the RFP Process. Web 2.0. Accentures View on Web 2.0 Publisher at CIO magazine, Bob Melk, talks to Accentures Blair Jones about the emergence of Web 2.0.


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While other companies have not yet taken it that far, those of us in law firms who sell legal services to companies are well aware of their vigorous adoption of digital collaboration tools — both internally and externally.

RFP 86

The Audacity of Free: The Products and Services Edition

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

I did this with a web designer that I have chatted with often, he offered a discount and I “forced&# him to take his full price. I have arrived at the place where I can say no to the freebies, but it’s the fake RFP’s that’s got my skin crawling.