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How I Got My Job As Director Of Social Media – Step 1: Build Experience Then Blog, Tweet, Collaborate!

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I spent the first 10 years of my career building organizational intranets that focused on helping employees share their job knowledge with each other. Tools like knowledge bases, content management systems, enterprise search, blogs and wikis all played critical roles in the development of these systems. or- 2) How did you get that job? Cool, eh? Let’s be clear, though.

Driving Long-Term B2B Growth with an Omni-Channel Presence

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That means customers don’t have to start over each time they choose a new communication platform, and agents can easily collaborate with colleagues to find solutions. To optimize information sharing, an omni-channel support strategy requires several components, including a self-service knowledge base customers can access 24/7 to get the answers they need. Johnson. Robert C.

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Planning a PESO Strategy with Integrated Teams

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As avid and proud tweakers and continuous learners , this is a process we are constantly refining ourselves, not to mention applying variations based on client, goals, and needs. Initial Meeting: Clarity and Collaboration After the research phase, each team member already has a good sense of high level strategy direction. Many of those could also be used as lead magnets. and so on.

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Is your Organization Capable of Unorthodox Thinking?


The New Competence of the Knowledge Age. The larger point here is that the need for “unorthodox thinking,” outside formulas and prescriptions, is not just for Bill Gates and his friends but, to varying degrees, for all of us doing business in the knowledge age. And yet the latter is what is needed in a fast-paced, unstable and unpredictable knowledge-based economy.

Enterprise 2.0 Isn’t About Social Business, It’s Just About Business

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The United States Intelligence Community (IC) has made tremendous strides over the last several years with the introduction of a wide range of social software tools such as wikis, blogs, user tagging services, and social networking services for knowledge management and information sharing. We have successfully automated the digital watercooler, created a massive unofficial knowledge base, and improved search by increasing the amount of links, but is this it? Last night, while flying home from the Enterprise 2.0 For you, building communities might be the goal. at work?

Grow Your Wiki

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collaboration. Collaborative Technology. knowledge management. sharing knowledge. Web-based spreadsheet. 6 degrees of collaboration: 1. In the interview: Laurence Lock Lee explains how social network analysis reveals the connections between people and the resulting knowledge distribution network. and The New Knowledge Forge. About. Services.

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What Do We Need to Teach About Knowledge Work? | Computer Writing and Research Lab

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What Do We Need to Teach About Knowledge Work? Series Number : 060925-1--> Keywords : knowledge work, teaching, pedagogy. Abstract : Knowledge work is work in which the primary product is information that is continually interpreted and circulated across organizationally boundaries. This paper examines the teaching practices necessary in a climate of knowledge work.

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Techlearning > > 21st Century Skills: Will Our Students Be Prepared? > October 15, 2003

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They need to know how to use their knowledge and skills-by thinking critically, applying knowledge to new situations, analyzing information, comprehending new ideas, communicating, collaborating, solving problems, and making decisions.". 21st Century Context: Experiences that are relevant to students lives, connected with the world beyond the classroom, and based on authentic projects are central to the sort of education the Partnership for 21st Century Skills defines as the appropriate context for learning in the information age. Search TechLearning with. Articles.

Eight steps to thriving on information overload

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« Professional services network offsite: Tapping the Power of Collaboration | Main | Audio stream of radio interview on Facebook, networks, connectivity, and media » Eight steps to thriving on information overload. We have for the first time an economy based on a key resource [information] that is not only renewable, but self-generating. The Future of Knowledge Management.

KM Edge: Where the best in Knowledge Management come together

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KM Edge: Where the best in Knowledge Management come together. APQC knowledge management km best practices. Knowledge Transfer in the Internet Age. Continue reading Knowledge Transfer in the Internet Age. -->. Multigenerational Knowledge Sharing: Whats in It for Me? One theme that emerged from these conversations is the pervasive struggle to promote knowledge sharing among various generations of employees. Continue reading Multigenerational Knowledge Sharing: Whats in It for Me? -->. KM Overview Measurement and ROI Overcoming Knowledge Loss.

Improve Organizational Efficiency via Social Media-Part I


As mentioned, Hoist is a browser-based working platform build on the idea of social networks. From an organizational perspective, the platform makes it possible to manage diverse flows of information and process and secure these into knowledge, available to all employees at any time. Knowledge is effortless being diffused through the organization, (i.e.

Why I Rarely Answer My Phone | Bare Feet Blog

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That is a little too brave new future for me though I admire you being on IM – I find that just as interrupting UNLESS I am actively collaborating. It is simply another trending practice that all marketers would be wise to note: Interruption of any kind is increasingly irritating and unnecessary in today’s world of technology and community. The bold emphasis is mine. So true.

Connecting 2 the World: Formulating the new work literacy framework

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I think it is important also that we distinguish between "knowledge work literacy" and "work literacy" which requires new knowledges in the 21st century. Michelle has outlined some good ways to categorize knowledge work. This makes categorizing "knowledge work" a bit more difficult. Labels: framework , knowledge workers , skills for the 21st century , WorkLiteracy.

Connecting 2 the World: Writing forces learning

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I currently am trying to figure out how collaborative writing affects the individual and how that then affects the organization as the individual takes back what they have learned from the writing process. Tacit Knowledge So how does writing (especially collaborative writing) help create learning (especially in non-academic environments)? According to Kolb, much of what we experience leads to a type of knowledge he identified as "apprehensive". Atherton further defines it as knowledge by doing. A Third type of Knowledge? Knowledge and Meaning Making.

The information processing view of humanity

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He is CEO of consulting firm Advanced Human Technologies , based in Sydney and San Francisco, and Chairman of Future Exploration Network , a global events and consulting firm specializing in the future of business. Developing Knowledge-Based Client Relationships 2nd Edition. Strategic White Paper: How Collaborative Technologies are Transforming Financial Services. Web 2.0

Ethics in Social Media: A Glossary | Bare Feet Blog

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million in the English Wikipedia ) have been written collaboratively by volunteers around the world, and almost all of its articles can be edited by anyone who can access the Wikipedia website.&# There is Wikiscanner – A cool tool that discloses who is editing what pages on Wikipedia. As with all good things in life, perfectly reasonable people may disagree! All around bad news.

JOLT - Journal of Online Learning and Teaching

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Wikis as a Tool for Collaborative Course Management. collaborative nature, its use also allows students. Keywords : Wiki, Course Management, Collaboration, Web 2.0, collaborative web application known as a wiki to. web pages, thus promoting collaboration among its. By introducing a wiki for collaborative. 102) Knowledge no. transmitting knowledge from themselves to their. collaborative web applications for posting. without any detailed technical knowledge of HTML. knowledge becomes networked ? communal knowledge.

The Future of Work Weblog

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Collaborative Technologies. Towards a Typology of Knowledge Work (Part Two). Knowledge work is a complex topic- more so than it seems on first blush. Towards a Typology of Knowledge Work (Part Two). Distributed knowledge workers whose jobs require interaction with others must rely on electronic media and postal and delivery services when they have to communicate, or on travel when it is necessary to meet face to face. Dissecting knowledge work (and understanding knowledge workers) is clearly not a simple task. The Future of Work Weblog. Search.

Ways of assessing organizational learning

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New Skills for Knowledge Workers. Is constructing knowledge based on analysis a work. Knowledge and Meaning Making. Education, the knowledge society, the global market all connected through technology and cross-cultural communication skills are what this blog and I am all about. Collaborative Thinking. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Connecting 2 the World.

Can Social Tools Really Replace Email? - They Already Are! (Part II)

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Knowledge Management. Knowledge Management Community Home Blogs Groups Wiki. elsua: The Knowledge Management Blog by Luis Suarez (KM Specialist, IBM) Blog Main / Archive / Invite Peers / Connect to this blog. In most cases, it is all about finding a common denominator where we would all be able to collaborate. Information Technology. Professional Community. Sign In.

Connecting 2 the World: New Skills for Knowledge Workers

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New Skills for Knowledge Workers. Im not sure I acheived better as much as different or something that is closer to what I see are the new skills needed for knowledge workers. Some of this is based on work that I have been doing in distance learning over the last 4 years. Can this framework be used to identify types of organizations, knowledge work, personalities, or tasks? Feedback I used a collaborative mindmapping tool ( wisemapping ) to develop this mindmap. New Skills for Knowledge Workers. Is constructing knowledge based on analysis a work.

Personal KM; KM Business Case; KM, culture and compromise; KM Books Wiki

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Weekly Knowledge Management blog by Stan Garfield. Weekly Knowledge Management Blog by Stan Garfield. Q: What is personal knowledge management? How can individuals manage their own knowledge? A: To manage your personal knowledge, whenever you learn something new â?? Professor Paul Dorsey and colleagues at Millikin University defined seven Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) skills: Retrieving Information. Collaborating Around Information. Personal Knowledge Management and Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) -- an Update by Dave Pollard.

Knowledge Mobilization and Knowledge Translation

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One of the things I wanted to see Tom Carey explore in his talk today is the concept, suggested in this title, of knowledge mobilization. From iisd , "Knowledge mobilization addresses how external knowledge (outside of the organization) is sought out and combined with internal knowledge to create new knowledge that meets the needs of target users/clients." They continue, "Knowledge mobilization emphasizes purpose (meeting the needs of clients) and looks to how one brings in the knowledge of others. We see this at work with knowledge translation.

Blogging and culture

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New Skills for Knowledge Workers. Is constructing knowledge based on analysis a work. Knowledge and Meaning Making. Education, the knowledge society, the global market all connected through technology and cross-cultural communication skills are what this blog and I am all about. I hope through this blog to both guide others and travel myself across disciplines, borders, theories, languages, and cultures in order to create connections to knowledge around the world. Collaborative Thinking. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Connecting 2 the World.

My Dear Consultant - Think About It !

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I should write a blog I should ‘Ajaxify’ my current website I should jump into the conversation I should use a Wiki for enterprise-collaboration And do what not & what not… Why ‘But Why? Reply Keith September 7, 2008 at 3:57 am Hi Daksh, Wiki is a very good way to accrue business intelligence and knowledge base. I don’t like Twitter and I expect alot more startups to develop better Location Based Applications. * Home About In the Media Applying the Johari Window to a s/w Product Recruiting Lessons from Google August 5, 2008.5:36 One day. His Thoughts.

Connecting 2 the World: A new framework: Part II

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Organizations often hire based on performance skills, and evaluates new hires during probation areas using performance skills objectives. Universities use cognitive skills, so these are the skills most new graduates use to navigate the knowledge business environment. Veteran Workers as New Hires Knowledge workers that come into a new organization, bring the social network and knowledge needed to do their job, but need to understand the new social situation they are in. Labels: knowledge workers , skills for the 21st century , WorkLiteracy. Posted by V Yonkers.

Grading Social Media

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Because if a student gets an “A&# in my PR 101 class, that would mean that they’ve read my blog posts, that they’ve taken my quizzes on books like Brian Solis’ “ Putting the Public Back into Public Relations ,&# that they’ve completed the class assignment where they had to write a collaborative paper using a wiki, that they had to create a relationship with an external blogger and write a guest post for them, and that they’ve participated in class discussion, either in person, or via our closed Yammer network. Government 2.0 Higher quality posts?

A Design Framework for Electronic Cognitive Apprenticeship

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This paper proposes a design framework for constructing a groupware-based. cognitive apprenticeship and case-based learning in designing a learning. of case-based learning is grounded in cognitive apprenticeship. base of cognitive apprenticeship provides not only more coherent guidance. but also opportunities to fine-tune the pedagogy of case-based learning. case-based learning. Based on this framework, a system titled "Using. Notes for a Case-based Learning Environment" (UNCLE) was created. Based. Case-based Learning.

Maui Visitors Bureau Explains How to Manage Risk and Social Media.

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and Keliʻi Brown of the Maui Visitors Bureau over at the Ulupalakua Ranch on Maui. I had been hired to create, staff, and execute a Social Media Campaign for the Bureau, all in the span of less than six weeks. Liza Pierce, A Maui Blog Shane Robinson, Bare Feet Studios Roxanne Darling, Aloha, Share/Bookmark Thanks for reading! O Hawai?i Our dog Lexi does! It was great, yah?

A Seismic Shift in Epistemology (EDUCAUSE Review) | EDUCAUSE CONNECT

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For example, in Wikipedia, “knowledge&# is constructed by negotiating compromises among various points of view. In an epistemology based on collective agreement, what does it mean to be an “expert&# with sufficient subject knowledge to teach a topic? Since almost any piece of information can now be found online in less than a minute (along with inaccurate and biased data), what core knowledge does every student need in order to prepare for twenty-first-century work and citizenship? The epistemology that leads to validity of knowledge in Web 2.0

Help Rox Get the Good Mood Gig

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If you know me at all, you know I am a collaborator. No product endorsements required. Seems like a perfect opportunity to share aloha with the world. Voting is open and I am off to a late start. Can you help me get ahead? It’s easy! Just vote for me once a day until Oct 30. Please tell your networks too. I am offering you a daily inspiration and email reminder message to help me out.

Information Literacy in the Workplace - Special Libraries Association

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Information literacy is rapidly gaining recognition as the underpinning for both knowledge management and learning organization initiatives. Knowledge management has been considered by many to be the solution to our information woes. But the focus on technology in most knowledge management programs has only contributed to the problem. As a corporate information professional, I believe it is important to focus on the "people" component of knowledge management. · Formulates questions based on information needs. · knowledge management.

Hawaii Business: How the Social Media Workshop Can Help You

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We have an incredible opportunity to collaborate in a social web way to move Hawaii to the top of the chart in tourism, in technology, and in green issues. We have far more to gain by sharing knowledge and collaborating on social media campaigns than we do by staying isolated in our own competitive worlds. What is the return on a long term relationship with your customers?

Social Media Measurement and the Stages of Change | Bare Feet Blog

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The secret to our success was being able to assess the stage of “change readiness&# and then collaborate with the client on a stage-appropriate behavior change that was not just palatable but welcomed by the client. I have often wondered what would happen if we transferred this knowledge to business. Most companies tend to rush in and worry about measurement later. people!&#

macheist: Lower Your Price, Use Your Network, Give to Charity.

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If Hawaii companies could collaborate on a similar site, and offer new bundles each month – I think this would improve the collective bottom line. Based on your friends’ purchases, you are entitled to two additional free apps, nothing more. On the fly, dynamic, collaborative, and internet-based. “Whaaat?&# you say. That’s right. in sales. O Hawai?i

Tourism: Festivals are Powerful Economical Tools | Bare Feet Blog

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We are planning an unconference , Podcamp and Wordcamp combined, that we hope to use to bring together the tech leaders from around the world and connect them with locals to share culture and knowledge. We hope the local business and tourism community will collaborate with us to showcase our beautiful state and akamai kama’aina. not 2.0. What more can I say? Where Are You At?

Social Media and Spirituality: A Meditation on Change

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To me, this is the real value of social media today: it is letting us share our worlds with each other that we may each become not just smarter, but also kinder and more collaborative when that is what is required. It has me thinking about what changes are happening right before our very eyes and how we can proactively embrace them to move this party forward with more intention. O Hawai?i

It's Official: Bloggers Are Recognized by the FTC

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I am all for co-creative collaborations between brands and bloggers. They have published new rules covering paid reviews and celebrity endorsements. The vote was 4-0 in favor. Keep in mind, that just about all of us can be defined as “celebrities&# when it comes to the internet. Insert smiley face here.) The Guides were last updated in 1980. I’ve posted a link to the actual filing after the jump so you can read it for yourself. At the very least, without compensation or freebies there is far less likelihood that said blogger would be paying attention to said marketer.

Tweet-Book with Toby Bloomberg Video Chapter

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She is a great example of someone who not only shares her knowledge but her network too. Each chapter will have a 1 question interview with people knowledgeable about the topic. Somedays it feels like the web truly is its onw country. There certainly is a lot of jargon and even more unique behaviors and business practices that are found only online. Aloha & Welcome! O Hawai?i

Social Media Club Hawaii Launch | Bare Feet Blog

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As Nathan Kam (who was missed) recently posted on Twitter when talking about collaboration, the “This is what the Aloha Spirit is All About!&# With less than a week’s notice we had over 40 people attend the launch meeting of the Hawaii Chapter of the Social Media Club. Plus she invited several of her colleagues to attend.) I want to do an entire post on that so stay tuned.