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New Social Media Advertising Strategies for 2023

Webbiquity SMM

Social media advertising requires marketing professionals to proactively respond to continually evolving user habits and adapt to different trends. Image credit: Merakist on Unsplash The last year in social media saw consumer preferences shift, new technologies emerge, and certain social platforms flourish.

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Your Complete Guide to Creating a Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategies Summit

It’s hard to remember when we weren’t all glued to social media. Yet the proportion of marketers using social media to reach new and existing audiences has risen every year since 2013: Image source. Identify ways to leverage influencers and thought leaders on social media effectively. Let’s get into it.


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14 types of social media every marketer should know

Sprout Social

If you want to improve your social media marketing strategy , you need to know about the different types of social media content and how or where you share that content. You could post on community review sites or live-stream it to the masses. Types of social media. Social networking.

article thumbnail Social Network for Communities

Mindjumpers is a social network for communities. By offering unlimited web conferencing and key project management tools, it hopes to empower communities to make a difference. A Community equips anyone with the tools they need to make a difference. One of them was the team from

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How to collect and mine your social media data for growth

Sprout Social

Virtually all business leaders believe social media data and insights have a profound impact on top business priorities, according to The 2023 State of Social Media report. No matter your internal audience or business focus, a data-driven approach to social media delivers transformative insights.

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Mission critical: How to find the right social media management tools for nonprofits

Sprout Social

Social media is an integral part of nonprofit operations. And with the right social media strategy and tools, nonprofits can amplify their mission, transform how they connect with audiences and meet fundraising goals. But planning and executing a nonprofit social media strategy isn’t without a unique set of challenges.

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8 New Social Media Platforms You Might Not Know About

Buffer Social

If you asked someone 20 years ago what their favorite social media platforms were, chances are they wouldn’t have an answer for you. However, beyond Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and all the popular social media platforms, developers are working on new apps and trying to change the way social media works in one way or another.