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Everything you might want to know about QR Codes.


In the association world, we’ve seen these barcode-like images that, when scanned on a mobile device, takes you to a particular webpage, used most frequently in the conference context. For marketing. Tips for using QR codes in marketing (Mobile Commerce Daily). For causes. QR Codes -> The Next Big Thing for Cause Marketing? Tags: Implementation mobile QR Codes social media marketing

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Social Pros 24 – Shawn Morton, JPMorgan Chase

Convince & Convert

I think ultimately that will be the objective, as marketers get savvier and smarter about social marketing, and taking a cross-channel view. Our first step there was, I would say it was a safe step, cause marketing. Cause marketing is something that was pretty well proven at the time as a way to engage folks, a way that they’ll get involved for altruistic reasons, but also for that self-identifying with the charity.

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