Making Social Media An ROI Positive Channel For B2B Businesses

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Making Social Media An ROI Positive Channel For B2B Businesses By Jingcong Zhao. Yet, 61% of marketers claim measuring ROI is a top challenge. Audit the social profiles of influencers in your industry and see what they’re posting.

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How to Measure CRM ROI for Your Nonprofit


Across the industry, CRM initiatives have reported failure rates between 18 and 69 percent. But how will you even know your CRM initiative is failing if you aren’t measuring its return on investment (ROI)? What is nonprofit ROI?

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Influence your PR campaign with Influencer Marketing

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It’s a no-brainer that businesses are gaining maximum ROIs from influencer marketing, which is slated for growth. 81% of professionals who have launched at least one influencer campaign found influencer engagement to be effective. Heineken 100 marketing campaign.

Understanding Social Media ROI Cycle


Tweet On our blog, we have several times written about how to calculate ROI of your social media campaigns. In this post, we will look at ROI on social media with a different perspective, starting from the launch stage of a brand till it becomes matured in the industry.

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How to Boost Your Social Media ROI with Influencer Marketing

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What if you could further leverage this marketing channel and boost your ROI while getting ahead of your competitors? The Social Marketer’s Guide to Social Media ROI Download. It can serve as rocket fuel for your next social media marketing campaign.

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How to Develop a Successful Digital Coupon Campaign

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Coupon campaigns have been used by brands since the launch of the first ever paper coupon by Coca Cola in 1887. Consumer Response to Coupon Campaigns Of all coupons searched for, grocery coupons are the most popular , accounting for over 50% of coupon searches.

The Social Media ROI Debate

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You wouldn’t buy a new machine tool or enterprise software application without an ROI analysis, so why should social media be any different? Is social media ROI measurable? 20 Metrics To Effectively Track Social Media Campaigns by Search Engine Land. Social Media ROI — No.

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Does Working with Micro Influencers Bring in Big ROI?

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But can micro influencers really bring in ROI? Here are some ways for higher micro influencer ROI. This means working with micro influencers, who’s audiences haven’t ballooned yet might bring higher ROI for you brand. So How Can I Gain Micro Influencer ROI?

How to Choose Which Online Tools to Use for Your Marketing Campaign

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There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of online marketing tools available to help you plan, manage, execute, and measure the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaign. First up is the assessment phase, where you’ll determine your current marketing needs: What types of campaigns are you currently running? Different campaigns have different needs. Other types of campaigns, like SEO, may vary in their demands based on your team’s expertise.

28 of the Best Marketing Campaigns and Experiments of 2016 (and the People Behind Them)

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Our industry can be creative, groundbreaking and a lot of fun. If you’re in need of a marketing recharge, here are 28 amazing marketing campaigns and experiments—and the amazing people who dreamed them up. It’s easy to get tunnel vision as a marketer.

Expert Tips to Measure the ROI of Your Influencer Marketing

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million times on social media in the month of January alone – we used Talkwalker’s advanced social media analytics to give these brands some tips on using social listening to measure the ROI of their influencer marketing. Tip #1: Tie Your Hashtag Campaigns to Revenues.

Measuring Social Media ROI


pamorama marketing, life, social media Home About Bookshelf Links Contact Measuring Social Media ROI by Pam Dyer on December 21, 2009 Share Companies and brands are finally beginning to fully embrace social media. It’s impossible to accurately determine ROI without a baseline.

Snapchat Marketing Strategy 101: Getting Started, Building a Community, and Generating ROI – Carlos Gil [SSM027]

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We had the pleasure of chatting with Carlos all about how marketers can get started with Snapchat and how they can tie their Snapchat marketing efforts into overall business ROI. Tying Snapchat marketing efforts to business ROI. How to run an influencer marketing campaign on Snapchat.

How to Use AIDA, ROI and KISS to Boost Your Sales


AIDA, ROI and KISS were first coined by advertisers and an engineer but have since been applied to the online marketing industry. ROI is an acronym you may associate with Return on Investment. This is a guest post by Jani Seneviratne.

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What’s coming down the pike in social marketing?


Join us for a panel discussion of social marketing experts – from across industries – to discuss what’s next in social marketing and how they’re positioning for it. Featured From the Trenches Industry Insider Social CRM and ROI Social, In Theory

A Simple 3-Step Approach to Increasing Conversions and ROI with Social Media Advertising

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For example, audience targeting, budgeting , A/B testing, pixel tracking, writing, designing, and analyzing all need to be taken into account if you want to see positive ROI from social media advertising. Pros: Campaigns are easy to track.

Four Reasons Your Social Media Marketing Campaign Sucks

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While you’ll hear nuances in terminology and small differences in approach, you’ll see thought leaders in our industry take a similar approach. However, we’re still seeing social media marketing campaigns built with this implicit process. Listen; engage; develop.

How to Measure the ROI of Influencer Marketing


Influencers serve as authentic and genuine ambassadors, but how can brands best measure the ROI of their influencers? As the ‘social influencer’ industry has continued to develop, tracking and measuring influencers with specific key performance indicators (KPIs) has also evolved. The average influencer marketing campaign generates $6.85 Before deciding what to track, decide what information you want to learn about your influencer marketing campaigns.

Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2010

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I’m sure you’ll have a year (or more) of reading to do, but I know it’s worth it to empower you with all this great content that has been written by our industry peers. Social Media: Measurement and ROI. Social Media: Measurement and ROI. Better ROI?

Facebook Blueprint Tops 1 Million Enrollments, Announces Blueprint Certification

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This credential is awarded to digital advertising professionals who are proficient in planning successful Facebook advertising campaigns. Facebook introduced its Blueprint e-learning platform in March 2015 , and just 18 months later, Blueprint reached 1 million course enrollments.

The Ultimate Guide to Social Marketing for an Ecommerce Business


For example, if you take a look at this infographic above, you’ll notice that several industries are not dominated by Facebook. Therefore, the goal is to hammer down the ideal social network for your industry before committing to the one that seems most obvious.

3 Marketing Metrics for Savvy Content Marketers

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Calculating your bounce rate can be tricky, especially considering that industry professionals are constantly debating what the definition of bounce rate really is. Your ROI is the way you see if your overall business plan is actually functioning.

Enabling Sales for New Growth Opportunities

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While the industry foresaw change with the DOL fiduciary rule, my marketing team saw opportunity. The April webcast reviewed the regulation, compared the proposed rule to the final, discussed industry impacts and reactions, next steps and FAQs.

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27 things CRM can do for you


This helps your employees to serve your key customers or clients more effectively, thereby strengthening the bond between the customer and your company, leading to improved ROI. Improves Your Email Campaign. It Enhances Your Online Marketing Campaign. Industry Insider

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Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2011

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Quick and Dirty Competitive Research for Keywords : If you’re looking for keywords to target in your SEO campaign, this guide will tell you what to do with available online tools and websites. Here’s how you can make that campaign work.

9 social media trends to keep your eye on in 2012

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This will lead to: More integrated social media campaigns: Social media will be an integral part of business communication. Social ROI: The social media sphere will have more pressure on it to create programs that suit business objectives and then show the ROI.

New Research: Content Marketing vs Native Advertising

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The Reach, Engagement, and ROI of Content Marketing vs Native Advertising is the subject of new research just given to us on Moz. The average content marketing campaign can deliver KPIs equal to or better than most native advertising campaigns, but there are distinct differences. native campaigns yield higher views, site traffic, and social engagement. Market Research content marketing native advertising new research research roi

Is failing fast failing you?


Don Draper portrays the tortured creative director who smokes a cigarette, sips some whisky after a nap in his plush office and suddenly a fully fleshed out campaign concept just comes to him like a flash. Debunking the Hype Featured Industry Insider

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21 of the Best Social Media Marketing Guides of 2013 (So Far)

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Yet most marketers still struggle with how to measure ROI from social media efforts, and with questions like: how we budget for social media programs? ” How To Calculate Social Media ROI. Social Media ROI: It’s Possible With These 7 Metrics by Kruse Control.

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An Expert’s Guide to How to Get SEO Right

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The obvious question: Will paying more and choosing a bigger agency get me more ROI on SEO? Andrew: Of course, with increased investment comes an increase in hours spent on your campaign. It also depends on the competition on the industry.

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5 Reasons Your Social Media Marketing Program is Failing

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They are quickly disappointed when what they thought was a well thought out social media strategy, campaign or program fall flat on its face. Unfortunately many small business owners and marketing teams jump on social media expecting fast results.

Can We Talk? Why Your Company’s Social Media Needs to Sound Human


How Does Twitter Help My ROI? They start off a conversation on a funny foot, and the subject matter is still related to their industry: Post by Gentec Services, Inc. That post went on to receive more attention than Gentec’s serious, industry-related posts from around the same time, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Reputation Management Social Media charmin facebook G+ gentec gentec services inc roi social media social media campaign social networking strategy twitter

CMOs Win When High-Value Customers Are Treated Personally Online

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So it was common for those brands to see a huge surge in traffic for a short burst of time, but after the excitement faded, so did the engagement and ROI. Tap into the beauty of data to boost cross-channel ROI. Move away from campaign analysis; bring it back to the customer.

Twitter Awards to Highlight Top Marketing Efforts

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The #Impact award is basically the big money award, recognizing those campaigns that rode their thoughtful strategies all the way to sweet return-on-investment results. Submit your campaign here. Will the acceptance speeches be limited to 140 characters or less?

6 Reasons Social Media Sucks, But You Need to Use It Anyway

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This surfaces in posts like Social Media Skepticism , 5 reasons why social media skeptics maybe right and Business social networking: where’s the ROI? That award you just won for your last brilliant email marketing campaign? It’s hard to measure the ROI.

[Case Study] Have you crossed the mobile threshold?


A data point from an SMS campaign was another trigger for our approach to responsive design. The CDC KNOWIT campaign is an SMS-based service that sends HIV testing location information based on a five-digit zip code query via text.

50 (of the) Best Social Media Guides, Tips and Insights of 2011 (So Far)

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And of course, there’s the ongoing social media ROI debate : how do I measure this? Can social media ROI really be measured? She uses the word campaign unfortunately, but otherwise it’s a helpful post. Social Media Metrics and ROI.

Nonprofits: The Case for Integrating Email & Social


In numbers: it’s still has the best ROI of any digital communications tool – almost a $40 return per $1 spent in 2012. Debunking the Hype Industry Insider Risk and Social Media Useful Data This is the second post in a series provided for SocialFish by Artie Patel of

Did This National Restaurant Chain Put Too Much Love Into the Like?

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was reported by major email provider Epsilon in the first quarter of 2011 as the industry average. I give Buca credit for putting so much weight behind their liking campaign. I’m glad that more and more companies are putting significant effort into their social media programs.

2017 Content Marketing Editorial Calendar Template and Tutorial

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Regardless of your industry, niche, age of company or primary communication medium used, you better have a content marketing strategy to connect you and your brand with your target audience, customers, partners and stakeholders. 53% of email are opened on mobile devices (campaign monitor).