4 Ways Your Website Can Replace Focus Groups

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While focus groups attempt to simulate and gain insights on what the customer potentially thinks, nothing can substitute truly anonymous, honest and unbiased feedback. So how are websites replicating—and advancing—the traditional focus group?

The 11 Best Social Media Campaign Builders and Ad Monitoring Tools

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Social media campaigns, on the other hand, are short (and defined) term bursts of activity and advertising relating to a specific promotion, event, contest, report, or other call to action. Social Media Campaign Builders. Launch and manage a giveaway campaign in minutes without coding.

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5 Reasons Why Nonprofit Crowdfunding Campaigns Fail


——— The majority of all crowdfunding campaigns fail to reach their monetary goals. Crowdfunding campaigns that hit their goals start with a comprehensive plan. What are the most common reasons for why a campaign is unable to meet its goal?

Why is Twitter a crucial channel for trade associations and advocacy groups?


This dynamic makes the platform a prime marketing channel for trade associations and advocacy groups seeking to shape the national dialogue. Why is Twitter a crucial channel for trade associations and advocacy groups?

3 Crazy Account-Based Marketing Campaigns That Actually Worked

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As marketing technology has improved over the last few years, marketers have fallen back on uninspired tactics like formulaic outbound emails and lackluster drip campaigns. According to the Alterra Group , 97 percent of marketers claimed it led to a better ROI than other marketing tactics.

5 Great Hashtag Campaigns From The Hospitality Industry

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Why should you bother creating your own hashtag campaign ? Here are 5 great examples of hashtag campaigns from the hospitality industry that will inspire your social media strategy.

4 Facebook Ad Campaign Rookie Errors to Avoid

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It’s advisable that you start your Facebook ad campaigns after consulting data from customer research, as this will help you stay on the right track with your targeting. This way, you can really hone your targeting to a smaller group of more responsive and interested people.

The devil’s in the data: Identifying the groups that won the election for Trump


Hillary Clinton hired a team which grew to over 800 people working specifically on her campaign, and which spent $332M on advertising, dwarfing her victorious rival’s spend. From the resulting audience of 17,500, we distinguished four distinct groups among his supporters.

Combine Email and Facebook Ad Campaigns for Greater Success (Example)

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I’ve written before about how I’ll run Facebook campaigns that mimic an email funnel. The email campaign by itself may have done fine. The Facebook campaign by itself may have done fine. By doing so, you may be added to my Facebook campaign!].

How to Create an Evergreen Facebook Ad Campaign

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As I speak with Facebook marketers on a daily basis, a common theme arises: They are able to create campaigns that work for a while, but then they suddenly die. They are showing the same ad or group of ads to the same people. We want to present that group with an upsell.

How to Run Successful Campaigns on Google+

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Over the past couple of years, I’ve been working on the best practices for running campaigns on Google+ and how, as Chris Brogan would say, we can make our buyers the hero of the story. Campaigns create movements. Why think in terms of campaigns on Google+?

Why This Weird and Wonderful Global Influencer Campaign Works

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As Lenovo’s new campaign showcases, sometimes it’s good to be weird. The company recently launched a global campaign to promote its new YOGA Tablet featuring YouTube stars from around the world. So, what can you learn from this good yet weird campaign?

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List Management: Tips to Best Manage your Campaigns

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2) Instead of one long list of email subscribers, consider creating groups. Host an event, create a group email for that. In the case of the BSA, they very easily could have grouped email addresses by month/year.

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10 Conversion-Sabotaging Mistakes Killing Your Campaigns

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You can see who’s been using your site the most and, of those groups, who has a higher conversion rate. You can narrow these groups down even further into those who convert vs. those that don’t using goals and advanced segments. Use a local area code on your landing pages and break your campaigns down by location. You could attempt to create separate landing pages for each campaign. 2560 1280 Admitting you have a problem is always the first step.

Our Hamilton public engagement campaign turns PR disaster

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The Ottawa-based public engagement consulting firm behind the disastrous ‘Our Voice, Our Hamilton’ campaign certainly learned a lot about high emotion, conflict and controversy within a few hours of its launch. UPDATE: Here’s what Dialogue Partners has to say about the campaign.

3 Hidden Resources for Your #GivingTuesday Campaign


A 24-hour giving campaign may seem like a lot of extra work on top of what you’re already doing for holiday or seasonal fundraising, especially when you’re working with a small budget and small staff. Call for submissions of personal stories relevant to your #GivingTuesday campaign.

A Startup’s Struggles and Successes in Influencer Outreach: How to Set Up Your First Blogger Campaigns

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There are a ton of articles out there about WHY you should work with bloggers, but there isn’t a lot of info about HOW to set up your first campaign from start to finish. Finding this elusive 2nd-tier group of bloggers was quite a bit more challenging than scanning “top 50 lists.”

Street Pics for the ADWKDC 2016 Trespass Campaign

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I had the great fortune of serving AAF-DC as photographer for their ADWKDC 2016 campaign, themed Trespass. Special thanks to Julia Sarver, Creative Director at Merritt Group and Josh Belhumeur, partner at BRINK for selecting me to work on this campaign. The Georgetowner.

Guerilla Community-Building Group Provides Insight to Modernizing Your Organization


Their push and call for community is starting out as a digital campaign, and then bringing people together in person in order to strengthen the community. This group is about networking but it is also rooted in appreciation.

[VIDEO] Minute Masterclass: How does social data power a campaign?


One way social data can be used in a campaign is to build audience profiles to understand how to connect with different groups. The post [VIDEO] Minute Masterclass: How does social data power a campaign?

Twitter Users Are 68% More Likely To Visit Political Campaign Donation Sites

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According to Compete’s data, the average Twitter user is 68% more likely to visit a campaign donation page than the average internet user. Promoted Product campaigns by a political handle. Twitter wants politicians to know that their tweets are effective.

8 Tips for Using Social Media for Political Campaigns

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By now, most candidates for public office have figured out that incorporating social media into their campaigns is a critically important step. I’ve seen campaigns hoping to grow (don’t they all?), Running a campaign isn’t easy.

Advocacy Campaign Examples in Social Media Marketing


Social media has become an important marketing tool for cause-oriented individuals and groups. Let’s take a look at three advocacy campaign examples and learn how each used various social media platforms to promote their causes.

How Tropicana Created A Facebook Campaign To Launch Twister


Tweet While surfing the web, I stumbled across an interesting campaign designed by BBDO Argentina for PepsiCo to launch Tropicana’s new drink Twister. Creative Concept: The campaign started in August 2011 with a series of videos featuring Mother Nature Panchamama and all her wisdom.

Twitter Adding Custom Filtering, Custom Metrics to Ads Manager

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Senior product manager, revenue Christine Lee said in a blog post that the revamped Ads Manager provides one place for brands to plan, manage and report on their campaigns, adding that campaigns, ad groups, promoted tweets and other ads can be viewed and optimized. Use custom filters to more quickly find your campaigns, ad groups or even ads. Introducing custom filters, a better way to analyze campaign performance in Twitter Ads Manager https://t.co/gMaP2I9pMt.

Ford Launches Fiesta With Young, Social Media-Savvy Influencers

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” Social media was an essential tool for this campaign, allowing potential consumers to “opt in” if they were interested in learning about the newer model. asked Jim Farley, group VP of global marketing, sales and service for Ford Motor Co.

Four Reasons Your Social Media Marketing Campaign Sucks

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However, we’re still seeing social media marketing campaigns built with this implicit process. The desire for campaign-based tactics with no existing presence of any kind. Listen; engage; develop.

How to Create Viral Success: Top 10 Viral Campaigns


Here, I will review the top 10 list from AdAge, together with giving some tips on what to include in a campaign to help it go viral and stay on top. Don’t reveal your message right away: In order to arouse the curiosity of your target group, you should not make your message too clear.

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The Rise of Micro-Influencers: How to Run a Micro-Influencer Campaign

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If you’re thinking of running an influencer marketing campaign, it can be a little daunting: How to do I discover the right influencers? A step-by-step guide to running a micro-influencer marketing campaign. Coordinate the campaign. Coordinate the campaign.

General Electric Teams Up With Jimmy Fallon To Launch #SomeoneShouldInvent Campaign

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Inspired by science, technology and innovation, General Electric has partnered with The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to host a series of Fallonventions segments and launch a new crowdsourced #SomeoneShouldInvent social media campaign.

When Someone Takes Your Proposed Campaign Concept

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Having your campaign concepts taken is an all too frequent occurrence in communications consulting, unfortunately. But what can you do about someone taking your campaign idea without compensation? Marketing campaigns clients creative ideas stealingImage by Laserone.

12 Random Acts of Social Media Kindness Campaigns: World Kindness Week 2012 RAK

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The best social media campaigns in communities and social networks often arise out of Rituals (Christmas, Football Grand Finals) or Rites of Passage (Weddings, Births).

How Reynolds Kitchens’ #EndlessTable Campaign Revamped Its Brand on Instagram


Is it possible to completely revamp your brand through one Instagram marketing campaign? When you create a social media marketing campaign as colorful and appealing as Reynolds Kitchens’ #EndlessTable, it’s more than possible, it’s probable. Launch Your Brand Campaign.

International Marketing Campaigns: Breaking Through Language Barriers

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International Marketing Campaigns: Breaking Through Language Barriers. For international marketing campaigns, communicating in the native languages of those customers you are trying to reach is by far the best approach.

10 Tips and Strategies for a Better Facebook Marketing Campaign


10 Tips for a Better Facebook Marketing Campaign. With that in mind, we are going to look at ten handy tricks and strategies that will improve your Facebook marketing campaign instantly. This is a guest contribution from Jerry Low of Web Hosting Secret Revealed.

Branding: When Political Campaigns Turn to Social Media


Though emotional touch points and indiscreet bullying of the opponent have always been natural parts of any branding game, this election once and for all showed the importance of social media as a campaigning tool in political branding and communication.

3 Incredible Social Media Campaigns from 2016 and What We Learned as Marketers – Bonus Episode [SSM022]

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We are excited to share our fourth, very special bonus podcast episode with you on our 3 favorite (and incredible) social media campaigns from and what we learned as marketers from them! The psychology behind why marketing campaigns go viral. Campaigns pulled from the show!

The Lego Model: How to Build Your Social Brand

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In 2016, you don’t have a hope or a prayer of being the most powerful anything without an incredible online marketing campaign behind you. User-generated content : A summary of Its user-generated content is difficult, but I could easily call it the best campaign I’ve seen.

The 12 Best Competitive Intelligence and Benchmarking Tools

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Showcase reviews: Anders Pink, BuzzBlogger, Blogging Wizard, Perception System, Katie Lance, MarketingLand, Cent Muruganandam, Visually, Catherine Pham/SlideShare, Marketing Insider Group, Comms Axis, StoreYa Blog, Express Writers, Rebekah Radice, Mention, SnapApp, Robbie Richards.

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Agile PR: let’s move away from big campaigns and constantly innovate

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The days when you would plan a big marketing or PR campaign for months and be pretty certain of the results, he suggests, are over. Open brainstorming / idea generation receptors – e.g. we are using Facebook Groups with one client to do just this.