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4 Ways Your Website Can Replace Focus Groups

Buzz Marketing for Technology

While focus groups attempt to simulate and gain insights on what the customer potentially thinks, nothing can substitute truly anonymous, honest and unbiased feedback. So how are websites replicating—and advancing—the traditional focus group? We look at four ways that your website can replace focus groups: 1. What do they like? You’ll be forgiven if you.

Four Step Process to Create an Integrated Marketing Campaign

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How can R&D use focus groups, crowdsourcing, and market research to innovate and develop new products? I’ve been reflecting recently on the changes that have happened to the public relations industry in the past few years. We’ve seen more technological advances in the past five years than we’ve seen in the last 50 combined. Where do you start? How will you staff?

Mad Men, Pancake Syrup, and Analytics

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Given my background in analytics, I sometimes wonder how social listening and analytics might have been used by these ad men (mostly men back in those days) to better their campaigns and save potentially damaging ones from the fire of public assault. Surveys and focus groups are still an important part of creative research. Yes, they have something in common!

Our Hamilton public engagement campaign turns PR disaster

Sherrilynne Starkie

The Ottawa-based public engagement consulting firm behind the disastrous ‘Our Voice, Our Hamilton’ campaign certainly learned a lot about high emotion, conflict and controversy within a few hours of its launch. On Monday, Day One of the $376,000 campaign, Dialogue Partners tweeted, “What is ‘ HSR ’?” UPDATE: Here’s what Dialogue Partners has to say about the campaign. Conflict.

How to Bring Humor to Community Management

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A new extension of Ikea Singapore’s “ Improve Your Private Life ” campaign does just that. Although a seemingly simple idea, what makes this campaign shine is the clever use of memes and puns both in the Facebook post creative as well as the comments. Consider this a mini focus group to power a broader campaign or piece of content.

Is Brand Engagement Over on Facebook?

Janet Fouts

Journal post focused mostly on small businesses, and they will certainly be hardest hit by the push towards ads because of three factors: Lack of resources to create effective ads and optimize them for clicks so you ads convert to the goals you’ve set for your campaign. A virtual focus group for product development? The Wall St. Here’s an example. Too pushy?

26 Outstanding LinkedIn Tips and Tactics

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Furthermore, due to its multiple sharing options including buttons, apps, personal updates, company updates, and industry-focused group discussions, LinkedIn is often among the top three or four traffic sources for B2B blogs. Linkedin Leveraging: How to Tap Groups for Traffic, Leads & Sales by KISSmetrics. How can companies best use LinkedIn as a marketing platform?

How to Sell Smarter Using Social Insights

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Using social insights and data points are the best ways to gain understanding about any and all parts of a campaign. Social data can be used to discover a brand’s voice, perform market and audience research, and determine how effective a future campaign will be. Forget Focus Groups. Image via Are sales dropping? Find out why. Is engagement down?

Eight Conversations Your Customers Want to Have With Your Brand

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Ideas and products that might have been killed before are now becoming alternate ending , hugely successful products , and breakout hits because brands now understand that going directly to their fans are often better indicators of success than surveys, ratings, and focus groups. disclaimer: my agency created this campaign ). disclaimer: my agency created this campaign ).

How To Gain Consumer Insights That Boost Your Marketing Results


A company wishing to establish a brand or sell a product cannot simply conduct a focus group or survey, and say it now has everything it needs to know about consumers. ” They must be involved and included in management decisions, product development strategies, and marketing discussions to ensure that the company remains customer-focused. The ‘‘ Totally Organic ’’ campaign featured women who simulated sexual ecstasy while shampooing their hair, instead of hum-drum shower shots. Changing the mind-set of senior level executives. Ask Why.

[INTERVIEW] How TV producers are bridging the gap between social data, risk, and creativity (and how you can too)


After a career filled with major writing credits (Cheers, The Jon Stewart Show, Late Night with David Letterman), and over four years as Twitter’s global head of TV, he’s now turned his focus back to script writing and combined it with his interest in technology. How does social data analysis differ from conducting focus groups with those audiences? In a rush? Takeaways*.

6 Reasons Social Media Sucks, But You Need to Use It Anyway

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Ultimately, both sides need to come to an understanding, with management conceding that not all of that peer interaction is a waste of time and employees focusing primarily on achieving business goals through social media activity during work hours. That award you just won for your last brilliant email marketing campaign? Image credit: Spin Sucks. 6 Reasons Social Media Sucks.

The digital marketing trends & ideas to take into 2017, and beyond


We can then suggest tweaks for the campaigns based on our analytical findings that will help yield better results. We realised with DM campaigns that we received much faster responses than we would with email. Chances are, there are smaller influencers or groups who have far more clout in your area. For our campaign] each video was quite unique. Holly Clarke, Airbnb.

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The Converged Media Imperative

Geoff Livingston

Yesterday afternoon, the Altimeter Group released a report called “ The Converged Media Imperative: How Brands Must Combine Paid, Owned and Earned Media.” The message matches the emerging experiential brand movement that transcends individual disciplines, and requires a new focus on integrated marketing (as discussed by Gini Dietrich and I in Marketing in the Round ).

Brands: It’s not enough to be liked

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The fan page becomes a focus group that can be mined for consumer insights, which can feed back to content creation, stage gate development and campaign tracking. When you understand your audience, you can tailor the message and campaign to generate more fan attention. Now imagine not having anyone there to greet and interact with those customers. But only 0.2

Where Big Ideas Come From

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It’s simple market research but done in a way that is far more inviting than a focus group or Survey Monkey. Candy presented many ideas from which we can shamelessly steal and apply to our own projects and campaigns, but the bigger point is this: How can we look at things differently? Today’s guest post is written by Lisa Gerber. Well, I was quietly blown away.

How Your Brand Can Win Over Online Customers One Skeptic at a Time

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It’s important to do the appropriate research, either with focus groups and surveys or by hiring an outside agency. The New York Police Department’s campaign backfired horribly when it asked Twitter users to post photos of themselves with officers. When it revamped its recipe, the brand launched a massive campaign to air all its harshest criticism and hold taste tests.

An Introduction to Social Media for Business

Sprout Social

Before social media you’d have to pay thousands of dollars to put together focus groups and send surveys. Creative campaigns tend to generate a lot of attention and have a greater chance of going viral. While visuals are an important aspect of being successful on Google+, Facebook and Twitter, images and video are the primary focus of these new apps. sponsored.

What’s Next for Social Data Intelligence

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In the globalized village, social media is Earth’s biggest focus group. Marketers are able to benchmark existing and bygone campaigns for engagement and cost effectiveness, as well as competitive action. Companies will be able to use social intelligence analytics to understand and engage with the individual, not just the group. It makes everyone’s life simpler.

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How To Promote Your Content Through Social Ads Effectively


Here’s what you’ll learn from this post: What you should protect at all costs; Where you should be at all the times; Which are the main social advertising options; What you need before your campaign starts; What you need to run a successful ad campaign; What you should do while your campaign is running; What you need to do after your campaign ends. In short….

Why “The PR Industry is Dead to Me” is Overreaching

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Now, that’s only a focus group of three and I realize everyone will have a different opinion, but the general consensus was a PR professional knows how to interact with journalists and an expert (an executive, client, subject matter expert, or spokesperson) will try to push everything they think is newsworthy down their throats and waste their time. By Gini Dietrich.

Three Frightfully Fun Examples of Brand Generated Halloween Social Media Content

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In a humorous YouTube video, Crest ran a “focus group” with children in their Halloween costumes to try out healthy candy made from beets, asparagus, tofu and more. Which campaign was your favorite? Happy Halloween! In celebration of this spooktactular holiday, we’re skipping the tricks and going right to the treats. Petco’s Make A Scene Halloween Photo Contest.

Crowdsourced Funding: How to ask for $75K but get $1.5million

Laurel Papworth

Public relations people create a social media campaign and then rush to the Press with it. Instead of paying for a focus group, I’d get money from them. Casey Hopkins asked people to fund his new project to make a better dock for the iPhone. He wanted $75,000 he got $1.5 million. Kickstarter kicks ass. But how does one do that? Here are some steps to look at. Amazing.

Social Media Is CRM

Social Media Network Marketing

Therefore, CRM software developers are creating tools that allow companies to locate, absorb and use the thousands or millions of messages about their company, products, advertising campaigns or reputation. Opinionated social networking users become a virtual focus group, praising or complaining about a company's offerings, and coming up with suggestions for improvements or new products or brands. To accomplish this, companies should create customer-focused online communities with well-established components like blogs, forums, chats and wikis.

Crowdsource Your Way to the Best Landing Page

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Not only do they provide a measurable snapshot of campaign success, they’re a tried-and-true gateway to conversion : Companies with 40 or more landing pages get 12 times more leads than those with 5 or less. It creates a virtual dialogue with other designers and marketers, and provides a focus group ready to share their insights and ideas for improvement. Nuff said.

The State of Social Media Marketing 2012 [DATA]


For any business, knowing how successful a campaign is – whether that’s external or internal – is key to understanding where that business needs to grow and improve, and where it’s already doing a good job. With ROI still being the leading business question around social media channels and campaigns, it’s no surprise that revenue is a core part of the equation. Thanks, Danny!

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10 Marketing Techniques for Content Marketers from Traditional Advertising

Writtent Blog

For years, marketers have known that first impressions are everything, and have worked incredibly hard in teams to craft a perfectly-compelling introduction for their campaigns. We’re specifically referring to focus groups, scheduled panels of carefully-selected consumers who would provide feedback over the course of a few hours on a potential marketing campaign.

How Cultural Marketing Is Different From Consumer Insights


Typically, marketers rely on research about the target market for their products and brand to craft advertising campaigns for current products and develop new products. Companies can also invest in their own market research by conducting mail or phone surveys, focus groups and in-depth interviews to accumulate data on their target market. For example, take Dove's Real Beauty campaign. The campaign is not without its critics, but there is no doubt that Dove has shed light on the issue of beauty in a way had not been done before. Consumer Insights.

How Data Is Used to Refine Marketing Messages

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By now, we’re all aware that the campaign-centric model of marketing is over—at least, if you want to be a company that remains viable and visible in the minds of consumers. Instead, most of us are using data to inform our campaigns and listening to our consumers on a regular basis. Then you’d probably go absolutely quiet until the next campaign. Image via

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My End of Tour. #LinkedInLife

Koka Sexton

I was the first person at LinkedIn focused on social marketing in the B2B businesses. Even though the term social selling didn’t rate high in focus groups, when Sales Navigator launched we took it forward, put a stake in the ground and called it the start of the social selling era. Transformation of self. I was once awe struck by this place. That was 2005. Literally. Next?!?

Seth Godin on Steroids: Here’s My Evernote Password

Viper Chill

In terms of donations from emails with that subject line, he was able to raise millions of dollars over the course of his campaign. It all spread from a single campaign that contained a basic message: order the product and pay nothing. We’d do a focus group and find out people didn’t understand what equipment they’d need, so we’d add that. 22.6m

10 Reasons Market Research is Critical to Social Media

Adam Cohen

It happens in all industries, but lately I’ve seen retail companies keep their “Consumer Insight&# group focused on traditional insight like mall traffic patterns and planograms. Knowing Customer Behaviors What internal group knows more about your customer’s behaviors and acts? That stuff is important to the business, no doubt. Do they share opinions?

3 Free Online Tools for Customer Insights + Win a Copy of Youtility [GIVEAWAY]


“Because marketing managers always think they know what the evoked set or the competitive set is because, ‘We’ve done 20 focus groups all across the country…’ Well, that’s cool but let’s see what Google says based on actual queries that people are actually comparing you against,” he says. I mean a genuine, “how can we actually help you?”


Social Media Network Marketing

From dictation to interviews and, sermons to focus groups, they offer affordable transcription services and meet your deadline without breaking your budget. com/ref/ 71bcaa6553ddcc7476eb4c9af1d165 a785eff7db SECTION 2 HERE ARE 5 RESOURCES GIVEN BELOW FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT TO EARN ONLINE FROM HOME ​ For UPDATES ON OnLine Earning Join Here: groups/ AboutOnlineEarningAndLifestyle / Your Steps To Online Earning: OnLine Earning is the most recent way to Earn Income. This Facebook Group URL You Can Share As well. This is called SECTION 1. Over 3.5

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Strategy Lessons: The Fire Book

Geoff Livingston

The superiority of the leadership position prompted one of the most famous ad campaigns from second place rental car company Avis , “We Try Harder.&# This is a result of smart engineering before initiating its campaigns. There needs to be an element of refreshing excitement to a winning campaign, something that makes it feel unique or new. 1) Seize First Place. Musashi.

Don’t Ignore Social Media’s Research Value

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According to a Google source, the cost breakdown for market research is as follows (all figures shown are minimums): Eight person focus group = $6,000 ($750/participant). That would be the equivalent of 230 interviews or roughly 78 focus groups. Domino’s has undergone three campaigns to collect photos of actual pizzas from real customers. Co-written with Kyle Mensing , an economics grad with a creative bent who is trying to merge business and social. Our intrinsic understanding of opportunity cost is what defines us as people. Equivalent Research Value.

Strategy Lessons: The Water Book

Geoff Livingston

This book primarily focuses on the The Five Attitudes and Approaches to strategy; Upper, Middle, Lower, Right Side and Left Side. This is no different than focus groups in advertising or public relations, market research studies prior to product marketing, or competitive research in all fields. 1) Read the Tea Leaves. Image by Steve Depolo. Musashi. Image by Stewart Dawson.

When is Brand Evangelism a Crime? Exploring the Royal Caribbean.

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Exploring the Royal Caribbean Promotional Marketing Strategy by Tamar Weinberg on March 12, 2009 Share My husband Brian , who knows firsthand how much I eat, drink, and sleep social media, pointed me to an interesting critique by ExpertCruiser on a 2007 social media marketing campaign by Royal Caribbean. For me, social media is the loooong haul and not a brief campaign. I hope so.

PBEVENT 2015: A Roundup of Tips and Advice Shared at the ProBlogger Training Event Sessions


This post focuses on some of the main ideas and recommended action steps that came out of the training weekend. Some attendees are creating groups to help support them. Look at the content that is resonating and focus more on that. Invite people from your email list to an informal focus group on the phone. re-engagement campaigns can improve list health.

How To Measure Your Social Media Efforts

Social Media Network Marketing

Add to this just like any other marketing campaign we will require objectives and KPIs Key Process Indicators as well. There is lot of research and discussion going on in the area of 'how to arrive at a ROI for Social Media' There are two unique groups at the two ends of a spectrum. August 16, 2010 10:15 PM Bulletin-board Focus Groups said. Unported License.