3 Social Media Trends in Fashion that Retailers Should Leverage

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When social media shakes up the fashion industry , what do you do? Fashion brands with high levels of engagement on social channels like Instagram, are seeing growth in online sales. Not to mention, social media serves as an interactive magazine. At Ignite Social Media, we know a thing or two about social media trends in the fashion and beauty industry, being Social Media Agency of the Year and all.

Fashion Retailer, Altar’d State, Named Finalist at Social Media Buzz Awards

Ignite Social Media

Finalist for Social Media Buzz Awards. The Social Media Buzz Awards celebrate the best individuals, agencies, companies, brands, and organizations across the social media spectrum. The Drum has put on the Social Buzz Awards for the past eight years. Receiving this honorable social media award is a great way to showcase a brand’s social campaign as the best in the industry.

Retail 100

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4 Ways Social Media Has Changed The Fashion Industry | Mindjumpers


Blog About Clients Cases Tribesourcing Video People & Contact Bloggers « 5 Popular Posts About Social Media 3 Infographics on Why You Should Use Social Networks as Marketing Tools » 4 Ways Social Media Has Changed The Fashion Industry Posted by Sara Hansson Sep 10th, 2010 Tweet Fashion weeks have past by all over the world. Is there any difference between the fashion week procedure now and some years ago?

5 of the Best Alternative Black Friday Campaigns


Alternative Black Friday campaigns are a great way to set your brand apart on social media. With a growing awareness of consumerism and its environmental impact, brands need to get creative with their Black Friday campaign ideas. The Shift in Black Friday Campaigns.

How Fashion Brands Can Use TikTok


Many social media managers are beginning to understand how TikTok works. But fashion brands have already begun to take the lead (along with cosmetics brands) in terms of TikTok content. TikTok’s unique format and highly engaged user base combine to create an exciting new frontier for community engagement for fashion brands. Given the nuances of the channel, here are some unique and interesting ways fashion and apparel brands can rule TikTok.

Old Spice: Successful Social Media Campaign


Blog About Clients Cases Tribesourcing Video People & Contact Bloggers « 7 Steps Towards A Successful Twitter Account For Businesses The Story of The World’s Most Powerful Social Network – Facebook » Old Spice: Successful Social Media Campaign Posted by Anne Herngaard Jul 15th, 2010 Tweet You may have noticed the buzz around Old Spice these days.

7 Design Tips to Take Your Social Campaigns to the Next Level


When it comes to creating a social media campaign, design is everything. From creative concept to colors and fonts, the design choices you make can make or break the success of a campaign. itsreallynana: Social Media Editor at The Cut & New York Magazine??

Three Must-Haves for a Successful Conversion Campaign

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While social media channels are constantly evolving from algorithm changes to preferred content types, two things in the world of marketing remain tried and true. Now that social media is the second-most important channel in the customer journey, we have clients state repeatedly that they are having a hard time justifying the time and [rising] cost of social media. The primary purpose of the campaign was to drive referrals to boat manufacturers.

What Are the Top Social Media Platforms for SMBs?


Wondering what the top social media platforms for SMBs are? If you’re a small business just getting started with social media marketing , it can be challenging to know which platform will help you tap into the right audience – especially if you’re a time-strapped solopreneur!

The Top 25 Social Media Analytics Tools [Updated for 2021]


You guessed it: 2020 accelerated the role that social media has in purchasing decisions. The latest studies show that social media is the first touchpoint customers have with your brand. But social media is a data beast! Social Studio 14.

How to Plan the Perfect Holiday Marketing Campaign (+ Free Checklist!)


The holiday marketing season is just around the corner, so if you haven’t started to plan your campaign yet, now is the time to get started! And with COVID-19 potentially impacting in-store footfall, it’s a good idea to think about revising your social strategy to make those seasonal sales.

Ignite Social Media Award Winning Work of 2016

Ignite Social Media

It’s been almost 20 years since social media came to existence. While it took some time to really take off, social media users currently spend an average of two hours a day on social sites according to GlobalWebIndex. What’s more, they’re also using more networks, an average of 7 social networks to be precise. 2016 Social Agency of the Year. W3 Awards Silver for Social Content & Marketing – Events.

Kmart Halloween Campaign Combines Social Media, Mommy Bloggers, Live Video — and Breaks A World Record

The Realtime Report

To get consumers excited about Halloween costumes, Kmart hired ad agency Draftfcb to create a live event, a social media campaign, a visually impressive ad — and to break a world record. The campaign effectively joins a local, live action event with social media engagement and good, old-fashioned advertising. Social Media Campaigns #kmartworldrecord costumes Draftfcb Halloween Kmart mommy bloggers Monternez "Monty" Rezell Ustream

How This Fashion Brand Found the Sweet Spot in Blogger Relations

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They also know when to implement a campaign approach to scale different products and messaging. Sam Zivot is the brain behind all of Lorna Jane’s digital marketing, including blogs, social, email and search strategies. When it comes time to promote a facet or specific piece of their brand, Sam finds it beneficial to work with blogger networks for a scalable and scheduled campaign. Blogger networks can help brands or campaigns achieve “the network effect.”.

Back to School Social Media Trends

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While that may still seem like it’s a good bit away, now is prime time for planning campaigns and key messaging around back to school 2019. As you ready your A-game social media content, take note of these back-to-school social media trends. Both high schoolers and college students look to social media for back-to-school outfit inspiration. Within this category, ideas for decorating college dorm rooms dominate social media.

How Brands Can Celebrate Juneteenth on Social Media


To help you better understand the holiday and how brands can successfully celebrate Juneteenth on social media, we asked social media strategist and photographer Dante Nicholas to share his knowledge on the day! At Later, we’ve added Juneteenth to our free downloadable holidays calendar — so every brand and social media manager has a reminder to celebrate the day. How Brands can Celebrate Juneteenth on Social Media.

How to Create Social Media Reports your Clients will Love


Client reporting is critical for any social media manager. It helps you track your performance and learn more about the strengths and weaknesses of your social media tactics. Above all, it helps your clients track each campaign’s progress and understand how you improved their social media presence so far. Sending social media reports is all about building stronger relationships between social media managers and their clients.

Report 110

Ignite Social Media Receives Audience Honors at Shorty Awards

Ignite Social Media

Ignite Social Media received the Audience Honor at the Shorty Awards for both of the categories we applied for: Retail & E-commerce and Large Media Buying Strategy. Altar’d State is a women’s fashion retailer looking to build a strategic and effective presence on digital and traditional networks, centered around the target consumer and their shopping habits. Shorty Award Audience Honor: Large Media Buying Strategy.

Have You Considered Segmenting Your Social Media Marketing Channels?

The Social Media Incubator

Mention social media marketing and most people think of Facebook and Twitter. It’s true that Facebook and Twitter receive a lot of visitors each day, but that doesn’t make them the biggest players when it comes to social media marketing. Social media sites are not all the same. Millenials” tend to want to upload photos, banter with their friends, and organize party dates – they really are social.

Should Your Agency Use Emojis in Social Media? Really?

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So, should your agency use emojis in social media? Nice to see that happiness and love outweigh angry and sad in the social media space!). 5 Reasons Your Agency Should Use Emojis in Social Media Marketing. The great thing about social media marketing is that it’s universal. There’s a good reason why social media marketers use emojis. Emojis make innovative marketing campaigns. Social media users are emoji users.

How to Become a Social Media Manager: 18 Experts Share Advice

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Learn from these gifted and experienced social media managers about what it takes to be successful in the social media industry. Are you hoping to become a social media manager, either for your own business or as a consultant to others? Or perhaps you want to build your own social media marketing agency but aren’t sure where to begin? Social media management is a skill and industry that continues to grow and expand.

Ignite Social Media Selected as Shorty Awards Finalist in Two Categories

Ignite Social Media

We are excited to announce that we have been selected as Shorty Awards Finalist in two categories: Retail & E-Commerce and Large Media Buying Strategy. Altar’d State is a women’s fashion retailer looking to build a strategic and effective presence on digital and traditional networks, centered around the target consumer and their shopping habits. To support this mission, we developed three social media objectives: 1) Build awareness among our target audience.

10 of the best brand storytelling campaigns of 2018

Social Media Strategies Summit

Here are 10 of the best storytelling campaigns we’ve seen in 2018 and what you can learn from them. Peloton’s Better is In Us Campaign. This campaign, which premiered during the Winter Olympics, told the story of a working mother and all of the tiny struggles and wins that are a part of her daily life. Trulia’s What Locals Say Campaign. The ‘What Locals Say’ campaign tells a series of stories about neighborhoods, each from the point of view of various locals.

13 most engaging Onam social media posts


However, the volume of posts around Onam saw a dip in 2018 across all the social networks. Facebook was the most preferred social network for brands. We used Discover, the world’s largest branded content catalog, to see what brands in India have done in the past for their Onam social media campaigns. In addition to running the usual campaigns, some brands also focused their marketing efforts on social causes. Max Fashions.

How One Social Campaign Drives Engagement Beyond the Screen

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Such was the case with Forever 21’s innovative new Thread Screen campaign, which takes an unlikely object—spools of thread—and re-imagines them in a futuristic way. During the campaign, each participant received a personalized video of their Instagram image being transformed on the Thread Screen, which they could then share across other social media sites. highlight to tweet) We focused on thread, with it being the most basic element of fashion and quite versatile.

Top Posts About Social Media During 2010


We believe that this is due to the fact that it can be very inspiring for brands to see how others have obtained success in building a presence on social media, and thereby gain insight into how to do so themselves. We will of course keep looking for these best practices, as well as be giving our best advice on how to manage different social media platforms, as these offer great possibilities to involve and engage with users. Popular Blog Posts About Social Media.

Managing Social Media Campaigns


Social media marketing has become the third most popular form marketing as of 2013. Needless to say, it will only gain more popularity as social media marketing campaigns are far less expensive to create and maintain than traditional advertising campaigns. Creating a social media campaign is not a one time event. You need a social media management team to manage and monitor the social media campaigns.

9 Tips for Using Social Media Effectively For Your Business


Social media marketing is way more than posting a pretty picture and watching the likes roll in. Done correctly, social media marketing can build brand loyalty and, ultimately, drive sales. To help you best use social media for your business, we’ll walk you through nine easy steps to consider. Another might be “Acasha the Ambitious,” who loves keeping up with fashion trends and is always in need of a new outfit to wear to social gatherings.

7 Signs That Your Social Media Influencer Relationship Is in Trouble

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Are you seeing these red flags in your relationship with a social media influencer? In this article, I’ll show you what working with influencers can achieve and also point out the red flags that your social media influencer relationship is on the rocks. Benefits of a Healthy Social Media Influencer Relationship. Social media influencer relationships are also great for not appearing too pushy. Social Media For Agencies

7 Signs That Your Social Media Influencer Relationship Is in Trouble

agora pulse

In this article, I’ll show you what working with influencers can achieve and also point out the red flags that your social media influencer relationship is on the rocks. Benefits of Great Social Media Influencer Relationships. Social media influencer relationships are also great for not appearing too pushy. The Downside of Social Media Influencer Relationships. Social media influencer relationships are also evolving.

How to Build a Monthly Social Media Report (+ Free Templates!)


Building a monthly social media report is the best way to keep track of your growth and improve your social strategy! Whether you’re presenting analytics to your boss, team, or client, or you’re just measuring your own progress, tracking your top metrics in a social media report is the key to growing your account (and business). In this blog post, we’ll take you step-by-step through building your own social media report, with real examples.

Is Social Media Just A Buzzword?


Blog About Clients Cases Tribesourcing Video People & Contact Bloggers « Welcoming new colleagues and old ones in new jobs at Mindjumpers Danish CSR Initiative on Social Media Meets Criticism » Is Social Media Just A Buzzword? Posted by Anne Herngaard Aug 4th, 2010 Tweet Often when I talk to people about social media, people keep saying: Why do I need to use social media – isn’t it just a buzzword?

How to Set up a Social Media Plan in 8 Simple Steps


Setting up a social media plan is one of the best ways to kickstart your strategy and give your engagement a boost! But with multiple social channels, campaigns, and products to think about, setting aside time to plan out your social media can feel overwhelming. We’ve put together this guide to help create a social media plan with minimal stress and maximum results. If you’re not active on social media for your brand yet — don’t worry!

Companies Embrace Social Media


Blog About Clients Cases Tribesourcing Video People & Contact Bloggers « Twitter Tales – A Bunch of Twitter Cases YouTube Launches Charts of Top Videos » Companies Embrace Social Media Posted by Anne Herngaard Aug 24th, 2010 Tweet It is always interesting to get some input on the state of social media, and here are a few simple indicators that tells something about where the wind is blowing.

Diesel Kicks Ass With New Campaign! | Mindjumpers


Blog About Clients Cases Tribesourcing Video People & Contact Bloggers « What You Can Learn From H&M’s Use Of Social Media Get Inspired And Go Shopping with French Connection’s Youtique » Diesel Kicks Ass With New Campaign! If not, it is too easy to drown among other campaigns and not receive any attention to your brand.


Ignite Social Media

RALEIGH, NC, Feb 21, 2019 — Ignite Social Media, the original social media agency®, today announced a new content planning and media buying approach called Content That Converts™. Streamlined social content and paid media that delivers measurable results. “A Although this is a new model, Ignite Social Media has already seen proven results across a variety of industries for their clients.

Influence your PR campaign with Influencer Marketing

Waxing UnLyrical

Sharing bits of information about your business or service on social media. 81% of professionals who have launched at least one influencer campaign found influencer engagement to be effective. A 2014 Influencer Marketing status report states that the challenges in influencer marketing include: Identifying relevant influencers for a brand and campaign (61%). What is their profile like and how will their personality promote your campaign?

10 Beauty and Fashion Influencers Your Brand Should Partner With


The highly visual realms of fashion and beauty have seen an unprecedented sea of change in the digital age. We used to learn about new trends from glossy fashion mags that told us which prints and shades were in or out, how to dress for the season, and whether flared pants were a “do” or a “don’t”. With the rise of YouTube and Instagram, influencer marketing is making waves on social media , and brands are benefitting big time. Fashion Influencers.

Big Mashable Social Media Meetup in Antwerp


Blog About Clients Cases Tribesourcing Video People & Contact Bloggers « Everything You Need To Know About Social Media TODAY: The UN International Day Against Torture » Big Mashable Social Media Meetup in Antwerp Posted by Anne Herngaard Jun 25th, 2010 Tweet The large social media blog Mashable founded by Pete Cashmore is celebrating social media with a Social Media Day on the 30th June.

47 Social Media Statistics Every Marketer Should Know


Social media statistics can be a useful tool for informing your strategy and planning your future content. We’ve rounded up some of the most interesting social media statistics we could find, all of which will help you understand your platform, your audience, and craft content that’ll stand out: Social Media Statistics: Instagram. Instagram is one of the best social platforms for growing a community, promoting your products and driving sales.

Employee Advocacy on Social Media: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

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Encourage your employees to share about your company on social media, and watch awareness and trust of your brand flourish. As creative director for Contentworks Agency , I’ve rolled out social media employee advocacy programs for a number of brands. Here’s everything you need to get started with employee advocacy on social media. Employees who participate in a social employee advocacy program organically grow their social networks by 10%+ per year.

3 Scientific Studies With Real Insight Into Social Media

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. It’s no secret: social media marketing has a data problem. Despite a growing number of tools available to measure the ROI of social media, many of the claims made by “marketing gurus” in this sector come from the gut. It turns out social media may be even more influential than we have imagined , just not in the way many of us have envisioned. Earned Media: Traditional vs. Social.

Study 131

Top Luxury Brands on Social Media – And 3 Mistakes They Should Avoid

Talkwalker SM

Luxury brands are relative newcomers to social media. Today, 75% of luxury shoppers use social media , according to a 2014 study by the Blackstone Digital Agency. All the major players of the luxury goods industry are now present on social, trying to find new ways to engage with their fans and customers to build up brand perception. This type of social insight helps brands target campaigns more accurately to match audience interests.