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Crowdsourcing for Organizations


This is a guest post by Aliza Sherman, whose new book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Crowdsourcing , is a basic primer about the concepts, processes, and techniques of crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing is one of those ways. What is crowdsourcing? What can an organization crowdsource? Have you thought about crowdsourcing at your association or nonprofit?

Facebook Contest: Lay’s Uses Crowdsourcing to Find New Flavor

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Lay’s is one of the latest brands to experiment with crowdsourcing on social media — by allowing consumers to submit recipes for a new chip, and fans on Facebook to vote for the best new flavor. Social Media Campaigns crowdsourcing Facebook contest Lays potato chips snack industrywith previous winning flavors including: Caesar-salad chips in Australia. only).

#LoveCapeTown Campaign Shakes Up “Fam” Trip With Crowdsourced Tips for Travel Bloggers

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Cape Town Tourism’s most recent marketing initiative used a clever combination of travel blogging, crowdsourcing and social media to draw attention to the city, ranked 23rd among the top 25 travel destinations worldwide in TripAdvisor’s 2012 list of Traveler’s Choice Destinations. Will other cities embrace crowdsourcing as tools to promote tourism? Locals? Local cuisine?

Facebook Contest: Doritos Crowdsources Super Bowl Ads

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Doritos is crowdsourcing the brand’s Super Bowl ads for the seventh year in a row, through the “Crash the Super Bowl” Facebook contest. Doritos knows it has a winning formula with crowdsourcing ads, and adding interactive features to the app encourages even more engagement. The brand asked for entries from Oct. 8th through Nov. What are the contest prizes?

This is Crowdsourcing in Action and it’s Awesome.


where we took the audience through an exercise in crowdsourcing. Read a refresher on what crowdsourcing is here.). Then, we took the idea with the highest number of votes, started a new “campaign” , and asked everyone to refine the idea by submitting a NEW set of ideas. Have you tried using crowdsourcing at your association? But how can we best do that?

Project Runway Crowdsources Season 13 Casting With Runway Redemption Campaign

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To cast the final member of Season 13, Project Runway launched a Runway Redemption social media campaign on Instagram where fans could vote for their favorite of three aspiring designers. With a popular TV show like Project Runway, where aspiring fashion designers compete against one another in weekly challenges, there are always more than a few hopefuls who don’t make the cut.

Monopoly Launches ‘Save Your Token’ Campaign on Facebook

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Fans can “campaign” to save their favorite token by sharing images and videos with their friends on Facebook and Twitter, and by using the hashtag #tokenvote. In addition to encouraging fans to share their votes, the campaign will release a series of videos that will show how the tokens are reacting while they are waiting to be ‘freed from jail.’

Case of Creative Crowdsourcing: Let Your Fans Guide Your Brand


That statement inspired me to present you with a good example of a company that allowed its fans to speak up through an engaging, creative and inspiring crowdsourcing campaign that I think we can all learn from. The “Do Us a Flavor” Campaign. “ What can you learn from Lay’s “Do Us a Flavor” campaign? Engagement. Attention. Personal relationship.

Four Step Process to Create an Integrated Marketing Campaign

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How can R&D use focus groups, crowdsourcing, and market research to innovate and develop new products? I’ve been reflecting recently on the changes that have happened to the public relations industry in the past few years. We’ve seen more technological advances in the past five years than we’ve seen in the last 50 combined. Then we added websites and email marketing.

Airbnb Releases First Short Film Crowdsourced From Vines

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The latest example comes from Airbnb, which recently released the first short film, “Hollywood & Vines,” created by crowdsourced Vines. Over the course of the campaign, 44 unique Vine shot numbers were pitched to the Airbnb community. Airbnb Releases First Short Film Crowdsourced From Vines is a post from: Convince and Convert: Social Media Strategy and Content Marketing Strategy.

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General Electric Teams Up With Jimmy Fallon To Launch #SomeoneShouldInvent Campaign

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Inspired by science, technology and innovation, General Electric has partnered with The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to host a series of Fallonventions segments and launch a new crowdsourced #SomeoneShouldInvent social media campaign. Inventions were crowdsourced on Twitter and General Electric then brought fan’s inventions to life by creating personalized GIFs.

9 Things to Note Before Launching a Facebook Coupon Offers Campaign

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Facebook Offers campaigns are a great way of promoting your products and/or services. It has been proven that social media campaigns are 60 percent more effective than traditional advertising campaigns. One of the best ways of running promotions on social media is the use of coupon campaigns on the largest social media site, Facebook. Running coupon campaigns on Facebook can be very effective for most industries and has proven to yield results. Below is a quick list of some possible coupon campaigns: Customer loyalty. Decide on your campaign budget.

To The Crowd #crushIQ


There is a fear, in Advertising, that crowdsourcing will eliminate or decrease the need for some services. In the past year I have worked on a dozen campaigns that have incorporated elements of crowd-sourcing. They have consistently doubled or tripled the ROI of a conventional campaign. This confidence comes from promoting a campaign before it even starts. Embrace it.

Pringles and Star Wars Channel The Force For Fun in Crowdsourced Video Contest

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In a galaxy not so far away, a popular snack food brand, Pringles, has joined forces with the iconic movie franchise, Star Wars, to launch a crowdsourced video contest. The contest is hosted on Tongal , a platform that facilitates creative and video content for brands through crowdsourcing. The force is strong with this one. Sound involved? That’s because it is.

A Social Network For Genetics Research: Can It Help Isolate Parkinson’s Genes?

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Social Media Campaigns 23andMe crowdsourcing DNA genetics medical research Parkinson'sCan social networks help with medical research? The world’s first genetics-based social network – as 23andMe labels itself – is looking to show they can. The company recruited people using social media, and at Parkinson’s research conferences.

How To Organize A Brand Hackathon (And Why) – Interview With Betabrand’s Chris Lindland

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This led to a series of email exchanges with Betabrand founder and CEO Chris Lindland, who pointed me to a number of other campaigns the brand has done–some of which were created at a series of hackathons that Betabrand hosted this year. Another group came up with an ad campaign that featured missing sock ads that they posted around town at foot level. The mission?

Crowdsourcing: Intersection of Madison Ave and The 5th Model (Part 2)

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In this new world, Madison Ave and 5th do cross at the intersection of “ Crowdsourcing ”. What is Crowdsourcing? Wikipedia defines Crowdsourcing as “the act of outsourcing tasks, traditionally performed by an employee or contractor, to an undefined, large group of people or community (a “crowd”), through an open call.” Trends Crowdsourcing Marketing Uncategorized

Turkish Airlines Video Ad Tops 100 Million Views

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Related Stories Facebook Contest: Doritos Crowdsources Super Bowl Ads Mobile Video: 92% of Viewers Share Content Interactive Social Media: Add Your Favorite Tune of 2012. Social Media Campaigns airlines Kobe Bryant Lionel Messi online video online video ad travel ad travel industry Turkish Airlines viral video Youtube

Social TV: Fans Tweet to Choose Hawaii Five-O Ending

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For this campaign, CBS filmed three different endings for the Hawaii Five-O episode, with each one revealing a different killer. Despite this potential gap between campaign style and target audience, CBS is taking social TV to a new level by giving the audience power to shape the plot. Social Media Campaigns CBS Hawaii Five-o live tweeting network television social TV television

You Can Measure Content or You Can Set Money on Fire

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Related Stories GO CUBS GO Crowdsourced Content Should Be Fun, Not Scary or Risky How to Podcast: A Two-Part Series. Saying if you don't measure content efforts is akin to setting money on fire might be a little dramatic, but it's not far from the truth. We cannot possibly know what works and what doesn't work without metrics. does your content support your business growth?

Social Media Contest: Send Your Facebook Profile On A Cape Town Holiday

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The campaign launched this past Monday (October 2) and will run until the end of December 2012. Du Toit-Hembold believes the campaign “will give thousands of people a chance to do a virtual ‘test drive’ of a trip to Cape Town in a really engaging way, and it should whet appetites around the world resulting in more arrivals for Cape Town.”. How exactly does it work? The I ?

Marketing Is Dead

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I am saying that advertising - as a way of informing the masses about a product or service - is not only relevant, it will continue to be an integral component of all strategic marketing campaigns. You're going to engage customers and have them crowdsource the next update to your 300-year-old product? crowdsource. marketing campaign. It's a great blog headline that will get a lot of attention, right? The Harvard Business Review had a blog post today titled, Marketing Is Dead , written by Bill Lee. But they are. The evidence is clear." Marketing is everything.

It’s a Mad Mad (Men) World

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or, The Horror CrowdSourcing and Social Media has Unleashed on Madison Avenue. This isn’t just about lost revenue and respective trickle down, this is also about the departure of mass media and the arrival of social media and crowdsourcing. Thousands of small companies are using custom graphic design crowdsourcing sites like MycroBurst. Crowdsourcing for war.

Can Social Media Save Hawaii’s Beaches and Land?

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Online Donation Campaign: HILT has secured a matching donor. Activism Aloha Social Media crowdsource donations fundraising HILT. Saving Hawaii’s beaches and open space is a widely shared commitment – not just among those of us who live here but even more so perhaps for the millions of visitors to Hawaii! We are putting social media to a test. Please donate here now.

Say “Cheese” with Social

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A successfully deployed social media campaign kicks this process up a notch by helping small businesses to dramatically amplify their messages and reach new prospects. So let’s crowdsource and open up this discussion. Crowdsourcing Google+ Social Media Marketing Social Media Trends Strategy TwitterIntegrating social media into the marketing mix isn’t an option anymore.

Generating a Buyer Persona with Facebook Advertising

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And I stumbled upon this concept while working on a Facebook Ad campaign. Frankly that’s buyer persona gold for free from your Facebook Ad campaign. Tags: Advertising Crowdsourcing Facebook Marketing Social Media Social Networking Strategy behavioral targeting So do you have buyer personas at your company? Not any more …. How … Facebook! Tweet This! Share this on Facebook.

Marketing Trends for 2011

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For too long marketers have looked to their agencies for advertising and campaign ideas — only. Trends Crowdsourcing Marketing Marketing Technologist Social Media Marketing“It’s all about protecting and nurturing the brand&#. Writing this post made me think of R.E.M.’s s hit song. Yes, things are a bit crazy but this is also an exciting time for marketing professionals.

Social Media is not a campaign it’s a commitment!

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A while back I created a post called – There is no “campaign&# in Social Media because when marketers use the word “campaign,” it tends to suggest an initiative to get a message out to a targeted group of constituents. Blogging Communications Crowdsourcing Customer Support Enterprise 2.0 Tweet This! Share this on Facebook. Share this on Linkedin. Digg this!

25 Excellent Content Marketing Tools for Your Brand


It’s simple to curate, crowdsource, and engage readers. Zerys helps you plan your content strategy, create engaging titles, crowdsource qualified writers, review the content they create for you, and export or auto-publish to all of your brand’s platforms. This cloud-based platform helps you organize social-media and email campaigns, measure performance, and manage leads.

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Media and Mining vs Social Media and GetUp

Laurel Papworth

And taking out injunctions to stop social media “crowdsourcing” about her, her family and her business. I tweeted this last sentence when it went up, because it was amusing, given the millions of things that crowdsourcing could be, and how it can change the world. Crowdsourcing is so much more than gossiping about family troubles of the Super Rich. from ).

Close Looping Your Social Media Marketing Campaign!

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The real RoI from social media (buzz or viral effect, thought leadership or engagement) can be achieved effectively if we also focus on Close Looping our campaigns. How to define a timeline (and hence also know when to push the pedal to extend the life of a campaign). Which is why you must have seen, various campaigns/causes dying a sudden death or people gradually loosing interest.

Use Instagram to Create Visual Engagement


The community-based t-shirt company Threadless is a crowdsourcing business whose design is created and chosen by the online community. Additionally, Threadless is one of the first companies to run a Pinterest campaign – check it out here. Tweet Instantaneous mobile photo sharing is becoming increasingly popular. How Threadless Engages its Community on Instagram.

Content Marketing Isn’t Always About Content Creation


Content creation continues to be the focus of most digital marketing and public relations campaigns and it’s starting to backfire. The National Park Foundation , along with several partner agencies, is currently managing one such campaign. Content participation is more structured than a crowdsourced contest. This post is by Rich Becker and originally appeared on Words.

How to Serve Government A Shitstorm Online #SocialMedia #Auspol #LGBT

Laurel Papworth

But given that my social media day job is putting together these types of campaigns to emotionally manipulate you into buying an idea, I know how to get enough people behind this to give Gov a taste of the revolution that currently occurring on the streets and in the Twittersphere and that they seem oblivious to. Then Send them A Collective/Crowdsourced Message (Petition). what else?

Nike Celebrates Instagram Milestones by Thanking Its Community

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In total, the campaign was incredibly successful, securing more than 600,000 “hearts” and more than 4,900 comments. While crowdsourcing fan photos may prove difficult and time consuming with Legal approvals, Nike’s campaign proved that it can be worthwhile. It all started with a hashtag – two years ago, the ceremonial first fan photo with a #Nike tag on Instagram.

Repurpose Traditional Media for Digital Environments

Geoff Livingston

2) Crowdsource Logo and Ad Decisions. The final decisions to determine the new logo or the final ad campaign can be a grueling internal process. Check out how Multilingual Mania chose its logo using a crowdsourcing voting platform. Many brands struggle to integrate traditional media with interactive environments. Often you will see novelty items in an office or storefront.

How to create future brands

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Crowdsourcing 2.0. Innovative marketers and ad agencies are turning to crowdsourcing. For example, instead of working with a creative team of two at your ad agency, a crowdsourced campaign might include hundreds of creatives generating hundreds of ideas. Crowdsourcing 2.0 Brands are on a Transformational Journey. The future. Coming soon! Engaging. Relevant.

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Learn How to Measure What Matters

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He’s going to show you exactly how to set up goals in Google analytics so you’re tracking specific events, URLs, and campaigns right in your dashboard. Just checking these reports once a week will allow you tweak campaigns to be even more successful. It’s been three months since we’ve had a webinar (we took the summer off) and it was worth the wait! Strategy.

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Lowe’s Caves to Pressure without Strategy

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Do you remember a little more than a year ago when Gap crowdsourced a new logo and launched to a myriad of complaints? In fact, I’d love to know if the people behind this “anti-American” campaign even shop at Lowe’s. Have you heard about Lowe’s pulling their advertising from the TLC program, “ All-American Muslim ?” Riiiiight. . I see.

The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Eden Spodek

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I’m currently involved with a Kickstarter campaign for an awesome project called Imaginary Friends. This is the first time I’ve worked on a crowdsourcing project and it’s a wild ride. By Gini Dietrich. You are going to make me think really hard about when I first met Eden Spodek. She’s been a friend for so long, I can point to a gazillion times I’ve spent time with her.