We First’s @simonmainwaring on Cause Marketing

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I first met Simon Mainwaring in Boston in September, 2010 when we shared a keynote on best cause marketing practices (thank you, Katya ). Ever since then, I have admired Simon’s unwavering commitment to change the world through cause marketing.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Online Cause Marketing

Geoff Livingston

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Cause Marketing. The above presentation was delivered to the Cause Marketing Forum last Tuesday, February 14. All of the campaigns featured were from 2010 or 2011 with the exception of one ( Haagen Dazs ).

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Rethinking Strategy through Storyboards and Cognitive Maps

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Image by Wild Olive In today’s networked media environment, marketing strategists find weaknesses in linear approaches to selecting campaign tactics. Today, most marketers end strategies with media choices and tactics (and hopefully associated measurement [.]. Cause Green Marketing Strategy account planning cause marketing email integration marketing Social Media story board UX

Questions & Answers on Cause Marketing via Social Media

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Two weeks ago Network for Good ‘s Kate Olsen and I hosted a U-Stream chat to field questions and answer on our eGuide about Cause Marketing via Social Media. 2) Staples and DonorsChoose offers a great cause shopping model. It would have been a bad ad campaign.

Could #BuyMyBarina Be The Best Used Car Ad Ever?

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It’s rare to find a used car ad with a slick video, website, and dedicated social media campaign. With the help of his colleagues from Chimney in Sydney, Australia, Johns launched a tongue-in-cheek campaign to “Buy My Barina” on July 13th.

Take the Network for Good Cause Marketing Survey

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As CMO of Zoetica , I am proud to announce that we’ve partnered with Network for Good to create a best practice eGuide for corporate social good campaigns. Please take our two minute survey and inform companies on cause marketing best practice. Tags: Cause

Return Cause Marketing to the Heart of Your Strategy

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So many organizations feel like they need bring causes into their marketing, and similarly, need to add social media to the mix. What’s often missing is an understanding of how causes can positively impact a corporate strategy and culture.

Dancing with the Devil: Cause Marketing for Nonprofits

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I’ve read the many posts on the Komen/KFC cause marketing partnership , most of them bashing KFC for cause washing. The logic is that eating fried chicken causes weight gain, a pre-condition of breast cancer. Tags: Cause csr

How Organic Valley Plans to Save the Bros

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He’s also the star of Organic Valley’s new campaign, Save The Bros. What makes this campaign so interesting is how unexpected it is, even for a company that believes , “If a company is going to make a difference in today’s world, it’s going to have to think differently.”

4 Steps Nonprofits Can Take to Establish a Lasting Business Partnership


———————– Cause marketing relationships between nonprofit organizations (NPOs) and for-profit businesses (FPBs) have produced mutually beneficial synergies time and time again.

Content Marketing Isn’t Always About Content Creation


——————– Given the number of public relations firms with their feet in social media and digital marketing, one would think more organizations could demonstrate content creation restraint. This post is by Rich Becker and originally appeared on Words.

What you can learn from Mister Splashy Pants

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Ok so what does a humpback whale have to do with marketing? Check out this campaign from Greenpeace for the answer. Advertising guru Russell Davies praised Greenpeace’s handling of the campaign as “one of the defining moments in New Media marketing.&#

H&R Block Declares a Hipster Tax Crisis

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Leading into the 2014 tax season, the company launched a satirical campaign with a cause-marketing element that pokes fun at Hipsters who are, “struggling to file taxes in non-ironic ways.” What can companies learn from H&R Block’s Campaign?

Customer Experience Trumps Content Marketing

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More and more voices state that content marketing overhype has jumped the shark. As a primary strategy content marketing is overhyped. Instead, brands should focus on customer experience marketing. This is word of mouth marketing assisted by communications.

Who Cares More, Coke or Pepsi?

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Much has been said about Pepsi’s falling market share and its social media driven Refresh cause marketing effort. Extremists have dubbed Pepsi Refresh as the iconic symbol of failure for social media as a marketing mechanism. Image by Orin Zebest.

ALS #IceBucketChallenge - You Could Be Next

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and, in the spirit of the cause, I also donated money to ALS. There has also been a lot of online discourse about the merits of this campaign, and questioning the brand association between ALS and dunking a bucket of ice water over your head. cause marketing.

Honda Creatively Leverages Social Media to Help Save Drive-In Movie Theaters

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It’s one thing to market your product or service, but using your power and resources to drive action and awareness for a worthy cause is downright inspiring. At present, the campaign has generated nearly 750,000 votes and has raised more than $18,000.

What Could Your Cause Do with a Full Page USA Today Ad?

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From a marketing standpoint, the contest — based on responses to date — has generated a lackluster amount of response. Nor do they care what type of cause (health, environment, etc.)

38 Ideas For Your Pinterest Strategy

Diva Marketing Blog

If you get those right it's a marketing two step along the way to making the cash register ring. Example: Elizabeth Arden's PinItToGiveIt Cause Marketing used social media (Facebook, Twitter, bloggers) and traditional media (PR/Events-BlogHer).

Can We Change the World?

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Mainwaring advocates for a sea change in capitalist culture towards mandated ethical corporate social responsibility and cause marketing. He advocates for change with We First , and leads by example with his marketing consultancy of the same name.

Big Dreams and SMART Goals

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They’re also the things that drive business marketers nuts. They don’t just innovate, they also dominate markets AND achieve fantastic measurable outcomes. Attending sports marketing conferences over the next year is another.

What’s Next for Social Media and Events?


What if a popular television show features the cause you fight for as a storyline? Ashton Kutcher donated $1 per MySpace friend way back in 2006 , and since then many other companies, causes, and cause marketing campaigns have used a similar tactic with Twitter followers and Facebook likes.

Weekly Roundup: Rethinking Color

Waxing UnLyrical

So, for this week’s weekly roundup, I thought it would be interesting to share some of the most thought-provoking posts I’ve come across over time (they’re not all new) on how non-profit organizations and cause marketing have been rethinking color. effect marketing.

Everything you might want to know about QR Codes.


For marketing. Tips for using QR codes in marketing (Mobile Commerce Daily). For causes. QR Codes -> The Next Big Thing for Cause Marketing? Using QR Codes in a Political Campaign (Hive Talkin’). Wondering what a QR (Quick Response) code is?

Why Your Business Needs to Be a FLOP

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I had the pleasure of interviewing David Newman, a fantastic marketing consultant, coach, and author of Do It! Marketing: 77 Instant-Action Ideas to Boost Sales, Maximize Profits, and Crush Your Competition. David : Well, there are a lot of books out there that talk marketing theory.

Program Design – Matching Grants vs. Voting Platforms

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It should be noted that nonprofits see the increasing tax corporate funded contests have created on both the causes and their networks. This creates a programatic challenge for cause marketing design ( image by jblyberg ). The more open a cause marketing effort can be the better.

Hope for Better Conversations

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Why is it when it comes to social media (and marketing & PR) we only hear self-patting back echos? Marketing 3.0 : Given that some marketers don’t even get Marketing 1.0 (‘cause you know, anyone can be a marketer), it’s with hesitation this one is even mentioned.

Hawaii Business: How the Social Media Workshop Can Help You

Bare Feet Studios

It encompasses other buzzwords and concepts you may have heard, from social networks like FaceBook , LinkedIn , and MySpace , to conversational marketing, web 2.0, We have several speakers who focus on non-profits and cause marketing.

Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media.

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She leads the agency’s social media group, and has more than 20 years experience in consumer, technology, B2B and social media marketing. As the world continues to watch the devastation caused by the BP oil spill, it shines the light much brighter on the impact that major companies have on society while increasing consumer concerns about business practices. Its really very helpful for one providing social media marketing services.