From reporting to analysis: How storytelling with data helps secure executive buy-in

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Your comments and likes are up month over month, and your new campaign hashtag has been used over 1,000 times, but what do the numbers mean? If comment threads are accumulating, what’s driving the discussion, and what’s the overall sentiment?

Genuine Social Media Activism: A Guide for Going Beyond the Hashtag


Social media and activism have been inseparable since the 2010 Arab Spring demonstrations and since 2013, when the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag was used for the first time. In both events, social media and hashtags played an instrumental role in mobilizing the human rights movement offline.


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MoMA Creates @Art140 To Stir Up Conversation

The Realtime Report

” Conversations will be grouped by hashtags that appear underneath each piece of art; the first round includes #Art140 with #Popova, #VanGogh, #Boccioni, #Klimt, #Gauguin and #Rousseau. ” In a few months, Possible will use data from these Twitter conversations to create a report for MoMA, looking at people’s sentiments about art with additional filters of gender, geography and more.

Best Practices for Using Social Media Listening to Improve Your Marketing Strategy

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Soon, people are queuing out the door to buy a book, a hot drink, and a snack. Cloudera Leverages B2B Social Listening to Assess Market Sentiment. Demonstrating this, software company Cloudera relies on social media listening to gauge audience sentiment. Your campaign hashtags.

Instagram Engagement Rates: What?s Good (or Not) and Why They Matter

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Monitoring your engagement rate over time can help your brand stay relevant , even as audiences grow and sentiments change. As new customers learn about your brand, they may consider your engagement before buying. Use the right hashtags.

Best and Worst Mother’s Day Branded Social Content

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Regardless, it doesn’t incline us to buy a pack of Skittles for mom, that’s for sure! They did a great job aligning with their brand and messaging to not just moms, everyone else that’s buying for moms, too! Typically, Mother’s Day is all about flowers, sentimental messages and breakfast in bed, but Carhartt’s first national Mother’s Day ad, it goes against all those stereotypes. With the unique hashtag #AllHailMom to elevate this campaign, it was a major success!

Why Investors Need to Use Social Media

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As well as using Twitter to react immediately to fresh news stories, investors can also use the platform to predict future market movements based on growing interest or sentiment in a particular area. For example, before the first Hunger Games film was released, a number of investors picked up on the fact that related hashtags were trending due a growing interest in the books. Using Facebook to Gauge Public Sentiment.

The 6 Best Instagram Analytics Tools (And Metrics You Need to Track)


Keyhole positions itself as a “conversation tracker,” meaning that this tool specializes in tracking hashtags and keywords. It’s useful for tracking promotions, branded hashtags , and Instagram contests in real-time. Though it doesn’t, alas, break the data down by individual hashtag.).

6 steps to create an org-wide social listening strategy

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Improve sentiment around customer service. Topic queries are the bread and butter of listening, and creating strong ones depends on the platforms, hashtags, keywords and phrases you include or exclude. Did the same sentiment come up often? Social listening is on the rise.

4 overlooked B2B market research methods for understanding your customers

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B2B buying is less about progressing through a stage-by-stage sales funnel and more about completing a set of non-sequential tasks : problem identification, solution exploration, requirements building supplier selection, validation and consensus creation.

How to Build a Social Media Marketing Strategy in 5 Easy Steps

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People hearing back from your brand online are likely to buy again even if they were not really happy with their prior experience.). Number (and sentiment) of your customer support emails. All channels] Thursday : Share our old blog post to the #ThrowbackThursday (also #TBT) hashtag.

How to Manage Social Media for Business in Only 18 Minutes a Day


That includes keywords, hashtags, mentions, and messages for your brand and competitors. Specific hashtags and/or keywords. Here are some of the aspects you should keep in mind: Sentiment. Sentiment is a good place to start.

7 of the Best Social Media Campaigns (And What You Can Learn From Them)


For a limited period of time, Coors Light promised a six-pack to anyone who tweeted at them using the campaign hashtag. We’re buying. Why it worked: Running a giveaway is a great way to boost brand awareness and stoke positive sentiments for one simple reason: everyone loves free stuff.

5 Tips To Boost Sales With Proper Data-Driven Social Media Strategy

Every day, social managers involved in the social listening struggle with questions like “Are positive sentiments towards our brand growing or going down?” Brand Sentiments: check what sentiments were in those mentions – positive, negative, or neutral. Data is the new oil.

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Hello from the outside: Exploring the great outdoors while staying close-to-home

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For those interested in hiking, the outdoor activity that had the highest positive sentiment on Twitter (55% positive, 31% neutral, 14% negative), content from those types of brands can help them plan a day-trip, discover new trails and find the most picturesque landscapes.

Top 10 Social Listening Tools


Social listening also helps you keep tabs on the social media sentiment toward your company and products. Customers like responsive brands, and more than three quarters of consumers are more likely to buy from brands they follow on social media.

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Social commerce: How it works and why you should care in 2021

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Social commerce is the buying and selling of goods or services directly within a social media platform. Ecommerce broadly enompasses the process of buying and selling goods online. Traditional brand loyalties are wavering as people buy more online.

B2B Employee Advocacy Best Practices


Gain Leadership and Employee Buy-In. The success of your program will depend largely on employee buy-in. Once your pilot is in full swing, you’ll be able to get buy-in from the social majority who will ultimately set a positive example for the least social-savvy employees.

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A closer look: What brands need to know about COVID-19

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The conversation saw a 9% uptick in overall sentiment; Millennials and Generation Z posted 87% of all positive content posted in March. The conversation sentiment in March hit a high of 50% positive.

The 7 Ways Brands Use Social Listening

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Organizations are always looking for ways to extend their own message, and one way to do that on social is to hitch your wagon to a trending hashtag. Finding emerging hashtags that (1) align with your brand voice and message and (2) are already being used by people talking about you is an effective way to stay relevant and shareable. Do you want to improve brand sentiment? People buy from brands they like and boycott brands who make insensitive remarks.

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How to Get More Instagram Comments Without Being Sleazy (or Desperate)

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Just as people buy fake followers, some people use cheats and cheap tactics to try to get more comments. These types of posts are often those that are emotional, sentimental, or somehow provocative. Give your contest a boost in visibility with a mix of industry-relevant hashtags and contest-specific hashtags like #giveaway #holidaycontest and #instacontest. Everyone wants to get more Instagram comments.

How to Find and Reach Your Target Audience on Instagram

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Leverage the right hashtags. The right hashtags can get you in front of the right audience. This also means that they would use or follow hashtags relevant to the industry. It’s your job to make sure that you use those hashtags so that the right people can discover your content. You can also look for the top hashtags in your industry using tools like RiteTag. Besides your regular Instagram feed posts, don’t forget to tag your Stories with the right hashtags.

What not to do on social media in 2021

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Continue to push for leadership buy-in but also be mindful your brand may not be in a position to back up that stance at this particular moment in time. Unless you’re Doctor Strange with a time stone, there’s little use in trying to predict the future.

The Holidays on Social: Dos and Don’ts

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It seems like only yesterday we were snapping poolside selfies and buying popsicles by the dozen, but now we’re here–swapping out our sandals for sweaters and devouring all things pumpkin spice. With that in mind, we’ve put together a guide for making the most of the holidays on social, so you can fill your content calendars with plenty of holiday hashtags and yuletide cheer. During the holiday season, everyone’s buying. Do: Get Sentimental.

Top 10 Data Analysis Tools for B2B Marketing


In this instance, Big Data can give you a window into the preferences, priorities, and buying patterns of similar companies to your lead’s niche market. Keyhole is a one-stop-shop for hashtag analytics across Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Social Media for Big Companies: 10+ Inspiring Examples


Gauge customer sentiment. Customer sentiment can move the needle on everything product development, messaging, and even corporate values. Buy-in from management lets brands seize social opportunities.

Valuable Things Twitter Mentions Can Tell You About Your Business


A chance to buy a bigger following. Don’t spend money to cut corners — don’t buy Twitter mentions! Hashtags or keywords. Especially if the sentiment is positive, be sure to reply to these mentions!

How to conduct smarter social listening for consumer brands

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Just as you want to know why customers like your products, you need to pay attention to folks who aren’t buying from you. Rather than stare at a laundry list of metrics wondering what they mean, listening can provide some much-needed context including: The positive and negative sentiment surrounding your brand mentions online. Meanwhile, reporting via Sprout also highlights the most popular keywords and hashtags related to your business.

Drive authentic connection at scale with a sophisticated listening solution

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According to our most recent Brands Get Real report, 76% of respondents expressed that they are more likely to buy from a brand they feel connected to than a competitor. As you start identify common threads in your Smart Inbox or are notified about interesting events with Message Spike Alerts, you can turn to your brand-related listening Topics to find trends, track sentiment and see a fully informed picture.

What is Social Media Automation? (+ 7 Tools That Will Make it Easier)


If you’re spending more time fussing with hashtags or answering DMs than brainstorming new content ideas or planning your long term social media strategy, you could probably use a shortcut. Same if you’re part of a bigger, more complex department and need to court buy-in from your team.

The Social Media Monitoring Lighthouse – A Guide on What and How to Monitor

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Every monitoring tool will provide you some capability of monitoring specific keywords (in isolation, as part of a URL, as a hashtag etc.). They could be talking about buying a relevant product or service or asking questions about it. Sentiment Analysis. ” Sentiment analysis has a bad name because it’s never 100% accurate. That is because it’s impossible to be 100% accurate but it does give you an overall indication of the level of sentiment, e.g

How to Create a Buyer Persona (Includes Free Persona Template)


You’ll understand their goals, pain points, and buying patterns. Since different groups of people may buy your products for different reasons, you might need to create more than one buyer persona. : Find top referring sites for relevant hashtags.

6 Twitter analytics tools to amplify your Twitter strategy

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Use the Twitter Trends Report to discover trending topics and hashtags across the platform. You’ll be able to discover the best time to tweet , the best types of content to post and which hashtags drive the most impressions. Another analytics-only service, Keyhole lets you track conversations and understand audience sentiments around them. Get a better idea of how people on Twitter feel about your brand or your competitors by tracking keywords and hashtags.

27 Instagram Tools Marketers Should Know About in 2019


Not hack apps that buy fake followers and bot engagement. It can be hard to keep tabs on trending hashtags and competitors. It’s easy-to-navigate dashboard lets you track and compare the performance multiple hashtags and competitors at once. Connect your Instagram business account to a Facebook catalogue so that your audience can buy the products they discover with your account. Display Purposes is a good tool for keeping tabs on which hashtags are most popular.

Social media crisis plan: What to do when things go wrong

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However, presenting death rates as a “fun fact” with a #TriviaTuesday hashtag is definitely in poor taste. It was never our intention to hurt anyone's sentiments. If you’ve never had to respond to a social media crisis, consider yourself lucky. The reality, though?

4 Steps to Boost Your Social Media Engagement

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It’s not like broadcast television, where you buy spots on primetime, talk about your brand, and see sales walking in the door. Talkwalker also provides handy “hashtag cloud” visualizations, which illustrate activity surrounding related hashtags. Whether the hashtag is an official part of your campaign or fan-generated, you’ll be able to track its use over time and any positive or negative sentiment attached to it.

5 Social Media Strategy Questions Every CMO Needs to Answer in 2021


Buy this product. Marketers have long turned to social listening to monitor keywords, track sentiment , and find opportunities to insert their brands into trending conversations. Social media hit historical highs in the CMO budget this year.

How to Manage Instagram Followers Effectively and Efficiently


But before we get started, know that managing your followers doesn’t mean trying inauthentic growth hacks like Instagram automation or buying followers. Encourage mentions and hashtags. Geotags, hashtags and mentions expands the conversation and creates a sense of community.

#TakeBackthePink – @Komenforthecure’s social media nightmare

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In this screenshot of a report by analytics firm Attensity the sentiment about Susan G Komen is pretty darn clear. Use these hashtags to show your support when you tweet. Think before you buy pink again. I doubt you could have missed it by now, but just in case; Tuesday evening the story broke that the Susan G Komen fund pulled support from Planned Parenthood across the US. Rumors abound as to why they did it.Some say it was politically motivated.

Everything Social Marketers Need to Know About Generation Z


The act of buying products or services isn’t necessarily about fitting in with trends or ‘what’s cool.’ Before buying anything, Gen Z expects to access and evaluate information, reviews, and their own research. Keep tabs on what others are saying about your organization with our guide to social media sentiment analysis. They’re not afraid to buy things online. What are they buying, you may ask? You’re in a meeting with your boss when it happens.

7 Instagram Influencer Marketing Tips for the Holiday Season


Partnering with Instagram influencers is a great way to introduce your business to new audiences, get on shopper’s minds, and, during the holidays, to get your customers into the buying spirit! Ellenor shows off how she decorated the Cava bottle for her friend, giving her gift a personal and sentimental touch. Make sure to include campaign hashtags, inspiration from past campaigns, or anything else you think would help them create content that will align with your brand.

Understanding the Nature of an Event Using Social Analytics

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As a result, a lingering question emerges on how much spikes in social media activity represent normal sentiment of interested individuals vs. manipulated sentiment of a few that is then spread around virally, possibly taking a life of its own. Most commonly used hashtags during the August 15th downpour. Get my Internet Marketing newsletter , buy my book, The New Community Rules: Marketing on the Social Web , and subscribe to the Techipedia RSS feed.

4 Strategies for Improving Social Engagement

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It’s not like broadcast television, where you buy spots on primetime, talk about your brand, and see sales walking in the door. Talkwalker also provides handy “hashtag cloud” visualizations, which illustrate activity surrounding related hashtags. Whether the hashtag is an official part of your campaign or fan-generated, you’ll be able to track its use over time and any positive or negative sentiment attached to it.