Best Practices for 2017 Social Media Buying

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We are officially in 2017 and you may have some looming questions as to how best utilize your social media buys for the remainder of the year. Here are some quick tips and reminders to keep in mind for your 2017 social media buying. Buy while the going is good!

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An Insider Look at Reach and Frequency Ad Buying on Facebook

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Of the two methods of buying ads on the platform, Auction and Reach and Frequency , here’s a deeper look into the benefits of Reach and Frequency ad buying. What is Reach and Frequency Ad Buying. The cost is always CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions).

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5 Deadly Ad Buying Mistakes

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After all, the current capabilities of the display industry allow you to buy the exact audience that you want to reach. If you want to waste money, buy media. Many marketers remain obsessed with the C-suite of metrics: CPM, CPC, CTR, CPV, and CPA. Image via

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Online Video Is Just As Expensive As TV Advertising

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A few weeks ago, Research Brief published a news item, Untargeted Online Tonnage Buys Comparable to Selected TV CPM Norm , that validated this thinking. The article suggests that, "Untargeted online tonnage buys generate much lower CPMs of about $9, which makes them roughly comparable to TV''s all-daypart/all-platform norm. tv cpm. You have to wonder just how power online video advertising really is.

Less Money. Less Traffic. Advertising In Chaos?

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how cheap can we buy this spot for?" ). Who benefits from a world where advertising is getting less money and there is less traffic for the content? This is the question that all media is challenged with. It is a fact. Some are suffering in a big way. Some are suffering a little softer.

How much is that Facebook Fan worth anyway?

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This calculation is based on the brand posting to their Facebook Fan Page twice a day and that they have a million fans which equates to 60 million impressions per month at a $5 CPM (cost per thousand impressions), so 60 million impressions.

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How Much Do Facebook Fans Still Matter?

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And when you sell a product, these people are likely to buy. CPM, 48,582 Website Clicks, $.35 CPM, 15,875 Website Clicks, $.52 Look no further than the CPM. That will certainly impact CPM. I know there’s a growing sentiment that Facebook fans no longer matter.

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There Is No Salvation for the ‘Facebook Expert’

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In the old days of search marketing, it was about tricking the dumb robots –buy links, cloak, spin content, or whatever trick you could pull. Even if you could get the targeting spot on, trying to do CPM and CPC (cost per click) bids against a range of placements was too hard.

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7 Keys to Facebook Advertising Success

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But you send people to a horribly designed website to read your content, provide an email address or buy a product. Or CPM?” You could have a high CPM, low CTR or high CPC and still get a good Cost Per Desired Action. People are at different stages in likelihood to buy.

Monitoring vs Analytics [Infographic]

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In addition you can buy monthly reports that add quantitative analysis using their analysts. They can identify a media value using CPM rates: neutral sentiment gets regular CPM, positive weighted higher and negative weighted lower.

Success Stories From Twitter’s Front Lines

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the following day using Twitter’s partnership with Oracle to target multiple audiences of people who frequent fast-food restaurants, who spend money at competing QSRs and who buy ready-made breakfast items. As a result, the brand achieved a CPM (cost per thousand impressions) 42 percent less expensive than a comparable campaign during Fashion Week 2015. Twitter has had an extraordinary year by any measure.

11 B2B Marketing Predictions for 2011

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After 9 years of Search Engine Marketing – I think it is safe to say any keyword you are going to buy is maxed out when it comes to the Google AdWords auction process.

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Top Influencers Weigh In on Social Attribution: What Did They Say?

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” It’s interesting because there are set standards for advertising and email: open click rate and CPM.

“I’m Focused on Brand Awareness: Why Should I Care About Social Attribution?”

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Three people buy the new shoes. 10 people buy the new shoes. To name a few, email has open rates, paid search has impression share, display has CPM, and social has engagement. Everyone likes to look at Corvettes, not many people buy them (ref.

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7 Social Media Tactics Your 2013 Budget Needs to Succeed

Media Planning Media Buying Publishing Display Advertising Video Mobile. CPM Calculator CPA Calculator Website Optimization ROI Calculator. Going from social media engagement to "Buy Now" isnt effective. Media Buying. Media Buying.

79 Remarkable Social Media Marketing Facts and Statistics for 2012

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77% of buyers say they are more likely to buy from a company whose CEO uses social media. The most effective content marketers spend twice as much as their less effective peers on content development, and consider buying stage when developing content. (

Facebook Ads: 9 Factors That Impact Cost Per Conversion

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Of those who have interest, a small percentage will be willing to buy. You need to understand that those who have interest but aren’t ready to buy have value. A larger percentage will be willing to buy.

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Nielsen Report: Blogs Still on the Rise | ClickZ

Media Planning Media Buying Behavioral Marketing Publishing Networks & Exchanges. CPM Calculator CPA Calculator Website Optimization ROI Calculator. Media Buying. Media Buying. ); //. Marketing News & Expert Advice. ClickZ Academy. Search Engine Watch. SES Events. Home Topics Stats & Tools Training & Education Jobs White Papers Subscribe. Newsletters. Mobile. iPhone. Whats Hot: SXSW. American Express. Nielsen. Twitter. Foursquare.

How to monetise your influence type: Platform-Specific Superstar


These are media buying metrics and the trend looks like the price of reach through influencers is heading south. We can like them all day, but it doesn’t mean we’re going to sign up to the gym, actually change our eating or cooking habits, or buy that gorgeous $30,000 watch.

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How Much Does Facebook Advertising Cost? The Complete Guide to Facebook Ads Pricing

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We previously shared what $5 per day will buy you on Facebook Ads , but how much does Facebook advertising really cost? Time of The Year: How many people are buying Facebook ads.

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Link your AdSense and Google Analytics Accounts for some Profitable Analysis


It had a higher than average CPM, a pretty good CTR, and decent traffic—an all-round good performer. My post on Wedding Photography Tips , on the other hand had a much higher CPM, and higher CTR, but less traffic than the ISO page. With some basic analysis, you can start to see a number of things: which types of posts attract higher paying ads (higher CPM). Are you an AdSense publisher? Do you use Google Analytics? Have you linked them together?

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How to Create a Basic Evergreen Facebook Ad Campaign

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Costs to reach people (CPM) will also begin to surge. If they don’t buy that product within 10 days, they’ll fall out of that campaign. One of the primary struggles Facebook advertisers face is ad fatigue.

Strategies for a Successful Paid Search Campaign

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Most other advertising, up until Paid Search, was cost by impression or CPM for short. Awareness means that users are just researching and seeing if they have a need and Purchase means they’ve made their decision and are ready to buy.

Why Paying Bloggers For Posts Changes The Game

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The PR person becomes a client, just as someone buying ad space is a client of the publication selling the ads. You’re up against paid media with established CPM and/or CPC figures, with stated audiences and at least a ball-park number of impressions an advertiser can expect.

Where We Stand on Our 2017 Social Marketing Predictions

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As of this writing, there is news about Amazon being interested in buying Slack, the messaging company. As there is increased competition for in-app ad inventory from large brands spearheading their mobile-first advertising strategy, and growth in implementation for advanced ad tech, costs will rise as these advertisements typically carry a higher CPM than static ads. At the end of 2016, we made some predictions about how social was going to change in 2017.

The Complete Guide to Facebook Ads Manager: How to Create, Manage, Analyze Your Facebook Ads

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Buying Type – How you pay for your ads (e.g. Delivery: Reach, Frequency, CPM, Impressions, etc. Ninety-one percent of marketers invested in Facebook advertising last year. And it’s easy to understand why when you look at the data: more than 1.18

Social Pros 12 – Derek Halpern, Social Triggers

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Read on for insights from Derek, and Eric’s Social Media Stat of the Week (this week: for Facebook advertising, CPM rates are up 41%, CPC rates are up 23%). Eric’s Social Media Stat of the Week: CPM Rates are Up 41%, CPC Rates are Up 23%, and Ad Engagement is Down.

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What Advertisers Want: 6 steps to Attract Advertisers to Your Blog


Advertisers looks at many metrics when considering advertising on a blog — page views, daily visitors, average time on site, CPM, among others. This is a guest contribution from Brianne Bauer. How do advertisers determine whether a blog is worth their marketing dollars?

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Why Host a Blog on Your Corporate Website?

4 Simple Steps to Get Sponsorship from Media Agencies


The role of the media agency is to buy media space on behalf of advertisers. Many agencies are understaffed and often, the detailed planning and buying work falls on a junior. Call the agency reception and ask who manages the buying for the account.


Calculate the Value of Your Facebook Page


The tool is adjustable and interactive — for example, the base rate of Earned Media Value (or CPM) is $5, but this can be adjusted higher or lower.

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How a 3 Month Old Website Received 958373 Visits from Google

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Adsense, CPM ads, affiliate links. Reply Ralph Kooi says: June 9, 2010 at 5:50 am Hi Glen, Funny, I was just thinking of buying some UFC related domain names. Home What the F ? Cloud Living Say "Hi!"

13 Ways for Bloggers to Make Money with Advertising


Now AdSense do a combination of CPC and CPM ads—they mix them in. When you sell a text link on your site, the person buying the link is usually doing it for search engine ranking purposes. If you operate in a niche where people are buying and selling products or there are jobs that people want to advertise this can be a nice source of income. When someone hovers over the word a little ad pops up with a description of a product that they can buy.

Increase Your Income With Google Adsense

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However, I did learn a lot through my testing and can apply that knowledge to new sites I buy or create in the future, and of course share what I learned with you all here. I enjoyed it so much that I couldn’t help but buy your eBook Cloud Living. Home What the F ?

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Jeremy Schoemaker’s Ninja Tricks for Long Form Sales Pages


This is because you can get it for around 12-13 cents CPM and it will actually help you to optimize, using very cheap traffic. This is a guest contribution from Stephan Spencer.

Unearthing Your Blog’s Money Pages


People are looking for a reason not to buy— don’t give them one. Ads (CPM) = page views. If your ads are sold by CPM, then you’ve got it easy—you have the data already. This guest post is by the Web Marketing Ninja. Earlier today, Greg explored the question of pricing products that you’re creating for sale on your blog.


Facebook Marketing: Now Available! | Justin Levy

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Below I have put together an overview for you to assess whether or not you think there will be value in spending a few dollars and buying the book. Buy Facebook Marketing!

7 Truths About Social Media Marketing

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Social media marketing seems affordable compared to other marketing, especially television, print, and even pay-per-click marketing or CPM-based advertising, but the biggest fallacy as it relates to social media marketing is believing that it’s something that you can do quickly and affordably.

Is Advertising Revenue Dead as a Blogging Income Stream?


What I’ve found is that when an advertiser buys multiple points of presence on a blog, rather than just a CPM banner ad, they’re much more likely to get conversions, and renew as an ongoing advertiser. Earlier in the week I observed a conversation between two Internet marketing bloggers on Twitter which grabbed my attention. The topic of conversation? Monetizing blogs by selling advertising directly to advertisers. Their conclusion on the topic?

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PB149: Series of Blog Posts vs Long Blog Posts – Which is Better?


Firstly for those of you who are coming along to the event or who are buying the virtual ticket, I don’t want you to be too overwhelmed with the sound of my voice. There’s an opportunity there to buy a live ticket. The Pros and Cons of Long Posts.