Dos and Don’ts of UGC Curation 2021 


In today’s digital landscape, user-generated content (UGC) has become more important than ever as 64% of customers will not only value online reviews but will actively seek them out before making a purchasing decision. Treat UGC like any other piece of marketing content.

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The Complete Guide to Instagram Stories for Brand Marketers

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It’s no question that Instagram Stories have become a major component of every brand’s social media marketing strategy. Brands should be using the unique features of Instagram Stories to further engage their audience (i.e.


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Unboxing Videos: An Ecommerce Brand’s Guide to Sourcing, Creating and Monetizing Unboxing Videos 


Unboxing videos, or videos that show customers taking a product out of it’s package and beginning to use it, are a goldmine for brands. This high-quality user-generated content (UGC) performs well, as 55% of unboxing video viewers surveyed claim the video convinced them to buy the product.

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Social Media Engagement: 5 Revamped Tricks for Brands


Social media engagement is a critical indicator of health for community-driven brands. And with more people using social media to connect with brands than ever before, social media engagement should be increasing, right? Ask your fans to share photos and videos using a branded hashtag.

The Brand’s Guide to Getting Verified on Social Media in 2021


The coveted ‘blue check’ or verified symbol can play an integral role in a brand’s social media marketing strategy. Verification also serves as proof that your account is the real, certified account for your brand, eliminating any questions about potential fake accounts.

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10 Tips for Increasing Your Brand’s Instagram Growth in 2021


As social media has become the new way to reach customers, sell products, and get visibility for brand messages, the importance of maintaining or even building a presence online is growing. This works wonders because unlike typical branded ads, influencer marketing is far more subtle.

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How User-Generated Content Can Reduce Bounce Rate


Beyond tried-and-true practices, this often missed tool can help you reduce bounce rate – user-generated content (UGC). Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate with UGC. One of the ways to reduce bounce rate is user-generated content (UGC). Whiskey brand Proper No.

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Ambassador Marketing in 2021: The Stats Marketers Need to Know


Here’s where brand ambassadors come into the picture. Who is a Brand Ambassador? A brand ambassador is a person appointed by a company or an organization to showcase the positiveness of the brand and its products. Brand Marketing Influencer Marketing

Stats to Know About Ecommerce & Retail Trends In 2021


Don’t miss out on this opportunity for brand growth! Pixlee’s mobile commerce solution allows you to design an app-based shopping solution for your brand complete with user-generated content to provide social proof to your customers.

What’s Does the Daily Routine of a Social Media Manager Look Like?

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Start by reviewing branded or campaign hashtags, and respond to or assign important items as necessary. For example, if I identify user-generated content (UGC) to share or trending topics to pursue, I add them to a list of things to explore when I have more time.

10 Ways You Can Beat the Instagram Algorithm


A surefire way to engage your audience is through user-generated content (UGC). UGC refers to any form of content created by users/customers and made accessible through social media or other permissioning methods. Other options include free samples and discounts. .

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11 Creative Ways to Use Instagram Carousel Posts for Your Business


With a good creative strategy, you can boost engagement levels, increase brand loyalty, and even drive product sales! Check out how Later customer, Dermalogica uses carousel posts with UGC content to reveal before and afters, thanks to their customers’s at-home snaps: . Thanks to the rise of Lightroom presets , and tons of other great photo editing apps , brands, business, and influencers can take advantage of carousel posts to show off their digital edits.

The 21 Best Content Curation Tools

Webbiquity SMM

Content curation offers a way to repackage and repurpose the work of others to serve the needs of your brand’s audience. Sample review: “Add and curate content from any public webpage. Sample review: “One of the most important tools in a marketer’s tool belt is knowledge. Sample review: “Recently, Instapaper got a refresh; it looks and feels better-organized. Sample review: “Bagtheweb helps users curate Web content.

Complete Your 2021 Email Audit In 4 Easy Steps Now


It is an extensive process that helps understand email effectiveness, ROI, engagement, deliverability, and brand association. A sample checklist that you can refer for auditing your emails is given below: Sender Identity. Branding Elements.

How to Create Your Own Instagram Stories Filter (Using Spark AR Studio)


Want to create Instagram Stories filters for your brand? But now, anyone and everyone can design and create Instagram Stories filters for their brand using Spark AR Studio! Previously, these filters could only be created and shared on Instagram by approved brands and creators, making it a really cool but exclusive trend to get involved with. . Plus, there are plenty of talented AR designers you can work with to create Instagram Stories filters or effects for your brand. .

Holiday Marketing Ideas: 6 Ways to Stand Out on Social Media this Season


Running a giveaway on Instagram is a great way to boost brand awareness, get more followers, and promote your products – plus, they’re really easy to set up (and even easier to participate in). To enter simply: Like this post Follow @soapandglory & @foreo_uk Tag a friend (you must both be following both brands) For an extra entry share this post to your story! This makes finding high-quality UGC for your customer appreciation campaign really easy! .

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Instagram bio ideas and tips for maximizing your account

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Instead, we encourage brands to find their own voice and understand the best practices of putting together a bio for Instagram that scores clicks. Feature your branded hashtag(s). You can feature as many tags as you want, although most brands typically include one or two. Check out how TeeFury uses two branded hashtags to encourage and promote user-generated content. Most brands use a custom, branded URL rather than a generic homepage link. Beauty brands?

Why Business Is About to Boom for Social Media Agencies

Convince & Convert

Our 2014 report on the employment histories of guests on my Social Pros podcast found more than 50% of that unscientific sample had degrees in PR/journalism/English). In those years, nearly all social media content was written (with a side order of UGC photography). For years, social media was primarily a text-based circumstance, and social media directors were often people with a background in writing.

Master the art of social media reporting (with our editable template)

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Because quarterly reports allow you to collect a larger sample size of data. Say which specific strategies you’re going to employ (UGC campaigns, influencer marketing, Facebook carousel ads and so on). For example, you can grab screenshots of your brand’s social posts that totally knocked it out of the park. Publish more UGC. If you’re responsible for your business’ social presence, you might feel a bit under pressure. Totally understandable.

25 Social Media Content Ideas to Level Up Your Strategy


Whether it’s your personal Instagram or a brand or business, here are 25 ideas you can incorporate in your social strategy. Social Media Content Idea #1: User-Generated Content (UGC). Recent findings show that 90% of consumers trust UGC to help influence their purchasing decisions.

How to Start Your Facebook Business Page: A Complete Guide

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With more than 50 million businesses on Facebook, the social network has become one of the staple channels to further market your brand. Even though so many brands have a strong presence on Facebook, several more are trying to get started off on the right foot. Simply select which category speaks best to your type of brand. Each category has a laundry list of unique subcategories to further detail your brand. Customers will see and respect that effort from your brand.

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How to Share an Instagram Post to Your Story (+ Design Hacks!)


Plus, the original poster’s username will be clearly displayed, which is great for fairly crediting the contributors of user-generated content (UGC). . Storyluxe regularly uses this quick and easy method to share UGC on their stories: PSA: Did you know that you can easily search for posts to share to your Instagram Stories right from Later ? . You can search by hashtags in Later to find user-generated content in seconds, making your UGC collection process easier than ever! .

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How to build your social media marketing strategy for 2019

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All the while brands got bolder, launching conscious and seemingly controversial campaigns as customers want to see brands get real. To keep your brand from sitting on the sidelines, we’ve broken down the steps to developing a social media marketing plan to carry you through 2019 with a sense of purpose. Brands should strive to set goals that are actually attainable. Sample Social Media Goals for 2019. Increase brand awareness.