Mapping Your Social Graph

Proactive Report

Social media has extended the reach and influence of your stakeholders – they’re on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and they’re connecting to each other. The Social Graph is the representation of our relationships. We’re social creatures.

Mapping the Brand’s Social Graph

Proactive Report

Social media has extended the reach and influence of your stakeholders – they’re on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and they’re connecting to each other. The Social Graph is the representation of our relationships. We’re social creatures.

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Facebook Updates that May Warrant a Marketing Plan Tweak!

Harp Interactive

More than ever, prospects are making purchasing decisions based on their interaction with brands and recommendations from peers. They are most likely to interact with brands and each other on social networks…especially Facebook where they spend hours on end.

Facebook Graph Search: Why Investors Shouldn’t Worry


Much anticipated, Mark Zuckerberg unveiled this week that Facebook has built Graph Search – a search engine within Facebook that combines web search with your social graph thus making it possible to search your entire life and those of your friends.

LoveFilm: Facebook traffic’s increased 300% with Facebook social graph

Danny WhatMough

Fascinating stats from NMA today , revealing the potential impact of Facebook social graph for brands, businesses and publishers: LoveFilm said it had increased traffic from Facebook by 300% and had seen thousands of users ‘like’ movie and actor pages. In fact for me, the most amazing thing is that Facebook hadn’t implemented something like this sooner. social media facebook lovefilm nma open graphTweet.

Watch Out – The Apps Are Coming!


Tweet Last month Facebook announced the new Facebook Timeline at f8. But whereas the Timeline is more relevant for user profiles, what is more interesting for businesses is Facebook’s expansion of the open graph and the possibilities in the new social apps.

How Your Brand Can Get the Most Value Out of Facebook’s Edgerank Algorithm


The following post is a follow-up on the ongoing discussion about the recent changes in Edgerank algorithm affecting Facebook reach and engagement. We find the subject to be of great importance to brands, which is why we keep you up-to-date and share the most relevant news on the matter.

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Facebook Commenting Platform: Pros and Cons For Businesses

Dave Fleet

Facebook has announced a new version of its Comments Box plugin – its social plugin that enables Facebook-connected commenting on a website. Facebook’s Comment Box plugin. Bring brand advocates onto third-party sites. No non-Facebook login.

21 Fantastic Facebook Marketing Guides

Webbiquity SMM

marketers have a love-hate relationship with Facebook. But the bottom line is, as Amanda DiSilvestro notes in one of the posts highlighted below, “there are two online platforms (marketers) just can’t avoid: Google and Facebook.” Best Facebook Marketing Guides.

Facebook Launches Timeline and Expansion of Open Graph


Tweet Yesterday, much talked about Facebook Developer’s Conference F8 took place in San Fransisco. It was a much talked about event and it seemed Facebook had something big to announce which would forever change the face internet and I feel as usual the social giant was quite impressive!

Your Brand Is A Learning Space

Twist Image

Ads continue to take a back seat in these digital channels, to brands that are creating pieces of content which are augmented with a paid media strategy. The world has changed, but brands have remained (mostly) stagnant. A brand is not something that sits outside of innovation, culture, traditions and creativity (all of of things that turn us from individuals into communities). Brands are now an important part of our communities and ecosystems. it's a brand ethos.

Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media.

Convince & Convert

Skip to content Skip to navigation Skip to footer Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media Consulting Social Media Strategy Blog Social Media Consulting Blog Social Media Consulting Speaking Newsletter Free Social Media Tools Twitter Interviews About Lijit Search The Science of Inequality – Finding Your Influential Customers April 28th, 2010 |Written By: Jay Baer | View Comments Tweet Does social media breed inequality?

Is it That Easy?

Proactive Report

Last week I wrote that for a company to successfully integrate social media with their PR activities they have to listen, learn and respond. Building social graphs has not been part of our PR practice. What does their social graph look like?

Leaving Facebook

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Should you pull all of your advertising dollars out of Facebook? On the eve of Facebook 's historical initial public offering, automotive manufacturer, GM , made a big public stink about pulling ten million dollars of media spend out of Facebook because they felt that Facebook advertising doesn't work (more on that here: Advertising Age - GM Cuts Facebook Ad Spending, But Ford Steps on the Gas ). Facebook is not (just) an advertising platform. brand.

Facebook’s New Graph Search – What Does it Mean for Brands?

Proactive Report

Facebook recently announced that it is launching a search engine for the social network called “graph search.” Mark Zuckerberg described graph search as the third pillar of the Facebook experience, along with the News Feed and the Timeline.

Google is Not Facebook (and Vice Versa)

Stay N' Alive

Google seems to be trying of late to do everything they can to be like Facebook. They've released an equivalent to Facebook's "like" button. They seem to really want to be on top of social search, but I can help but think, "why?" Let's "face" it - Google is not social.

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The Future Of Facebook And The Newsfeed

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Do you remember Facebook before the timeline. I loved the introduction of Facebook's news feed when it happened. Many were up in arms and many thought that Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg , was going to destroy the power and potential of the online social network. But newsfeed is - beyond a shadow of a doubt - the true killer app of Facebook. As Facebook continues to roll out Facebook marketing initiatives for brands, the newsfeed becomes ground zero.

The Myth Of Reciprocity And The Social Life Of Brands

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What's a brand to do? For the majority of brands, the most logical and strategic play is to follow back each and every individual who has taken the time to follow, friend, like, or plus you. The mindset in this instance is to think of your brand as a media entity. People are not brands. Reciprocity in the social life of online media should mean that if someone connects with you, you should reciprocate and connect back - sight unseen. brand. facebook.

Facebook Doesn't Get Small Data Right (And You're Worried About Big Data?)

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There was a lot of grumpy folks complaining about Facebook (again) lately. Someone in their family passed away or a pet got lost this past year, and suddenly this image is showing up in Facebook''s recently released The Year In Review as a way to celebrate that moment with your social graph. The Year In Review is a little app on Facebook that allows users to share with their friends a collection of photos - month by month - to summarize the year that they had in 2014.

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Google+ Just Beat Facebook to the Future

Stay N' Alive

Facebook's entire purpose has been to get to this moment. They've already been rumored to be working on a much stronger mobile strategy, bringing Facebook's powerful platform to the apps you use on the mobile devices you carry, to every place you go. It's that which has had Google scared and hinging employee bonuses on the success of their social program this year. However, it seems in one fell swoop Google just beat Facebook to their own game. Google+ Branding.

Facebook Credit: Zuckerberg next Treasurer of the Internet App2User

Laurel Papworth

Facebook has just announced it’s plans to expand it’s Facebook currency. Social Networks and Online Communities – maybe Twitter? – will no doubt be encouraged to use this Facebook Credit currency on their external sites.

Facebook Should Not Be Treated like Other Media

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What is Facebook ? If you ask a nerd like me, you'll probably hear the words "online social network" or "social media channel" bandied around. We're looking for the business of Facebook. What does Facebook sell? we wind up in one place: Facebook is a media company. Is that how the c-level suite of Facebook would define themselves? Why are we trying to make Facebook be like every other media business? facebook.

Co-dependency In The Age of Facebook

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It's hard to imagine that there is a Facebook killer somewhere around the next tech innovation, but there probably is. It just seemed so much easier and simpler than the more complex neediness of Facebook. What we've learned in the online social networking world of Facebook and Twitter is that there is more co-dependency between the two platforms than walled gardens that users are not allowed to cross. The truth is that it's hard to beat Facebook at this point.

Social Branded Applications – build it once and leverage on several social networks

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Expo Social Networks are clearly here to stay with almost 50% of the population is using these sites (70% of teens). The new ad model will be about creating social brand loyalty by creating Social Branded Applications that allow users to interact with your brand attributes.

Why You Should Link To Social Media

Small Business Mavericks

Are you linking to your social media profiles? In fact, fewer than 20% of SMBs link to social media profiles, and they’re making a big mistake. There are two primary reasons you should link from your website or blog to social media websites : It builds your social authority. Your Social Authority. Just as there is a link graph the search engines use to measure your authority, there is a social graph. Social Media As SEO.

Upcoming social media events in DC


Not one, but two events that I’d love to attend are just around the corner– The Social Graph Clinic DC , and What’s Next DC. The Social Graph Clinic DC.

Time Spent Is The New Impression

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Facebook made a major update and announcement this week. There have been some brands looking to transcend engagement as a metric in social media (they're not getting enough value out of it). These brands believe that they can be more transactional or direct response-driven in social media platforms. It's not a zero sum game, but it's also not something that many brands will be able to achieve, with the current flow of social media usage. brand.

6 Lessons Learned From the Demise of MySpace | facebook | Social.

Convince & Convert

Skip to content Skip to navigation Skip to footer Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media Consulting Social Media Strategy Blog Social Media Consulting Blog Social Media Consulting Speaking Newsletter Free Social Media Tools Twitter Interviews About Lijit Search 6 Lessons Learned From the Demise of MySpace September 8th, 2010 |Written By: Jay Baer | View Comments Tweet Once the undisputed king of social media (at least in the U.S.),

To Thine Own Self Be True

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Who owns your brand? I don't mean this in a "does you consumer now control the brand?" I mean it in a, "where do people go to connect with your brand?" There was a massive call to action in the bottom right-hand corner of the print ad that said something like: "to lean more, please follow us on Facebook." They're just using Facebook as a place to have a less-interactive and less-branded website. Why is it less-branded?

Putting In The Time

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Success at Facebook may be easier than you think. The senior team at Twist Image spent some time at Facebook the other day. What has changed since 2008, is that brands have become increasingly smarter at this, and many more players have entered the fray. Suddenly, brands are telling stories in a more personal, human and connected way. Back to Facebook. In short, brands have to be personable and interesting. It's not just about Facebook, either.

Decide Now: Pageviews Or Real Depth

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When brands talk about engaging consumers on social media, they''re not really talking about any depth of engagement or a better way for them to build a direct relationship , or how to have more real interactions between real human beings. Social media is no different than online advertising. What''s a brand willing to do for a click? Take one look at your Facebook newsfeed, and you''ll see a never-ending rabbit hole of ridiculous content. brand.

Social Commerce IQ 2012 [Report]


The most recent report from 8th Bridge provides an overview and trend evaluation of the most recent state of Social Commerce. 43 % of survey participants have asked their Facebook friends for advice before buying a product. Social Commerce Trends.

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The Mutterings Of Twitter

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Brands that are leveraging Twitter to connect with their consumers may be in for a surprise. That feeling of frustration that we have all experienced as consumers of a brand is not a constant or lingering feeling that turns someone from a consumer (or even a brand advocate) into a non-consumer (or a brand terrorist). The evolving landscape of brands, Twitter, customer service and meaningful connections is something to behold. brand advocate. facebook.

You Can't Pay Me To Do That

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I prefer to see, read, acknowledge and think that whatever I put into whatever social media stream is something that I think you will value. Why would anyone want me to send a message to my entire social graph about something that I have yet to spend any time with? It won't just be a tweet, it could be something on LinkedIn and Facebook too. That's not part of our social agreement. brand. brand evangelist. facebook. social agreement.

The Marketing Problem Is Simple: There Are Too Many Ads

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As a brand, do you find it hard to put your message in front of the right audience? If your brand can post your commercial to YouTube and generate tens of millions of views (which is common for ads that are remarkable) for free, what does that say when you have to do a media buy with a guarantee that you will generate fewer impressions? Do brands still feel that they struggle to get their message in front of consumers? Is this the plan for Facebook ? brand.

The New Digital Experience

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It's the time of the year when brands are glued to their social media analytics to try and decipher if the millions of dollars spent for a thirty-second spot was extended, enhanced and otherwise optimized by the traction that it may (or may not) have received in the social media space. " Instead of showing things (in an ad), brands can actually do things. We live in a day and age when any brand can put a thing out there in the world. brand. facebook.

Tweeting of purchases is a plug that money can’t buy – Social Media ROI Monetization

Laurel Papworth

How about a customer sharing a purchase on Facebook – can that make you money? At the end of the online checkout, Amazon thanked me for my purchase and then asked me to tweet, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google Plus the Amazon link with an image of the DVD, the price and a description.

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The Frightening Ramifications Of High-Frequency Advertising

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Did you know that Facebook has been using external data brokers to build much more expansive profiles of people like you, me and our customers? In December of last year, Business Insider published the news item, Facebook is quietly buying information from data brokers about its users' offline lives. Facebook's site says it gets information about its users 'from a few different sources.' brand. Facebook. social graph. social media.

The Small Wins From Social Media

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Big brands are trying to make big moves in social media. There is an arm''s race - of sorts - for brands to reach a million fans (or more) on Facebook. Brands will look to see how many people are connected to their number one competitor (or the industry leader), and that acts as some kind of key performance indicator as to where they should be in fan accumulation. Some of the more advanced brands are ditching the like in favor of sharing. brand.

The 6 Types Of Twitter Trolls

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" While Twitter definitely has people like this engaged in the online social network, I've decided to expand the definition (sue me) to nefarious, self-involved types of people on Twitter that, ultimately, make people collectively groan in disappointment. It's amazing to see how many people retweet other people's links without even clicking on it to see if it's good and/or worthy of sharing with their own social graph. The Brand Jacker Troll. brand.

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The Ever-Evolving Consumer Evolves (Again)

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It's becoming more difficult and brands are falling behind (in short, no. Prior to all of this connectivity (and yes, Social Media plays a big role in this development), Marketers led the way by creating and producing messages that no individual consumer could have ever conjured up, but things have changed. Go back ten years and ask yourself if you ever thought that individuals would engage and talk about brands the way they do today. brand. facebook.

The Liberation Of Comments And The New Storytelling

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It was also an important functionality because there were many individuals with unique perspectives who did not want to commit to having their own Blog, so having a place to publish their thoughts was a critical component for the broad adoption of Social Media. There's no question that they could have pushed this even further by adding a "Comment On Facebook " call to action as well. If they feel like it's something relevant to their social graph, they can tweet it.

10 BtoB Marketers Predictions for 2010

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Around this time last year I wrote about some Predictions for 2009 and while I would say 8 out of 10 have already materialized and the other 2 are on their way, it has become clear that this year was the year we past the point of no return on Social Media. Share this on Facebook.