Like Stuff On Facebook? Say Cheese, You're An Ad!

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Waxing UnLyrical personal, possibly poetic, musings on public relations, media, communication, and everything in between About Shonali Like Stuff On Facebook? Apparently there are four ways marketers and brands can turn your Facebook activity into ads, as Ad Age tells us: 1.

13 Fantastic Places to Find Background Music for Your Video Content

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Video has erupted onto the scene with brands and businesses creating more video than ever before – with no signs of slowing down. Licensing: Free (public domain) & Creative Commons. Price range: Public domain & Creative Commons. Public Domain.

24+ Sites to Find Free Images You Would Actually Use for Your Marketing

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But you can find a public domain photo, use a Creative Commons image that might need attribution, or even create your own image from scratch. What is public domain? Finding something on the internet does not mean it is in the public domain.

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The Ugly Side of Social Media Sharing

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After two days of searching, we believe the process went something like this: 1) Susan’s Facebook friend saw the image on Susan’s Facebook page and commented, “Can I share this?? Is your profile public? This is one of the problems with Facebook.

Monday Roundup: Knocking Down Silos

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Does PR Serve the Brand or Start it? Why: “PR needs to be an integral part of the brand development process rather than simply being there to support, protect or bail out the brand,” writes Clare Ward for CIPR. Image: jasongillman via Pixabay, CC0 Public Domain.

Start-Up Marketing and Yourself: Don’t be a Swiss Army Knife

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If you spoke at a party the way most businesses speak to the public, no one would know who you were after you left. But when it comes to marketing as individuals—personal branding— I see the root of the problem we see with start-ups: generic pitches. Imagine you’re at a party.

Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #143

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Say what you will about our connected culture, but it's hard to imagine something like this happening in a world where the story would fly to the top of reddit or be widely shared on Facebook." Beyond it being a very humbling experience, after a few years, you start to realize that Google is so much more than business and a brand. There are enough books in public domain to make a project like this a reality without needing the whole e-commerce component. facebook.

The Twitter Test

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It's success and how much attention it receives in the public domain. It's means that if you're active on Twitter and looking to build your profile (or personal brand), it would be wise to remember that Twitter (unlike Facebook ) is an open platform and anything you tweet (or say) is now open and available for all to see. It's not hard to mold and craft a LinkedIn profile, Blog or even your Facebook profile to look pristine at all times. facebook.

8 Ways To Score That Elusive Entry Level Marketing Position

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Be it Twitter , a Blog, a Podcast or even a Facebook page, you have the ability to publish your thoughts (who you are and how you think) in text, images, audio and video, instantly and for free to the world. Whether or not it's "fair play" for a recruiter to be looking at Social Media is not the point, this information is in the public domain, so shine the best light possible on yourself. facebook. industry trade publication. personal brand.

Australia Toyota Yaris social media campaign Downfall

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B&T Today revealed last week that Toyota is running the social media pitch, pitting eight agencies against each other with four agencies then to go head to head with their ideas in the public domain. Yes, Saatchi asked the public to make an ad, but that’s so lame.

Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2009

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40 Key Elements to Getting Started in Social Media (Louis Gray): Mike Fruchter writes an awesome blog post on Louis Gray’s blog about how to get involved in social media, from branding to blogging to Twitter to community. Are Your Facebook Fans Truly Engaged?

Why I’ll Keep Growing My Private Link Network After Google’s “Crackdown”

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I was quick to announce on Facebook that only around 5% of our websites were ‘hit’ and deindexed by Google. That may seem small, but I admit it’s fairly substantial since we have almost 2,000 domains in our network. Stay Away from Public Domain Auctions.

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