Content for the Customer Journey – Phase V: Loyalty & Advocacy

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Once someone has converted, the next ideal step is for that customer to turn others on to the brand or product. Asking for user-generated content (UGC) from fans and sharing recommendations & reviews should be considered for customers in this stage of the journey. Ask for UGC. Use call to actions that encourage the customer to post with your branded hashtag or develop contests that reward people for their images.

10 Top Instagram Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business

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Start with an Instagram post or Stories template, and add text or graphic elements that make your brand shine. per user per month for premium features and brand kits; Easil Edge features everything from Plus and thousands of industry-tailored templates. Related: Download our FREE Instagram Marketing ebook. When you want to capture your brand’s aesthetic on Instagram, perfecting your grid is key. This platform curates the best UGC from the most desirable creators.

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Quick Tips for Making the Absolute Most of Your Hashtags

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Hashtags help businesses expand their reach, build their brand, and establish a community when used properly. Use hashtags to put your content in front of people searching for keywords associated with your brand or industry. Here are three smaller brands that are doing just that!

4 Pinterest Marketing Techniques to Put Into Practice Right Away

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Brands can now upload their full product catalog to Pinterest, turning products into dynamic Product Pins. Let’s look at some of the best Pinterest marketing techniques the big brands are using and steal some actionable tips. Cleverly ranking for keywords like vegan, dairy-free, and hot chocolate, the brand also manages to be witty. Brand your images. Another brand that gets it right is Waitrose. Create a UGC community.

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16 of the Best Facebook Ad Examples to Inspire Your Next Campaign


The copy speaks directly to the target audience’s concerns and highlights the Snag Tights brand promise. Both the text and the images in this add are user-generated content (UGC) from real past guests, increasing the sense of authenticity. Busabout has found that UGC has a 2 times higher goal conversion than ads based on traditional photoshoots. Based on those results, they’ve completely switched over to UGC for their ads.

3 Foolproof Ways to Generate Leads with Social Media

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Brands that used to see each post reach the majority of their social media Followers saw their numbers dwindle to a small trickle a couple years ago. Though it might go against what some marketers will tell you, there are still opportunities for brands to offer up value on social media and collect leads in return. Your fans get the opportunity to exercise their creativity and contribute to a brand they love. What theme will produce the best UGC for your business?

10 Instagram Predictions to Fire-up Your Strategy for 2020


Instagram used to be all about the visuals — a cohesive aesthetic , high-quality photography, and on-brand images were a must. . But brands are now starting to take advantage of the trend too — especially when it comes to raising awareness for the causes that they stand for. .

Monday Roundup: Building Influencer Relationships

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Influencer Engagement: 15 Ways to Fail & 25 Ways to WIN [eBook]. Why: “The power behind UGC is that it’s being shared by a known peer, who isn’t being paid by the brand,” writes Kimberlee Morrison as she shares an infographic that includes a “list of user-generated content land mines to watch out for.” ” How are you building influencer relations for your brand or campaign?

49 Tactics to Atomize Your Content Marketing

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It allows you to cover more ground with your content, with less effort than making brand-new content marketing executions every time. eBook. UGC contest. Last week, I spent an afternoon in Cleveland conducting a workshop on content atomization with my colleagues Brad Walters from Lowe’s and Jani Byrne from IBM.

How to Run Social Media Contests That Actually Increase Revenue

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Social media contests have been used by brands of all sizes to get more followers, increase engagement and generate buzz. User-generated content (UGC): You’ll have a much better chance of going viral if entrants are creating original content as a part of the contest. Growing your audience gives your brand more exposure so it should be at the forefront of your strategy. They’re a great way to get your followers to engage and also get some UGC.

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How to Plan an Instagram Stories Campaign (+ Free Step-by-Step Guide)


There was a time when brands weren’t sure how Instagram Stories fit into their visual marketing. That objective can be broad, like building brand awareness, or it can be specific, like generating sales for a new product release. So it’s important to spend some time really breaking down what you’re hoping to achieve whether that’s increasing brand awareness, promoting new products to driving ecommerce sales, or something else entirely!

The Ultimate List of Social Media Definitions You Need to Know


Learn more : 7 Great Ways Brands Are Using Instagram’s “Questions” Sticker. When used creatively, augmented reality provides new ways for potential customers to interact with your brand, such as seeing what your products would look like in their home or which glasses look the best on their face. For brands, the company logo is usually the best avatar choice. Many brands use a blog as a way to share engaging content with their audience and establish their industry expertise.

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Social Media Lawsuits Protect Yourself From Them | Guest Posts.

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This is particularly important when managing branded client materials. 2257 Compliance – Does your website have UGC, how do you manage seemingly-adult content and its compliance? Ive worked with more than 700 brands since then, including 25 of the Fortune 1000.