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How to Leverage Social Media to Maximize Your CSR Efforts


Social media has become the primary hub for marketing among brands of every size. The years of greedy baby boomer consumers are over, and brands are beginning to pay for shady or dangerous past practices. It is a perfect glance into the way social media can be used to further CSR campaigns. Leveraging Social Media For Your Brand’s CSR. Image credits: 1 , 2.

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Measuring CSR: #measurePR with John Friedman

Waxing UnLyrical

John’s long been a proponent of measurable communications, and in addition to his pretty hectic day job (the man gets to fly between DC & Paris, France, so I don’t feel that bad for him), he’s cofounder of the Sustainable Business Network of Washington , and the Huffington Post’s CSR and sustainability blogger. but did you enhance brand. I know. measurePR.

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Go Local with CSR


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is usually an after thought, and as such many brands simply select popular national causes or the CEO’s preferred charity to support. They see it as a valuable investment in their community, and as such local causes are critical to a corporate brand’s CSR program. Ed.note: Give Local America is coming up on May 5. Post by Lori Finch.

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Auto Brands Comparison Report


The truth, however, is that strategizing for a car brand and trying to differentiate from a very crowded market is no ‘drive’ in the park. Here we’ve taken a look at what some of the top brands in the industry do to keep their community engaged and how their efforts compare. Whether it’s a new car, or feature updates, both the brand, and the community get enthusiastic.

Social Media Strategies: Is Social Media Adoption The New Quality Standard Of Successful Company?

Social Media Citizens

Actually, just like adoption of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies has been representing very similar values for over 30 years now. A lot of large corporations have been enjoying the benefits of CSR strategy, but that’s a problem of CSR as it is often perceived as concept suitable only for larger organizations, because of the extra costs attached to these activities.

Win a Copy of Amazing Things Will Happen

Geoff Livingston

I took the liberty of kicking off the conversation with an answer of my own… Personally, I’d like to see more businesses encourage sustainability through their own carbon footprints, employee benefits programs and corporate social responsibility (CSR)/cause marketing efforts. CSR Green amazing things C.C. Image by Aliza Sherman. My friend C.C. OK, now it’s your turn.

Creativity Is Alive And Well

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How does a brand create a message that can cut through the many levels of noise that we're all exposed to? Apparently, Morton Salt has a new initiative titled, #WalkHerWalk (a CSR program to support a group of young people, who are making a positive difference in the world by tackling some tough issues that we all face). The brand collaborated (paid? or if there is a backlash (which, again, might still give the brand countless impressions, PR attention and more). . brand. brand message. Well, OK Go did it in only 4.2 seconds. New and improved with.

How Communicators Can Help Their Favorite Charities

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Related Stories Google News Lab, Algorithms, and Content Creation The Minimalist Approach to Brand Storytelling Produce, Promote, and Host a Webinar to Generate Qualified Leads. Communication Corporate Social Responsibility charities in crisis charity work crisis communications crisis situations CSR first responders help charitiesBy Robby Brumberg. That’s a big deal! Proofreading?

We First’s @simonmainwaring on Cause Marketing

Geoff Livingston

The ad flew so starkly in the face of conventional marketing wisdom it challenged all brands to look at the intent of their companies and the role that social responsibility should play. These three elements have enabled an informed and real-time dialogue to go on between brands and consumers still smarting from the economic pain of the 2008 and very distrustful because of it.

Danish CSR Initiative on Social Media Meets Criticism


5 Tips To Great Blogging » Danish CSR Initiative on Social Media Meets Criticism Posted by Jonas Klit Nielsen Aug 5th, 2010 Tweet The Danish CSR initiative called ‘ Lys i Afrika ‘ (Light in Africa) that was launched on Facebook 12 May has been met with heavy criticism. Alice Korngold says about CSR that you should: “[.] This is understandable. Can you?

Meet Joseph Mwakima, the Ultimate Community Manager

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In online circles we believe a community manager is someone who cultivates and activates a group or a brand following on a social network. CSR Audi community energy facebook Groups innovation Instagram Joseph Mwakima manager rangers REDD+ Project Social Media sustainability twitter VIVA Creative Wildlife Works womenInstead, he uses an in-person social network. Rangers.

Why Social Business will be bigger than Social Marketing

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Social business is not about CSR or about society and business coming together. The customer will soon be able to produce the item themselves through 3D printing - listen to The Engaging Brand podcast in Creating the future of the past. Social Media social business social marketing the engaging brand podcast 3d printing customer service research and development csr dells ideastorm digital marketingThis is no longer about adding social to business, this is about adding business to social! Business is changing and changing fast.

Big Data - Being Open Can Bring Success

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During the last couple of decades this sense of purpose in the world and doing good in the world, has been joined with the concept of CSR and looking at how businesses support their local community as well. More than we have ever known, more power than we have ever had to personlise our brand and our customer experience's. Was it green? Was it treating people equally? . makes sense.

An Unorthodox Way to Gain Brand Awareness: The Beren Dilemma

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Companies always strive for ways to create brand awareness. Mark Newton, vice president of CSR for Timberland, stated, “We want to be proof positive in terms of the change we seek to influence through our business. “ is an opportunity to grow your business’s brand, but also a place where you can help change the world. The Situation. This was easy. Use it!

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Cause Marketing Brilliance: @HardlyNormal Receives GMC Terrain at SOBCon

Geoff Livingston

In a brilliant moment of guerilla cause marketing, GMC gave road warrior and homeless advocate Mark Horvath a brand new Terrain today at SOBCon. Adrants publisher Steve Hall was at SOBcon and had this to say about the marketing moment, “We all cringe when a brand gets in front of a crowd at a conference even though we know it’s the brand’s money that helps make the even possible. And we especially dislike when a brand turns their presence at a conference into a commercial. SOBCon regularly attracts 150 of the world best professional bloggers.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Online Cause Marketing

Geoff Livingston

This represents a larger issue where a nonprofit and company choose money over strategic partnerships, dancing with the wrong partner and degrading brand value. csr American Express AMEX Cause Marketing Forum facebook Girls groupon Haagen Dazs Inc. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Cause Marketing. View more presentations from Geoff Livingston. The Good: Small Business Saturday.

Corporate social responsibility all year round

Sherrilynne Starkie

This could be seen as a cynical ploy to gain publicity in order to ingratiate a brand or organization with customers at a time when they are feeling a little generosity in their hearts. The same holds true for brands and organizations. world’s 15 largest markets are willing to recommend companies they perceive are delivering on their CSR programs. But it shouldn’t be.

Galvanizing Your Organization to Help in a Disaster

Geoff Livingston

There are times when a cause campaign is not about mutual reward for brand and beneficiary, rather responsible citizenship. If your goal is to market or strengthen the social responsibility factor of your brand, the disaster campaign could easily achieve the opposite and tarnish your brand with an opportunistic hue (consider Spirit Airlines oil spill faux paux ).

Social Media Hitchhiking: Audi Sends College Student Cross-Country Using Only Digital Networks

The Realtime Report

The luxury car brand realizes how easy it’s becoming to travel in the U.S. Is this purely a CSR campaign, stemming from the brand’s “commitment to urban mobility as a whole,” and “belief that today’s mobility challenges can only be solved in a collective and interdisciplinary context?” without owning a car, according to Fast Company.

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Move Over Marketing, Here Comes PR

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Today, the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) has partnered with a number of universities to offer a strategic communication course, which covers a number of important topics: corporate communications, integrated marketing communications, investor relations, corporate social responsibility (CSR), government relations, and crisis communications. By Deirdre Breakenridge.

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Coalition Marketing for the Common Good

Geoff Livingston

Often joint marketing initiatives are fielded where both or a group of brands are co-promoted (almost like a large summer music festival with multiple headliners). Another form is traditional channel sales, where a brand builds a great product or service and the other markets it to its customers. There simply isn’t enough individual brand capital to grow in a desired fashion.

How Could Sephora Improve Its Content Strategy on Instagram? Segmentation.

Simply Measured

In our earlier posts about how brands perform on Instagram, we looked at the tactics that leading brands like Starbucks and BMW are using to engage with their followers and grow their communities on the platform. Let’s take a look at Sephora : how the brand is performing on Instagram now and how it could benefit from segmentation. Future of Social Download. Enter by 10/11.

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Executive Series: Listening on Social Media is about Insight Management and Analyzing Data


That can be anything from your company or brand name, competitor names, words connected to your product or industry, or words connected to some important stakeholders or to important objectives. Break the data down to relevant insights – it might be brand related, product related, related for your companies’ CSR strategy or for your customer service team. Listening tool.

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Crisis Communications from the Inside Out

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Employees of an organization are the most important protectors and brand advocates and protectors of corporate reputation. On the employer’s side, a correct assessment of achievement, ensuring possible promotion, ethical conduct, and CSR programs are all acts that can increase a sense of loyalty. By Kornel Bohm. Therefore must also be part of an effective crisis communications plan.

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Please Aggravate Me: Is Gamifying Customer Service a Reality

Convince & Convert

She is also founder and principal of Genuine Media, a marketing agency that helps clients build their individual and brand reputation through social media. In all, it took one hour…17 minutes…33 seconds for the CSR to work with another department to see if the flight I needed was available, get an updated ticket price, rebook the flight, and complete the transaction.

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Please Aggravate Me: Is Gamifying Customer Service a Reality

Convince & Convert

She is also founder and principal of Genuine Media, a marketing agency that helps clients build their individual and brand reputation through social media. In all, it took one hour…17 minutes…33 seconds for the CSR to work with another department to see if the flight I needed was available, get an updated ticket price, rebook the flight, and complete the transaction.

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Social Citizens: How Social Media Can Help Social Problems


This has sparked our interest towards other examples of how brands and charity organizations have managed to use social media as a platform to help social problems through user engagement. Combining branding and social awareness. Tweet Last week, Facebook finally revealed their much hyped “life saving” feature: the organ donor status. Networking on social initiatives.

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7 Twitter Direct Message tactics absolutely anyone can use


If you haven’t used direct message campaigns, or have thought a campaign could have performed better, we bring you a collection of use cases and examples of how other brands have used them to achieve success in their marketing activities. Twitter’s quick replies and welcome messages open up a whole world of possibilities for brands to communicate in a personalised way with their followers.

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Monday Roundup: #PRAXIS2015

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Luxury & CSR in Asia: reconciling apparent contradiction. Why: “It is a challenge for luxury brands to find the right CSR strategy; often a campaign is short-term and an add-on to an existing platform and not clearly defined. I’m excited – this is my first time keynoting at #PRAXIS2015 , as well as teaching multiple workshops around India and the UK.

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Green Marketing: Drive a Sustainable Business

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But, their corporate branding advertisements will undoubtedly be the most powerful. Related Stories CSR: A Feel-Good Investment or Digital Strategy? Luckily we have a lot of great examples to help lead the way. Take a look at what you can learn from some of the masters of green marketing. A great example of green marketing that really helps the environment. A win/win.

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Storytelling – A Powerful Tool When Branding Your Organization In.


Blog About Clients Cases Tribesourcing Video People & Contact Bloggers « Strategy Before Policy Charity & Technology in the Online Universe » Storytelling – A Powerful Tool When Branding Your Organization In Social Media Posted by Marlene Friis Sep 20th, 2010 Tweet When we talk about social media, it’s the same as talking about connecting and making conversation.

Questions & Answers on Cause Marketing via Social Media

Geoff Livingston

How can nonprofits promote corporate partners’ investments (as part of their CSR programs), in ways that add value to corporations and also resonate with stakeholders? CSR seeks to benefit a company’s community of interest with philanthropic acts, often in the spirit of the company’s natural interests. Whether its branding, reputation, or direct sales. Win, win, win.

Free eGuide on Cause Marketing via Social Media

Geoff Livingston

CSR In Times of Disaster. As the CSR movement evolves, companies will continue to leverage cause marketing initiatives to meet new, triple bottom line demands and create a halo effect for brands. If you seek to avoid the controversies that arise from misguided campaign planning and execution that can severely undermine brands in the public eye, keep reading!

Show 325 - Creating a Shared Social Value

Engaging Brand

Show 325 of The Engaging Brand leadership and marketing podcast is ready just for you. I read a new article in this month’s Harvard Business Review , “ Creating Shared Value ” by Mark Kramer , founder and managing director at FSG ( Lots of resources at the site ) and a Harvard CSR fellow, who co-authored the article with Michael Porter of Harvard Business School. I read a new.


Are You Missing Youtility’s Biggest Marketing Opportunity?

Convince & Convert

What if we moved beyond the tactical self-congratulations of CSR programs and finally understood that if corporations truly act like humans serving humans, lasting relationships of mutual benefit will develop? Here’s a “making of” presentation that shows just how the song and video “Me & Youtility” came together: What Will Be the First “Full-Tilt Youtility” Brand? I hope so.

Return Cause Marketing to the Heart of Your Strategy

Geoff Livingston

Whether it’s furthering technology issues, addressing some of the ills a product creates, or simply rewarding your employees or customers with an investment in a cause that they care about, a smart cause marketing effort can infuse a corporate brand with some well needed positive karma. Not bad from a branding standpoint, and you never really saw any criticism of Haagen-Dazs for this.

Dancing with the Devil: Cause Marketing for Nonprofits

Geoff Livingston

This represents a larger issue where nonprofits consistently choose money over strategic partnerships , dancing with the wrong partner and degrading their brand value. Yet when causes choose a brand partner that hurts their mission, they rarely take ownership of their poor strategic management. Intelligently Manage Use of Your Nonprofit Brand. Tags: Cause csr

Your Blog as Part of an Overarching Business Strategy


Branding. Along the road, it might meet a new partner, open a new business unit, change its appearance, gain special prizes or run awesome CSR campaigns. This is a guest contribution from Sabina Stoiciu. So you have a business blog (you DO have a blog for your business, yes?). Well it’s a great decision, and a decision that is growing in popularity. Presenting your products.

Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media.

Convince & Convert

Take a look at the company’s philanthropic endeavors and cause-related initiatives, especially in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). There are a few straightforward social media strategies that companies should implement to highlight their commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) to help build their social media shield and gain supporters. All in the spirit of sharing good news, companies have a huge opportunity to ride the high wave of CSR through social media, spread the word, amplify their cause(s) and galvanize powerful network of friends.


5 Popular Posts About Social Media


Here they are: • Understanding Word-of-Mouth Marketing: 5 Reasons Why People Share brand Stories We know that people talk to others about products, brands and services. Read Full Post » • Danish CSR Initiative on Social Media Meets Criticism The Danish CSR initiative called ‘Lys i Afrika‘ (Light in Africa) that was launched on Facebook 12 May has been met with heavy criticism.