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When Millennials Take Over [Book Review]

Waxing UnLyrical

By all accounts, Maddie Grant and Jamie Notter’s new book, When Millennials Take Over , launched to riotous success at SxSW last week. I’m going to now add my $0.02 (and yes, book reviews are back on WUL!) – it’s awesome. Go get it (disclosure: I received a free review copy but no other incentives, monetary or otherwise). About a month ago, Maddie authored an extremely comprehensive overview of the book on Social Media Today. I tend to be a bit jaded when it comes to business books, but I came away from WMTO refreshed. Today.

Book Review: Optimize

Webbiquity SMM

Divided into three sections— Planning (tactics, audience research, content), Implementation (persona development, keyword research, content optimization, measurement) and Scale —the book provides a comprehensive roadmap for using integrated digital marketing tactics to drive business results. Among the specific pieces of wisdom Lee shares in the book are: • Search is a moving target.

Book Review: The Power of Unpopular

Spin Sucks

That’s why I was so interested to read Erika Napoletano’s new book, “ The Power of Unpopular.” Each chapter in the book ends with a case study, and not the typical ones, that show you how unpopular brands (cough, Harry Potter , cough) eventually made it because their founders were comfortable with being told no and just kept at it. per book sale.

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Book Review: The Social Media Strategist

Dave Fleet

” Not words you usually expect to associate with a social media book. For anyone who is looking for a solid primer on social media within corporations, though, those two words perfectly describe Christopher Barger’s book The Social Media Strategist: Build a Successful Program from the Inside Out. This book is focused at more of a strategic and structural level.

Book Review: Marketing in the Round

Webbiquity SMM

As noted in the introduction, “Every contemporary marketing book is dedicated to the topic of social media, whether it be Facebook, return on investment, content, or customer relations. These books fail to realize the full scope of the marketer’s challenge, not with social media, but in becoming a modern organization that works across media and tactics to achieve its goals.”.

Book Review: The End of Business As Usual

Spin Sucks

Last week Jeannie Walters and I were discussing Brian Solis’s new book The End of Business As Usual. When I mentioned I was writing a review of the book, she asked if she could join in. And, because the Pinterest debate between Paul Sutton and I worked so well, we thought we’d do a combined book review. I expected to skim this book. I admit it.

Book Review And Giveaway: The Real Truth About Social Media

Josh S Peters

When I first heard about this book I thought “oh great… another.” Weighing in at 105 pages this books holds a lot of value in very few pages ( sounds like another great book I know of ). To get the complete treat you will need to read the whole book (lucky for you I’m giving away a copy). Book Review Social Media Review Truth

Book Review Wednesday: Wikibrands: Reinventing your company in.

Akamai Marketing

There are so many layers to this topic that entire (worthy) books have been written on social media philosophy, content creation or audience engagement. With all the dynamics elements to creating a successful social media presence, its sometimes hard to know where to start or even what books are worth the time investment. But before we get started: what exactly is a Wikibrand?

The Right Way to Ask for Customer Reviews

Convince & Convert

Unless a majority of them are negative, having more reviews is better than having fewer reviews. Sometimes, the total number of reviews for a product or company is prominently displayed on the website, and can serve as visual shorthand that helps consumers decide to click or purchase. There‘s a fine line between encouraging reviews and demanding them. No doors. No walls.

The Entrepreneur Equation: A Review of Carol Roth’s Book

Spin Sucks

She’s written her new book, The Entrepreneur Equation , that way…in a very special Carol way. It’s a book I wish I’d had six years ago, when I was contemplating organizing a business structure and hiring a team. It’s not often you come across a book (or a person, for that matter) who will tell you exactly what it’s like to run a business.

The New Rules of Lead Generation Book Review

Puzzle Marketer

A new book by David T. In his book, Scott walks through what he’s identified as the 7 most successful lead-generation marketing tactics. The book is an easy read and although may seem a bit obvious to those with many years of experience in direct marketing, it will drastically reduce the learning curve for a new entrant. Buy the book at Barnes & Noble.

Five PR Books Every Pro Should Read

Spin Sucks

five PR books, four PR podcasts , three productivity tools , two Spin Sucks Crazy secrets , and the one PR tool you need for 2016. Today we bring you the five PR books you should read. That said, I have narrowed it down to just five PR books to add to your must-read list. Five PR Books Every Pro Should Read. Can I recommend my own book? I hated this PR book.

Book Review: APE – Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur by Guy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch

Akamai Marketing

Stay Akamai: It’s a natural step for bloggers to consider publishing; self publishing books is easier than ever before. And that is why I jumped at the chance to get my hands on an early review copy of APE-Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur by Guy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch. I’ve considered several books over the years. Book ReviewAnd yet. Practical Advice.

Traditional Book Publishing vs. Self-Publishing

Spin Sucks

One of the questions they asked me yesterday was how six months of book tour travel and speaking had gone and whether or not I’d self-publish my second book. Book Publishing. Book publishing is fascinating. In today’s immediate gratification, fast-paced world, book publishing is on its own time. The book came out in May of this year. Quarterly.

Book Review: Social Marketing to the Business Customer

Dave Fleet

Despite all of the books out there about social media, most of them are pretty generic or focus on end-user 101s. So, when I heard about Social Marketing to the Business Customer (by Paul Gillin and Eric Schwartzman) , I picked-up a copy straight away — because I think the marketplace is desperately in need of solid B2B books offering practical social marketing advice. books

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The Power of Starting Something Stupid [Book Review]

Stay N' Alive

The book, "The Power of Starting Something Stupid: How to Crush Fear, Make Dreams Happen, and Live Without Regret" attempts to answer that with a pep-talk, showing how "stupid" is the new smart. It is not a howto book per-se. In the book, it shows how some of the best ideas and businesses were called "stupid" before they became multi-million (and some times billion) dollar businesses.

How to Fight Back Against Negative Customer Ratings and Reviews

Convince & Convert

to 4 stars can lead to a 19 percent increase in peak-hour bookings at a restaurant? That’s the power of ratings and reviews. Bad reviews can be a sinkhole for sales. Your business can be lambasted on online rating-and-review sites. This ongoing dynamic led me to research and write my new book, ManipuRATED , in partnership with Convince & Convert. Good review.

Seek or Shout: A Review

Spin Sucks

It’s come a long way since the big green books that were updated only once a year. I don’t know why the new service from Cision makes me want to play hide and seek. Perhaps because it’s named Seek or Shout ? It makes me all juvenile. But the service itself is not juvenile (apparently that’s just me). Shout to let the community know you have a story to tell.

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10 Ways Jay Baer’s New Book, Youtility, Will Change Your Life

Waxing UnLyrical

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I rarely do book reviews. This is because there are a lot of books out there, way more than I have the time to read. So when I do write about a book, your foregone conclusion should be that I like it and I’m going to recommend you buy it. ” And that’s just in the author’s note at the end of the book!

The 15 Best Business Books Of 2016

Twist Image

From my side of the bookmark, 2016 saw a slew of new and interesting business books for us to devour. Here are my personal top fifteen business books of 2016. You can also listen to my conversation with Alex and Done about the book, right here: SPOS #512 - Blockchain Revolution With Alex And Don Tapscott. You can also listen to my conversation with Ryan about the book, right here: SPOS #525 - Ego Is The Enemy With Ryan Holiday. This book is how you close that gap. This book is about original ideas and how to get allies behind it. . business book.

Book Review: The Crowdfunding Revolution


In this series of posts about social media books, I invite the author to share something about themselves and why they wrote the book, and what in the book might be of particular interest to association or nonprofit audiences. . so I find this book incredibly interesting. Book review Social, In Theory More: “Organic. Transparent. Decentralized.

The 4-Step Code of Conduct for Winning at Online Reviews

Convince & Convert

You need the same kind of discipline when managing your online ratings and reviews. While some business owners may think they don’t have to deal with what happens on rating-and-review sites, they’re wrong. Yelp processes 26,000 new reviews per minute , and customers pay more attention to them than ever before. This means checking your ratings and reviews sites every single day.

Book Review and Giveaway- The Commitment Engine by John Jantsch

Janet Fouts

More than one of those books that gets you all jacked up and inspired but doesn’t quite give you the tools to move forward, this book delivers real case studies to learn from and a process for planning your own successes. In the book he says “A commitment engine business must always ask ‘How can we make what we give away better than what our competitors charge for?’”

A Customer Experience Book That Is Much More Than a Book

Convince & Convert

There are a LOT of business books out there. But rarely—very rarely—a book emerges that changes the way you think about books. Brian Solis’ new book: X – The Experience When Business Meets Design turns the business book trope on its ear. The most striking disruption is its form: this is a book that looks and feels more like an iPad app.

Book Review: The Social Customer

Dave Fleet

The Social Customer is one of the best books I’ve read on practical uses and implementations of social media marketing. The author, Adam Metz , takes the reader through a straightforward, easy-to-read summary of the concept and potential for social CRM, but that’s really only part of this book. The book is extremely easy to read. A consistent energy and enthusiasm flow through it, and the personal anecdotes lend a human feel to the book throughout. The book isn’t without its issues, however. booksTweet. Structure. Social Sales. Tweet.

Book Review: The Social Employee

Webbiquity SMM

Into this milieu have stepped Cheryl and Mark Burgess with their book, The Social Employee: Success Lessons from IBM, AT&T, Dell, and Cisco on Building a Social Culture. ” And that is what sets up the core of this book: lessons the authors share from seven leading companies in how to harness the power of social employees. Those voices collectively shape the brand.

Book Review: The B2B Social Media Book

Webbiquity SMM

With The B2B Social Media Book: Become a Marketing Superstar by Generating Leads with Blogging, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Email, and More , authors Kipp Bodnar of HubSpot and Jeffrey L. Cohen of Salesforce Radian6 have literally written the book on social media best practices for B2B marketers. The book has its minor flaws. Depth of subject matter expertise. Stop now.

The Top10 Fiction Books Every PR and Marketing Pro Should Read

Spin Sucks

I’m in a couple book clubs and always push for fiction when it comes time to vote. The following is a list of the top 10 fiction books I’ve read and how they can, and will, play a part in my professional life. The Handmaid’s Tale : This is my sister’s favorite book of all time and I’ve read it twice now. Unbroken : This is by far the best book I have ever read.

Olivier Blanchard owes me a highlighter, Social Media ROI Review

Josh S Peters

This book drains highlighters faster than a semester of advanced college classes. Before his solo debut he wrote a bonus chapter for Jacob Morgan and I in our first book covering this same subject. It really is one of the best books on social media I’ve read and by a very slim margin (aff) it’s the best one I’ve read this year. WARNING! Olivier Blanchard.

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Book Preview: The Social Employee

Webbiquity SMM

And the roadmap for this journey is laid out in a new book from #Nifty50 co-creator Cheryl Burgess and her partner Mark Burgess (soon to be released and available for pre-order now on Amazon), The Social Employee: How Great Companies Make Social Media Work. What do you stand for? How do you treat your people (which in turn determines how they will treat your customers )?

12 Books to Read

Geoff Livingston

At least they are supposed to… Since spring break is here, and many of us have begun traveling for the annual conference season, here are some books I hope to read. I highly recommend this book if you need a something light. Poore sets the book in the American civilization, making for a tongue in cheek play on morality. The first book, at least. Fiction.

Review of Content Marketing Measurement Platform Squeeze

Spin Sucks

By way of background, I get asked to review a lot of products, books, and services. But I rarely post reviews on Spin Sucks , which goes to show you how very little I’m impressed. But when Jodi Echakowitz asked me to check out Squeeze , I promised her I would, but that I would only do a review if I love it. I have something new for you to try! And love it I do.

My 2012 Reading Challenge: 36 Books

Dave Fleet

For the last two years I’ve set myself a challenge – one I adopted from Julien Smith - to read at least 26 books per year. In 2010 I managed 26 books; last year I managed 32. Stand-out books for me last year included: Fiction: The Hound of the Baskervilles. The Book of Lost Things. Non-Fiction: Workarounds That Work ( here’s my review ). books

Amazing Things Will Happen – Video Book Review

Justin Levy

Chapman first shared an unedited chapter of Amazing Things Will Happen many months ago and explained the concept behind the book, I was really excited for him and knew that this would be bigger than just publishing a new book (which is big in its own right!). This isn’t a marketing book. This isn’t a self-help book, though that is how it’ll get bucketed.

It’s Not About You Book Review

The Way of the Web

I’ve been lucky enough to be sent a copy of ‘ It’s Not About You – A Little Story About What Matters Most in Business ‘, which is the new book by Bob Burg and John David Mann. And Burg and Mann both have decades of experience in sales and business leadership – and also experience of each writing various previous books, including previous collaborations.

The Non-Review Review: The Now Revolution

Dave Fleet

A quick confession for you: about six months ago I snagged a pre-release copy of the book “ The Now Revolution ,&# by my friends Amber Naslund and Jay Baer. Then I got busy… really busy… and failed to find time to write a review of the book. booksI quickly read it, absorbed it and loved it. I recommend you pick up a copy if you haven’t already.

Book Review: Digital Marketing Analytics [video]

Jeff Esposito

These expectations were more than exceeded when I got into the book that I’d like to call a good textbook for digital marketers. Overall, you should read this book if you: manage a social media program (PR, marketing, support). This book is a great resource and has earned itself a place on my work desk. Oh and if you want to buy the book, you can get it from Amazon.

38+ Cool Social Media and Web Tools and Reviews

Webbiquity SMM

Find tools to do all of the above and much more in this collection of helpful business, online and social media tools, apps and reviews. Frequent best-of honoree Ann Smarty reviews five spreadsheet apps for the iPhone that “allow you to look at anything from profits and annual earnings, to employee checks and monthly expenses” anytime from anywhere. PingTags. Buffer.

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“The Best Social Media Book This Year”


And here are some more reviews: Humanize: A must-read book for any business becoming more social – Jigsaw (Sue Spaight). Review: Humanize by Maddie Grant and Jamie Notter - Spin Sucks (Gini Dietrich). For more intel on the book, listen to this podcast interview we did with Les McKeown. We h ope you will buy the book and join us in discussing its implications.

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Book Review: Stand Out Social Marketing


This is the second in a series of posts about social media books, where I invite the author to share something about themselves and why they wrote the book, and what in the book might be of particular interest to association or nonprofit audiences. . But the key strategic point of this book is that you stand out NOT by shouting louder than everyone else. photo credit ).