Realignment #3: From Passive Knowledge to Collaborative Discovery


Are plans created internally and then directly implemented or are they developed “by doing,” such as through small pilots and collaboration with customers? From The Demand Perspective Leading From the Outside.

When Millennials Take Over [Book Review]

Waxing UnLyrical

By all accounts, Maddie Grant and Jamie Notter’s new book, When Millennials Take Over , launched to riotous success at SxSW last week. I’m going to now add my $0.02 (and yes, book reviews are back on WUL!) – it’s awesome. About a month ago, Maddie authored an extremely comprehensive overview of the book on Social Media Today. I tend to be a bit jaded when it comes to business books, but I came away from WMTO refreshed.

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5 Ways Marketing and Sales Can Collaborate for Better Content

Convince & Convert

Since most content marketing is about persuading people through education, what if people could read a small book that would tell them how to solve their own problem ? If marketing and sales departments want to get firing on all cylinders, they need to work together.

Come celebrate Jamie’s recovery and the book launch with us!


We got our heads together with our friends at Epic PR to put together a strategic workshop, a book launch party, and a cancer fundraiser all rolled into one! Results over process: How a shift in focus and communications can promote better collaboration at all levels of your organization.

5 New Books That Every Marketer Must Read (That Aren't About Marketing)

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and you're looking for something interesting to read, something that will help you get ahead at your job or something that will give you additional skills where you may have been lacking, then here's a suggestion: don't read another marketing book. That being said, the content from these books will make you better (and smarter). 5 new books that every marketer must read (that aren't about marketing). I'm a massive comic book nerd. business book. collaboration.

5 essential books for geeks…

The Way of the Web

Having seen some recommendations for what Wired considered the essential books for any geek, and found it a bit esoteric in recommending the original Dungeons & Dragons manual, for example, I thought I’d recommend the five books I have read, owned, re-read and recommended on numerous occasions as the core of my own geek libary. And one of the other works I love by William Gibson was his collaboration on ‘The Difference Engine’, with Bruce Sterling.

Book Review: Marketing in the Round

Webbiquity SMM

As noted in the introduction, “Every contemporary marketing book is dedicated to the topic of social media, whether it be Facebook, return on investment, content, or customer relations. This reference is almost worth the cost of the book itself.

10 Book Recommendations From Team Sprout

Sprout Social

Good books teach us about our craft, inspire us to be better leaders and even allow us to fall into escapist fantasies during our cold winter commutes. “The C Programming Language” is one of the few programming books that not only offers valuable and practical information but is enjoyable to read. This book does assume some familiarity with basic programming concepts but even novice programmers should be able to pick up and follow along.

Book Review: APE – Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur by Guy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch

Akamai Marketing

Stay Akamai: It’s a natural step for bloggers to consider publishing; self publishing books is easier than ever before. As a young writer, actually publishing a book seemed like a pipe-dream, particularly given the fact that I also always dreamed of eating and having shelter.

Get Ready For The Collaborative Economy

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He calls it, The Collaborative Economy , and he thinks it''s going to change everything (again). In June of this year, he launched his latest research report called, The Collaborative Economy. business book. the collaborative economy. Episode #372 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. Jeremiah Owyang is on to a new thing.

The Five Business Books That Shaped 2011

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So are Twitter , online newspapers and magazines and the occasional Podcast, but if you really want to deep-dive into a topic and spend more than a grazing moment with it, you have to read a well-written book about the topic that interests you. A few years back, I set a personal goal of reading one book per week. I'm also a bit of a business book geek, so in the spirit of the Holidays Season, year-end lists and "top 10 of 2011" linkbait posts, the world seems primed for.

Book Review: The Social Customer

Dave Fleet

The Social Customer is one of the best books I’ve read on practical uses and implementations of social media marketing. The author, Adam Metz , takes the reader through a straightforward, easy-to-read summary of the concept and potential for social CRM, but that’s really only part of this book. Collaboration. The book is extremely easy to read. The book isn’t without its issues, however. booksTweet.

Collaboration, Sharing And The New Entrepreneur

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All of that comes through brilliantly in his first book, Things a Little Bird Told Me - Confessions of the Creative Mind (we also share the same book publisher). business book. collaboration. bizstone businessbook charlierose collaboration creativemind creativity entrepreneur entrepreneurship evwilliams jackdorsey jeffbezos jelly medium richardbranson stevejobs thingsalittlebirdtoldme twitter When you think about entrepreneurship, who do you admire?

#SproutChat Recap: Collaborating With Multiple Team Members

Sprout Social

From multiple people responding to social posts to several stakeholders creating and planning content, collaborating on social can be a challenge. A1 Does anyone make brand "books" anymore? Luckily there are several strategies that help make sure wires don’t get crossed. In this week’s #SproutChat we discussed some tried and true tips for maintaining consistency on social accounts.

It’s Not About You Book Review

The Way of the Web

I’ve been lucky enough to be sent a copy of ‘ It’s Not About You – A Little Story About What Matters Most in Business ‘, which is the new book by Bob Burg and John David Mann. Blurry photo of a good book - my copy of It's Not About You.

Book Review: The Social Employee

Webbiquity SMM

Into this milieu have stepped Cheryl and Mark Burgess with their book, The Social Employee: Success Lessons from IBM, AT&T, Dell, and Cisco on Building a Social Culture. One of the most powerful impacts of social media is the way has democratized brands.

9 Productivity Tools I Use to Run My Company

Convince & Convert

And the Convince & Convert Media division provides digital advice to marketers and business owners via this blog (10 posts per week), our daily email ( The One Thing ), our 4 podcasts, ebooks, books, speaking and beyond. Those are the nine we use most for time saving and collaboration.

Have We Reached Peak Productivity? It May Be Killing Us.

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It turns out, that all modern work (everything from being a waiter to a bean counter) require employees to solve problems, be flexbile and collaborative. With that, we have set up our organizations to follow a very specific formula, process and rule book. collaboration. bcg bostonconsultinggroup collaboration creativity employee gettingthingsdone hr humanresources innovation modernwork netflix peakproductivity problemsolving productivity ted tedtalks work yvesmorieux

Building Your Business With Internal Collaboration

Convince & Convert

a very special guest, Jacob Morgan , author of the book you see. right there, “ The Collaborative Organization ,” and also the CEO, Founder, and Grand Poobah of Chess Media Group. Jay: I have had the opportunity to read the book in electronic format.

What Facebook Knows About Innovation (That Every Brand Should Pay Attention To)

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Blogs posts, articles and books have been written about Facebook and their ability to grow. They''ll look to things like collaborative environments, the way meetings are held, how they attract clients and their head-down obsession with everything "hacker culture." collaboration. When people think about the company and their state of innovation, they will often align them with a myriad of Silicon Valley types.

Fitting The Social Media Cube into a Round Marketing Strategy


Then along comes the book, Marketing in the Round : How to Develop an Integrated Marketing Campaign in the Digital Era , by Gini Dietrich and Geoff Livingston. In their book Dietrich and Livingston discuss the benefits of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) in the digital age, but don’t stop there. It sounds like the opening line of a corny joke.

How She Does it: Blogger Pip Lincolne Talks Finding Time to Write Books


As Darren said a little while ago, everybody has a book in them, but it’s probably more accurate to say every blogger has at least 10 ideas for eBooks inside them. Pip Lincolne is the author of five published books and is a regular contributor to blogs, websites, and magazines.

Collaborative Cooperative Environments

Direct Marketing Observations

You'd love to pursue your dreams full time – and you've read all the books and blogs about going after your passion – but you simply can't afford to. You've got big dreams. Perhaps they're recent, or perhaps they've been simmering away at the back of your mind for years.

Quirky Turns Us All Into Sharks And Dragons

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Unlike Kickstarter - where individuals post their business ideas and offer the opportunity for people to back the project - Quirky takes innovation and collaboration to a whole new level. The community is responsible for truly collaborating and innovating on the products as well.

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The Six Most Irrational Social Media Concerns of Brands

Webbiquity SMM

Note: the following is an excerpt from the book The Social Employee by Cheryl and Mark Burgess. When talking about social business, the discussion refers to building a culture of empowered, engaged social employees who are as confident working collaboratively as they are working independently.

The 3 Building Blocks of Social Business Evolution

Convince & Convert

He writes the Britopian blog, and wrote the new social business book, Smart Business, Social Business: A Playbook for Social Media in Your Organization (available July 26). Deploying Technology that Facilitates Collaboration.

I, Robot

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and how we are going to work is a huge component of my next book, CTRL ALT DEL (which comes out in May 2013). From working the land to working in offices, from cubicles to collaborative open spaces. collaborative. Tags: business book.

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ePatient 2015: Healthcare Associations, Are You Ready?


We started talking about collaborating on a book, and began the planning for it. See what you think, and buy the book here. ePatient 2015 – Introduction To A Book About The Future Of Healthcare (And How YOU Can Get Ready For It) from Rohit Bhargava.

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NEW: 3rd Edition of the ProBlogger Book Available [Free Webinar for Early Birds]


In May of 2008 – ProBlogger the Book (yep, the real hard cover book) was released. it was a collaboration between myself and co-author Chris Garrett – published with Wiley Publishing. The goal of the book was to summarise much of the writing that Chris and I had been blogging on our blogs – to present bloggers, particularly those at the start of their journey, with a logically ordered guide to blogging for profit.

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How To Create the Perfect Facebook Fan Page

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

He’s volunteered to give away a copy of his recent book, FBML Essentials , to two readers. You can also purchase my book, FBML Essentials , which will give you a little more details on FBML (as well as the Facebook developer platform in general).

5 Reasons You Should NOT Read Marketing In The Round

Shift Digital

There is a lot of buzz going around about Gini Dietrich and Geoff Livingston ‘s new book Marketing In The Round. I am here to set the story straight, and to tell you why you don’t need to read this new marketing book. You think social media and collaborative work is a fad.

Bring Your Brain To Work Day

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In 2011, he published his first business book, Grow - How Ideals Power Growth And Profit At The World's Greatest Companies. While collaboration seems to be the work trend of the past decade, it seems to me that collaboration isn't a facilitator in bringing your whole brain to work. For my dollar (and definition), collaboration is when departments and individuals of different levels within those departments work with other departments and peers to solve a problem.

Getting To The Work

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Jason Fried has been looking at productivity and collaboration since before the creation of his very edgy and popular company, 37 Signals. business book. collaboration.

For Social Business, Remember the 90-9-1 Rule

Webbiquity SMM

Social Media Marketing Dion Hinchcliffe Jive Software management fad McKinsey Peter Kim Socail Business by Design book social business social media is everyone's job social media training social networking Yammer

Get the Book!


A little book of big ideas for associations navigating the social web. Written for the complicated and quirky world of associations and membership organizations, Open Community is our brand-spankin’ new book about how associations can—and why they should—build community online.

Collaborating and Investing in Green Innovations | Justin Levy

Justin Levy

Justin Levy Marketing and Social Media Home About Archives Contact Disclosures Newsletter Speaking Collaborating and Investing in Green Innovations Written on April 20, 2010 by Justin Levy in environmental , innovation 11 Comments - Leave a comment!

Stories Die When There Is No Experience With It

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In best case scenarios, include the consumer in the creation and/or collaboration of these activities. From comic books to billboards in Time Square to animated shorts and video games, the launch of that movie brought people into the brand from many different corners. collaboration. apple brandexperiences brandmediachannel collaboration content digitalstorytelling engagement facebook publishing socialmedia stories story thematrix transmedia twitter viral youtube

4 Ways To Put a Little Love In Your PR

Waxing UnLyrical

Note: this is not about which platforms you should/shouldn’t use for collaboration; there are any number of those out there, and you should use the one(s) that work best for you and your needs. Now, that’s really collaborative.

A CTRL ALT Delete Interview with Mitch Joel

Geoff Livingston

Canadian blogger and bald brother of another mother Mitch Joel released his new book CNTL ALT Delete today. The book captures the zeitgesit of workplace change caused by a universal shift towards digital media. GL: You offer personal advice for career development in the book.

Finding Your Best Work In The Best Work Space

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A close friend (and, it''s someone you probably know) is a very well-respected business book author, they are a prolific speaker and built their platform only a few short years ago, primarily through Twitter , doesn''t work in the summer. In CTRL ALT Delete (my second business book that was released at the end of 2013), I talk about how challenging it is for most individuals to understand the new physical environments we work in (and what the work space of tomorrow will be like).