Looking Back at My 2009 Social Media Resolutions

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I know the importance of participating in these discussions and growing my knowledge base, but it was difficult to keep this elevated on the priority list when I’m also balancing client work, performance assessments, proposals and white papers, internal governance roles, etc.

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Social Media Strategery

Unlike the origins of teaching under Plato and Aristotle, the use of question, answer, explanation and demonstration to achieve knowledge, we think today that we can simply show a few slides and then grade a person’s comprehension of the material on the slides. (we Two additional, and important, aspects to this are: 1) By using these tools, students are contributing to the publicly available knowledge on the subject at hand. Home About Me Speaking Legal-ese My Team Gov 2.0

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Weekly Knowledge Management blog by Stan Garfield. Weekly Knowledge Management Blog by Stan Garfield. Q: What is personal knowledge management? How can individuals manage their own knowledge? A: To manage your personal knowledge, whenever you learn something new â?? Professor Paul Dorsey and colleagues at Millikin University defined seven Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) skills: Retrieving Information. Please join and make your knowledge vote count!

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Buzz Marketing for Technology

KM Edge: Where the best in Knowledge Management come together. APQC knowledge management km best practices. Knowledge Transfer in the Internet Age. Continue reading Knowledge Transfer in the Internet Age. -->. Multigenerational Knowledge Sharing: Whats in It for Me? One theme that emerged from these conversations is the pervasive struggle to promote knowledge sharing among various generations of employees. Knowledge Management. Knowledge Base.

Social Media and Spirituality: A Meditation on Change

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Barriers and Gate-Keepers Are Being Removed One of the most exciting accomplishments for me professionally occurred 5 years ago when one of my clients had her blog added to Tom Peter ’s blogroll.

How much should you budget for monthly website expenses? | Bare.

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Ideally, your web site has been built so you can play with it as often as you like, and as easily as filling out a web-based form. But once you want to do power blogging, you’ll want to know about ping servers , trackbacks, blogrolls, how to find A-list blogs, and so much more.