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6 Ways Personal Development Can Make You a Better Blogger


Having a strong self-confidence is essential for any successful blogger. For example, if you want to start guest posting, but are afraid to give it a shot, start by submitting your posts to smaller blogs first. Do you know what separates unsuccessful bloggers from successful ones?

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Bloggers: This Is How Long Your Posts Should Be

Viper Chill

I’m not a blogger who will guess numbers and just throw stats out there, so I decided to do an in-depth analysis. If your niche isn’t here then look at successful sites to see the types of posts that other bloggers are writing and how long their articles are on average.

7 Ways to Stay Inspired and Avoid Bloggers Burn Out


What do you do to avoid blogger burnout? We all have a limited amount of time and energy to put into blogging regardless – whether we’re blogging while juggling full time work or our blog is our full time work. 7 Ways to Stay Inspired and Avoid Bloggers Burn Out.

Blogger Correspondant Great Barrier Reef Itinerary: #QldBlog


Ten of the world’s most imaginative bloggers arrive in Cairns, the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef and our northern-most frontier city. It will be one of the most exotic locations for a blogger training workshop the world has ever seen!

222: From Corporate Desk Jobs to Full-Time Bloggers – 2 Tech Bloggers Tell their Story


From Corporate Desk Jobs to Full-Time Bloggers – 2 Tech Bloggers Tell their Story. It started yesterday with the story of Brittany Bailey, a DIY blogger who grew her blog to hundreds of thousands of readers a month. Today I want to introduce two tech bloggers whose blogs have allowed them both to leave their corporate jobs to start their own businesses around their blogs. How I Diversified My Blogging Income and Became a Full Time Blogger.

How Many Posts Should a Blogger Post? [Pros and Cons of Daily Posting]


I’ve had a variety of approaches to blogging frequency over the years and I have to say that getting into a daily blogging frequency has helped ME, as a blogger, make writing part of my daily workflow. For example, here on ProBlogger today I’m publishing our 7001st post!

Why Most Bloggers will Fail, No Matter How Hard They Try


There are a lot of things we bloggers go through every day that no amount of practice will help make easier, but by focusing on being okay in every aspect of our lives (mental, emotional, physical, etc.) In this article I’ll be touching some subjects bloggers hardly discuss online, and I’ll be giving tips to help you deal with them. Do you know that one of the major dangers of being a blogger is being exposed to criticism?

7 Habits of Professional Bloggers


These are seven habits which top bloggers share. As I’ve met more and more great bloggers, I’ve been struck how much they invest in learning. Sure, you might have the energy to write all weekend when you first start out—but will you be able to do that month after month? Professional bloggers post consistently—whether that means once a week or three times a day. That’s why self-discipline is so important for professional bloggers.

40 Bloggers to Watch in 2011


Welcome to the 2011 list of bloggers to watch. It was where thousands of the world’s best bloggers met to network and learn. I recommend that bloggers of any niche attend conferences such as this to check out the rising stars. See, Peter isn’t like us bloggers.

On Being A "Pro Blogger" -- Interview With Jane Genova

Diva Marketing Blog

That's what was returned on a Google search for "pro blogger jobs.". Soon blog ad networks became the rage offering bloggers and advertising more control and greater targeting. Enter stage right B5Media created by three successful bloggers Jeremy Wright, Darren Rowse and Duncan Riley.

196: Blogger Spotlight – Nikki Parkinson from Styling You, Shares How She Built a Business Around Her Blog


Blogger Nikki Parkinson Shares How She Built a Business Around Her Blog. In today’s episode, I have recorded an interview with one of Australia’s better known bloggers – Nikki Parkinson from the style and fashion blog – Styling You. I found this fascinating because her approach to planning was very different to what many bloggers teach. Most bloggers back then were blogging from the heart. I am the accidental blogger though.

Long-term Goal-setting for Successful Bloggers


This guest post is by Chris The Traffic Blogger. Just like someone who’s losing weight for the first time, a person who’s new to blogging is filled with energy and incredible amounts of motivation. Each post feels new and fresh, and every additional reader increases the blogger’s enthusiasm. This is why new bloggers don’t usually make it past the first six months. Long-term Goal-setting for Successful Bloggers.

Kodak’s Social Media Success—and What Bloggers Can Learn From It


Here’s an example of the kind of interaction these representatives encourage on social media: Kodak’s Chief Listener’s Twitter account features her actual photo and a small Kodak logo below that. Ricky is a technophile & a zealous blogger & evangelist for

196: Blogger Spotlight – Nikki Parkinson from Styling You, Shares How She Built a Business Around Her Blog


Blogger Nikki Parkinson Shares How She Built a Business Around Her Blog. In today’s episode, I have recorded an interview with one of Australia’s better known bloggers – Nikki Parkinson from the style and fashion blog – Styling You. I found this fascinating because her approach to planning was very different to what many bloggers teach. Most bloggers back then were blogging from the heart. I am the accidental blogger though.

223: From 0 to Six-Figure Blogger in Two Years – A Recipe Blogger Tells Her Story


From 0 to Six Figures in Two Years – A Recipe Blogger Shares Her Story. In today’s episode we continue our series of blogger stories where I hand the podcast over to you listeners to tell your stories and tips about starting and growing your blogs. We kicked off the series three episodes back with a DIY blogger, and yesterday we featured two tech/Microsoft bloggers. Darren: My name is Darren Rowse and I’m the blogger behind

232: Collaborative Blogging – How One Blogger Started a Blog with Over 200 Collaborators


Collaborative Blogging – One Blogger Shares How She Started a Blog with over 200 Collaborators. Today’s episode features blogger Chrissann Nickel from Women Who Live on Rocks. Links and Resources for Collaborative Blogging – How One Blogger Started a Blog with Over 200 Collaborators. Women Who Live on Rocks Blogger Chrissann Nickel. This is the last to the series of blogger stories that we’ve been featuring since way back in 221, the 221 st episode.

The Blogger and Marketer's Cheat Sheet to Getting High Profile.

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

A blogger might say that he wants to write for a specific publication, sending emails and instant messages asking, “Hey, I really like that you write for this publication. Don’t expect a blogger to change his posts from the past. The same with bloggers.

Visualizing Dirty Jobs

Visually SM

Some of the water is disinfected and treated for eventual use on a golf course, while sludge is turned into methane gas that helps create energy. Not every person enjoys working in that coveted corner office.

Become a Playful Blogger and Inject Some Energy into Your Blogging


Perhaps it is time to become a bit more playful as a blogger. Watch the full sized version at Become a Playful Blogger. Become a Playful Blogger Transcript. For example, I’ve done a few rants on my blogs. Become a Playful Blogger and Inject Some Energy into Your Blogging.

Writing tricks for content marketers

Sherrilynne Starkie

For example: Old style: Download Facebook Messenger now! There are SEO tools, such as Yoast, which can keep writers on track with keyword use, without having to divert too much energy away from creativity. 7 WordPress SEO Tips for Non-Techie Bloggers.

Seth Godin on Blogging and Productivity


Seth’s among the world’s most prolific bloggers , but he’s also a profuse book author and serial entrepreneur. It’s that vision that motivates him, helps him choose where to direct his energies, and enables him to make the everyday decisions that keep his media empire growing. He’s a blogger, he’s a bestselling author of thirteen books including Poke the Box , he’s the inventor of permission marketing, and founder of Pro Blogger Interviews

14 Proven Ways to Simplify Your Blogging and Get More Done


Writing down your schedule helps, again, to keep it out of your head so you don’t have to spend energy memorizing it. There are routine—sometimes mundane—tasks, and there are those that invigorate us and make us want to spend all our energy on them. One of the things I hear a lot of bloggers ranting about is the lack of quality and depth of guest posts, and therefore they won’t consider “opening their blog to submissions.” Miscellaneous Blog Tips blogger burnout Productivit

Behind Every Great Blogger is an Even Greater Voice


Much is said of the great content that is required to become a great blogger. Great bloggers don’t settle for great content. Great bloggers understand that how you deliver your message is just as important as the message itself. And unfortunately, many bloggers have this down to a fine art. Great bloggers lend identity to their work. Some bloggers have the knack of writing about anything and making it exhilarating on our eyeballs.

7 Critical Habits for Profiting from Social Media

Razor Social

Here’s an example of great content which is an app which projects your finance into the future. For example, providing an a ssessment tool for your finances. They could be thought leaders, journalists, top bloggers or many more. Who said you can profit from social media?

How to Blog In the Moment (or What Acting School Taught Me About Being a Better Blogger)


When someone says “F*ck you” for example, that has an impact, but you’ve trained yourself to not care. Of course, as a blogger, and more specifically a blogger who talks about marketing, it can not be stated enough how relevant the “If we catch you acting, you suck.” Bloggers like Jon Morrow and Derek Halpern understand this so well that it doesn’t matter if the article is 100 or 3,000 words, you’ll miss appointments to see how it ends.

The Value of Silence

Geoff Livingston

Let me give you an example. When you are quiet, you have more energy. Clients feel safe now and don’t have to worry about a loose cannon blogger on their team. In an era when everyone can say whatever they want and often do, silence delivers more than you would think.

Overwhelmed? Put Some Boundaries on Your Blogging


This week we’ve been looking at some of the numerous issues that bloggers have to deal with on a daily basis —particularly those who are just starting out. It’s little wonder that so many bloggers wind up their blogs so quickly after they start. Even experienced bloggers tend to focus upon certain aspects of blogging, to the detriment of others—I know I do. Miscellaneous Blog Tips blog strategy blogger productivity Bloggers Block

BrainDump: 101+ Things You MUST Know About Social Media For Business

SocMed Sean

Social media takes time and energy. Don’t mess around with blogger or 48) Build relationships with other bloggers. Bloggers are generally willing to share their experiences. I’ve been meaning to do this braindump for a while now.

How to Grow Your B2B Facebook Community

Waxing UnLyrical

Content that inspires high-energy emotion like awe, anger, or anxiety. For example, at USB Memory Direct we recently collaborated with graphic designer UPSO to create a unique design for one of our business card shaped custom USB drives.

B2B 103

Revealed: The Super Powers James Clear Used to Become a Full Time Blogger in 6-Months


1: Create energy and motivation. ” Even if it doesn’t take quite that long (and it doesn’t have to—James hit his stride in six months), what’s missing from this common advice is that it takes energy to sustain effort over time. Doing the work that, itself, gives you energy. James’s Super Power of “Significance” gives him the energy to start, build, and sustain his blog and business.

872 Subscribers in 24 Hours?!


Here’s what I mean—these are some examples of half-baked ways of doing things: Releasing a book: Outlining and writing it over the course of a month, getting a cover designed, turning it into an ebook, putting it on your site, maybe making it available on Kindle, emailing your list about it, and maybe writing a handful of guest posts. Blogging for Dollars blogger productivity finding readers SubscribersThis guest post is by Danny Iny of Firepole Marketing.

205: 5 Obstacles Bloggers Face (And How to Get Over Them)


How to Overcome 5 Blogger Obstacles. The bloggers interviewed on stage: Tsh Oxenreider. Further Listening and Reading on 5 Obstacles Bloggers Face (And How to Get Over Them). 5 Obstacles Bloggers Face (And How to Get Over Them) slides. Episode 83 Battling Blogger’s Block – Where do you get Stuck? Really working through 40 or so blogger’s businesses. I talked about some things that I knew going in could touch a nerve with some bloggers.

7 Creative Ways to Visually Brand Your Business on Social Media

Rebekah Radice

There are many examples of businesses and brands using visual marketing right. For example, Chobani makes a delicious Greek yogurt. When we see red we think of “strength, adventure, energy and love.” Join blogger and outreach websites/groups.

Smarter Ways to Measure Authoritative Content

Waxing UnLyrical

So when you’d research bloggers for outreach, that was a huge factor. For example, take these two posts by Mark Schaefer , indisputably an A-lister. So unless we are adding value, there’s really no reason to add to it, or to expend the time and energy in creating it.

The 23 Blogger Breeds—Which Are You?


A new blogger is born today! This baby blogger does not know the perils of comment moderation, stalkers, low traffic, and spam that await her. I wonder what type of blogger she’ll be. With millions of bloggers out there, there are a certain number of very identifiable qualities that are seen. This blogger aims to cover as many of those qualities, or “breeds,&# as possible. Blogger machines know how to pump out content … like a machine.

How to Immediately Gain Traction on Twitter (and Grow Your Business)

Rebekah Radice

Steve Keating is one of the nicest, most giving people on Twitter and an excellent example of a bio that’s straightforward and concise, clearly expressing what he does and his purpose on Twitter. Here’s one example of how I use this strategy.

5 Sleep Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making (And How They’re Hurting Your Blog)


As bloggers, we love to squeeze every second out of the day that we can. It’s what drives us as bloggers. Until you get up and find your energy sapped, your head hurting. As a blogger who wants to be productive and conquer the blogging world, you’ve got to let go of the habits that are keeping you tired and run down. It sets the foundation of your mood, your thinking, your creativity, and your energy. Miscellaneous Blog Tips blogger health Productivity

How To Build A Successful Business Blog (a Getting Started Guide)

Rebekah Radice

One of my most recent achievements is being named a 2015 Top 10 Social Media Bloggers by Social Media Examiner. Mine for example is small business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers. Like anything worthwhile, blogging will take an investment of time and energy.

The digital marketing trends & ideas to take into 2017, and beyond


For example, Ethiopia is big in coffee making and brewing, so once that particular video was created, we went onto Audiense and we found coffee enthusiasts and/or baristas all over the world, but specifically in Africa and that’s who we sent the videos to.