How to Write a Press Release in 2013

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Webinar August 28, 2013, Sally Falkow APR and Lisa Buyer discuss the new Google rules for writing a press release. Unfortunately, the SEO community saw the possibilities of using optimized press releases long before the PR industry did. Writing a Press Release.

12 Ways to DO and NOT DO a Social Media Press Release – MSF Medecins Sans Frontieres

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I amble ever hopeful from the microhub site to the social sites but The Facebook page and the Twitter channel are used to promote, you guessed it, more advertising and press releases. I once received a press release as a hard copy printed paper wrapped around a bottle of champagne.

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Canadian government spikes the press release

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The Government of Canada’s announced that it’s retiring the traditional format; surely this means the press release is finally dead. Instead of a wordy press release, digital PR pros use engaging formats to tell a story.

Best Social PR Guides, Tips and Tools of 2010

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How can you amplify and extend new releases through social media? Effectively connect with bloggers and other key online influencers in your industry? The Most Overused Buzzwords and Marketing Speak in Press Releases by Adam Sherk. Public Relations: The best press release is no press release by MarketingSherpa. Social Media Press Releases and Blogger Outreach. The 5 Cs of Blogger Relations by prTini. ** 5 Stars.

Five Newsworthy Stories for Your Next Press Release


Most bloggers understand that online press releases can drive traffic. Press releases are powerful ways to reach people through search. As Lee Odden wrote in his book Optimize , “search is an explicit expression of need or want” and online press releases provide the means to reach people at the precise time they are expressing that need. This of course can result in one thing many bloggers desire the most: traffic.

8 Questions for a Big-Time Marketer Turned Influential Blogger

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Recently I conducted and published a survey capturing the input of 4,000 of the top bloggers on marketing partnerships. One of the key takeaways was that the majority of bloggers want to work directly with the brands. Q: You’re a travel blogger.

How to Use Social Media Strategy to Reach Mommy Blogs

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If you have a brand or product for parents, targeting and partnering with mommy bloggers is a great way to get exposure. For example, if you have a product for teenagers you would not want to pick a pregnancy blogger. Mommy bloggers do not love broad press releases.

Blogger Outreach is Media Relations

Journalistics Home About Subscribe Blogger Outreach vs. Media Relations by Jeremy Porter on September 30, 2010 I’ve seen a lot of buzz for blogger outreach lately. Is blogger outreach really a new service offering? Blogger outreach should be a daily task for you.

5 Reasons to Use Press Releases to Promote Your Blog


Creating content on a blog is just one aspect of being a productive blogger—you’ve written the content, but now what? Companies, businesses, and individual blog owners try out many tactics, but few consider using a press release as a promotional tactic for their blog. Why a press release? Not only are you using targeted anchor text, but you also gain domain authority from websites that your blogging competitors who aren’t using press releases may not have.

Social Media Clout: Klout them up – don’t you know who I am?

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Klout is the social media ranking tool – tells companies how influential a twitterer or blogger or Pinterester is in influencing others to find, filter and forward their stuff. Called the Press or Media list. I just came up with a new term.

How to Reach Out to Bloggers

Home About Speaking Newsletters Contact Best Of Work With Me How to Reach Out to Bloggers January 7, 2010 View Comments New here? Are you hoping to connect with bloggers and get the word out about your product or service? Do Your Homework All bloggers aren’t the same.

How to Write a Social Media Strategy in 9 Steps

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Instagram for photos, YouTube for videos, Twitter for Press, LinkedIn for Employer Branding. Students: please note the social media press release lectures covers examples. Without this, there is no re-engagement back to the community.

24 of the Best Google+ Guides, Tips, Rants and Raves of 2012

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Lisa Peyton highlights three examples of successful Google+ brand pages such as the NASA page , where “The active space and science community on Google+ may support speculation that platform users are mostly tech-savvy early adopters.

The One Marketing Technique that’s Best for Your Launch

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Besides these blogs, our press release got picked up by Marketwire, BizJournals and MSNBC. All three of these influential bloggers together provided us about 15% of our pageviews and 8% registrations. The press release and its coverage gave us the most calls from recruiters.

The Continuing Evolution of the Indian PR Landscape

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For example, a press event is not restricted to just calling reporters on the ground. Just this past month, #GoogleHouse was a fascinating press event where updates about Google’s new product/features were unveiled. Online & blogger engagement.

Monday Roundup: SEO Tips

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Enduring Questions on Press Releases and SEO. Why: Do press releases have search value? Frank Strong tackles this question and provides tips to get the best search results from your press releases. How My Guinea Pigs Became Famous Guest Bloggers.

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Good Writing Remains a Core PR Skill

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A statement in the first point absolutely floored me: While a press release does not necessarily need to be well-written. … What could possibly lead anyone to the conclusion that a press release doesn’t have to be well-written?

Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2010

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As many of you know, I have an annual tradition of giving back to the community on my birthday, which is why this year is no different. Since I can’t read everything written by the Internet Marketing community, I ask my Twitter and Facebook followers for their own recommendations.

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5 Reasons Why Nonprofit Crowdfunding Campaigns Fail


A good promotion strategy should include; social media, email marketing, and traditional press & PR. Engaging with a personal network and building a community will ensure that there are campaign ambassadors ready to not only spread the word, but also be the first to donate.

Singapore Social Media Workshop for PR and Online Media: September 2011

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If you want to know how to put out a social media press release, how to set up an online community monitoring station and how to measure social media, this workshop is for you! Workshop B: Social Media Monitoring Tools and a Social Media Press Room. learn how to build a social media newsroom for social media press releases (using free tools) instead of sending out PDFs to journalists and bloggers.

7 creative Ways to Use Social Media for PR

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Whether or not you write press releases is not the key focus. In many ways, the “media” has expanded from only news networks and newspapers to bloggers, podcasters, social media influencers and celebrities. Be a Contributor or Guest Blogger. Britex Fabrics uses guest bloggers to highlight projects, provide inspiration to and create tutorials for their audience. They sent out free samples of their product to interested bloggers to review.

Where Are Our Fundamentals?

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A while back, I was involved in a discussion among my PR student community about the balance between social media and public relations. You will start to communicate more efficiently and swiftly with media, bloggers, and your community. Press releases.

How to Get Started with Instagram Marketing


Engage and add value to your community A Forrester study dubbed Instagram the “king of social engagement” and found that the platform blows others away in this area. Instagram is a powerful tool for establishing a visual brand identity.

Facebook & India

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47 pm Facebook & India Jump to Comments This is a statistical post, which collates data from various blog-posts, press-releases and news sites. I guess, it's an entrepreneur/ blogger fav topic to blog when starts a startup. Home About In the Media New Job Opening Startup Life: Diary of a First Generation Entrepreneur April 18, 2010.3:47

10 Strategies of Push-Pull Marketing for Your Online Business


Press releases. Use online press releases (also known as social media press releases) to include useful links to your products in your press releases.

3 Day Social Media Intensive – Hands on! Sydney 2014

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A very practical course with small group (about 10 people) – bring your laptop to set up tools for improving Facebook, Twitter, blogs, social media press releases, measurement, strategy, campaigns and so on. Social Media Press Releases & Media Rooms for Bloggers and Twitterers, Social Media Campaign vs Strategy vs Tactics: Facebook Pages and Google Plus for Business and Twitter Tools including Measurement and Monitoring.

Changing Trends in Social Media Can Influence Your Business Model (part I)


Tweet Written by Nabanita Roy , who is a web enthusiast and blogger currently working as a Community Development Executive at Take a quick look at the promotional elements that you used previously: - Press Release.

Social Media Course – $176 – 13 June 2012 Sydney with @InforumGroup

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You’ll see how to build a social media monitoring dashboard, set up social media press release site, learn the difference between a 9 step social media strategy, a 5 step campaign and so on. monitoring a social media news room (no more PDF press release!)

Social Media Training: 3 Day Intensive Advanced Class

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Laurel is the CEO of The Community Crew managing massive gaming and online communities including Facebook and forums for reality TV shows such as Junior Masterchef. Since 2005, Laurel has been teaching online community management at the University of Sydney, Australian Film and TV School, Metro Film School and she has been managing virtual communities since 1989. AdAge named in the Top 150 Media Bloggers, and she is on Google’s Plus Recommended List.

Successful Blogging for Small and Medium Businesses

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Blogs for business are an outstanding tool for business, they can build community, be the backbone of your social media program, and drive traffic to your website, just for starters. Are you trying to create community? Press releases are for journalists, blogs are for people.

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3 Ways to Use Google to Be Better at PR

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Use Google to Identify Where You Can Submit Press Releases, Articles, and Guest Blog Posts. Every time you have a press release, have you ever thought about investing a few hours searching for places to manually post your news?

Top SocialFish posts of 2010


We have some great stuff in the works, including a new Open Community case study series by Deirdre Reid , and an interview series where we’ll be talking to several top association CEO’s about the ideas in our little book. 11 Must-Do’s For the Serious Blogger.

How to Get Started with Instagram Marketing


Hashtags are the lifeblood of the Instagram community. Engage and add value to your community. Send coupons, press releases, surveys, etc. Instagram is a powerful tool for establishing a visual brand identity.

31 Expert Guides to Maximizing Online Brand Visibility – WPO

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event sponsorships, community outreach, analyst coverage, trade association membership) components. A helpful companion to the post above, Ross Hudgens here focuses on the value of PR for SEO: “Many PR companies still blast releases out to publishers that have no reason to receive them.

Sydney Social Media Course – 3 Days with Laptop

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Social Media Press Releases & Media Rooms for Bloggers and Twitterers, Social Media Campaign vs Strategy vs Tactics: Facebook Pages and Google Plus for Business and Twitter Tools including Measurement and Monitoring. Sydney social media course 2013.

The Ultimate Guide to Social PR Strategy: A Blueprint for Success

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If you work in Social PR today (and there’s a strong chance you do, if you’re reading this post), you might be hard-pressed to remember the “medieval times” of the PR world. Element #5: Community. Community: Example. You have to respect your community.

Conference: Public Sector Web 3.0 and Future of Social Media Government

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I’m speaking in Canberra next week - a workshop on social media and government one day and presentation on online communities and voters/constituents the next. The Masterclass Bootcamp workshop thingie is on Monday 25th October: Session for Bootcamp: This is a practical session showing step by step how to set up (low cost or free) a social media dashboard for monitoring, a social media news room (no more PDF press releases!) Government 2.0 is such a hot topic.

How to Apply Social to Communications


You’re more than a contact on a press release–you’re a leader and a shaper. You may already be concentrating on blogger relations. It might even be your own private online community. And post news, not press releases.

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The 29 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools

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Curalate also has community management capabilities that allow you to discover uncovered conversations about your brand.” Identify key influencers, monitor brand mentions and conversations, curate and share engaging content, respond to your community, and measure the impact of campaigns.

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Social Media Intensive Course – August 2016 – Sydney Training

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Social Media Press Releases & Media Rooms for Bloggers and Twitterers, Social Media Campaign vs Strategy vs Tactics: Facebook Pages and Google Plus for Business and Twitter Tools including Measurement and Monitoring.