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Just like the military uses badges to display rank, and scouts use them to honor accomplishments, a news site or mobile app can award digital badges to users who complete tasks or reach certain levels of engagement. Benefits of creating a badge system Creating a badge system isn’t easy.

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You Need To Know: Social Media and Retail

Laurel Papworth

They win badges and special offers for participating. Online Communities Smart Company social media Facebook retail TwitterI travel. A lot. Airline staff greet me by name and not just because I’ve left my conference name tag on my jacket.

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10 Reasons Market Research is Critical to Social Media

Adam Cohen

It happens in all industries, but lately I’ve seen retail companies keep their “Consumer Insight&# group focused on traditional insight like mall traffic patterns and planograms.

SortPrice Store Facebook Application Tops 1000 Retailers

Bill Hartzer

Proving yet again a real commitment to opening new avenues of success for online merchants everywhere, comparison shopping engine has now built virtual stores for more than 1,000 retailers through its Merchant Store application on Facebook.

Get Traffic And Retain Them On Google+ For Social Media

Social Media Network Marketing

Have your Link mentioned in the retail stores that you might have. Have the Google+ Badge on your Site and Blog. Google+ is one more feather in your cap on the Social Media front. The question is how should you get more Traffic to your Google+ Page? Also what should you do so that they do not 'Un-friend' you.

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Facebook Fan Page vs. Profile: Know the Difference

Sprout Social

The online retailer Dollar Shave Club used a call-to-action button on its Page. Once you’re verified, a blue badge will display next to the name of your Page. A platform as massive as Facebook is bound to have some confusion around its features and functionality.

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How Businesses like Sylvan Learning Center and Computer Explorers.

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Foursquare awards points and badges when users check-in at locations (check-ins can be done via a mobile phone with internet access or a computer). Businesses can engage and reward consumers by providing deals and discounts to Foursquare users that hold certain badges for checking in and patronizing their business. eMarketer reports that consumers force retailers to adopt social strategy.

Social media training on Foursquare Google Plus Pinterest Facebook Training for June and July 2012

Laurel Papworth

Why not spend a couple of hours learning about popular retail review site, Foursquare? Learn the key features of Foursquare and how businesses are building loyal customers in social media with campaigns and rewards: Claim your venue – shop, retail, club, office and manage analytics.

The Mailbox Re-Invented And Brought To You By Amazon

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Yes, it remains a badge of honor that is worn by postal workers around the world, but our world has changed. Companies like Amazon and eBay are currently testing same-day delivery as a mechanism to compete with local retail. It's hard to overstate how thoroughly this move will shake up the retail industry." "Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these courageous couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds."

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Why Do Customers Tattoo Themselves with the Brands They Love?

Bill Hartzer

The tattoo is a permanent badge with special meaning. If you operate a retail store with cooking supplies you might ask: – What is your ideal customer experience when you enter our store? By BJ Bueno , guest author.

The Real Pokémon Go Business Lessons

Geoff Livingston

If I was responsible for marketing a public venue, retail store, or restaurant that 1) had significant physical space and 2) wanted to attract younger users, I would explore this. Pokémon Go is the hottest thing to hit the Internet since SnapChat.

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How to Use Social Proof to Boost Conversions

Sprout Social

Figleaves, a UK clothing retailer, added customer reviews to individual product pages and saw a 12.5% The variation replaced that with a WOW badge, which was an award received from a well known business woman.

Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2010

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

The Ultimate Resource for Successful Small Business Websites (Samir Balwani): This isn’t completely social media marketing focused, but it definitely covers a great deal of detail on how smaller businesses (consulting firms, law firms, realtors, restaurants, retailers, etc.)

Top 10 Public Relations Blunders for 2012

Bill Hartzer

The confluence of these issues was too much to bear for many Americans: parents pulled their boys out of scouting, corporations such as United Parcel Service withheld donations and adult Eagle Scouts returned their badges. million in retail sales due to the storm.”

The 2011 #Nifty50 Top Twitter Men Reprise

Webbiquity SMM

Supply chain expert and social networking pro Jeff Ashcroft is a key thought leader in many fields including retail, supply chain & disruptive technologies. Award recipients who wish to display the #Nifty50 badge on their own site may do so by clicking here.

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Unlocking the value of Foursquare « The Cube

Gemma Went

You can earn points and unlock badges as you discover new things. There is a competitive edge to it (the more you check in at locations, the more points and badges you win – there’s even a leaderboard), however I believe the true value is in the word of mouth opportunities they offer.

Are Your Customers Worried About Security?

Small Business Mavericks

Another way to add reassurance is by having badges and logos of any third party security displayed, along with familiar icons like credit card logos or BBB. One of the devastating effects of past retail security breaches was a drop in the number of people willing to shop in those stores. It sure seems like there are repeated waves of news stories about hackers managing to compromise security for a lot of people.

I Will Not Write About Old Spice

Adam Cohen

Adam has over 15 years of experience leveraging technology to drive and sustain business value for clients in the Consumer Product, Retail, High Tech, Healthcare and Financial Services industries.

Musing About QR Codes

Ari Herzog

I see QR codes everywhere these days, from newspaper classified advertisements to restaurant menus to retail storefront doors. I bought several eye-catching customized conference badges for $2.50 Hold your smartphone up to this image and, if you have Google Goggles or another barcode-reading application active, you can scan this and be shown information about me.

Social Media Chat Tuesday, July 21st

Adam Cohen

Adam has over 15 years of experience leveraging technology to drive and sustain business value for clients in the Consumer Product, Retail, High Tech, Healthcare and Financial Services industries.

How To Promote You Facebook Page URL on Your Personal Profile.

Saying It Social

You would think that one of the first features Facebook would have added when the hype around creating Facebook Pages for business sprung up would have been a one (or two) click maneuver to easily post a link or a badge to your Facebook Page on your personal profile. People found a way to do this anyway by adding HTML and/or FBML (Facebook’s version of HTML) profile boxes with the code for their Facebook Page badges.

Ignore Foursquare at Your Peril - An Analysis of Potential.

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create their own badges etc?) They are however the best at helping brands build loyalty via discounts and offers for badge winners and mayors. They are however the best at helping brands build loyalty via discounts and offers for badge winners and mayors.