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HOW TO: Properly Use Badges to Engage Customers

Sign in All Social Media Tech & Gadgets Business & Marketing Video Mobile Dev & Design Media Social Good Startups Classifieds Trending Stories Sorry, This is Not the End of the PC Era [OPINION] 30 How Are People Using Twitter? Badges are among the most visible elements of gamification, the use of game-thinking and game mechanics to engage media audiences. “Badges?

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How badges help news websites build community, make money | Poynter.

Just like the military uses badges to display rank, and scouts use them to honor accomplishments, a news site or mobile app can award digital badges to users who complete tasks or reach certain levels of engagement. The Huffington Post offers badges for connecting with other users, moderating comments and other useful behaviors. But I think it’s worth it.

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3 Ways Mobile Apps Can Reward Customer Loyalty

The Realtime Report

Point collection is quickly becoming a popular way for mobile apps to encouraging return business, especially with younger generations. Apps such as Punch Tab reward users for re-posting information, sales and purchases on Facebook with points for earning discounts and icons called “badges.”. This is a guest post by Anita Brady, the President of 123Print. Earn Points.

Mobile Necessary Now for Brand Relevancy

Geoff Livingston

If you are not preparing your organization for a mobile web , you will lose competitive positioning. Many brands have dabbled and experimented, but have put off mobile media as they struggled to swallow social media. Social media is now in its best practices phase, while mobile media via tablets and mobile phones has hit the tipping point. Not convinced yet?

Realtime Olympics: 60% of London 2012 Visits Came Via Mobile; Facebook Was 2nd Highest Traffic Source

The Realtime Report

A new compilation of stats from the 2012 Olympic Games reveals that 60% of visits to the official London 2012 Games website and apps came from mobile devices. And both the BBC and NBC also had strong Olympic mobile showings: one-third of BBC web visits and one-tenth of video streams were from mobile, while 16% of NBC web users and 45% of NBC video requests came from mobile ( PaidContent ).

Twitter Adds Featured Stickers Based on AMC’s The Walking Dead

SocialTimes Twitter

Mobile users can add these stickers to their photos by adding photos to tweets and then tapping the smiling face button to access the stickers menu. From there, users can choose from four new stickers in The Walking Dead category, including a motorcycle and a sheriff’s badge. Mobile Twitter amc Android android apps Featured Stickers Google Play Hashtags iOS iOS apps iTunes App Store Photos stickers television the walking dead TV Twitter Stickers Visual HashtagsTwitter released new featured stickers based on AMC television series The Walking Dead.

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MingleBird – The Next Big Thing?


Tweet All eyes on future development of success stories for application development lies within a triangle – the touch points of Social – Mobile – Game Design. Make something that is social with a call for human interaction, put in a game design (we love to play games) and make it work on the mobile, where the penetration for smartphones leaves no doubt that the future is in the palm of your hand. MingleBird – a mobile socializing application. It’s a mobile app, only on iPhone right now (personal shout out – speed up the Android version, guys!) and

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6 Ways Web Check-ins Can Benefit Your Brand

Convince & Convert

Whether it’s big players like Foursquare inking a new loyalty rewards program with Pepsi, or niche developers like Untappd , addressing the beer drinking vertical with a mobile application that let’s you spread the word about the particular brew you are sipping upon, check-ins are on fire. And it’s a lot more than just giving out some badges. Badging for the sake of badging is wasteful and annoying. Then apply Web Check-Ins, badging, and points to drive that engagement. That’s a colossal potential audience advantage for Web check-ins.

Periscope Removes Follower Requirements From VIP Program

SocialTimes Twitter

The Periscope VIP Program gives eligible broadcasters access to a variety of benefits, including badges on their Periscope profiles and “prioritization in people search results.” Twitter Web Video Android android apps Applications apps Average Live Viewers Bronze followers free apps gold Google Play iOS iOS apps iTunes App Store Live Videos Live-streaming Apps Livestreaming mobile apps Periscope Periscope VIP Program Silver VideosWe believe that average live viewers per broadcasts meet that requirement. Follower count has been totally removed from the requirements.

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The Intersection of Online Communities and Learning Management Systems


JP Guilbault, President and CEO of, said about their acquisition: “At YM, we’re building an innovative and robust platform of offerings designed to help organizations enhance engagement across social, mobile, and web channels. Automation tools available in some community tools allow organizations to create a lite LMS type experience: watch a video and earn a badge.

Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2010

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Local/Mobile Search. As many of you know, I have an annual tradition of giving back to the community on my birthday, which is why this year is no different. Of course, then, today is my birthday, but it’s a big one. Today, I turn 30. I started this “best posts&# idea five years ago and it’s grown huge. 2010 by far was the biggest year yet in the Internet Marketing realm.

Improve Your Tradeshow Performance With The Right Apps


Tradeshows are known for being great places to network and build new client relationships in person , so many people head out to the big shows without thinking about the apps that are on their mobile phones. For Lead Collecting: Badge Scanner Apps. Heading out to a big tradeshow soon? Better have a few apps at the ready. For Networking: Business Card Apps. These lead apps are great.

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The Reality Behind the Check-In Hype [infographic]


The research was carried out to understand the difference between what people are saying online compared to the actions of early adopters and the views of the US population when it comes to their mobile check-in habits. According to the findings, only 17% of mobile users in the US counts as early adopters who use LBS services. Foursquare Teams Up with American Express.

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Perfecting Peer-to-Peer Fundraising: 10 Social Media Best Practices


Optimize for mobile. Badges. You can offer badges for each milestone that a campaign reaches. Your supporters can then share their badges on social media to commemorate their progress. Optimize for mobile. That’s why it’s vital that your P2P fundraising is mobile friendly. After all, social media is a significant aspect of people’s lives. Provide toolkits.

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How to Contact Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Other Social Networks


Mobile. Report an Issue with Facebook Mobile Texts. Mobile Photos Upload Issues. Posts from Mobile Aren’t Appearing on Timeline. Mobile App-Install Ads Beta. Report an Issue with Facebook on Mobile. Problems Using Mobile. Pages Badge Application. Insights Badge Application. Ads Badge Application. Your Mobile Feedback.

Know What’s Working on Social Media: 26 Free Social Media Analytics Tools

Buffer Social

is the Top Tweet/Top Post badge that pops up when an update goes above and beyond the average performance. To access Instagram Insights, you’ll have to do is to convert your personal Instagram profile into a Business Profile and navigate to your profile page in the mobile app. Where do you turn for meaningful stats on your social media marketing ? Which posts seem to perform best ?

Learning + Technology: The Latest on What Associations Are Doing


To what extent do social media, mobile, and trends like massive open online courses factor in? Less than 10 percent of respondents indicated that have experimented with trendy new options like massive open online courses (MOOCs), digital badges, flipped classrooms, or gamification. Download! Anther 10.6 percent said they plan to within the coming 12 months. live) Webinars or Webcasts.

Engaging the Next-Gen Workforce through Collaboration #SocBiz #Leadership #Leaders

Blue Focus Marketing

So it was good to see this panel put so much emphasis not only on this concept, but also on the idea of gamification through incentives and badges. Indeed, with the badge system, some of the panelists joked that employees would complain any time they earned a badge and the company failed to deliver it. Thanks again to everyone involved. Sell the sizzle, not the steak.

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Better Homes and Gardens, Use Pinterest For Thanksgiving Holiday Promotion

The Realtime Report

A prize of up to $5,000 for readers who create a “Best Thanksgiving Ever” Pinterest board, pin the official badge of the campaign, and pin at least four other Thanksgiving photos inspired by Better Homes and Gardens or The incentive? the popularity of food, crafts and home decor on the site.

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Cool Social Tools: Small World Labs Community


Small World Labs helps nonprofit organizations engage, collaborate with, and mobilize their supporters. Badges. Mobile Access. This series of posts is for software and app and tech vendors who have useful tools they’d like you to know about. Startups are welcome to contact me at maddie[at]socialfish[dot]org to submit guest posts about their platforms. Discussion Forums. Events.

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How to Unlock the Key to Instagram Engagement

Peg Fitzpatrick

Automatic sync between desktop and mobile. Instagram and Pinterest both thoroughly vet their Partners’ products, reputation with customers and business practices prior to badging them as Partners. The key to Instagram engagement is TIME. Visual storytelling and conversation starting combined with the right mix of when to post and what to post creates Instagram gold. T – Time.

Social Media Updates: May


Twitter Opens Audience Platform Worldwide: Twitter now allows advertisers to extend their campaigns to all 800,000 million visitors around the world, across the Twitter website or any of the many websites and mobile apps. The app suncs with your WhatsApp mobile device account. Have a verified badge to let know the Page is authentic. PLUS A HUGE TIP! Let’s dive right in!

5 Luxurious Technology Events for this Autumn


>From video game to mobile technology, from movies to audio, there are plenty of sessions to choose from. Badge prices vary on level chosen. A Squire badge is $150, while a Ninja is $225, Sensei is $250, Mystic is $300, Nobility is $375, and an Apprentice badge for students only is $50. In the past I have been to a lot of technology events. Lean Kanban France.

Evernote – Change the Way You Take Notes

Janet Fouts

Even more interesting, include their name badge in the snapshot, even a handwritten name tag, and Evernote will recognize the handwriting and enter it as searchable text ! The image at right is a snapshot of the bag given out at N2Y4 Mobile Challenge. The highlighted yellow text is the result of a search for the words “Mobile Challenge” in my Evernote database.

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11 massively doable ways to increase conversions with better forms

Convince & Convert

Simple steps like providing a prominent link to a privacy policy or including third-party credibility boosters like security badges can increase trust and correspondingly, conversions. Make your forms mobile-friendly This is huge. Consider using technology that makes all forms responsive and fully functional on all mobile platforms. Don’t. They WANT to be on Facebook.

Conference Season: Learning for More than Members


Across the association industry, staffers are packing supplies, charging mobile phones, and polishing their “Trade-Show-Walking-Shoes.”. Soon there will be days filled with registration badges, session evaluations, food and beverage orders and – most important for anyone working in a member driven organization – spending time chatting face to face with members and industry experts.

How To Create a Presence on Google+


Of course you don’t have the option to do stuff that you would normally do from a personal profile, such as playing games, hangout on mobile devices or +1 things on the web. It is also possible to create a badge to place on your website. Tweet On November 7 2011, Google+ launched their highly anticipated pages. The benefits of a Google+ presence. Create a page. Angry Birds. Burberry.

Foursquare and The New York Times Archive Would Be a Great Match

Adam Sherk

Home About Contact PR Publishing SEO Social Media Subscribe Adam Sherk Foursquare and The New York Times Archive Would Be a Great Match by Adam Sherk on February 9, 2010 Now that Foursquare is all the rage (or the bane of existence if you don’t like all those check-in and badge tweets invading your Twitter stream) news sites are looking at how best to leverage location-based social networks.

How Businesses like Sylvan Learning Center and Computer Explorers.

Saying It Social

Foursquare awards points and badges when users check-in at locations (check-ins can be done via a mobile phone with internet access or a computer). Businesses can engage and reward consumers by providing deals and discounts to Foursquare users that hold certain badges for checking in and patronizing their business. Enticing specials such as these are offered to keep bringing people back to “oust&# the Mayor so that they may benefit from these exclusive deals. You will also notice that uploading a photo is an option. But, fear not! There is a solution! Get creative!

7 Reasons Your LinkedIn Profile is a Hot Mess

Convince & Convert

When you find a mobile app that looks great, but no one has yet recommended it, do you download it, or do you move on to something with 36 five-star reviews? Just as with your local PTA or Chamber of Commerce, the LinkedIn groups you join and participate in can act as badges of honor. Image via 1) Your headshot was taken at a BBQ. Not likely. It’ll be worth it.

Marketing Fit Interview: Christopher Penn, Vice President of Marketing Technology, SHIFT Communications

Justin Levy

One word: mobile. Mobile devices have opened up new time slots, new ways of accessing data, new ways of consuming information, and podcasts are riding that wave, especially since podcasts traditionally cover areas where there isn’t as much variety. Awakening your superhero isn’t about a shiny badge for your blog or calling yourself a marketing superhero in your slide deck.

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Create a World-Class Online Community for Your Business

Making a leader board, developing badges, or another effort to reward participation with recognition in the community will be an important component of a world-class community. Business Resources from Mashable: – HOW TO: Create a World-Class Online Community for Your Business – How Social Data & Mobile Tech Can Improve the Retail Experience – 5 Creative [.]

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7 Best Newsletter Builders for Creating Great Newsletters

Writtent Blog

Mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android. Mobile apps for iPhone and Android. This email manager offers unlimited image hosting, automatically inlines CSS, and doesn’t impose design restrictions or “powered by” badges, allowing you to be as flexible and creative as you want. Mobile-optimized designs. Mailchimp. Spam checker. Autoresponder. Full featured API. Aweber.

7 Ways To Mine The Hidden Gold In Your Customer Data

Convince & Convert

Omni-Channel Experience With Account Linking Best represented by the Interscope Records case study, this full-blown data mining allows for true 1:1 engagement opportunities across multiple websites, mobile apps, email programs, etc. Gamification to Gather Permission and Data This is where you use contests, customer assignments, points, badges, levels and more to encourage data exchange.

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The 12 Startups I’ve Invested In and Why

Convince & Convert

It’s secure, mobile-friendly, super easy to use, and affordable. the Breather mobile app Breather – Quiet on Demand Breather is the brain-child of the uber-smart Julien Smith. You’ll see an example of those disclosure “badges” at the bottom of this post. I had no idea you did that kind of stuff.” Addvocate makes it happen.

The Savvy Marketer’s Guide to Surviving SXSW

Convince & Convert

Set your game plan in advance by utilizing the SXSW Schedule online, ( [link] ) and downloading the SXSW GO Official Mobile App. . your badge. Image via SXSW Interactive, the ultimate digital event of the year, kicks off this weekend in Austin, Texas. As an attendee, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Have fun! ~ jay baer. Before You Go: . Roaming the Jungle: .

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Become a Digital Marketing Certified Associate (DMCA) with Simplilearn


But there are a lot of them that are simply out there to collect your money and give you a badge, which may or may not mean much to the world at large. Jeff Hasen , author of The Art of Mobile Persuasion and Mobilized Marketing , is one of the leading strategists, evangelists and voices in mobile. The questions that you may have when looking over them are as follows.

The Evolution of Digital Marketing

Convince & Convert

Also, it’s entirely likely that you’ll hear from our editorial team giving you a heads up, and providing a sample tweet/FB post etc for you to use, as well as a nifty badge you can place in your content confirming your Definitive triumph. Digital marketing education is changing, and we’re changing too. Starting today, we are completely overhauling our email. What do I do?

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Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2011

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

10 Unorthodox Ideas for Local Citations & Links : If you have a local business and want high rankings, these are some creative ways to move forward to get some nice links: hosting parties at the event, selling products for sale online and offering feeds for the products, integrating badges or writing a guide of local places in Foursquare, and more. And I did. Do an audit to find out.

Content vs. Community: How Online Publishers Can Nurture Both

Sign in All Social Media Tech & Gadgets Business & Marketing Video Mobile Dev & Design Media Social Good Startups Classifieds Trending Stories Sorry, This is Not the End of the PC Era [OPINION] 11 How Are People Using Twitter? Join the conversation by adding Mashables Pete Cashmore to your Circles on Google+ Close Welcome to Mashable! Have an account? Have you heard of Google+?