Twitter Badges For Brands Who Want to Avoid Narcissism

Adam Cohen

Companies can ultimately activate that engagement by providing value first and asking for help in return. I did a Google image search and found that only the Frederick, MD Chamber of Commerce had a quick badge on their site using the same language.).

Badge 226

Classic Badges of Americana – the devil’s in the details…

The Way of the Web

Badges: 1960′s Dodge Challenger RT Badge. Speaking to a good friend and branding consultant, I mentioned that most of the brands I love are small or tiny companies doing different things.

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Enterprise 2.0: social scorecard and social media karma

Laurel Papworth

Rewarding badges and points systems on your intranet – social scorecards – could be the turning point for turning your enterprise 2.0 His company is ZevenSeas which wins points for having a cool name, I reckon. Badges for no missed sick days would be a good start.

How Businesses like Sylvan Learning Center and Computer Explorers.

Saying It Social

Foursquare awards points and badges when users check-in at locations (check-ins can be done via a mobile phone with internet access or a computer). Businesses can engage and reward consumers by providing deals and discounts to Foursquare users that hold certain badges for checking in and patronizing their business. “According to the Cone Business in Social Media Study, 93 percent of Americans expect companies they do business with to have a social media presence.

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Foursquare and The New York Times Archive Would Be a Great Match

Adam Sherk

Adam is part of the Define Search Strategies consulting team, which is owned by The New York Times Company.

6 Ways Web Check-ins Can Benefit Your Brand

Convince & Convert

In the interest of full disclosure, I work for a company with a new application called MOJO that provides free web-based check-ins. Instead of “checking in&# at a restaurant or coffee shop via a mobile application, MOJO (and others) let you “check-in&# to a particular piece of Web content (blog post, video, photo, graphical badge), and assign points and other rewards for an array of marketer-determined behaviors. Badging for the sake of badging is wasteful and annoying.

Essential Tips for How to Get Verified on Instagram

Sprout Social

As you’d expect, securing something like a verified badge on Instagram is not easy and not available to everyone, for obvious reasons. If you feel confident in your ability to be verified, you can cut right to the chase and actually request a verified badge for your Instagram profile.

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The 2011 #Nifty50 Top Twitter Men Reprise

Webbiquity SMM

Penenberg’s ( @Penenberg ) Fast Company article: “Social Networking Affects Brains Like Falling in Love” examines research by neuroeconomist Paul Zak that suggests social networking triggers the release of the generosity-trust chemical in our brains: Oxytocin (known as the cuddle chemical).

Outsourcing Social Media Management


Outsourcing Social Media Management: The Flawed Logic of the Badged Employee. I sometimes see posts on social media or articles talking about the evils of outsourcing social media management to an outside consultant or company. The badge doesn’t change the dynamic.

You Need To Know: Social Media and Retail

Laurel Papworth

They win badges and special offers for participating. This article first appeared in on Smart Company. Online Communities Smart Company social media Facebook retail TwitterI travel. A lot.

A Surefire Way to Get Verified on Twitter

agora pulse

The blue verified badge on Twitter (seen in this example from @americanart) lets people know that your account is authentic. First, this badge tells the Twittersphere that you’ve made it and your content is worthy of public interest. Make sure you use a proper company email address.

The Intersection of Online Communities and Learning Management Systems


And the other side of that coin is equally attractive – Peach New Media, for example, is an LMS company that has long included social learning and online community elements into their video platform, with the ability to have chats and discussions alongside livestreamed events.

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Employee Evangelists: Your Secret Social PR Weapon in a Crisis

Waxing UnLyrical

The proliferation of new media outlets has changed everything about how companies communicate. These built-in advocates have automatic credibility on social media channels because people believe they have insider knowledge and access to late-breaking news about their company’s crisis response.

Badge 187

Kimberly-Clark uses social quiz to woo talent

Kimberly-Clark created a BuzzFeed -inspired quiz to discover their own Original Thinker type and then are rewarded with a new emoji badge suitable for social sharing, as well as an invitation to find out about original thinkers at Kimberly-Clark. A re you an original thinker?

Breaking Out of Social Disclosure Jail With CMP.LY

Convince & Convert

It’s been about 15 months since those crazy kids at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) passed their new disclosure guidelines to “protect the public&# from inappropriately cozy business relationships being companies and bloggers, tweeters, Facebookers and more. badges.

Badge 118

Gaming Mindfulness

Janet Fouts

It works particularly well with problem-solving where badges or scores indicate competency. Many corporations use gamification to encourage employee engagement , sharing of company information on social media, and meeting performance goals.

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Search Engine Optimization THEN Blogging THEN Social Media Marketing

Webbiquity SMM

I did a website analysis and custom demonstration for a local IT recruiting company recently. This is a very successful company. They need a pipeline of companies that want to hire them to recruit on their behalf. By Peter Caputa.

The truth in online health communities

Harp Interactive

Like any company with marketing-savvy, they put in place an aggressive, integrated SEO and social media marketing plan in order to saturate the search engines with “their&# side of the story. Customers love to display creative badges and search engines love the links!

Need More B2B Sales Leads? Ignore This Research

Webbiquity SMM

That makes it crucial for companies to be as visible as possible during that research phase, before they even aware of a prospect’s potential interest. That information may be third-party links, but may also be hosted on the company’s website or blog.

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Monday Roundup: Renewing Your Business Strategy

Waxing UnLyrical

Why: “But cleaning house right now may not only be good for your abode—it could also prove beneficial to your career,” says Stephanie Taylor Christensen in this Fast Company post that offers some “tips for top career to-dos to tackle in the spring.”

I Will Not Write About Old Spice

Adam Cohen

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Why Foursquare and I Split Up

Ari Herzog

After 2,240 check-ins, 669 photos, 106 tips, 46 badges, and 21 mayorships, I deleted my Foursquare account. Because I was using it less and less in recent months — and for the reasons elaborated above about the company’s decision to split Foursquare and create Swarm — it was time to sever ties. I explained my reasons on their deletion form: “You lost me by splitting into two apps. I don’t want two apps. I want one app.”

Your Next Trade Show Checklist

The Realtime Report

Be sure to have the following for the optimal trade show experience: A Method For Gathering Contact Information: Whether it’s a simple sign-in sheet or fancy badge scanner, make sure you get the customer’s information. Your Next Trade Show Checklist.

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Social Media Updates: May


It’s awesome because live video removes the barriers between brand and customer, allowing you to put a face to the company and to speak directly and casually to them, whether you are offering thought leadership, or insights into your solutions.

Better Homes and Gardens, Use Pinterest For Thanksgiving Holiday Promotion

The Realtime Report

A prize of up to $5,000 for readers who create a “Best Thanksgiving Ever” Pinterest board, pin the official badge of the campaign, and pin at least four other Thanksgiving photos inspired by Better Homes and Gardens or

Badge 152

Gamification: Why Play?


Users can claim mayorships, unlock badges, receive special offers and rewards such as discounts to specific retailers while also competing against friends via a leaderboard. Tweet A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about how people spend their time online.

BeKnown…on Facebook


From there, you can customize your networks and start unlocking badges (as you use the app more) to enhance your profile for potential jobs. Having that contact within the company when applying is a huge perk, and those inside tracks can be difficult to find.

Is being a productive marketer worth the personal price?

Convince & Convert

Because 22% of research participants said Baby Boomers at their company are the most productive. 20% said Millennials are the most productive cohort of company employees. But there’s another, often unspoken factor at play: company culture. For the companies we serve?

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Social Media Chat Tuesday, July 21st

Adam Cohen

I’m honored to be included among company like this, and from participating in prior sessions I’m looking forward to hearing from some passionate folks.

Alternative: Facebook Groups App Gone – Sep 2017 – Australia

Laurel Papworth

In the good news, it’s not because Facebook aren’t interested in groups anymore – with Group analytics/insights/measurements, Group Admin badges and connecting Group communities to Facebook Business Pages, Groups aren’t going anywhere.

How to Get Verified on Twitter (If I can do it, you can too!)

Buffer Social

You can apply to be Twitter verified and receive a blue checkmark badge next to your name. It does provide a bit of an ego boost and celebrity moment to see the blue badge, but here’s the real kicker: There are significant business/brand advantages to being Twitter verified.

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The One Must-Listen Podcast for Social Media Marketers

Convince & Convert

Usually it’s someone from a big brand, and the list of companies we’ve talked to on the show is remarkable. Social Pros was one of the first social media podcasts, and certainly the first to focus on big-company social media. It’s a show about big companies in social.

How to Make Money on YouTube: 6 Effective Strategies


If you’re not sure where to start, check out Shopify’s how-to on the topic of finding a brick-and-mortar company to make your dream a reality. In exchange, they get custom emoji, badges, and access to members-only exclusives like Live Chats with you.

How To Promote You Facebook Page URL on Your Personal Profile.

Saying It Social

You would think that one of the first features Facebook would have added when the hype around creating Facebook Pages for business sprung up would have been a one (or two) click maneuver to easily post a link or a badge to your Facebook Page on your personal profile. People found a way to do this anyway by adding HTML and/or FBML (Facebook’s version of HTML) profile boxes with the code for their Facebook Page badges.

URL 113

5 Social Media Updates You Need To Action Right Now

agora pulse

If you’re working for a big corporation, the chances are someone in your company has set up a “fake” profile at some point to manage your page and ad account. It could be under your company name, CEO’s name, or the marketing manager who left 5 years ago.

Returning to the Gravity Summit

Ari Herzog

Badge 145

The Voice of the Social Employee Inside the Firewall

Direct Marketing Observations

Sure we talk about employee empowerment and internal ideation at some cool sexy companies that are doing “that&# , but for most, the employee doesn’t get the type of play that it deserves. How can a company leverage that through an internal social platform?

Badge 192

Bridging the Social, the Human, and the Practical


As more and more companies, associations and non-profits wade into the growing sea of online social practices there have been three key concepts I have come across: How do we implement a social community? Even simple “badges” can be rewards.

Your ultimate guide to social media icons

Sprout Social

It’s important to remember that social media icons are also the respective company’s registered trademarks. For instance, clicking on any of the following social media icons on the Sprout Social homepage will take you to the company’s respective social media channels.

Is Social Proof Marketing the Next Big Thing?


Third-party certification: When a third-party source (such as another company) verifies the validity of the service provider, it creates a sense of consumer confidence. . Badges and logos: When brands put badges and logos on their website, such as an “Angie’s List” or “Better Business Bureau” endorsement, it chases away doubt. Social proof is when someone else validates your opinion.

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