8 Instagram Features Perfect for Small Businesses


Whether you want to strengthen your community, build brand awareness, or even make e-commerce sales, there’s an Instagram feature to help you achieve your goals. Instagram Live is a great tool for businesses looking to build meaningful connections with their online community.

Monday Roundup: Renewing Your Business Strategy

Waxing UnLyrical

If that’s not a fresh take on community building, what is? Why: “Unless you are one of those people who views 80-hour work weeks as a badge of honor, then we’re all trying to get more done in less time,” says Heather Whaling as she offers some tips to increase productivity. area, she loves helping for- and non-profit clients, both small and large, turn corporate codswallop into community cool™. Spring has officially sprung.


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Latest from the Open Community Virtual Book Tour


Get this badge. Here’s the schedule for our Open Community Virtual Book Tour for next week. 11/22/10 – Skyline Trade Show Tips – we’ll be talking about the open community around your tradeshows. 11/22/10 – CareNetworks Blog | Brian Geyser – Brian’s great blog deals with online community building for the long term care industry. 11/08/10 — John Haydon – Five Questions about Open Community.

23 Simple Ways to Increase Facebook Engagement (Free Calculator)


Mixed Makeup has a private group for fans to share skincare tips and ask beauty questions — with over 64,000 members, it’s a great example of community building. A verified badge shows visitors that you’re the real deal and they can feel safe engaging with your posts.

How to Run Successful Campaigns on Google+

Convince & Convert

Google+ campaigns are a great way of building trust and relationships with the people who may well become your brand advocates. It takes time to build trust, and the more you have paid your dues to your community, the more you will find people will follow. To give my community members an enjoyable learning experience, and 3. In order to make campaigns work for you, you will have to invest in building your network and in finding a community who love what you do.

Social Network Quality vs. Quantity: What's More Important.

Jason Yormark

Now of course I’m not referring to the Ashton Kutchers of the world, but the common users with marketing or community backgrounds, specifically mid range users with 10k plus followers. I didn’t really spend too much time with my personal account on Twitter while at Microsoft but over the past few months, I’ve made it a priority to work on building my following, but doing so in a qualified, strategic way.

Make Your LinkedIn Profile Work for You | chrisbrogan.com

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Here’s the first paragraph of my summary: I show businesses how to use social media technologies for external community building and outreach, and for internal collaboration. Just be clear that you’ve chosen to build a profile to signal your professional capabilities, and write it in such a way that people understand where you sit. For the bonus round, I recommend staying up to date via LinkedIn’s community superhero, Mario Sundar. community.

Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2008: Social Media, SEO, and More " techipedia | tamar weinberg

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

New for 2008: If your article is highlighted in this comprehensive post, we have badges for you! How to Get New Web Sites to Rank Quickly : Aaron Wall discusses some strategies to get high rankings with a brand new site — and we know those are sites that often need to take time to build trust. Jill Whalen has been active on forums and online communities for 10 years now. The 10 Commandments of the Social Web : Building a social network?

SEO 141

Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2011

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Consider focusing your link building tactics internally — that is, on your site. Your strategies must employ content creation, community management, local/maps optimization, among others. Link Building. 10 Years of Link Building Advice : Link building advice can be hit or miss, but some link builders have given us pretty good advice even as far back as 2001. Link Building 101 : What’s link building? Community Management.