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B2B Blogging Trends for 2011

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Blogging is often viewed as the core component of a B2B social media marketing strategy, and other than discussion forums, it’s the most mature component of social media. So what’s next for B2B blogging? You can get the whole story in B2B Blogging Trends in 2011 , a free (and no registration required) white paper from Aggregage (the software that powers the BMZ site).

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Best LinkedIn Guides, Tips and Tactics of 2010

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LinkedIn is firmly ensconced among the “big 3″ social networks for marketing and business purposes, and though its base of 80 million members is far smaller than the 600 million users of Facebook, its impact in B2B marketing is larger. According to recent research , 32% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to generate leads, versus just 16% who do so on Facebook.

2011 B2B Marketing Trends

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MarketingSherpa recently released its 2011 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report. As MarketingSherpa notes, “Year after year, the greatest challenge that B2B organizations face is generating high-quality leads.&#. As B2B marketers become more mature with their social marketing practices, their perceptions on the effectiveness of this tactic will improve.&#. Strange.). Digg this!

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Best Social Media Stats, Facts and Marketing Research of 2010

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How are consumers and b2b decision makers using social media in their buying processes? Social Media 3Q Update: Who Uses Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, & MySpace? Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn continued to add users in the second half of 2010, albeit at a slower pace than in previous quarters. Social Media Facts & Figures for B2B Sales by Inside View. Adam T.

Best Twitter Guides, Tips and Tools of 2010

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Twitter is used (officially) in 65 of the Fortune 100 companies , 63% of small to midsized businesses, and nearly half of all B2B enterprises. Share this on LinkedIn. Share this on Technorati. Twitter came of age in 2010, growing at a scorching pace —from 75 million users at the beginning of the year to more than 190 million by the end of December. How can I get more retweets?

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100+ Blog Directories and RSS Sites for Promoting Your Blog

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Webbiquity B2B Marketing Blog). Keywords (6-8 core keyword phrases for your blog, e.g., “b2b marketing blog, SEO, search engine marketing, social media, SEM, online reputation management, content marketing, social PR&# ). Technorati. Share this on LinkedIn. Share this on Technorati. Tags: Business Blogging Social Media Marketing 9rules blog directories blog SEO Blog-directory Blogarama Bloggapedia Icerocket link building RSS syndication sites Scribnia Technorati TruthLaidBear Urlfan Weblogalot Zimbio charging for inclusion). link].

The Social Media ROI Debate

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Social Media ROI – How 3 B2B Technology Companies Are Achieving Revenue Results by MarCom Ink. Kim Cornwall Malseed summarizes the social media wisdom and ROI results gleaned from a panel of b2b marketing pros including Holger Schulze of SafeNet, Frank Strong of Vocus and Susan Cato of CompTIA. CEOs Love Pie: The B2B Social Media Case Study, Part 2 by iMedia Connection.

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How Marketers are Using Social Media for Business: New Report

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B2B marketers were slightly more likely to report increased sales than than their B2C counterparts. Again, this benefit was more prevalent among b2b companies (61%) than b2b firms (49%). LinkedIn – 78%. Digging further in the details, b2b marketers are considerably more likely to find value with LinkedIn, and slightly more likely to utilize blogs, than their b2c peers. When asked to look forward, two-thirds of marketers said they plan to increase their use of blogs, Facebook, video, Twitter and LinkedIn. Share this on Technorati.

2011 Social Media Marketing Trends

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Three-quarters of b2b buyers use social media at some point during their purchase decision process, and marketers are responding with increased spending on social media marketing. Share this on LinkedIn. Share this on Technorati. Social Media Marketing b2b social media Focus Frank Days Jay Baer Lee Traupel Maggie Fox Mark Schaefer Michael Brenner Paul Dunay social media marketing trends social media predictions for 2011 social media report Stephanie Marx TwitterFacebook added more than 150 million new users in 2010. So what’s next? Metrics will mature.

Vote for Your Favorites in the B2B Twitterer of the Year Awards

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Nominations and voting are now open for the B2B Twitterer of the Year (B2BTOTY) awards. Here’s your chance to recognize your favorite B2B organization or individual for their exceptional Twitter skills. Now in its second year, the B2BTOTY award recognizes examples of the outstanding use of Twitter by B2B personalities, vendors, publishers, organizations and institutions.

Content Aggregation: The Future of (B2B and Consumer) Media?

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These technologies include Browse My Stuff (which powers both the B2B Marketing Zone and Social Media Informer ) and , which enables users to create custom online “newspapers&# based on a Twitterer and his/her followers, a hashtag subject or a Twitter list. Share this on LinkedIn. Share this on Technorati. Tags: Media Social Media Marketing Apple iPhone b2b marketing zone blogger outreach browse my stuff content aggregation content curation David Koretz Google News industry trade publications Joe Pulizzi media decline Moreover Technologies

How to Drive Word of Mouth in B2B Online Marketing

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What’s the best way for B2B companies who market to small businesses to drive word of mouth? Know what your targets have done on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn before you pitch them anything. Share this on Technorati. By Erika Penzer Kerekes. Here are some tips from marketing experts Anita Campbell of Small Business Trends and John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing , who spoke at the Corporate Executive Board’s Enterprise Council on Small Businesses Summit last June: – Be human. – Cultivate your cheerleaders. – Do your homework. – Add value. Digg this!

Seven Ways to Use Social Media for Business

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From a pure lead generation / ROI standpoint, this skepticism isn’t entirely unjustified; research from earlier this year showed that branding metrics (increased brand exposure, webs traffic, email subscribers partnerships)—not strict revenue or ROI measures—topped the list of benefits that b2b marketers realized from social media activities. Share this on LinkedIn. Digg this!

Eloqua, TopRank, Demandbase and More – OMS Minneapolis Wrapup

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A common issue for B2B vendors: how do you sell “boring stuff&# online? Facebook is better for B2B than many businesses realize (the one point of Steve’s on which I remain skeptical). • 92% of b2b buying cycles start with search. B2C use of QR codes is about selling, B2B use is about branding: provide the visitor with some kind of value (e.g. Be interesting!

2012 #Nifty50 Top Men in Technology on Twitter

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He was an early adopter of LinkedIn and Twitter , and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and universities. John is a fun and engaging presence on Twitter , Facebook , LinkedIn and Pinterest and also blogs for Dell. He is the author of B2B Marketing Insider , chief editor for the SAP Business Innovation Blog and co-founder of the social news site Business2Community.

31+ of the Coolest Social Media, Search and Web Tools of 2010

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12 Social Media Tools for B2B Pre-Event Marketing by Social Media B2B. ** 5 Stars. Share this on LinkedIn. Share this on Technorati. Looking for an easy way to create a cool graphical email signature with trackable interactive buttons? Supplement your email list with your contacts’ social network info? Create video emails? Create animations? eSig. Flowtown. Klout.

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Best Web Presence Optimization Guides and Tips of 2010

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Sally Falkow reports research on new influences in the B2B buying process (e.g., Why B2B Marketers Should Leverage Flickr by Search Engine Land. The top two goals B2B marketers identified for social media are building brand awareness and increasing website traffic. 20 Common LinkedIn Mistakes Online Job Seekers Make by New Grad Life. Share this on LinkedIn.

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36 (of the) Best Facebook Guides, Stats and Rants of 2010

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And though a website used primarily by young people to post embarrassing pictures of themselves and by older people to share cute pictures of their progeny would seem an odd venue for selling after-shave or enterprise software, both b2c and b2b marketers have embraced the platform in droves simply due to its incredible scale and reach. Share this on LinkedIn. Share this on Technorati.

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Five Social Media Marketing Reports and Guides Worth Checking Out

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A B2B Marketer’s Guide to Great Facebook Pages from HubSpot (29 pages). Though Facebook is generally more effective for b2c marketers than on the b2b side (as even this report notes), there are nevertheless b2b companies standing out from the crowd by getting results through Facebook. MarketingSherpa’s Top 7 B2B Case Studies for 2010 (64 pages). Digg this!


The New Gig: VP of Marketing & Social Media @ Strategies 360

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clients outside the normal b2b and b2c environments I have. Share this on LinkedIn. Share this on Technorati. Tweet It would take a pretty sweet opportunity for me to leave. what was a pretty good situation at Microsoft. Despite the. fact that I was unhappy with my role, with. href="[link]. size-full wp-image-358" title="Strategies360Logo". src="[link]. alt="" width="300" height="167" /> some patience, I. may have been able to eventually landed elsewhere in the. company. But when an opportunity like the one at Strategies. 360 presented itself, I had to jump all over it.

Social Media Strategy from A to Z » Techipedia | Tamar Weinberg

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Drive Leads through LinkedIn. Lead generation and client acquisition can be had on LinkedIn, especially in the B2B space, just as long as you’re active and engaging. Linkedin lead generation requires commitment to answering and asking questions on Groups/Answers, taking advantage of the deep searches, and connecting directly with those around you in your network.

Four Ways to Measure Social Media Marketing Results

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“reach,&# these are high-level measures of your brand or company’s presence in social media, such as number of Twitter followers, Facebook fans, LinkedIn group members, mentions across social media (you’ll want to pick one social media monitoring tool for this and stick with it for a while, for the sake of consistency of month-to-month comparisons). Share this on LinkedIn.

12 of the Best WordPress Guides, Hacks and Plugins of 2010

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Code to Create Custom Share Buttons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Delicious by B2B Online Marketing. Share this on LinkedIn. Share this on Technorati. WordPress is no longer just the leading blog platform , but is now the most popular open-source CMS (content management system) as well. WordPress Themes and Plugins. 20 Excellent Free WordPress 3.0 by Andy Beal.

Best Social Media Stats and Market Research of 2010 (So Far)

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How do B2B social media marketing practices differ from B2C companies? A national survey of reporters and editors revealed that 89% use blogs for story research, 65% turn to social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn, and 52% utilize microblogging services such as Twitter. Third, the survey was heavily consumer-oriented; b2b figures would be different. LinkedIn.

The Ultimate Social Media Information Destination: Social Media Informer Launches

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SMI was developed by some of the same people as the popular B2B Marketing Zone b2b marketing portal. Share this on LinkedIn. Share this on Technorati. Tags: Social Media Marketing b2b marketing zone browse my stuff leading social media bloggers social media hub social media informer social media news Now you can, at Social Media Informer , a social media content hub launched today. For readers, SMI will aggregate high quality content; make it easy to navigate based on topic, source or date; and expose valuable niche content that might otherwise be overlooked.

The Ultimate Social Media Etiquette Handbook

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If you’re looking to establish a professional relationship with someone, consider LinkedIn. LinkedIn is still seen as the more professional of the two. LinkedIn Gathering all the email addresses of users you are connected to — even locating email addresses of LinkedIn Group managers — and utilizing this mailing list to promote your own company or service off-site.

Social CRM with Google contacts and Rainmaker

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Social CRM mixes up business information with personal tweets, LinkedIn and Facebook status updates. Integrate with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. s Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn networks. Rainmaker also automates Twitter and LinkedIn connections. FEATURES. * “Make It Rain&# - Pull contact information from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more. * BENEFITS.

100 Personal Branding Tactics Using Social Media |

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Build ego searches using Technorati and Google Blogsearch. Get a LinkedIn account for your professional network. Make sure your social media is listed in your LinkedIn profile. Another promotion tool: use the status section of LinkedIn and Facebook. One question: Under Home Base, you advise to claim your site on Technorati. Mark, I believe Technorati uses pinging to link to blogs. I use Wordpress and you set it up to ping Technorati’s ping link every time you have an update. Thanks for the follow-up on Technorati, Chris. linkedin.

11 Common Mistakes That People Make With Their Personal Brands.

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If you ask me ‘do you do B2B marketing?’ Kirtsy Likaholix LinkedIn Mahalo Mento Mixx MyBlogLog MySpace Plurk Pownce Propeller Reddit SEOmoz Sphinn StumbleUpon Technorati Toluu Twitter Wikipedia Yahoo! Here you will find 11 common mistakes that people make with their personal brands and suggestions that will help you avoid them. Read your own writing. Any advice?

How to Get an Influencer's Attention

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B2B Lead Generation Strategies September 13, 2010 at 2:06 pm { 155 comments… read them below or add one } Tim Ho March 24, 2010 at 10:20 am Very valuable article! Perhaps this might serve as the start of a real relationship. If nothing else, these influencers will help to share your story with their own audience. I contacted a number of influencers to see what grabs their attention.

Mix of Social Media Trends 2011

   *these brand references are all clients of Ogilvy's Posted at 03:12 AM in Social Enterprise | Permalink | Comments (0) | TrackBack (0) Technorati Tags : black belts , digital influence , john bell , ogilvy , social media training | Reblog (0) December 20, 2010 What will Social Business Training Look Like for Us in 2011? Which doesn't make it wrong. agree and disagree.

How Many Share Buttons Should You Use?

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If your website is a tech website, for instance, then you might want to display tech-centric social icons such as Delicious, Digg, and Technorati. LinkedIn – If you are a B2B business – and even some B2C niches – you’ll want to include a LinkedIn button. When it comes to website design , one factor that bears a little forethought is how many share buttons, and which share buttons, you should use on your site. The fact that share buttons are a necessary component to effective web design these days doesn’t go questioned.

100+ Social Media Monitoring Tools

Marketo B2B Social Marketing By integrating with social media solutions, Marketo can help companies extend their marketing initiatives to include B2B social media and incorporate the conversations that happen on social sites. Businesses also need to measure, analyze, and report on their social media efforts. Some simple methods consist of leveraging Google Alerts and Twitter Search.

Best Business Blogging Guides and Tips of 2010

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Sean Donahue notes that, “If you’re still on the fence about the importance of a company blog, consider this trend: Many B2B marketers report that their team’s blog — not the company homepage — is now the most popular entry point for online visitors,&# then provides tips for maximizing company blog success. Seven Ways to Revive a Neglected B2B Blog by MLT Creative. by ClickZ.

Social Media Strategy? Think Like a Reporter

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In the b2b world, thought leadership content is key, but this can take different forms depending on your resources and style: blogs are the most common media , but video, podcasting, online presentations and articles are other ways to share information and education with prospects. Share this on LinkedIn. Share this on Technorati. Who else will be involved? Tweet? Digg this!

78 (of the) Best Social Media Marketing Tips, Guides, Tools and Strategies of 2010 (So Far)

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10 Principles for B2B Sales by Better Closer. 10 Essential Social Media Tips for B2B Marketers by Mashable. Christina Warren tells b2b marketers how to use Twitter effectively, find their “social voice,&# efficiently monitor industry developments through social media, expand their influence and more in this excellent post. 10 Essential Social Media Tools for B2B Marketers by Mashable. The Potential of Social Media for B2B Markets by The Social CMO Blog. B2B Social Media Strategy: 5 Steps to Gaining Executive Buy-in by B2B Bloggers. 5 stars.

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Integrate Social Networks with your Corporate Website with ‘Social Sign On’

Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang Home About Speaking Research Media Contact Subscribe via RSS Connect with Jeremiah: twitter friendfeed linkedin flickr technorati Connect with Jeremiah on twitter A few years ago, critics said Blogging was a fad. By sharing their experiences with friends on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Yahoo, MySpace, etc. How about in the B2B space?

How to Use Social Media for Personal Branding

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Finally, share these articles using your social media tools, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and possibly cite them in your presentations and within blog posts. Instead, join the top four networks: Facebook, Google Buzz, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Whether it’s Tamar’s blog, a Facebook fan page, a LinkedIn group, a Ning network, a local association, etc. Follow him on Twitter.

50 (of the) Best Twitter Guides, Stats, Tips and Tools of 2010 (So Far)

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According to a MarketingProfs study, monitoring and responding to brand mentions are ranked among the most successful Twitter marketing tactics by both B2B and B2C marketers. Share this on LinkedIn. Share this on Technorati. Although fewer Americans use Twitter than Facebook, Twitter users “are far more likely to follow Brands/ Companies than social networkers in general.

4 Content Curation Ideas to Implement Now

Main September 22, 2010 4 Content Curation Ideas to Implement Now I caught Paul Gillin's column in B2B magazine yesterday on how curation is the new creation. Posted at 07:52 AM in business-to-business , content marketing , marketers , microsites | Permalink Technorati Tags : content curation , content curation ideas TrackBack TrackBack URL for this entry: [link] Listed below are links to weblogs that reference 4 Content Curation Ideas to Implement Now : Comments Another way to do this is to reduce the curation effort by using Automated Filtering. You can too.   4.