Monday Roundup: Integrated Communication Case Studies

Waxing UnLyrical

This week, we feature seven such case studies from both sides of the pond. Integrated Marketing Communications Case Study: City of Hope . Why: “We helped strengthen City of Hope’s position as a scientific leader by emphasizing the passion of their doctors, nurses and caregivers who get up every morning to accomplish one thing – cure cancer,” says this Phelps case study on a truly remarkable campaign.

Manwich: A Case Study on Social Media Listening

Waxing UnLyrical

He had a 14-year career in direct B2B sales before deciding to lighten up his dreary work life and move into advertising. Manwich: A Case Study on Social Media Listening. You knew this day would come. The day there’d be a post about the Manwich here at WUL. Image: keysi via Flickr, CC 2.0. You have probably eaten a Sloppy Joe sometime in your life. Maybe a Manwich. When you were 12. So how did we get to this point?


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Does convert for B2B Marketing – a case study

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Related posts: Influencers vs Advocates in B2B Marketing According to Wikipedia – Influencer Marketing is a form of. B2B Marketing Content: Lure or Lasso? The short answer – heck yeah! On December 19, 2009 Avaya completed the acquisition of Nortel Enterprise Services. We announced on that day we would hold a virtual event that would introduce our new roadmap for the combined enterprise in exactly 30 days.

Apple: A Case Study in Why Brands Should Control Their Stories

Waxing UnLyrical

Microsoft with its major earnings (always top 5 in the world) but flat share price for years is a classic case. He had a 14-year career in direct B2B sales before deciding to lighten up his dreary work life and move into advertising. Apple: A Case Study in Why Brands Should Control Their Stories. It is very rare that social media is used to propel or hurt brands in significant business-altering ways.

Marketing Example: Using Fanocracy To Build B2B Brand Fans


Case Studies Marketing Business to Business FanocracyThroughout 2020, I’ve talked a great deal about the ideas in my Wall Street Journal bestselling book Fanocracy: Turning Fans into Customers and Customers into Fans.

Insights activation (II): run your marketing campaigns smartly with consumer insights based on social data [with case study]


Both B2B and B2C businesses can benefit from the type of insights extracted from social networks and bring them into action at the production and execution stage of their campaigns. As people see more clearly how to apply these insights to B2C campaigns we want to describe today a case study of a very B2B sector, which is the marketing industry.

Let’s Get Real… Does Your Content Convert?

Pam Moore

It's time to get real about the real return on the investment you make in content marketing. Is the money and time you are investing in content marketing helping you achieve your business goals? Is the time you invest researching your audience, learning the social networks and pounding out mounds of content fruitful? Bottom line… does your content convert to real business? Are you one of the 22% of businesses that are satisfied with their conversion rates?

5 Best-Practice Email Marketing Case Studies

Convince & Convert

Most agency email subscribers are B2B clients, and they already receive so much email from agency account managers, projects managers, and creatives that they would need a very compelling reason to read any more agency email. Yet Hammock managed to increase open rates by 48% for B2B companies. Momentum Worldwide came out with a very insightful marketing chart for 2015. I’m curious, what catches your eye most?

How This B2B Brand Marketed With Happy People Instead of a Huge Budget

Convince & Convert

ReadyTalk defined the following: Increase lead generation Build a community of engaged customers Solicit product feedback from customers Increase sales effectiveness through customer referrals Increase “marketing with customer” tactics such as guest blog posts, case studies, testimonials, etc. Do you have an awesome outreach marketing case study to share?

B2B 119

How to Create Content that Inspires, Connects and CONVERTS Lookers to Buyers: FREE Webinar

Pam Moore

Another day of amazing content creation. You create yet another epic piece of content. You publish yet another epic piece of content. Your epic piece of content is shared all over the social and digital web, once again. However, as usual your content is not converting. It is not driving business. It is not driving real traffic to your blog or website. It is not helping grow your email list. It is not generating new leads. It is not driving sales. It is not driving ROI. So what is the problem?

Kotex + Pinterest = An Innovative Campaign: A Case Study With Yael Linen-Zuchman

Diva Marketing Blog

Many brands, B2b, B2C, as well as, nonprofit and even the military and higher ed are pinning. Seems we can’t turn a virtual corner without bumping into a post about the hottest social network Pinterest. What started as a playground for mostly women to share life style images is morphing into a serious business platform. Recently I was contacted by an Israeli agency about a Pinterest campaign that they launched for Kotex: Kotex Inspiration Day.

Measuring Customer Experience for B2B Marketers


B2B organizations often are remiss in remembering B2B buyers are just B2C consumers wearing a different hat. For B2B, this means buyers expect a personalized, well-developed, enticing customer experience (CX) from first learning of your brand until closing a sale. B2B Marketing

B2B 70

Top Tactics for B2B Growth Hacking

To apply B2B growth hacking tactics, a business needs a growth mindset and a predetermined process to follow. Before launching a B2B growth hacking strategy, you need management buy-in. This may involve a presentation explaining B2B growth hacking and how you intend to proceed. .

B2B 97

What Does B2B Social Media Success Look Like?

Webbiquity SMM

Until recently, most social media case studies have focused on consumer brands. It’s not that B2B companies aren’t finding success in social media marketing, but more (in my experience at least) that they are less willing to publicly reveal their strategies for competitive reasons. Recently, that’s begun to change a bit as blogs like TopRank and Marketo have highlighted b2b social media success stories.

B2B 162

8 Tips by B2B Marketers for LinkedIn Lead Generation


For B2B marketers, the importance of LinkedIn cannot be overstated. A remarkable 80% of B2B leads that come from social media originate from just one platform, and that’s LinkedIn. It’s not like LinkedIn’s efficacy is a secret— 94% of B2B companies use LinkedIn for marketing.

B2B 102

B2B Testimonials: Seven Things to Do When Clients Won’t (or Can’t) Talk

Webbiquity SMM

But obtaining and publishing client ratings and reviews is much more difficult in the b2b world. Many large companies and government agencies refuse to provide testimonials, authorize news releases or participate in case studies simply as a matter of policy. So, what can you do if you’re a b2b marketer who has an abundance of delighted clients, none of whom can provide public endorsement?

B2B 162

The complete guide to B2B SEO

Sprout Social

But for business-to-business (B2B) companies, the strategy shifts from a broad audience to a very specific one. B2B SEO has a few basic areas that differ from B2C SEO. In this guide, we’ll outline those key differences and how you can better your own B2B SEO strategy.

B2B 88

Increase LinkedIn Engagement with These 15 Proven Strategies

Pam Moore

SocialZoomFactor · LinkedIn Marketing Engagement Strategies to Increase Leads, Sales and Brand Awareness.

Three More Ways to Get the Attention of Today’s Busy B2B Buyers

Webbiquity SMM

If you’re in B2B sales or marketing, you know how challenging it is to get the attention of today’s buyers. B2B marketers are struggling more than ever to get targeted prospects to engage; almost 60 percent say it’s a challenge for them to generate new leads, according to Chief Marketers’ 2019 B2B Marketing Outlook report. In such a competitive environment, how can your team connect with today’s B2B buyers? Guest post by Marie Johnson.

B2B 128

How to Create A Linkedin Strategy for B2B Brands

Social Media Strategies Summit

In the US alone, research from Statista shows that B2B marketing spend has already decreased by over 50% in early 2020. Social media is the most popular platform for B2B marketing, says Content Marketing Institute: 83% of marketers are going this route.

B2B 130

New Report Says B2B Influencer Marketing Still Has Massive Room For Growth

Forbes Social Media

The 2020 State of B2B Influencer Marketing Report, the first of its kind, takes an in-depth look at brands, B2B influencers, and case studies to highlight industry best practices and offer recommendations for those working to develop their B2B influencer marketing strategies.

How to Create a B2B Video Marketing Strategy


So, why are B2B marketers lagging behind? One obvious answer is that traditionally, B2B marketers are, well, traditional. This is not to say that B2B marketing doesn’t exist but that despite its massive potential it’s still being used mostly to illustrate the complexities of the product in an easy to digest way: the classic “product demo” video. For most traditionalists, video doesn’t work for for B2B marketing for two reasons.

B2B 77

5 Ways B2B Can Learn from B2C Marketers

Buzz Marketing for Technology

But the reality is that B2B buyers are very similar to B2C consumers— whether it’s buying a new car or new enterprise software, consumers want to be educated and informed. While there are always going to be distinct differences between b2b and b2c marketing practices, B2B websites must make some B2C-inspired adjustments to keep up with savvy consumers. I can’t help but think we are leaving leads—and money—on the table as B2B marketers. There is no exception for B2B.

B2B 201

How to Hire and Partner with a Digital or Social Media Marketing Agency to Grow Your Business

Pam Moore

Considering hiring a digital marketing agency, social media agency or branding consultant? Hiring a marketing agency or consultant is a big decision. It's not only a big investment, but also a relationship that requires trust and a partnership. Understanding how to partner with your chosen agency or consultant can make or break your success in both the short and long term.

5 Clever Uses of LinkedIn for Unique Customer Experiences

Convince & Convert

Whether it’s a Willy Wonka “golden ticket” experience at a food brand or a chance to shadow a company executive for the day to gain stronger management experience, both B2B and B2C companies have unique roles and cultures worth highlighting. Social Media Case Studies audience engagement brand identity customer experience linkedin campaign linkedin marketing social media campaign social media case study social media strategy

Use Humor To Make Your Email Marketing Stand Out


Most email newsletters are terribly boring, especially those from B2B technology companies. Case Studies US Presidential Campaign Marketing & PR Newsjacking Best PracticesAnd political candidates. And nonprofits. Well, most organizations send boring email newsletters. One way to stand out from the swamp of sameness is to use humor.

The Two Core Elements of B2B Social Media Marketing Success

Webbiquity SMM

Case studies. Of course, in the B2B realm, your content should be targeted at addressing a specific question or concern of a specific type of buyer at a specific stage of the buying cycle (e.g.

B2B 163

The #1 Reason Why Your Social Media Has Zero Return on Investment in 2018

Pam Moore

According to a recent study from the DMA, only 48% of marketers believe they are receiving a positive return on their investment in social media. We work in both B2B and B2c and have found the challenges though different are often the same. Do you feel stuck in a rut when it comes to achieving your business goals and utilizing social media to help you do such? If so, you are not alone.

4 overlooked B2B market research methods for understanding your customers

Sprout Social

B2B buyers have a lot to consider on their path to purchase, and that path is not linear or simple. In fact, 77% of B2B buyers say their latest purchase was very complex or difficult. This is why B2B market research is critical. Get to know B2B buyers through keyword research.

Sales and Marketing Conversion Funnels – The Ultimate Get Started Guide

Pam Moore

Action: Grab our Buyer Persona Worksheet Template Pack (editable templates for B2B and B2C). SocialZoomFactor · Sales and Marketing Conversion Funnels – How to Get Started.

10 B2B social media post ideas to stand out in a crowded social landscape

Sprout Social

Creating captivating B2B social media post ideas can be… challenging. If you’re in B2B social, you know it has a bit of a reputation of being kind of dull. Don’t let this misconception turn you off of B2B social. Still searching for more B2B social media post ideas?

B2B 100

How to Turn B2B Prospects into Customers

Convince & Convert

You’ve successfully converted your B2B leads into prospects. s Steli Efti, free trials should be a maximum of 14 days long in most cases. Though he writes about software startups, his advice applies to any B2B business. Levin also recommends showing prospects your eBooks, whitepapers, and case studies during this stage. Adding a personal touch and making the potential customer feel like you’re there for them is what will separate you from other B2B businesses.

B2B 115

Nine Winning Digital Marketing Strategies From The B2B World

Webbiquity SMM

But what does this mean for brands, especially B2B vendors, that have traditionally relied on more conservative means of attracting their audiences? Here are nine distinct digital marketing strategies by brands in the B2B space, and how they’re redefining the state of the art in B2B marketing. Did anybody say B2B is boring? Unfortunately, especially for B2B brands, that’s often where it stopped. Guest post by Cheryl Joy.

B2B 172

How to Use Facebook Attribution to Scale Your Conversions

agora pulse

For instance, if you’re running a B2B business, conversions can take weeks, or even months to occur. In either case, understanding the data you get back will take some adjustment. Facebook Advertising Facebook analytics Facebook Case Studies Facebook Content StrategyIf you’ve been running ads on multiple platforms like Facebook and Google, you’ve probably had difficulties determining how to attribute your conversions.

How to Create Your B2B Dream Team

Convince & Convert

If you’re a B2B company, then you know just how important your people are to your company’s success. But in some cases for some B2B companies, especially those in the Services realm, your people are your product. For B2B brands such as design or ad agencies, executive recruiting firms, law firms, or consultancies, company culture is a very important aspect of building a great team. case study. Studio Science case study. Raidious case study.

Team 69

3 Foolproof Ways to Create Contagious Content

Convince & Convert

A study by Sirius Decisions shows that around two-thirds of B2B content doesn’t get used. Content Marketing 3M contagious content content marketing dermablend digital marketing social media case study strategy surprise trends value wacoal As the online space gets noisier with an overpopulation of advertisements, content marketing has become one of the most effective ways for brands to differentiate themselves.

5 Tricks to B2B Marketing Socially

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Whenever I ask members of sales team from around the globe what they need – the answer never changes – more case studies. Its not to say that we don’t respond but for whatever reason it takes a village to get a single case study done. The reason the sales team loves case studies is it gives them evidence. Evidence for them to start a conversation around your solution and gauge whether there is a need with the potential buyer they are talking to.

B2B 171

Nine B2B Marketing Lessons from College Visits

Webbiquity SMM

One advantage that university marketers have over their most of their b2b counterparts in optimizing their programs is scale; colleges can learn from and fine-tune their messages and marketing processes based on thousands of interactions each year. Only the largest b2b enterprises approach that level of sales activity. So, here are several lessons b2b marketers can take from that high-volume learning.

B2B 161

5 Awesome Association Facebook Pages


About a month ago, Maddie shared this post about awesome B2B Facebook Pages with me and suggested I do a similar post about association Facebook Pages. In case you don’t already know this, Facebook allows you to set a default landing tab under “Edit Page&# >&# Default Landing Tab.&#. Association Case Studies From the Trenches

A guide to B2B content marketing in 2021

Sprout Social

But where do you start and what type of content should you create for B2B content marketing? Understand your B2B audience. The first step in setting up your B2B content marketing strategy is knowing who you’re talking to. These are just a few ways of sourcing B2B content topics.

B2B 90