10 Community Manager Responsibilities that Don't Involve Twitter.

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Every time I tell someone I’m a Community Manager , I get a varied response. Really, many people trying to describe Online Community Managers, end up sounding like this: Others may know what Community Manager is, but don’t know exactly how much it entails.

Building a 7-Figure a Year SEO Company…by Marketing to the Medical Field

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As a result of so much of my time being spent focused on building an SEO company and ranking websites, I’ve been fortunate to come across a number of people who are on a similar journey. Plus for marketing you could do local event sponsorships and do good in your community.

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How One Father Used a Social Army to Find his Son

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When Jimmy Fallon said he was looking for a new truck and asked for suggestions, automotive brands were there with their own recommendations. Social Pros Podcast brand communities grassroots real-time marketing social marketing social marketing strategy Social Pros

Would Consumers Care if Your Brand Disappeared Tomorrow?


These brands consisted of large tech companies such as Google , YouTube , and Microsoft. What makes these companies so meaningful? Decades ago, there weren’t as many cars on the streets as there are today, which meant that sales were very low for tire companies.

Influencer marketing goes mainstream

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No longer reserved for journalists, media personalities, industry analysts and community leaders, the word influencer is used to describe anyone who has a large and loyal (mostly) online following. Influencer marketing is nothing new.

Easy B2B Tips for Google+ Users


Wisely, the company’s Google+ profile is filled with auto industry graphics and news, so it’s a great outreach opportunity that appeals to current and future consumers, as well as vendors and other companies that also focus on the automotive industry.

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Volkswagen: The fun theory

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This one meets all that criteria and more: Fun, educational, something that bonds people into a temporary community, with – as far as I can see – little in your face advertising from Volkswagen.

Picking The Right Social Platform For Your Brand


Media companies chose Twitter. Twitter has proven to be a very successful platform for Media companies. The Twitter format of very short updates is very well fitted for news headlines, and the top 10 Media companies has gained an average number of more than 4 million followers.

This Week in Social Media – 5/8/2013

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Salesforce has unveiled a Communities solution for the enterprise , which leverages its Chatter platform and other products to create portals that will allow external conversations to be brought into the company more seamlessly. A roundup of relevant links affecting our industry.

Search Engine Statistics:: Google's share dips

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Sector wise trends : If we look at vertical searches, all is not lost for Google as they continue to rise in Automotive, Shopping and travel verticals. Google’s percentage of upstream traffic grew for the Automotive, Shopping and Travel categories. Search saw gains in the Automotive category. Home About In the Media How People Respond to Your Online Content New Job Opening April 8, 2010.7:50

What 2,957 Facebook Pages Told Me About Organic Reach

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Being that I work for the company that creates the Barometer, I decided to go “under the hood” and see how industries as a whole are faring in terms of organic reach on their Facebook pages. Reach Tactic: Highlighting the lifestyle of its community. Industry : Automotive.

List of Brand-Side Corporate Social Strategists: Twitter Edition

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It’s an outstanding list, categorized by industry including Automotive, Chemicals, Electronics, Telecommunications, and a dozen other sectors, but all of the names were linked to the individuals’ LinkedIn profiles—no Twitter links! Automotive. • Kim Snedaker – Social Media Manager at AAA Mid-Atlantic. • Christopher Barger – Director, Global Social Media at General Motors. • Scott Monty – Digital & Multimedia Communications Manager at Ford Motor Company.

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The 29 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools

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That means if you are only monitoring your brand’s social media accounts, you’re missing most of the social conversation about your company, products, and services. ” — PRDaily (Automote). Identify sudden changes in the discussion volume to protect your company image.

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Recognizing our Agency Partner Founding Members

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Friendemic specializes in online reputation tools, using their proprietary review tracking and management product, for many of the world’s largest automotive brands, retail-level dealer groups, individual dealerships and retail businesses nationwide.

6 Content Marketing Takeaways from 30 Days of LinkedIn Publishing

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I was, however, quite surprised at the popularity of certain channels — LinkedIn’s version of categories — and how they managed to attract such huge communities on LinkedIn.

How to Grow Your Audience With Hashtags for Instagram

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Community hashtags. Branded hashtags are specific to your company. One benefit of branded hashtags is they can be tied back directly to your company. Then the company Regrams some of the best photos onto their own feed. Community Hashtags.

Social Media the One Bright Spot for PR Hiring

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companies say they plan to award base salary pay increases in 2011. You need to be able to use blogs, microblogs, social networks, RSS feeds and other tools to connect internal stakeholders as well as reach out to, and build a community with, your customers and other external audiences.

Diva Marketing Talks About Social Media Sponsored Conversations With "Auntie" Melanie Notkin and Scott Monty

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Auntie" Melanie Notkin , founder of the innovative community for aunts, SavvyAuntie and Scott Monty , Global Digital Communications Ford Motor , discuss the impact accepting money or products/services can have on social credibility. Give your community a unique experience.

Brands Cannot Be Human

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All soap was made the same way, and the only way to differentiate it was for the company manufacturing it to give it an original name and make it look different (ok, some of them smelled different too). In the decades after WWII, companies spent their time, money and effort trying to differentiate their products and services from those of their competitors. They are people who are trying to make a living, trying to make a difference in the same communities as you and your children.

Asperger's and IT: Dark secret or open secret?

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Industry - Automotive - Defense/Aerospace - Energy/Utilities - Financial - Health Care - Retail - Transportation - Travel - Manufacturing. Hes great at hammering out details one on one with other intensely focused people, often the CEOs of the companies he contracts for. White Papers Read up on the latest ideas and technologies from companies that sell hardware, software and services. ); ); } else { document.write(); }. ); } else { document.write(); }. More Resources.

Social Media a CRM perspective

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Sections To Read Home Main Page Community - Social Media Network Online Who will benefit from this blog? Tying this invaluable data into a CRM solution generates sales leads, ideas for product direction and strengthens a company's image and brand.

Exclusive Interview with Adnan Ebrahim: Founder of “Top Gear for the Facebook Generation”, Car Throttle

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I asked him questions ranging from Facebook tricks he uses that other people don’t know about to how he manages his staff with such a laid back company atmosphere. Any advice for other companies to do the same? In 2010 I received an email from Adnan Ebrahim.

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Social Media is Driven by the Person, Not the Position

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Use you as an example – you’ve made some really good traction at your company with what you’ve actually accomplished, not with what your title is. link] automotive parts I think the above article is informative for all concerned people.

Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media.

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If we’re not using the available data (made even richer by the coming ubiquity of “like&# ) to boost relevancy of our social and email communication, our fans will gravitate toward companies that are. For many companies (but by no means all), “batch and blast&# email whereby everyone on the subscriber list gets the same message is a thing of the past. I would love to hear your thoughts about how companies can address this challenge from a practical standpoint.

The Bamboo Project Blog: 21st Century Workplace Literacy: What Does that Mean and How Do We Engage More People in the Discussion?

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Blacksmiths failed to become fluent in automotive literacy and passenger railroads missed out on aviation literacy at times when both could have kept up with changing times. regarding us as "individuals with needs" while we function "inter-dependently within communities. They will speak of how learning and work gets accomplished by communities, networks, linked nodes, virtual teams. Services for Companies and Organizations. The Bamboo Project Blog.