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B2B Employee Advocacy Best Practices


Employees can carry your company’s message with an authentic voice, which makes them a trustworthy source. The more your employees tailor your recruitment marketing content to their audiences, the more authentic and relatable their outreach will be. Brand Sentiment. Mobile App.

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Using social listening to surface trends to your audience

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On the desktop client or mobile app, it shows you “What’s happening” and gives you a real-time update of trending topics and hashtags. This will help you understand what audiences are discussing authentically, and not just what they have to say when they @mention you or use a campaign hashtag.

GDPR and social media: What marketers need to know

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For example, consider how so much social traffic comes from mobile devices. Here’s an example of sentiment analysis via Sprout Social which translates those feelings into data: 2. Is there a link between GDPR and social media? The short answer is a resounding “yes.”

7 Instagram Influencer Marketing Tips for the Holiday Season


By partnering with relevant influencers who have an engaging and authentic voice, your business can reach so many more people and make real, lasting impressions. #1 Ellenor shows off how she decorated the Cava bottle for her friend, giving her gift a personal and sentimental touch. By using a trusted and authentic voice to deliver your message, your business has the opportunity to create a story that makes sense for both your brand and resonates with your influencer’s audience.

A guide to getting your CEO on social

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Linkedin’s CEO, Jeff Weiner, is just one of several CEOs who embodies the type of authentic, transparent communication consumers and employees are calling for. There’s really only two hard and fast “rules” here: Be open and be authentic. It may even be helpful to establish a set of pillars or categories of content to create some type of guidelines for posting.

55 (of the) Best Social Media Tips, Tactics and Tools of 2010

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In the inimitable words of Ian Lurie, “When discussing social media marketing, lots of folks, including me, say things like ‘be authentic’ and wave our hands around. number of retweets on Twitter, number of comments per blog post), brand sentiment and customer retention. influence, sentiment, volume) then reviews a dozen social media monitoring tools ranging from Google Alerts and Twitter Advanced Search to more powerful offerings like HootSuite and Scout Labs.

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