How Ski Resorts are Winning with Community-Driven Marketing this Year


With thousands of geotagged photos submitted every month, Breckenridge recently found an avenue to monetize these photos, putting them to work as advertisements. The ads pulled new customer photos in real time and gave viewers an authentic and timely view of the mountain and resort. Diverse and authentic user-generated content (UGC) tells the best story the brand can to their audience, but it also enables them to adapt their brand message as conditions change.

No-chella: Why Brands Need to Look Beyond Music Festivals for Community-Driven Success


Streaming a live event by definition involves a layer of interactivity, Brands can kickstart a new wave of Coachella success by reaching out mid-concert, with new events, technical breakthroughs, and UGC-focused shopping experiences made possible through a sense of community driven by live-streamed stages and sets. Coachella just wrapped its 2019 show, complete with an Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber surprise performance and an Easter Sunday sermon by Kanye.


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#SproutChat Recap: Creating Content for the Travel Industry

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Storytelling and showcasing a natural, authentic scenery and experience can go a long way. If you don’t have the resources in-house, ask for permission on Instagram to use geotagged posts or hire a freelancer. SproutSocial A1: Definitely visual UGC! A1: Our clients love featuring UGC submitted by happy customers after they return from a trip across all their social channels.

Social Media Terminology: Social Media Words You Need to Know

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Brand authenticity. Brand authenticity is the “realness” of a brand. Brand authenticity includes a brand voice (how your brand “sounds”) and brand engagement (how a brand interacts with its audience). Geotag. User-generated content (UGC). Brush up on your social media terminology, and even learn some new lingo via our helpful social media glossary. New to the world of social media?