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5 Brands That Are Taking UGC to the Next Level with Product Page Visual Reviews


Brands are experiencing a paradigm shift as they move away from traditional marketing techniques and towards a more seamless omni-channel experience. Here are three brands that are effectively using UGC on their product and category pages to inspire browsers to buy. eCommerce Marketin

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This Overlooked Marketing Strategy Can Help You Succeed in 2019


Crafting a marketing strategy that is both flexible enough to allow for agile shifts within the organization, while retaining rigidity that the whole team can align with isn’t an easy task. Your community should be the core focus of your marketing strategy in the year ahead.

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4 Tactics to Influence Brand Loyalty through Social Media

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As we’ve mentioned before in our discussion of the optimal content strategy for social media marketing , the first step toward success comes from understanding precisely who your audience is and what they’re all about. Okay, so, you’ve compiled a library of UGC.

2019 Influencer Marketing Trends for Brands


Influencer marketing has proven to be one of the most effective forms of connecting with a community. But there are key trends that brands should be aware of if they want to expand success in their influencer marketing strategy in 2019. Instagram Will Remain a Key Influencer Marketing Channel. Trend#3: UGC Will be King Across all Marketing Channels. Trend #5: The Demand for Authentic Content will Increase. Cost per conversion from UGC images.

Does Influencer Marketing Work with Baby Boomers?


With brands like Kylie Cosmetics and Fashion Nova leveraging young influencers to skyrocket to enormous valuations overnight, it can sometimes seem like the whole world of social media influence stops with millennials and Generation Z. The post Does Influencer Marketing Work with Baby Boomers?

Four Ways to Develop Amazing Social Media Content

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55% of marketers report a lack of resources for quality content production across the industry. Many marketers think that to shoot content in-house, they need an elaborate and expensive studio on-site. Finally, there’s User-Generated Content (UGC).

What to Post on Instagram When You’re Fresh Out of Ideas


” We use them to educate our audience on topics like Instagram marketing tips and how to best use Later’s features: View this post on Instagram. But quotes can be used for all kinds of marketing reasons, from driving sales to building brand affinity!

7 Great User-Generated Content Campaigns


According to a report from Adweek , 85% of users surveyed found visual UGC to be more influential than content made by the brands directly. As people look to their peers for recognition and recommendations, brands can leverage this trusted content to connect in more personalized and authentic ways. This UGC encourages people to support the campaign to provide life-changing education. This gives them a leg up on the competition, as their UGC feels especially authentic.

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5 Ways to Ensure Your Holiday Content Gets Discovered

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When you’ve made the decision to take a stab at some authentic, on brand holiday content, you don’t want to wait until the day of to share the wealth. See how @REI shook up Black Friday convention by calling for their customers & employees alike to #OptOutside (and share awesome UGC)!

How to Dress Up Your Content For Halloween

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Working with a fashion retailer? Check out these brand boards for creative marketing ideas. Utilize UGC. No matter where you go marketing messages follow: they appear on your way to work, in the media you consume, at home and in your own newsfeeds.

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User Generated Content 101


Social media marketers are often encouraged to develop and curate user generated content, but what is user generated content and why is it important? Integrating UGC into campaigns has become a popular -- and inexpensive -- way to develop brand awareness and loyalty.

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How We Grew Our Instagram Followers by 60% with User Generated Content

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For social media marketers managing Instagram and other social accounts this is something we all certainly strive for – Gorgeous images, a huge following, and incredible engagement from our audience. That strategy is the implementation of user generated content (UGC).

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5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with Pixlee


Pixlee’s industry-leading UGC platform is known for its extensive content creation, curation, and multi-channel publishing capabilities. We’d like to share a few of Pixlee’s unintentionally best kept secrets to make your marketing even more effective. Brand Marketing

How to Use Instagram Stories Highlights to Wow Your Customers


They’re a creative way to express yourself, show off your products, drive traffic, or market your business! . Not sure where to start when it comes to marketing your business with Instagram Stories?

Why We Love the New Instagram Stories Archive Feature


This will be especially useful for fashion and beauty brands to introduce seasonal arrivals and new promotions. Now that they can save this content and re-purpose it in their multi-channel marketing, there is more reason to invest in creating Stories. Social Media Marketing

Welcome To The Video Generation

The Realtime Report

It’s a revolution in marketing that includes gen Z, Gen Y, Gen X and even Boomers. Influencer marketing is on the precipice of exploding growth. It’s no surprise that influencer marketing is playing a growing role in the marketing mix for brands, retailers and agencies of all sizes.

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The Top 20 Brands to Watch at NRF 2019


Mainstay fashion retailer Levi’s is an American icon, but that’s not stopping President & CEO Chip Bergh from building the brand up and out. Even with heavy competition from online-only retailers, Petco has met the needs of an evolving market by broadening their in-store offerings, from pet grooming, pet sitting, and even veterinary services. Keep an eye on Walmart’s unveiled plans for co-opting some much-needed competition in Amazon’s market space. Brand Marketing

Top 10 Brands Killing It on Instagram

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In April, the platform saw changes to its API that resulted in the death of Instagram bots, apps that help brands analyze their followers and limitations on the ability to repost UGC. The brand created several made-for-social stories about art, fashion and pop culture.

4 Ways to Enhance Broadcast Email Campaigns with User-Generated Content


Marketers are aware that personalizing visual email content is critical to success, but many shy away from that idea beyond basic audience segmentation. User-generated content (UGC) can add that personal touch missing from your broadcast email campaigns — allowing email subscribers to see and interact with relevant photos and videos of your brand and its products. Does it contextualize your products in an authentic way? Brand Marketing

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5 Hashtag Campaigns that Crushed It in 2017 


Adidas started 2017 with an eye toward becoming more entrenched in the hip-hop fashion industry. Knowing that their target market of millennials spends way more time engaging with social and digital media than watching television, they embarked on an Instagram campaign using the hashtag #ORIGINALis and partnered with stars like Snoop Dogg, Desiigner, and Stormzy to promote their Originals line-up. OpenYourWorld addressed a meaningful issue in a fresh and authentic way.

How to Start Your Facebook Business Page: A Complete Guide

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With more than 50 million businesses on Facebook, the social network has become one of the staple channels to further market your brand. Show your audience your authenticity and passion by going the extra mile and follow these steps to fill out everything in your profile: 1.

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The Ultimate Guide on How to Use Instagram Stories

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Sharing User Generated Content (UGC). Stories represent a fantastic place to publish UGC if you don’t want it to dominate your main feed. Fashion giant Uniqlo ‘s main feed is dedicated to showing off their latest styles and fits. These sorts of Stories also display the content marketing potential of Instagram when brands get creative. Consider that followers crave a sense of authenticity from the brands they support.