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My Parents Just Joined Facebook&# On this site, you’ll find hundreds of gems sent in by kids who take revenge on their parents for humiliating them on Facebook, by sharing it with the world. Additional comments powered by BackType Click ‘Like’ to join us on Facebook!

Five Social Media Predictions for 2010


Location-based applications like Foursquare and Brightkite will not be the darlings of social media as some predict, but will instead turn into features and dissolve into general social networks like Facebook and Twitter. What needs to happen in the enterprise space is for one or two brands to be so well understood, so feature rich, and so commonplace, as to achieve generic status. Here are my five social media predictions for 2010.

Ethics in Social Media: A Glossary | Bare Feet Blog

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How far will you go and what damage does your brand risk? Brand Jacking – This is when an unauthorized person or persons pose as a someone or something they are not. I hope you have set up Google Alerts for your brand! See “Astroturfing&# above for more.