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The FTC is looking into the practice as well, as I blogged about here and here. Character Blogs or Personas - these are blogs that are written by an alias or an obvious person who is not real. This can apply to Twitter and accounts on other social networks as well as on blogs.)

5 Attributes of a Healthy, Real-Time Culture

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Sadly, Astroturf didn’t.). Tweet The future of business is not in measured, scrutinized answers or carefully planned initiatives.

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7 Tips for Staying on Top of the Social Wave

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Think of Wal Mart or Astroturfing. Information posted publicly on blogs, Facebook , Twitter , forums and other sites is fair game. Often times you have to step in it to realize you are in it.

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Oscar Del Santo´s last blog. ORM and the Dark Side: Astroturfing, Flogging and the Viral Marketing Campaign that never was Reply Irene Koehler says: September 18, 2009 at 3:32 pm You’re absolutely right.

Five Social Media Predictions for 2010


Many enterprises are launching blogs on TypePad or WordPress and building social networks and communities on third-party software or developing it from the ground up using Ruby-on-Rails. The EU Unfair Business Practices Directive technically banned astroturfing (the practice of company or paid third-party representatives posing as consumers and leaving positive comments on a blog or forum) some time ago. Here are my five social media predictions for 2010.