Apple Gets More Serious About Using Twitter, but Why it Doesn't Matter

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First, I’m going to say kudos to Apple for trying involve themselves in the world of social media. Let’s envision this scenario: a user has a support issue about an Apple product. Apple has no such protocol in place, and at this point, there is no engagement.

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5 Great iPad Social Networking Apps

Jason Yormark

Synchs with Google Reader which is a major plus and easy to share articles to your networks. My 9 Favorite iPhone Social Media Apps. Apple Social MediaThere aren’t too many great social networking apps for the iPad, but I have found a select few that I find myself using on a regular basis. Below is the list that I use regularly that cover using Twitter, Facebook, blogging, news consumption and social/web stats.

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MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro: MacBook Air Review After Owning The MacBook Pro

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Tweet So a few months ago I went into my local Apple store and had the opportunity to play around a bit with the newly launched MacBook Air. Big thumbs up to Apple on this one. Add this to Google Bookmarks. Post on Google Buzz. Add this to Google Reader.

My 9 Favorite iPhone Social Media Apps |

Jason Yormark Home About Me My Videos My Resume Contact Me Browse > Home / Apple , Social Media / My 9 Favorite iPhone Social Media Apps | Subcribe via RSS My 9 Favorite iPhone Social Media Apps February 22nd, 2010 Posted in Apple , Social Media Tweet Share As if spending countless hours on the computer with social media wasn’t enough, there’s a quite a few excellent apps out there that help you manage, monitor and communicate through your social media channels on the go.

10 Quotes on the Apple iPad and the Business of News

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Apple has proven over and over that when it comes to media, part of having a simple interface with consumers is having a simple price plan. Cheer iPad; Others Have Doubts “Has the iPhone changed the traditional print media business?

How to Get an Influencer's Attention

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Readers with something to say should email me. Marketers should make great products that loyal readers or long-time friends or trusted colleagues choose to tell me about! He has also authored How to Do Everything With Your iPhone.

Social Media U: Take a Class in Social Media - ReadWriteWeb

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Google. Advice for students: buy to secure your brand, make a video resume, start a Wordpress blog, use Google Reader, participate (comment on blogs and link to them), get on Facebook and LinkedIn, network, and more (see slideshow below): | View | Upload your own.

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6 Ways to Filter Your RSS Feeds - ReadWriteWeb

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Google. There are many ways to filter news feeds from your favorite sources, including passively by relying on meme trackers like Techmeme or social news services such as Google Readers shared items. not via an RSS reader). I still cant believe this functionality hasnt been integrated into (all) readers. Aaron, you nailed it -- its disappointing that RSS filtering still isnt a part of the top RSS Readers, or Feedburner for that matter. google.

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7 Traits of Highly Effective Viral Videos

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Once online, it caught the attention of executives at Apple who flew him into California to make it a commercial reality. 12484 SUBSCRIBERS FOLLOWERS Lijit Search Read more about The New Community Rules Get Techipedia on your iPhone or iPod touch!

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Why SEO is Easier than Social Media Marketing

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fundamentals from the Google Webmaster blog. New gadget, just leak a bad iphone pick One hard part of SEO SEM SMM or whichever acronym you want to compare is dealing with HiPPOs (coined by Avinash I believe) and other stake holders.

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Interview with Social Media Citizen: Richard Sedley

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R: Twitter is my primary source of useful content but I have recently revived my use of RSS readers. (I My favourite RSS readers are: Mac: NetNewsWire. All synced with Google Reader. iPhone: Instapaper ( G: My favourite iPhone app!).

Digg vs. Reddit: Reddit's Staff is Better » Techipedia | Tamar.

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12484 SUBSCRIBERS FOLLOWERS Lijit Search Read more about The New Community Rules Get Techipedia on your iPhone or iPod touch! Digg Diigo Disqus Dopplr Facebook Fetch Flickr FriendFeed gdgt Google Reader

SXSW: Mark Zuckerberg Keynote (the edited liveblogged version)

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Here we go with the highly-talked-about keynote presentation at South by Southwest… Just like an Apple keynote, they tried to build up some serious momentum for this event. Google and Microsoft are going after social networks and some people feel aren’t monetizable.

Advice for a New Internet Marketer (or How to Spot Internet.

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If you like books, you should also check out Winning Results with Google AdWords , Pay Per Click Marketing , The New Community Rules (which was authored by yours truly), The Art of SEO , Search Engine Optimization , and Search Engine Optimization for Dummies.

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Interview with Social Media Citizen: Paul Dunay | Social Media.

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So when I read in June 2005 that Apple was accepting MP3 files (or podcasts as they became named) I remember telling my wife I was going to be the first guy to get something up there in my field.

13 Reasons Why I Am an Obsessive Compulsive Facebook User Â?

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The Apple Students Group is a great way for Apple to market its own products, and over the summer, it offered free songs through iTunes. 12484 SUBSCRIBERS FOLLOWERS Lijit Search Read more about The New Community Rules Get Techipedia on your iPhone or iPod touch!

Digital Literacy, Pragmatism and the Social Construction of Reality at

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Apple. Google. Google Reader. Google Reader Shared Items Hosted by. 4 reasons you should jailbreak your iPhone 3G. Skip to content. …education, technology, productivity. About. Get in touch! References. Plugins Used. Archives. SHP Conference 2008. « Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavour. Digital Literacy, Pragmatism and the Social Construction of Reality.

Why Customer Service Should Be in Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

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Despite not knowing the other side of the story, as a reader, I gleaned a few things: nearly two months have passed since the company wronged its client, the owner of the company was not apologetic, and not one but two customers were affected as a result. We have embarassing pictures in Google Maps , videos about the death of an innocent man in the hands of a “competent&# cop , and even Yelp reviews that can damage your personal reputation , never mind your business.

No, You Can't Automate Social Media!

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Your comparison is apples to oranges. Again, apples and oranges. I just did up a post on how you can mark something shared in Google Reader with a quick note and it can be blasted out everywhere with ease…balance in everything.

Is 2010 the Year of Curation?

It’s a very Apple-esque model (Apple doesn’t have 15 models of phones, they essentially sell one) and I love it. Rather than asking Google, you can ask Hunch.

How Young is Too Young?

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Adora is actually known as a “tiny literary giant&# and is a voracious reader. Then again, I know that my blog when I was younger was more about what’s on my mind at that time versus coming up with a post that would resonate with my readers.

Blogging: Social Media is Not Only About Social Media Sites

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I think I was sold on the Macbook not because Apple had its commercials (which are clever, but I always neglected them) but because people were ALWAYS talking about it. 12484 SUBSCRIBERS FOLLOWERS Lijit Search Read more about The New Community Rules Get Techipedia on your iPhone or iPod touch!

Every Social Network is Different: Here's What You Need to Know

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For example, just the other day I stumbled upon an Apple press release from 2003. That’s because it encompasses everything readers seek and more. 12484 SUBSCRIBERS FOLLOWERS Lijit Search Read more about The New Community Rules Get Techipedia on your iPhone or iPod touch!

Fifteen Years of Online Social Interactions

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Our family’s first computer (which wasn’t net-equipped) was an Apple IIgs which my father purchased in 1987. Like I said, long-time reader, first-time commenter (here, at least). Digg Diigo Disqus Dopplr Facebook Fetch Flickr FriendFeed gdgt Google Reader

The Audacity of Free: The Products and Services Edition

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A few high profile folks have even called my readers lucky for getting great content without any up front monetary commitment. (If This comes despite people asking for more under the assumption that I “must&# be making money on this site and therefore owe my readers more. (Do

Zicam: Loss of Taste and Smell - The Reputation Management Fiasco.

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In the past few months, I’ve dealt with companies who are unfortunate victims of bad links in Google, but those links refer to incidents that are years old (and are even resolved). Digg Diigo Disqus Dopplr Facebook Fetch Flickr FriendFeed gdgt Google Reader

The Unfortunate Investment of Social Media (and its Consequences)

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As a side point, Google is a bigger beast and it has tens or hundreds of staff members visiting forums and moderating groups to ensure that the user experience is a good one. Spam engineer guy Matt Cutts has his own blog where he talks about his personal life and all things Google. Just as Google’s purpose isn’t to serve the SEOing webmasters. Digg Diigo Disqus Dopplr Facebook Fetch Flickr FriendFeed gdgt Google Reader