American Apparel: “We’ve made as much as $50K in one flash sale on Twitter”

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Twitter has proven itself to be a valuable marketing tool for edgy clothing brand American Apparel. Why does Twitter work so well for American Apparel? Realtime Marketing Platform for a Realtime Brand. American Apparel (@americanapparel) January 18, 2014.

23 most followed brands on Facebook in 2019


And one metric that surely impresses a viewer is the number of followers a brand owns. Facebook has over 80 million active business pages and statistics show that over 2 billion people can be reached through Facebook ads. Top brands on Facebook.

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23 most followed brands on Facebook in 2019


And one metric that surely impresses a viewer is the number of followers a brand owns. Facebook has over 80 million active business pages and statistics show that over 2 billion people can be reached through Facebook ads. Top brands on Facebook.

5 Tips for Improving Your Facebook Ads Results Starting Now

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Your Facebook targeting is one of the most important elements of your Facebook ad campaign. It determines who sees your Facebook ads. There are three overarching types of audience on Facebook: Cold, Warm , and Hot. Remarket your website visitors with Facebook ads.

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IAB ‘Direct Brands to Watch’ are Winning with Consumer Content


That was the message that IAB CEO Randall Rothenberg delivered about direct brands in his recent address introducing the “IAB 250 Powered by Dun & Bradstreet” report. One of the major trends we noticed in these brands is their increased engagement on social media. Brand Marketing

Visual Analytics: Find Your Brand’s Visual Influencers

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Images and videos play an ever increasing role in the way people interact on social media, as attested by the rise of visual-oriented platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat, and the increasing visual focus of giants such as Twitter and Facebook.

The key to Victoria’s Secret social media success


There was a time when people flipped through Victoria’s Secret’s glossy brand catalogs itching to get their hands on Victoria’s Secret. But the itch remains, more so than ever, to get their hands on the latest brand apparel. Facebook.

Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media.

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Apparel company Diesel – who’s aggressive marketing is consistently noteworthy – has rolled out perhaps the first-ever integration of Facebook “likes&# in a dressing room … Diesel boutiques in Spain now come equipped with the Diesel Cam, where shoppers can try on garments and then instantly take and upload photos to Facebook, where friends can presumably lie about whether a halter top is a good idea. The whole Facebook thing has me flummoxed.

Facebook advertising cost: Everything you need to optimize your ROI

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Facebook advertising costs range widely and are dependent on many factors, including your industry, location and objectives. With more businesses paying for Facebook ads and Facebook limiting the number of ads they show, quality and targeting is paramount. Facebook

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How to Add & Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts for Your Brand

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In fact, numerous brands on Instagram have more than one account. But with the opportunity to manage multiple Instagram accounts, how can brands leverage more handles among their audience? Additionally, brands are still in the infant stages of adopting multiple Instagram accounts.

6 Ways Web Check-ins Can Benefit Your Brand

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Here’s 6 more ways Web check-ins can benefit your brand: My Blog is Alive! Instead of issuing someone you have no connection with a deal you barely break even on, why not slowly and continually reward those who actively engage your brand on the social web? Using levels to distinguish your best advocates and delivering hyper-specific discounts, coupons, and relevant offerings to the elite social sharers within your flock is a really smart way to cement that brand “luv&#.

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SortPrice Store Facebook Application Tops 1000 Retailers

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Proving yet again a real commitment to opening new avenues of success for online merchants everywhere, comparison shopping engine has now built virtual stores for more than 1,000 retailers through its Merchant Store application on Facebook.

The Biggest Success of Nike’s “Just Do It” Campaign May Be User-Generated Content


For the 30th anniversary of Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign, the sneaker brand made a risky move by taking a stance on a fraught cultural topic. Since then, Nike has faced some backlash by fans boycotting brand products, but these reactions represent only a fraction of Nike’s customer base. Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook similarly feature positive #JustDoIt posts. The sports apparel brand can also leverage these photos directly on social media platforms.

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Confessions Of A Media Manipulator

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There are certain people and brands who know how to manipulate the media. They manipulate the media to draw multiple layers of attention to their causes, products, brands and services. While young in age, Ryan Holiday seems to have a knack for driving attention to things like fashion brands and authors unlike any other. He''s worked with American Apparel , Tucker Max , James Altucher and many others. american apparel. brand. facebook.

104 Fascinating Social Media and Marketing Statistics for 2014 (and 2015)

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72% of marketers think branded content is more effective than advertising in a magazine; 69% say it is superior to direct mail and PR. As one would suspect, Facebook is the most popular method for sharing interesting content. Blogging increases web traffic by 55% for brands.

Under Armour #WhatsBeautiful Campaign Targets Women Via Social Media

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Women now account for 30% of sales for athletic apparel brand Under Armour, and women’s apparel is the fastest growing segment of their business. The new ad campaign begins a month before the brand’s new high-end collection – called StudioLux Noir – reaches stores, and is “the culmination of three years of development and research.”

2017 Social Media Trends Check-In

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LinkedIn recently announced a new feature called “Storylines” which curates and displays trending news stories and content, similar to Facebook and Twitter. This is something to keep in mind for your brand when planning content for the platform.

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102 Compelling Social Media and Online Marketing Stats and Facts for 2012 (and 2013)

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B2B buyers are most likely to share useful vendor content via email (79%), followed by LinkedIn (53%), Twitter (39%) and Facebook (18%). The well-known social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Reddit account for, combined, on average, less than half of all social traffic.

Lifestyle Marketing 101


What does resonate amidst all these setbacks is the impact of not just marketing a product and/or service as a brand, but as a lifestyle brand. But beyond this basic ideology, what is a lifestyle brand specifically? Creating a Lifestyle Brand. Brand Marketing

Welcome To The Video Generation

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Evidenced by YouTube influencers being featured on 60 minutes, Google investing in creating an open marketplace between brands and influencers, and Cisco estimating that by 2018, 79% of all global internet traffic will be video. Brand Budgets For Influencer Marketing.

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The Science Behind the Best Instagram Bios

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We’ll sort out all the best practices, design tips, and strategies that the top brands and profiles are using today. Your mileage may vary with some of these tips, and you’re bound to find an ideal format — or two — for your brand’s bio. . Small-but-powerful. Front-and-center.

The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest Marketing 


How to Create Successful Pins for Your Brand. How to Curate Existing Pins That Support Your Brand Values. You can build a strong community that engages with your content, drive brand awareness, click-throughs, and ultimately product sales. For example, lifestyle brand

Chatbots: The future of conversational commerce and marketing

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They enable one-to-one communication between brands and consumers at scale, and they leverage technology in order to do that.”. We work with brands across several industry verticals, including tourism, hospitality, entertainment, media, CPG, retail, quick-serve restaurants and more,” he said.

Two Key Questions for Every Community Manager


I believe one of the most fundamental concepts is that Community Management is made up of two parts, the community and the organization (your brand/business/the thing that has the community).

9 Popular Instagram Trends of 2019 (So Far)


Summer has finally hit, and while most brands are taking a vacay, now’s the time to level-up your Instagram strategy and jump on some of the hottest Instagram trends in 2019! Or American Apparel took a much bolder approach to the trend: .

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How to utilize Ad Retargeting on Social Media

You must have come across Facebook ads on your feed showcasing the footwear you almost ordered online the other day or a sponsored post on your Instagram of the residential buildings that you looked at three weeks ago.

4 Social Media Mistakes Easily Prevented By Common Sense


A common fallacy that people really believe is that all they have to do for their brand is set up a Facebook fan page or Twitter feed and get instant success! Facebook and Twitter are arguably the top ways right now to establish customer trust and loyalty.

Some Perspectives on Pinterest

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The other question that's being answered daily by brands jumping into the fray is, "how can I use Pinterest for my business?" And just this week according to Bloomberg, there's been a noted shuttering of storefronts on Facebook , largely due to lack of use.

Coach Admires The View From Above

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The campaign follows the continuing trend of brands encouraging and celebrating user-generated content. From Lululemon’s #thesweatlife, to Victoria Secret’s #VSTeenyBikini campaign, companies are increasingly asking their fans to share images of how their brand plays a role in their lives.

How to Win Instagram with Six Simple Tests

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Fuzzy math aside, it’s clear that visual content has the power to express a brand’s story in far different ways than previous social platforms ever were able to with text-only updates before. Look at your top performing Facebook and Twitter posts. Image via

How to accelerate Instagram growth (without buying followers)

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It’s a place where people create, share and interact with both their friends and their favorite brands. As with any social platform, brands that want to get the most out of Instagram need a substantial following. 70% of Instagram’s hashtags are branded.

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Simplicity is the Best Policy: 6 Essentials for the Successful Blogger

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For example, it’s well-known that the majority of clothing brands work closely with other fashion bloggers to showcase their apparel. 10 years and billions of users later, many people have forgotten one of the core features that made Facebook incredibly popular: design.

I Read More Than 20 Instagram Studies so You Don’t Have to. Here’s What I Found.

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I read through more than 20 studies on Instagram marketing from companies like Facebook, Simply Measured, and News Whip. They also found that “Instagram use is especially high among younger adults” — to a greater extent than Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

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20 Top Social Media Tools to Try in 2018

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Note: Stories created with the free version come with a Fastory branding in the lower-left corner. Send newsletters on Facebook Messenger. Description: Facebook Messenger is growing as a promising marketing channel. Facebook and Instagram ads on behalf of influencers.

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Threadless Shares 10 Years of Insights and Inspiration

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I suspect you have more people monitoring Twitter, working on Facebook, interacting with the community in multiple places than you used to have. Your Facebook page is consistently one of my favorites, because you really put the focus on the community, rather than on the company.

9 Magic Social Media and Marketing Tools to Transform Your 2016

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It’s only $15 per month ($99 per year) for extended functionality: no branding, you can use your own domain and you can hook it up with any CRM. Be a branding ninja with Placeit. Be a branding ninja with Placeit.

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Barcamp Delhi 5: Spreading the Word out !

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So, to untangle one from the clutches of recession, a new service is launched, moneysaver, brainchild of 2 young entrepreneurs, Kunal Bahl & Rohit Bansal, who aspired to make every brand affordable for everyone by offering hundreds of discount coupons & buy one get one free coupons on branded apparels, fine dining, casual dining, movies, entertainment etc.

What I Learned From Liars and Journalists, and How it Made Me a Better Blogger


Ryan, author of controversial posts like The Top 5 Performing American Apparel Ads, And How They Get PR For Free (NSFW) , is the Director of Marketing at American Apparel, and is a self-proclaimed “media manipulator.” This guest post is by Austin Gunter, of WP Engine.

5 Effective Tricks to Create a Killer Call to Action


They follow hundreds of people on Twitter and have “liked” quite a few brands on Facebook. On television, weight loss ads are endorsed by actors and athletic apparel ads always feature athletes. This guest post is by Greg Digneo of Sales Leads in Thirty Days.