The Coming Twitter API Change: Twitter Share Counts to Disappear


Twitter’s coming API change, on November 20 2015, is a very bold move on behalf of the 140 character platform. The impact will be felt across the entire Internet, or at least on pages with Twitter buttons installed!

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What Is an API & Why Does It Matter for Social Media?

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Your Internet experience runs on APIs. But what is an API and why does it matter to you? In this article, we’ll give a high-level overview of APIs and how they relate to your daily life. What is an API? API stands for application programming interface.

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Social Media On The Farm: Crisis Management, Market Research, Education And APIs

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As a mobile-friendly platform, Twitter has been used by farmers to share information, check realtime conditions, and connect with customers from its earliest days – CNN reported on this as early as 2009.

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Twitter: Real-Time Analytics And How It Can Help Your Business


Tweet Being a company present on social networks – such as Twitter or Facebook – the given platform gets an even more important role in the business, when it is possible to analyse the company’s marketing effort. Twitter API. Marketing tool for analysis.

How to be Twitterific – 39 Expert Twitter Guides and Tips

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From humble beginnings, Twitter has grown to become an indispensable source for online news alerts as well as a vital marketing tool. The microblogging site now boasts more than 255 million monthly active users , and 53% of Twitter users recommend products in their tweets at some time.

Why Twitter Killed the Twitter Share Button

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Legions of bloggers and website publishers will log on November 21 and discover that the familiar digits displaying the number of Twitter shares on their content have disappeared. Why would Twitter do this? Twitter is struggling to find a workable business model.

Why Can’t Social Media Tools Post Directly to Instagram?

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Truth is, it’s not the tools’ fault; Instagram doesn’t allow any tool the functionality to post directly to Instagram because of its limited API. What is an API? Instagram’s API receives that request, and delivers to Agorapulse the number of likes you received.

Where to Find Twitter Trending Topics for your Online Marketing


Marketing with Twitter trending topics is a strategy that combines careful planning, even more careful research, and a bit of dumb luck. I’m going to show you all of the web resources that are going to help you find Twitter trending topics, and give you examples of what works.

Facebook Gets Stories and Don’t Count Twitter Out Yet | Social You Should Know

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Twitter Users are Tweeting and Watching. Global web index reports that 7 in 10 Twitter users are on social while watching TV, making Twitter users 33% more likely than average to be on a second device while watching TV. Twitter Live Streaming.

What You Can Do Instead of Crying Over Twitter’s New Spam Rules

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With some brands trying to post on each platform multiple times per day, both brand and agencies alike have fallen back on marketing automation. This trend has been brought to a screeching halt by Twitter’s new spam rules, which were announced last month.

What You Can Do Instead of Crying Over Twitter’s New Spam Rules

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With some brands trying to post on each platform multiple times per day, both brand and agencies alike have fallen back on marketing automation. This trend has been brought to a screeching halt by Twitter’s new spam rules, which were announced last month.

It’s Official: Twitter Files For IPO.

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Twitter has filed for IPO. As is appropriate, Twitter made its much-anticipated announcement yesterday via, you got it, Twitter. Any other venue would have been most un-Twitter-like. Twitter (@twitter) September 12, 2013. TWITTER. IT’S OFFICIAL!

50 (of the) Best Twitter Guides, Stats, Tips and Tools of 2010 (So Far)

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While a dwindling number of business executives still dismiss Twitter as a waste of time, recent research suggests it is one of the most valuable social networks for business. 51% of active Twitter users follow companies, brands or products on social networks. How popular is Twitter?

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Facebook testing new tools for business and personal use

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On Monday, they announced that selected news individuals can now integrate real-time information by using either a Public Feed or Keyword Insights API. These tools will become available for other media partners and Facebook Preferred Marketing Developers in the near future.

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What Twitter could learn from Facebook Deals

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I know that the comparisons between Facebook and Twitter are not justified. Facebook is really about developing deeper relationships with friends and family whereas Twitter is more about sharing and consuming information with people in a quick and easy fashion.

What Do the New Twitter Rules Mean for Social Media Managers (and Buffer Customers)

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Keeping Twitter safe and free from spam is a top priority for us. Yoel Roth, API Policy and Product Trust at Twitter. This year, the team at Twitter has taken additional action to keep Twitter free from spam. Why did Twitter introduce these new rules?

Twitter Follower Hack: The Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Tactics to Use


A good Twitter follower hack tutorial must be well organized if you’re ever going to sort through the massive world that is Twitter. This tutorial is going to break your Twitter follower hack tips down into three parts: Those you do once a month.

Influence your PR campaign with Influencer Marketing

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This is where influencer marketing comes to the rescue. Loosely defined as a marketing strategy involving influencers to impact buyer decisions and boost a brand’s visibility by using their online personality and popularity, influencer marketing has many takers.

Twitter Changes the Social Data Ecosystem

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Today''s announcement that Twitter is buying Gnip raises big questions about the market for social media data. Twitter has bought other companies in the social media analysis space— BackType (2011), Bluefin Labs (2013), Trendrr (2013)—but Gnip is a bigger deal.

PeopleBrowsr v. Twitter: The Arguments On Each Side — And What’s At Stake

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Yesterday, a San Francisco court gave PeopleBrowsr, an provider of Twitter analytics services, a temporary restraining order against Twitter. The court ruling forces Twitter to maintains PeopleBrowsr’s full access to Twitter’s firehose of data.

New Twitter Update Coming: How Marketers Will Soon Be Able to Maximize All 140 Characters

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Twitter co-founder and chief executive Jack Dorsey told the BBC that “It doesn’t make sense to anyone. ” This big, new Twitter update will surely change the way people use Twitter personally and how social media marketers use Twitter for business.

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The Best Time to Post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn


We were able to get the best time to post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram , and the best day to post for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. The best time to post on Twitter. The best time to post on Twitter. But what is the best time to post on Twitter?

Top 5 Instagram Marketing Trends for 2019


Wondering what the big Instagram marketing trends for 2019 will be? Just like you have a content calendar for your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook channels, in 2019 you’ll want to be doing the same with Instagram Stories. Instagram Marketing Trend #2: Influencers Get More Authentic.

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SMS Marketing: a Grossly Underrated Marketing Tactic


Text message or SMS marketing delivers insanely higher ROIs and ridiculously higher sales than any other digital or conventional media. Take a moment to let these figures sink in: Papa John’s SMS marketing campaign boosted sales by 33% and generated an ROI above 500%.

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Is Your Executive on Twitter?

Koka Sexton

Koka Sexton dot Com Home About Koka Contact Twitter FULL RSS Is Your Executive on Twitter? ExecTweet has tapped the Twitter API to give you a peak into what corporate America is doing. How NOT to use your Social Media Marketing Manager!

Social Pros 30 – Eric Schwartzman, Social Media Boot Camp

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This episode features Eric Schwartzman , online social media training provider, entrepreneur and the best-selling co-author of Social Marketing to the Business Customer. ” That type of clarity from Twitter is welcome to us. Twitter hashtags are everywhere.

An Early Look at Facebook Open Graph Protocol Integration on News.

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Here are the Twitter advanced search techniques brands need to know about

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Let’s talk Twitter. The beauty of Twitter is that it’s a platform that’s fair game for brands in just about any industry. Twitter isn’t without its roadblocks for brands, though. Twitter moves at an absolutely insane pace. Twitter represents a treasure trove of information and opportunities for brands to engage with fans and followers. Read on to find out how to use Twitter advanced search strategically for your brand. Twitter

22 Twitter revenue streams – monetizing tweets

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Two, how can Twitter make money? Question two comes from Question one (in part) - if Twitter doesn’t find a way for us to show we value it, it will fold/go under/dead pool, and that would be a shame. . Customer Pays Twitter . Would it work for Twitter?

How to Use WeChat for Business: A Guide for Marketers


They can also synchronize their posts , called “Moments,” with Facebook and Twitter—social networks that are still banned in Mainland China (along with Instagram and YouTube). Many non-Chinese brands have used WeChat’s Mini Programs and platform features to break into the Chinese market.

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Top five: The ethics of kids and tech

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This is good news for non-geek marketers. Getting easy access to data can improve marketing performance. You can no longer automatically post tweets or retweets to connected Facebook accounts thanks to Facebook’s recent cut in publish actions permissions from its API.

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How to Choose the Right Content Marketing Software

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It’s not easy choosing the right software for your content marketing efforts. The reason it’s so hard is that there are so many requirements for an effective content marketing strategy. It’s also important to realize what’s been happening in digital marketing as a whole.

App dot net- It’s not Twitter

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The difference between ADN and Twitter. When you look at initially the website itself looks like a stripped down version of Twitter. People post short messages, almost always with links, photos and casual chatter, much like on Twitter.

How to Use Twitter to Generate Writing Ideas


Twitter can be a very valuable tool when it comes to generating writing ideas, if you know how to use it. Here are some ways to come up with content topics using Twitter. So how do you find the experts in a niche on Twitter? Twitter Advanced Search Results.

27 Instagram Tools Marketers Should Know About in 2019


With more than two million monthly advertisers on Instagram, marketing with dull tools is not just a waste of time—it’s a competitive disadvantage. Here are 28 tools that will help you harness Instagram’s full marketing power. Make that link count with these Instagram marketing tools.

10 of the Best Customer Data Platforms to Power Cross-Channel Marketing


Change a word or two, and that could be equally solid advice for today’s professional marketers. Savvy marketers looking to gain ground in hotly contested markets will turn their attention to Customer Data Platforms (CDPs).

Social Media News Ticker: Facebook To Buy WhatsApp, LinkedIn Opens Publishing To All Members

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Check out this week’s summary of all the latest social media news, including changes and new features for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn: LinkedIn opens its publishing platform to all members. Twitter.

The 6 Things Marketers Expect from Social Media Management Tools (but don’t have yet)

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As with every crowded market, the early players who raised massive VC money dominate the awareness game. Monitoring the various keywords you’re following on Twitter in separate feeds makes sense to a degree. It’s just a data dump from the native tool’s API.

Twitter filters would increase conversational value and lower costs

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There is a problem on Twitter and that problem is free speech. People are allowed to say what ever they want, when ever they want, and this costs Twitter money. I’m not saying Twitter needs to censor, in fact far from it. Events have an odd effect on Twitter users.

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#DigitalPR Twitter Chat with Katie Paine

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Our guest today on the #Digital PR Twitter chat is Katie Paine. You can follow her on Twitter @queenofmetrics. I see many organizations where data or marketing analysts are tackling integration, not so much in PR. This DigitalPR chat took place on Friday, February 26, 2016.

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