Turning Facebook Analytics Into Action

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And one of the best tools that helps all of us understand data at a deeper level is Facebook Analytics. Jon and I taught a Facebook Analytics course last December and we received this question, which helped prompt our thinking for a future Analytics course: .

3 Benefits of Facebook Analytics

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With the incredible volume of new products and tools released every month, some folks might have missed the launch of Facebook Analytics. Facebook pitches Analytics as an informative tool intended for advanced advertisers. This complex data is possible with Facebook Analytics.

Facebook Analytics, the Pixel, and Events

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Facebook Analytics is a terrific tool that not enough marketers are using. In this post, I’m going to provide a few examples of some powerful Facebook Analytics reports and how it all comes back to the Facebook pixel and Events. Facebook Analytics, The Pixel, and Events.

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#SproutChat Calendar: Upcoming Topics for May 2017

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We’ll discuss all things hashtag from analytics to the difference between branded and community hashtags. This post #SproutChat Calendar: Upcoming Topics for May 2017 originally appeared on Sprout Social. We have a wide variety of topics to discuss in May at #SproutChat. Whether we’re talking about social team collaboration , employee advocacy programs or “social media savagery,” you can expect to learn and network with industry professionals.

Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup, Ugg Boots & Upcoming Vacation Time


Great advice which I have taken into account for my upcoming 2 week break (see more under the Fetching Friday Notice section). Search Engines / SEO / Analytics.

How to Use Facebook Insights and Analytics to Boost Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

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Facebook Insights is one of the most powerful Facebook analytics tools available. This complete guide will cover everything you need to know about the key sections of Facebook Insights and share tips to help you become proficient with Facebook analytics. Upcoming / Past.

How a Social Media Audit with Agorapulse Can Keep You on Track

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It’s not prone to human errors, and it will literally save you hours of time for every social media audit in addition to speeding up your metrics evaluations and analytics throughout the year. Review Google Analytics.

The Value of Facebook Pixel Events

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Let’s break down a few of the primary ways… [Learn more about how to master the Facebook pixel for 2019 in my upcoming training. Facebook Analytics. Facebook Analytics is a pretty awesome marketing tool.

Integrating Listening Into Your Platform for ROI

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This webinar was sponsored by Synthesio and featured Brian Melinat (@ brianmelinat ) Director of Marketing Analytics within Dell, Kristine Vick (@ kristinevick ) Principal in the Digital and Content team at SAS, and Ben Lapidus (@ benlapidus ) Senior Sales Engineer at Synthesio.

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How to Build a Monthly Social Media Report (+ Free Templates!)


Whether you’re presenting analytics to your boss, team, or client, or you’re just measuring your own progress, tracking your top metrics in a social media report is the key to growing your account (and business). Social Media Report Section #1: Monthly Social Media Analytics Overview.

Social Data Made Simple: Getting Started with a Strategy

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Our next webinar is titled Cultivating Creative Thinking for Customer Engagement ; be sure to sign up for it or view the schedule of other upcoming webinars here. Big Data Data Analytics Innovation Social Business Intelligence Social Data Social Data StrategyLast week I moderated another Social Media Today webinar as part of their Best Thinker webinar series, this time on the topic of Social Data Made Simple: Getting Started with a Strategy.

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You Want These Facebook Engagement Rates: Our Social Media Expert Roundup

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These social media experts will give you a range to look out for the next time you pull your social media analytics. What would you like our experts to tackle in an upcoming post? Facebook analytics Facebook page management tips

Social Listening: Harness Marketing Insights from Consumer Conversations

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Our next webinar is titled Storytelling Gone Wild: The Key to Creating Viral Content be sure to sign up for it or view the schedule of other upcoming webinars here.

Can You Really Use Twitter for Sales?

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Promoted tweets can help draw attention to your upcoming sales event or product launch. Twitter Analytics Twitter managementTwitter is well-known for learning about breaking news, sharing funny GIFS , and connecting with friends.

How to Host A Twitter Chat That People Will Tweet About

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Post on your other social media channels about the upcoming chat. Twitter Analytics Twitter managementHave you attended a bunch of Twitter chats and are thinking about hosting a Twitter chat of your own? Here’s how you can get that going. Why Host a Twitter Chat?

NFL Fan Social Media Usage Stats: NFC & AFC East Edition

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Stay tuned for an analysis on the rest of the division’s fans in the upcoming weeks. Social Media Analytics Social Media Marketing NFL social media Social Media Data Social Media InsightsThe most glorious time of year is upon us – yes, football season. To celebrate, I’ll be diving into data that sheds a light on how and why different NFL team’s fans use social media, throwing shade as appropriate since I have data to back it up.

New Study Finds You Suck

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I don’t know if someone read on our site about an upcoming event and then told a friend over coffee about that thing, they heard about, somewhere, but can’t remember exactly where but think it is this weekend at the University.

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How Netflix’s social media strategy dominates the online streaming industry


From posting updates on upcoming movies and shows to engaging its audience with witty comebacks, Netflix manages to fulfill the purpose of its existence on social media as it does with its streaming video content – pure entertainment.

How to Analyze Twitter Data

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Depending how robust you want your analytics, there are diverse options to give you oversight or in-depth analysis. In this article, we’ll talk about the two ways we recommend pulling and measuring your Twitter data: Using Twitter Analytics. Analytics

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Discover a whole new world of Analysis


Unmetric Discover is a great place for brands to explore new topics and upcoming events to find content inspiration for their social campaigns. The post Discover a whole new world of Analysis appeared first on Unmetric Social Media Analytics Blog.

3 Ways Enterprise Businesses Share Vital Data Faster

The Realtime Report

Any given organization’s data strategy depends heavily on the analytics tools they make available to employees—like self-service analytics tools that help employees pull their own insights from data without having to depend on specialists to help. Embed Analytics Dashboards.

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The Audience (Formerly Known As The Audience)

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Crow was live and in the studio promoting her upcoming album. Personas and analytics are not the audience. Is it possible that personas and your analytics are not your audience? This is what the persona and analytics would lead me to believe. analytics. web analytics. Who is your audience? On my early morning drive to the airport, I caught the tail-end of Howard Stern interviewing Sheryl Crow.

App of the Week Makes Conference Networking Easier

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Get analytics from your event. Whether you’re attending an upcoming conference or hosting one, our app of the week can help you improve the networking experience for all. Are you attending a conference soon, or hosting one yourself?

Snapchat, Launching a Podcast, Social Ads, and More: Behind-the-Scenes of Social Media at Buffer in May

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Wondering how to set up specific reports in Google Analytics? Currently, there aren’t any automated ways to get analytics or data from a Snapchat account. To do so, I analyzed the data in Facebook Audience Insights and Google Analytics and added (or removed) targeting options from our various Facebook ad campaigns. Finally, I’d love to share a few of the upcoming social media blog post ideas we’re considering. Analytics Buffer News Social Media Marketing

Was Eleven Years Of Relentless Blogging Worth It?

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It was less about driving traffic, building audience and studying analytics, and much more about disbelief. Before we go: if my work has inspired or helped you at all, please consider giving a donation (no amount is too small) to my upcoming Light The Night walk in support of my best friend''s daughter: Light The Night Walk to sponsor Mitch Joel. Tags: analytics. It was eleven years ago today. Actually, that''s a bit of a lie. I started blogging eleven years ago yesterday.

Media's New Business Model: Surveillance Capitalism

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As the Recode event was winding down, I recorded an upcoming episode of Six Pixels of Separation - The Mirum Pocast with Andrew Keen. analytics. web analytics. The struggle is real. Brands simply no longer know where to put their money.

The 5 Habits That Make Your Social Media Analyst Indispensable

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The organization discovered nearly 80% of marketers think visual assets with video will increase in importance through the upcoming years. It’s all about finding which analytics matter and can make a difference in your business. Analytics

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The Long Tales - The Best In Business Innovation Content - Issue #3

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In the last few conversations that I have recorded for upcoming episodes of Six Pixels of Separation - The Mirum Podcast , I always ask my guests to define Amazon. analytics. Welcome to the 3nd edition of The Long Tales - the best in business innovation content. If you believe that spending time reading and listening to great longform business content is one of the most powerful ways for you to think about how your brand can better connect with consumers, this may be for you.

The Audience (Formerly Known As The Audience)

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Crow was live and in the studio promoting her upcoming album. Personas and analytics are not the audience. Is it possible that personas and your analytics are not your audience? This is what the persona and analytics would lead me to believe. analytics. web analytics. Who is your audience? On my early morning drive to the airport, I caught the tail-end of Howard Stern interviewing Sheryl Crow.

How brands woo their social media audience on Valentine’s Day


This brand introduced a new product for Valentine’s day and ensured they promoted it using the upcoming Valentine’s Day. The post How brands woo their social media audience on Valentine’s Day appeared first on Unmetric Social Media Analytics Blog.

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Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media.

Convince & Convert

Advanced social media analytics and ROI calculations often require tying together disparate systems, and looking for causation (or at least correlation) between social media success and business outcome.

The Easiest Way To Navigate This Media Minefield

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Meaning: we will review some strategy/data from a client's upcoming initiatives. analytics. It turns out that nobody knows what's what when it comes to the media anymore. Who do you trust for your news and media? Now, picture that media outlet. Which way does their news slant? Right? How partisan are they? How much of their content is fact-based reporting verses editorializing, panel discussions and slanted perspectives?

Is Snapchat for brands?


Besides sending coupons, there are other ways you could use Snapchat for business; you could send sneak peaks of your product or an upcoming event. Snapchat still lacks analytics and a business model, but marketers like MTV and Taco Bell have already seen the app’s potential.

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8 Facebook Targeting Tips for Cheaper Ads and More Conversions


Instead, you’ve got to keep a close eye on your social media analytics and performance. You can even target people whose friends have an upcoming birthday. Effective Facebook targeting increases ad conversions while lowering the cost per conversion—the ultimate measure of an ad’s value.

This Is Being Recorded. By You

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I never tagged myself as an analytics jockey, but switching over to the trip data screen of my GPS turned the long drive into both a game and fascinating collection of data. You can listen to my conversation with Nora Young in its entirety in the upcoming episode of Six Pixels of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast (which will be published this coming Sunday). analytics. The art of self-tracking. It was one thing to know where I was going.

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Is Lady Gaga and your Brand a good match?

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And marketers have also recently seen growth in brands using product placement to influence consumers such as in the upcoming James Bond film, which contains over $45 million worth of product placement.

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Data and Storytelling: PR’s Peanut Butter and Jelly

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I witness the power of data every day as the Director of PR Engineering at AirPR , a PRTech company focused on cultivating the PR leaders of tomorrow through analytics, insights, and measurement. Guest Post by Leta Soza. There’s something irresistible about a perfect pairing.

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Optimize Facebook Dynamic Product Ads The Right Way

Jon Loomer

One ratio I’ve used to track this metric is on Facebook Analytics. Upcoming Dynamic Ads Training. If you like these pro tips and want to learn more, join Jon and me for our upcoming Dynamic Ads Master Class. Dynamic Product Ads are magical. We know the flow.

How To Monitor Your Three Essential Internet Marketing Strategies

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

HootSuite is your essential tool for monitoring in depth social media analytics. You can add custom reports for a whole host of your social media profiles and even incorporate essential pieces of Google Analytics data. Precise Website Analytics.

How to Use the Facebook Pixel Event Setup Tool

Jon Loomer

Learn more about how to master the Facebook pixel for 2019 in my upcoming training. Track customer funnel with Facebook Analytics. Any business serious about conversion tracking and optimization needs the Facebook pixel installed on their website.

13 key tools for your influencer marketing campaigns


For example, it is not necessary that a previous influencer or a competitor’s influencer will be the best choice for an upcoming campaign as audiences continuously change.

[Cool Social Tools] Mattr Segments Your Social Audience To Identify Influencers


Mattr is an Influence Marketing & Social Analytics solution to help you: - Dive deep into a global pool of 20 million active influencers. Situation: A large non-profit needs to target influencers with similar values for an upcoming Marketing campaign for maximum awareness/ donations.

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