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How to measure social media ROI for your business

Sprout Social

Is your business really getting something out of its social media efforts? According to the latest Sprout Social Index™ , proving social media ROI was the second biggest challenge for social media teams. So if you’re struggling with measuring social media ROI yourself, we get it.

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How to Measure Social Media ROI for B2B Brands


Many marketers shy away from social media because they don’t understand how to measure social media return on investment (ROI). Measuring the ROI on social media is easy once you know what you’re looking for. Why Measure Social ROI. How to Measure ROI in Social Media.


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How to Track Social Media in Google Analytics (Beginners Start Here!)


Google Analytics is an important tool for any digital marketer. Providing details about social traffic and conversions, Google Analytics social media reports are an important resource to help you prove social ROI. What is Google Analytics? What is Google Analytics? Individual page traffic.

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14 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Social Media Analytics & Reporting Tools [Expert Edition]

I bet you will agree that tracking multiple campaigns on different social media platforms is tough. Imagine the wrath of your client if you fail to respond to the ROI figures from the last fall campaign. They struggle to monitor their social media presence online and tend to miss out on meteoric opportunities.

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How to Prove and Improve Social Media ROI (+ Free Tools)


But can you measure the ROI of your social media marketing efforts? Social ROI can often be tricky to prove. LinkedIn research found that 58 percent of digital marketers have to prove social media ROI to get approval for future budget requests. However, only 37% were “very confident” in their ROI metrics.

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YouTube Analytics: 21 Metrics That You Should Track

But before you do, you have to pinpoint the YouTube Analytics metrics that matter most to your business, and which YouTube analytics tools you can use to track them. And any strong video marketing strategy is backed by powerful YouTube analytics tools. So why is YouTube such a big deal? Make better content Content is King.

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Google Analytics: Your Free Goldmine to More Leads, Sales and Human Connections

Pam Moore

What if I told you that right now at this very moment you are already you're sitting on a gold mine of free data and analytics to help you generate more brand awareness, leads and sales by connecting with your ideal customers in a human way? Why you should setup the goals and conversions feature within Google Analytics?

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