8 Google Analytics Tricks For Marketers

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8 Google Analytics Tricks For Marketers. When someone wants a tool to analyze the traffic coming to their website, nothing comes close to Google Analytics (GA). The AdWords reports showcase valuable ABC metrics from both AdWords and Analytics.

Our Pleasanton Young Professionals Presentation: A Wrap Up & Reference


You can use the following guide to reference what we covered and access a few of the tools that we mentioned in the presentation. Other Signals - Google uses citations (references to your company on the internet, with or without links), social signals (such as how many people are following you on Facebook), and other signals (such as your Yelp reviews) to determine how your website should rank. Install google analytics on your site.

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Useful Tips and Tools for Measuring and Learning from Your Social Media Analytics

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In order to improve your digital marketing performance, you need to refer to your analytics. Here are some tips

Monitoring vs Analytics [Infographic]

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So I spent the better part of January looking at every social media listening, monitoring, analytics, intelligence and insights firm I could get my hands on. They have staff to pull monthly reports and do what they are calling “Insights analytics&#. SENTIMENT BASED ANALYTICS.

Facebook Analytics Funnels: Value of Reactions and Page Actions

Jon Loomer

Did you know that you can use Facebook Analytics Funnels to help uncover the value of an action on Facebook? You probably noticed that I’m on a big Facebook Analytics kick lately. Why the focus on Facebook Analytics? Facebook Analytics Funnels and Pixel Events.

25 Google Analytics Admin Settings Explained

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Google Analytics is without a doubt one of the most useful tools available to help you gain insight into your online marketing performance. So go ahead, log into your Google Analytics account and click the Admin tab at the bottom of the menu on the left. in Google Analytics.

The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Analytics


Take a look at your Instagram analytics, and then take the time to really understand them. Instagram analytics can help you target the right audience, post engaging content, get more views on stories, and so much more! How to Access Your Instagram Analytics.

Measurement, Analytics a Hot Skill

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Just this last week there were several articles in the news about the value of measurement and analytics. IT World : Is Analytics Adding Business Value? Data analytics is receiving vast amounts of attention in the trade press, on many websites and at conferences.

Social Media Analytics – How to Engage With The Data Of Social Media


Tweet A couple of days ago, I gave a guest lecture at the Danish IT-University on the subject of Social Media Analytics. Social Media Analytics has an increasing audience with a lot of people discussing the subject around the world.

4 Steps to Segment Social Media Traffic in Google Analytics


The Google Analytics Traffic Overview is a report that provides an overview of the different kinds of sources that send traffic to your site. “Referring Sites&# shows visits from people who clicked to your site from another site.

How To: Filter Referrer Spam in Google Analytics

Bill Hartzer

Well, apparently there is a new referrer spammer out there, called 4Webmasters.org that has started showing up in Google Analytics as a referral source. There is a list of referral sources (the sites that referred traffic to you or the sites that people clicked on to get to your site).

Beyond Likes: 9 Facebook Analytics You Must Be Measuring


Counting ‘likes’ is what we call a ‘vanity metric’, and if you really want to measure the impact and success of your fan page, we’ve got to dive much deeper into your analytics. An Australian Facebook page, for example, might post tons of Australian pop-culture references.

Visual Analytics: Find Your Brand’s Visual Influencers

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Most basic social media analytics platforms will allow you to search for images based on text queries, which will give you access to a fraction of the content you are looking for. You should have already heard this statistic: over 1.8 billion pictures are shared online every day.

The 5 Top Google Analytics Reports for Social Media Marketers

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Is so, you have probably relied on Google Analytics. Here’s a rundown of classic and new tasks you can perform in Google Analytics to demonstrate social media’s impact. Read her post on Google Analytics Social Reports.

You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure! Social Media Analytics

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Invite / Refer (a friend). Referring traffic to your website. Here are some tools to measure these with: Google Analytics: (Set up advanced segments, events and reporting) to get key visitor, referral and viewership statistics.

Google Registers Google Analytics Domain Name Typos

Bill Hartzer

It is interesting to note that Google today registered a lot of typo domain names related to Google Analytics , their web analytics service. In other words, if there are a lot of searches for a common misspelling of Google Analytics, Google registered those domain names.

How to Use Twitter Analytics: 15 Simple-to-Find Stats to Help You Tweet Better

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We social media marketers are a lucky bunch; not only are there a gigantic number of free social media tools at our disposal (everything from timing tools to social media management tools like Buffer ), there are free tools from the social networks themselves: Facebook insights, Pinterest analytics, and now Twitter analytics, too. I’ve found a lot of value in a couple simple tools for discovering the best stats and analytics for Twitter.

Will The New Pinterest Analytics Convince More Brands To Start Pinning?


One thing the platform has been lacking is a free and easy way to collect metrics but that has just changed with the launch of the new Pinterest Analytics tool. Marketers can begin using Pinterest Web Analytics straight away.

Beyond Likes: 9 Facebook Analytics You Must Be Measuring


Counting ‘likes’ is what we call a ‘vanity metric’, and if you really want to measure the impact and success of your fan page, we’ve got to dive much deeper into your analytics. An Australian Facebook page, for example, might post tons of Australian pop-culture references.

How Basic Analytics Could Be Leading You Down The Wrong Path

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There are many business owners that cannot survive without a mountain of analytical data. If, however, I look at the basic analytics for my website, I’d have to assume I was doing everything wrong. The same could be said for paid search – you could be getting a lot of clicks, yet your analytics suggests that visitors don’t like your website. You need far more robust tracking & analytics to get the true picture.

5 Tips on Using Google Analytics More Effectively

Bill Hartzer

There is a free tool that Google provides called Google Analytics. Once you organize the data that Goggle Analytics provides you can utilize this essential information to market and promote your website. The last important tip for Google Analytics that we are looking at is with regard to these referring websites. You run the Google Analytics program and realize that you are only getting 1-2 visitors from that link. Web Analytics

Finally! Twitter unveils analytics tool

Danny WhatMough

Twitter has finally unveiled an official analytics tool – Twitter Web Analytics. Twitter Web Analytics was driven by the acquisition of BackType, which we announced in July. An API allowing third party analytics tools to incorporate this data. Tweet.

7 Twitter Analytics Metrics You Should Check Right Now


Analytics. We’re here to show you that analytics aren’t all that scary. In fact, social networks have made a point of ensuring that analytics are simple and digestible for everyone, whether it’s your first day on the job or you’re the CEO. Twitter analytics are a prime example.

7 Twitter Analytics Metrics You Should Check Right Now


Analytics. We’re here to show you that analytics aren’t all that scary. In fact, social networks have made a point of ensuring that analytics are simple and digestible for everyone, whether it’s your first day on the job or you’re the CEO. Twitter analytics are a prime example.

Weekly Roundup: Unsung Heroes

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After all, this is the third post in three days to reference that wretched campaign. from Chuck Hemann ‘s Analytics is King.

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Introducing Talkwalker Image Recognition: The Future of Social Listening

Talkwalker SM

Research has shown that up to 80% of pictures don’t reference brands in the accompanying text. Below we have uncovered potential crisis triggers with image analytics. Talkwalker lets you find visual content that doesn’t reference your brand in text.

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Your web and blog simple analytics

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Referring URL's. You take special care to develop your blog and web. Especially when you are interested in monetizing it. You may wish to earn from this, or giveaway information etc. What you would require to know is how is your blog or your website interacting and relating to your visitors. For this you may want to track the site / blog.

Analytics for Content Marketers and Bloggers: What Do You Need to Track?


The term “content marketing” refers to strategic marketing techniques where you create valuable and relevant content to attract a clearly defined audience. Google Analytics has been my tool of choice to analyze my data daily.

How to Track Traffic From Instagram


That’s why if you’re looking to track traffic on Instagram and understand how your followers are clicking through to your website, you’ll want to look outside of Instagram’s in-app analytics. If you’re not familiar with Google Analytics , it can sound intimidating at first.

Cyber Monday Is Here!


Cyber Monday is a marketing term that refers to the Monday immediately following Black Friday being the busiest day of the year for retail electronic commerce in the United States. Article by: Zach Reed // Firebelly Designer (Follow me @bluetidepro ) Social Media Marketing Posted in Online Shopping | Permalink Reblog (0) | | Digg This | Save to del.icio.us | TrackBack TrackBack URL for this entry: [link] Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Cyber Monday Is Here!

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A Dash of Analytics Takes the Guess Work Out of Guest Posting


If you have Google Analytics installed, this is a snap. Google Analytics. All of you should be running some analytics software on your website. If you’re not, stop reading and go install Google Analytics. A Dash of Analytics Takes the Guess Work Out of Guest Posting.

How to Build a Monthly Social Media Report (+ Free Templates!)


Whether you’re presenting analytics to your boss, team, or client, or you’re just measuring your own progress, tracking your top metrics in a social media report is the key to growing your account (and business). Plus, they can also refer back to the numbers later on.

Harnessing the Power of Big Data for Public Relations

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It refers to the ability to collect large sets of complex data that are normally difficult to filter. Stunts are a standard tool in the public relations arsenal, but with the help of social media analytics, we’re starting to see brands take them a step further.

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gazeMetrix: Monitor Your Visual Brand Mentions Based on Image Recognition


Meaning consumers making a reference to a brand through a photo without mentioning the brand name. Monitoring brand mentions, share of voice, sentiment etc. are the essentials of analysing what is being said about your brand online.

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Web Presence Optimization Software Review: gShift Labs

Webbiquity SMM

Yes, you could do this from Google Analytics (GA) as well (in fact, gShift pulls a fair amount of its reporting data from GA) but gShift presents it all in one spot, attractively graphed out.

Who’s Looking at Your Product Page?


Build References. If you do not use Google Analytics , you should install its tracking code on your Web pages immediately. Web Analytics perfecting the product page product page You could have the best product in the world but if no one is looking at it, what’s the point?

5 Ways Influencers Can Change Your Twitter Results

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I use Twitter lists for various subjects that I can refer to when I am curating new content. Twitter Analytics Twitter management

Four Ways to Measure Social Media Marketing Results

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No automated sentiment tracking tool is perfect (for example, “It sucks having a cold but NyQuil is helping&# may be tagged as a negative brand reference for Vicks because of the way that sentence started).

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How to Block Semalt.com from Accessing Your Website Using.htaccess

Bill Hartzer

Yesterday, I wrote a post about how to stop Semalt.com from showing up in your Google Analytics account. So, change the code above so it’s like this: RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} semalt.semalt.com [NC]. Web Analytics

Tracking News Releases and Measuring Success

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You can also measure brand awareness by looking at the Traffic Sources Overview in the PR Measurement Google Analytics Dashboard. And as you can see the referring sites also had a big jump – 4.33% to 20.50%. In Google Analytics you would. You’ll find this under Referring Sites.

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48 Ways to Measure Social Media Success

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Social media/network-referred traffic. Note: Google has indicated that it plans to introduce more advanced analytics for Google+ soon. Social Media Marketing Web Analytics Facebook metrics Google Hootsuite how to measure social media success Klout Kred Olivier Blanchard social media measurement social media metrics social media ROI Twitter metrics

The Roadmap to a Perfect Social Media Post

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Using Talkwalker’s social media analytics , we looked at a year’s worth of social messaging to determine what works best on Twitter and Facebook to get netizens to hit the share button. What is the secret to a perfect social media post?

PR Measurement Course

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If you, like many other PR folk, are still a bit in the dark about how to set goals for a PR campaign, what to measure and how to track success, we;ve created a new PR Measurement Dashboard in Google Analytics. How to tell which content and referring sites send visitors that convert.