Tool Tuesday: PostRank Analytics

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Most obvious of these is Google Analytics. Another is the popular “Add This&# which also offers analytic information. Enter: PostRank. In short, PostRank endeavors not only to show you how much TRAFFIC you got, but how many times a particular post was talked about.

You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure! Social Media Analytics

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Here are some tools to measure these with: Google Analytics: (Set up advanced segments, events and reporting) to get key visitor, referral and viewership statistics. Social Media Metrics (Grease Monkey) : A plug-in script that soups up your Google analytics to measure social media campaigns.

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Google Analytics Social Reports Provide Huge Metrics Edge

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I recently waved Goodbye PostRank, Hello Google Social Reports at SmallBizTrends, breaking out five new reports designed to help you keep track of valuable social media insights. But to best use it, you must have Goals set up in Google Analytics.

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Top 25 Blogging and Social Media Posts on Kikolani


This first list is a compilation of the top posts on Kikolani, as determined by PostRank ’s engagement analysis. What is PostRank? To find your blog on PostRank, use the search bar under Topics.

3 Marketing Tools I Miss (and Their Alternatives)


PostRank. PostRank was a social analytics platform that scored blogs based on their engagement (comments and social shares). I wrote about PostRank regularly as a way to discover the most engaging content on blogs for inspiration, guest post pitches, and competitor research.

5 metrics to track on Twitter

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PostRank will help balance out the information from Google Analytics, including RSS feed tracking and conversation on Twitter surrounding a particular link. If you’d like more information on the key metrics for your businesses social media efforts, the 1st 3 companies who sign up for our Analytics and Metrics Package between now and August 1 will receive a FREE information-packed report on Social Media ROI worth $447. It happened again this weekend.

Weekly Roundup: The Spin Sucks Edition

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A review of Triberr and the Spin Sucks analytics , by Gini (again). What it does for my analytics remains to be seen. PostRank Connect and analytics for bloggers , by Gini (yikes, this is getting old). I don’t think I’ve ever done this before.

6 Critically Undervalued Social Media Success Metrics

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PostRank. PostRank Analytics solves this problem. Free if you connect with their “influencers” outreach program, or $15/month if you do not, PostRank provides a useful, detailed blogging scoreboard, especially if you connect it with your Google Analytics account.

4 Free Tools for Researching Guest Blogging and Advertising Opportunities


PostRank. If you’ve been following my writing for a while, you will notice I always find a way to throw in a mention for PostRank , and for good reason. Simply search keywords in your industry, and PostRank will give you a list of the blogs with the top engagement on that topic.

The Secret To Getting Attention

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PostRank is one of many online analytics tools that attempts to rate and score social statistics from reader's online to help people determine what is worthy of reading. It applies a PostRank score of 1-10 (1 being of little interest to 10 being of significant interest). While I am sure that there are many who might question the methodology of PostRank's algorithm, it often highlights something we should all acknowledge and accept that much more often. postrank.

The 4 Types of Content Metrics That Matter

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It’s a critical data point, and is generally easy to derive through Google Analytics, YouTube insights, or similar. Unfortunately, PostRank was bought by Google a few months ago, so you may not be able to sign up as a new user.

The 4 Marketing Metrics Mandates

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Companies like PostRank (with its analytics product), and Klout (with its online influence measure) and leading this integrated metrics parade. Maybe Twitter’s new analytics feature will help?

Influence is Not a Number

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But it spends too much time trying to flatter me and tell me how great I am, and not enough time being an actual analytical tool that measures things that actually matter to me.&#. Here I go again: Klout does not equal Clout. And while it may in the future, it certainly does not right now.

25 Guest Posts on Blogging, SEO and Social Media


Do You Make Any of These 10 Simple SEO Mistakes – From not looking at analytics to a bad linking strategy, here are 10 common SEO mistakes and why they are bad for optimization. How to Use Google Analytics to Lower Your Bounce Rate – Key factors to look at in your analytics, and how to use them to lower bounce rate. Earlier this week, I shared the top 25 blogging and social media posts on Kikolani.

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What I've Learned About Blogging Based On A Year's Worth Of Data

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So I decided to dive deep into the analytics of my blog to get a true understanding of what has worked, what hasn’t, and pulling the curtain so that you can hopefully find some insights that you can find useful in your own blogging endeavors.

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Meet Kristi and Her Key to Blog Promotion

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Experienced blog publishers recognize that popularity and traffic come over time. When you build a blog for the first time, nobody will know about its existence unless you tell them. Once you tell someone, tell the person again. And again. And again.

How to Audit Your Social Media Efforts: 20+ Questions to Ask Yourself

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Some tools you can use are Social Mention , Trackur , and PostRank. You can also get Google Analytics installed on your Facebook Fan page. Facebook Analytics for domains was recently announced as well. According to your web analytics, what social media site gets you more traffic?

Successful Blogging for Small and Medium Businesses

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Then measure it.You can use Google Analytics, PostRank or even (GASP!)

Weekly Roundup: Measurement Matters

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Beginners’ guide to web data and analytics: ten steps to love and success , from Avinash Kaushik’s Occam’s Razor. Suffice it to say that if you’re trying to make sense of web analytics, this is a great place for you to start.

How does your brand look on social media?

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Postrank Analytics. Is one of the best blog metrics tools out there, and now they’re reaching deeper into your traffic incorporating Google Analytics and Feedburner.

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Weekly Roundup: Refreshingly Different

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Five ways to make your listening reports better , from Chuck Hemann ‘s Analytics is King. Get Shareaholic test Filed under Weekly Roundup | Tags: analytics , brand building , email marketing , SEO | Comment (0) Site settings comment help?

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Automation in Public Relations Measurement: Yea/Nay?

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votes, comments, inbound links) and web analytics data (e.g. Seth Duncan is Director of Research and Development at Beyond Analytics. by Shonali Burke, featured a discussion with guest Seth Duncan of Beyond Analytics.

Increase Traffic and Authority by Listing Your Blog


Adding your blog to the PostRank system (if it’s not already there) and under particular topic categories, you can get ranked in the top blogs on that topic based on your blog’s social engagement. Gmail, Analytics, Webmaster Tools, etc.)? There are a lot of places to list your blog for getting the maximum exposure, as well as places where you can receive blog reviews that may be the first impression a visitor may come across for your site.

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Weekly Roundup: Unsung Heroes

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from Chuck Hemann ‘s Analytics is King.

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Measuring Public Relations Outcomes With Seth Duncan

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Seth mentioned using web analytics, and acknowledged that correlating PR activities to offline business outcomes is more difficult. Jim is a total web analytics guru, and I’m stoked that he’s making time in his busy schedule for our chat. I know web analytics is an area many public relations practitioners have questions about, so if you have a question you’d like Jim to answer, how about bunging it in here?

44 Blogging Questions and Answers


that you will want to setup goals in Google Analytics. Another service to look into in conjunction with Google Analytics is PostRank Analytics ( ). Another way to see what readers like is through analytics.

Weekly Roundup: The Long Of It

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Digital Analytics edition.] Waxing UnLyrical personal, possibly poetic, musings on public relations, media, communication, and everything in between About Shonali Weekly Roundup: The Long Of It January 23rd, 2011 Tweet The long or the short of it?

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Let Your Freak Flag Fly

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I wasn’t going to talk analytics or measurement ( Chuck Hemann , K.D.

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How to Make Money Online Through Blogging and Writing

Kikolani – Submit posts on usability, analytics, and design for a payment of $100 per post. I like to subscribe to the blog in Google Reader and use the PostRank Chrome Extension to see the posts with the most social engagement and then send them some great headlines running along those lines.

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Sticky PR Measurement: Are We There Yet?

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SAS provides all of its tools free to universities [link] -- and there is no better analytical tool on the marketplace.

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Customize Your Blog's Error Page in 5 Easy Steps

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A while back, I was looking at my Google Analytics for WUL and I noticed that my 404 page , i.e. the one you get when the server can’t find the page you’re looking for on a particular site, was the 4th most highly-trafficked page on my blog.

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How To Get Your Blog Project Approved

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With Google Analytics I can see if people are engaging with our blog’s content and then use that information to adapt to the preferences of site visitors. My favorite thing to do in the morning is check Google Analytics to see where our site visitors are coming from.

7 Reasons To Add Amplify To Your Social Networks

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Specifically, it was on a blog purportedly on analytics/intelligence, that raved about the Digital Death campaign, citing huge views, clicks, etc., Mark as read Approve comment Davina, I think you can do that even if you use the same URL by looking at Google Analytics.

Best of #SMAZ – Blogging Tips, Social Media ROI, & SEO


PostRank Analytics – For $7 per month, you get a complete picture of the reach of your content – right down to each story – across the social web.

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How to Generate Blog Post Ideas

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Use Postrank to Find Engaging Posts When I wrote a post about the 28 items in my internet marketing toolbox, I covered a nifty little service called Postrank Analytics which lets you see your most shared blog posts on sites like Digg, Delicious and Twitter. Home What the F ?

Fetching Friday – Resources, SEO Blogging Contest & Sheep LED Art


Search Engines / SEO / Analytics. Calculating ROI on Internet Marketing – measurings your return on investment for PPC, organic search, and social media with Google Analytics. How to use PostRank for social media analytics and engagement – check out the social sharing statistics on your site & others, plus get a free three month trial of their analytics to get in-depth engagement analytics.

28 Resources from My Internet Marketing Toolbox

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Analytics & Research In a survey across thousands of large companies who actively monitor their stats online, only 35% stated that they actually changed their website based on what they saw. It’s completely free and one of the most powerful analytics tools on the market.

How Do You Know if You’re Succeeding?


PostRank is a great service to measure influence in an effective way. I’ll be the first to admit that opening Google Analytics to see whether yesterday’s post got as many views as the one from the day before is an addiction. This guest post is by Josh Klein of Digital Strategy with Josh Klein. You had an idea for a blog. You developed a smart blog strategy. You wrote a compelling about me page.

How Bloggers Can Make Money from Brands


It depends on the speed of turnaround required, the number of people they need, and the dashboard/tools and analytics you’re offering. Your sources may include: website analytics, search behavior (keyword search volumes, trends, seasonality, geography), analytics, PostRank, Twitter, social bookmarking websites, and so on. This guest post was written by Mark Pollard of Let’s face it, how you make money from blogging is in serious flux right now.