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The above posting is my new/regular column for Strategy Magazine. I cross-post it here with all the links and tags for your reading pleasure, but you can check out the original version online here: Strategy Magazine - Embrace the shift away from stuff. analytics. strategy magazine. strategy magazine column. Audio streams trump everything when it comes to music.

Newspapers, Magazines, and the Apple iPad

The Way of the Web

Figures from conferences I’ve attended , Paidcontent , New York Observer , Venturebeat ) All very impressive…but… 1) Friend and former magazine colleague Dave Cushman makes a point which quite a few other people have also discussed – is this an illusion of a long term future for publishers ?

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Thoughts on UK magazine ABC figures…

The Way of the Web

The thing is, the ABCs feel a bit odd this year, with the period-on-period and year-on-year increases feeling a bit hollow considering magazine sales grew 0.3% magazine, which dropped 20.2% Free magazine Shortlist grew, as did Stuff, BBC Focus, Men’s Fitness, Esquire and Front.

New Instagram Ad Analytics Tools Introduced: Insta-ads


The new Instagram ad analytics tools being introduced recently are a way to offer those with money a chance to skip past building a social media following and reach more users. What are the new Instagram ad analytics tools? Why are the new Instagram ad analytics tools being introduced?

#measurePR Recaps: March-May 2018

Waxing UnLyrical

– Measurement & analytics. In May, Sally Falkow joined as the guest host with answers regarding creativity in communications from her son, Mike Falkow of Rogue Magazine. Think Google Analytics. Where has #measurePR been, these last few months, you ask? Right here!

79 Remarkable Social Media Marketing Facts and Statistics for 2012

Webbiquity SMM

BtoB Magazine ). the five most popular topics on Pinterest are Venture Capital, Blogging Resources, Crafts, Web Analytics and SEO/Marketing. BtoB Magazine ). BtoB Magazine ).

Was Eleven Years Of Relentless Blogging Worth It?

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It was less about driving traffic, building audience and studying analytics, and much more about disbelief. I could not believe that I didn''t need a magazine editor, a newspaper editor or anyone else to give me permission to communicate with an audience. inc magazine. magazine. magazine editor. strategy magazine. Tags: analytics. It was eleven years ago today. Actually, that''s a bit of a lie. I started blogging eleven years ago yesterday.

21 Ways to Get More Engagement on Instagram Stories


Building a large and loyal audience of Instagram Stories viewers is a great way to build brand engagement – think of your stories like a magazine or reality tv show about your business. Want to get more engagement on Instagram Stories? First, focus on the views.

7 Steps To Define Your Content Center Of Excellence

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Prior to the Internet, I was a much more voracious consumer of print magazines (had to be, there wasn't the selection that we have today online). Use your analytics (most packages are free) to better understand what is working, where it's working and how it is working. analytics. magazine. web analytics. "You're that social media guy, right?". I get that. The branding guy. The marketing guy. The tech guy. The media guy. The writer guy. The business book guy.

10 Brands Killing It On Instagram in 2016

Talkwalker SM

Based on Talkwalker’s new and improved Instagram analytics (and our own appreciation), here are 10 brands killing it on Instagram to kickstart your social media strategy for the last months of 2016. over the summer (Source: Talkwalker’s Instagram analytics ).

Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #422

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I love magazines. Sure, I pay for content (and subscribe to a lot of magazines and newspapers), but it's all digital now. I miss that feeling of a fresh and new magazine. just not that interesting) , but the magazine is a thing of beauty. magazine.

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What You Don't Know About David Carr

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My professional career started as a journalist, I went on to become a magazine publisher. As we struggled to get enough ads to validate the next issue of our magazine, I watched the first Web Browser come online, and that''s when everything changed for me. magazine.

Why The Newspaper Business?

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I started off in journalism, I published magazines, I have written and contributed to many publications over the past two decades and - ultimately - I believe in the importance of these news institutions, and how they serve the public, while still being pragmatic that they are a business and responsible for both returning revenues and innovating, as the customer has so many more media outlets to choose from. analytics. magazine.

Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2010

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Analytics. 10 Indicators Your Business Should Rethink Its Twitter Strategy (Klout): Megan Berry of influence analytics provider Klout provides some best practices on how to build loyal Twitter followings. Analytics.

Using Social Listening to Reveal Actionable Insights

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Using the social media analytics platform Talkwalker , we learned these three articles alone had a combined reach of more than 40 million people. This is an excerpt from the article, “How Social Listening Reveals Actionable Insights,” published in the April issue of O’Dwyer’s Magazine.

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Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #405

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My friends: Alistair Croll ( Solve for Interesting , Tilt the Windmill , HBS , chair of Strata , Startupfest , Pandemonio , and ResolveTO , Author of Lean Analytics and some other books ), Hugh McGuire ( PressBooks , LibriVox , iambik and co-author of Book: A Futurist's Manifesto ) and I decided that every week the three of us are going to share one link for one another (for a total of six links) that each individual feels the other person "must see". magazine.

Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #324

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Read his thoughts on magazines: 'A good magazine was a lot of novelty, stuff you've never heard of before, clearly aggregated by people who have been able to travel further and dig deeper than you have been able to do. lean analytics. magazine.

Fake Traffic, Bots And Faker Websites

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When I was younger (in a pre-Internet world), there was a dirty little secret about newspapers and magazines. Digital and Web analytics put this issue to rest. We try to convince brands that web analytics shall set you free. magazine. web analytics. Fraud is everywhere. Wake up.

Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #415

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My friends: Alistair Croll ( Solve for Interesting , Tilt the Windmill , HBS , chair of Strata , Startupfest , Pandemonio , and ResolveTO , Author of Lean Analytics and some other books ), Hugh McGuire ( PressBooks , LibriVox , iambik and co-author of Book: A Futurist's Manifesto ) and I decided that every week the three of us are going to share one link for one another (for a total of six links) that each individual feels the other person "must see". magazine.

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How To Start A Blog In 2012

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Blogs, books, newspapers, magazines, tweets, etc. Don't be scared of analytics. Most Blog platforms offer some kind of analytics. You should also be running Google Analytics as well. If the thought of web analytics scares you, please go and check out the work of Avinash Kaushik (his Blog, Occam's Razor , is treasure trove of great insights - as are his two books, Web Analytics - An Hour A Day and Web Analytics 2.0 ). blog analytics.

The Importance of H2 Headings


It’s like the subheadline of a newspaper or magazine article – it helps readers quickly understand what a subsection of a page or post is about. Web Analytics h2 H2 headingsWhat are H2 headings?

The paradox of the ‘lads mag’

The Way of the Web

Without access to their analytics, surveys and research it’s impossible to say for sure, but I don’t think so. The main magazines in this segment have always covered a range of areas, packaged up with some titillating shots of a current celebrity, and the problem is that doesn’t work anymore. Digital Publishing Magazine Publishing cannibalisation lads mags male interest sites mens magazines readership websites

The Gift Of Facebook

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While I understand that close to one billion people are connected there and that you can target your message down to a specific segment, I still don't think that people are on Facebook to consume content in the same way that they are consuming media when they're reading a newspaper or magazine online (which means that they're less inclined to pay attention to ads). magazine. web analytics. Let me be clear: I am still bullish on Facebook.

The Creative Imperative

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They test it, they leverage analytics and they watch how their linking strategy moves across the Web like a hawk. It's everything that traditional newspapers and magazines don't do. magazine. web analytics. How important is creativity in Marketing? It's not a loaded question. Some may say that the creativity can't stand on its own as it needs the strategy behind it that will drive the creative output. I think that's a mistake.

Hearst Skiff Reader Looks Cool

Adam Sherk

My professional, analytical opinion is it looks pretty darn good. What Horrible Things Did Time Magazine Do in 1964?

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Breaking All Of Twitter's Rules

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Business books, Blog posts, magazine articles, tumblr feeds, newspaper articles, TV news segments and yes, even tweets, have been written about what it takes for both individuals and brands to be successful on Twitter. Avinash Kaushik is not only a personal friend, he's the Digital Marketing Evangelist at Google and author of two-best selling business books ( Web Analytics - An Hour A Day and Web Analytics 2.0 ). magazine. web analytics 20.

Sharing Is Caring (And Selling)

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The Huffington Post generated conversation (comments, engagement, links and the like) because, unlike traditional newspapers and magazines that were making time online, The Huffington Post "opened up the window" and let their content be cross-posted, it linked out (not to be confused with LinkedIn ) and did everything in its power to garner attention by leveraging the power of a sharing economy over one that was looking for a return on investment (or advertising). magazine.

AOL Newsroom: A Model for the Future or Shades of 2001?

Adam Sherk

by Adam Sherk on February 23, 2010 There is an interesting article in BusinessWeek on how AOL is utilizing software and analytics data in an effort to match content with user interests and monetize it more successfully. What Horrible Things Did Time Magazine Do in 1964?

Google: The search party is not over


[This is a guest post by Zachary Zawarski, a Google Apps Consultant , in response to Fortune Magazine's article Google: The search party is over.].

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Change Your Marketing. Change Your Brain.

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These people claim to be hybrids of engineers, strategists and analytics specialists who are leveraging digital channels to build customer profiles with technology, but without any of the traditional avenues. From wearable technology and cloud computing to Instagram businesses and the continued importance of data and analytics. Magazine called Reboot: Marketing. Magazine - Change Your Marketing. analytics. inc magazine. Don''t stop advertising.

Not sure how to monetise your eyeballs?

The Way of the Web

May 3rd, 2010 · View Comments While newspaper and magazine owners are still trying to decide whether or not they should aim for eyeballs or paywalls, there are several other companies who are happy to take up the challenge.

The Point Of Creativity In Business

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Roger Dooley , pointed me to his latest contribution at Forbes magazine today. It''s not about the data, analytics or KPIs, either. Great data, profound insights from analytics and focusing (like a bullseye) on business results is the exact way that agencies can be most creative. analytics. The point of creativity in business is to tell and/or sell. For some reason, the statement above is seen (by many) as some kind of defamation of creativity.

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Good To Great To Different

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The second, showed up today via Marketing Magazine titled, How Agencies Can Blow Off Commoditization. Think about this (via the Marketing Magazine article): "Being smart, creative people with cool solutions to complex client business problems does not mean they are different or immune from the disease of creeping commoditization. marketing magazine. Tags: analytics. Is Apple a truly great company? The answer seems obvious.

The Chicken and Egg Problem of Nonprofit Social Media Measurement


Web analytics is basically an even playing field because Google analytics is free, as are other web stats tools. You can compile robust web analytics relatively easily, all in one platform, for free. You go to Twitter analytics for Twitter.

10 Social Posts to Save and Share

Direct Marketing Observations

5) Wanna see a cool video about the power of Google analytics ? Here are the 50 best websites of 2011 according to Time Magazine. I haven’t done a post like this in a while. But I bookmark and favorite posts just like you. Here are 10 of my most recent favorites.

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The Key to Success in Enterprise Social Media

Direct Marketing Observations

If you can get the data right, you can get the analytics right, right? We call it content, but back in the day it was a newspaper insert, a magazine ad, a radio spot, a 30 second commercial on TV. Social media marketer doesn’t mean social media analytics guru.

No Six Pixels Of Separation Podcast This Week

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We even pushed out into the coming year and discussed creativity, analytics and what might be in store for Social Media. This episode featured a roundtable conversation I conducted on behalf of Marketing Magazine with Seth Godin , Charlene Li , Shelly Palmer and David Weinberger in June of 2009. marketing magazine. Tags: analytics. Well, it was bound to happen. Yesterday, I had an amazing conversation with Mark W.

20 Tremendous Digital Marketing Stats and Facts

Webbiquity SMM

But likely the most significant finding from recent research (see below) is this: the average person now spends more time online than with TV and all other media (newspapers, magazines, etc.) Less than 30% of small businesses use Web site analytics, call tracking, or coupon codes.

13 Experts Share Their Instagram Predictions for 2019


Instagram Predictions #2: Instagram Analytics Will Become Even More Robust. Tracking and measuring your Instagram analytics has always been important. We saw some of this in 2018 with Facebook beta testing Instagram analytics on their platform.

How Glossier Built a Cult Following on Social Media


The brand posted 185 photos, 125 videos and 522 links, most of it being links to intothegloss.com and other beauty magazines featuring Glossier products or reviews. The brand is featured not just in user tweets, but also mentioned by fashion magazines and journals.