5 best Pinterest analytics tools


Pinterest analytics is a great source of valuable intel on your business’s performance. While the network’s native analytics covers all the basic insights, other third-party tools in the market provide much more to help you go the extra mile with competitive intelligence.

7 best LinkedIn analytics tools


While LinkedIn’s own channel analytics might tick your basic needs, we’ve listed a few other analysis tools that will help you track and monitor your social strategy and achieve your goals on LinkedIn. Download analytics reports on your LinkedIn performance with insightful charts and graphs.

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8 best Instagram analytics tools


If Instagram is part of your social media strategy, I’ve got a quick question for you: Are you using the right Instagram analytics tools? What is Instagram analytics? Here’s a tool to help you make the most out of Instagram with their in-depth owned Instagram analytics.

7 best YouTube analytics tools


In-depth YouTube analytics will help you take your video marketing game from good to ninja level. So let’s walk through the top seven Youtube analytics tools to help you fine-tune your video marketing strategy and perform better on Youtube.

WordPress Blog Hosting: WordPress.com or Self-Hosted?


Given that WordPress hosts 59,914,568 as of 09/25/2011 and that over 301 million people view more than 2.5 billion pages each month on WordPress.com-hosted blogs (data from WordPress Stats ), it is not a surprise that many users around the world have chosen WordPress as their CMS of choice.

7 best Facebook analytics tools


Today, Facebook plays host to over 60 million business pages on its site. By allies, I mean these really cool analytics tools that will help you understand your Facebook performance and get real-time metrics to help you reach your target audience.

6 best Twitter analytics tools


Twitter analytics tools give you key data points that are helpful in calculating your social ROI. In this article, we’ve rounded up the best analytics tools that offer an array of features to help you increase brand visibility and fine-tune your Twitter strategy.

Is it Shortsighted Not to Host Your Own Blog?

Waxing UnLyrical

Why do people ask whether or not you should host your own blog? So when you have a bunch of “hosts” out there, all ushering you into the window seat, why bother with the hassle of creating your own? Is it Shortsighted Not to Host Your Own Blog?

Are Web-Based Free Hosts Good For Business?

Small Business Mavericks

I’m talking about the free web-based website hosts. And all those people who had websites hosted by Geocities had to move their sites, or lose them. Some of these web-based hosts provide services like analytics, a blog platform, forum add-ons, and their sites even show up in the search engine rankings so the SEO is good. It costs less than $20 per year for a domain name and less than $15 per month for good hosting. Don’t use the free web hosts.

Google Analytics: Your Free Goldmine to More Leads, Sales and Human Connections

Pam Moore

What if I told you that right now at this very moment you are already you're sitting on a gold mine of free data and analytics to help you generate more brand awareness, leads and sales by connecting with your ideal customers in a human way?

How to Host A Twitter Chat That People Will Tweet About

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Have you attended a bunch of Twitter chats and are thinking about hosting a Twitter chat of your own? Why Host a Twitter Chat? When you are a mere participant in a Twitter chat, you can respond, but when you are hosting a chat, you can direct.

14 Steps to Hosting a Successful Webinar

Convince & Convert

Following is a step-by-step list of how to host a memorable, interesting, and useful webinar. For instance, we did a webinar about Google analytics. Rather than call it “Advanced Analytics,” we called it, “The Lies and Truths of Google Analytics.”

Piwik: The Google Analytics Alternative

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For the longest time Google Analytics was the only free open source analytics program. Many online marketers opted to use a paid analytics program so they could keep their information private and away from Google’s eyes, or they had other reasons. But there is a new alternative to Google Analytics that is free and open source and is picking up speed. Piwik is so flexible you can install it on your own server or host it on Piwik’s servers.

Twitter Native Video Hosting Kicks Off Soon – YouTube Beware!


Twitter video hosting has officially kicked off for a select group of verified users. With shareholders expecting Twitter to turn a profit, Twitter video hosting may just be the move that does it. When will Twitter Native video hosting become available, what can we expect?

Complete Guide to Hashtag Analytics

Sprout Social

One study showed 39% of businesses don’t measure their social media ROI due to a lack of analytics, resources or expertise. By using hashtag analytics, you’ll be able to run organized campaigns, get details on your target audience and optimize your social media posts for more exposure. Hashtag Analytics Tools. Give these tools a try for hashtag analytics: 1. Does your brand host its own Twitter chat ? Add More to Your Hashtag Analytics.

What to Expect When Moving WordPress to New Hosting


I would actually suggest that if you have a self-hosted blog or website that you sign up for a free account with Pingdom. No crash = you’re paying an obscene amount for hosting or you’re not getting enough attention to your launch.

How to Host a Successful Instagram Takeover in 7 Easy Steps


The takeover host might be a celebrity, an influencer, or even a team member. If you’re looking to connect with a niche group, or reach a new market segment, the right takeover host can help you do that. Choose your takeover host. Here are the best Instagram analytics tools !

The Fight for the Future of Influencer Analytics

Convince & Convert

That is true, and I can look at the analytics from my Buffer and Argyle Social accounts to prove it. The Rise of Channel Influence Analytics. Twitter Influence Analytics. Pinterest Influence Analytics. Blog Influence Analytics.

The Lean Analytics Model

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Every week (on Saturday), the blog hosts a link exchange between Hugh McGuire ( PressBooks , Librivox , etc.), Most recently, he co-authored a book called, Lean Analytics - Use Data To Build A Better Startup Faster , with Ben Yoskovitz. lean analytics. Episode #351 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to.

Will Social Media Influence The Travel Channel Launch's of "Deep Fried America?" An interview with host Jay Ducote

Diva Marketing Blog

in addition to the awesome host of course? I see engagement on Twitter and Instagram but I don’t go too deep into analytics. Jay Ducote came to my attention when he battled it out last year on the Food Network show Food Network Star Season 11.

5 Tips on Using Google Analytics More Effectively

Bill Hartzer

There is a free tool that Google provides called Google Analytics. Once you organize the data that Goggle Analytics provides you can utilize this essential information to market and promote your website. A number of sources will charge you a small fee to host your site link, or banner on their site. The last important tip for Google Analytics that we are looking at is with regard to these referring websites. Web Analytics

Join Social Media Club on Maui for Google Analytics Program

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This August 20th (Monday), SMCHI will be hosting a free meetup at MEDB from 5:30 – 7:30 pm. The featured topic for this event is Understanding Google Analytics. You can learn more about the Google Analytics event here at the SMCHI website.

How to Set Up Blog Comments as Goals in Google Analytics Using WordPress Hacks


As many of you know, I love writing about Google Analytics. One of the best ways to get actionable data out of your Google Analytics is to set up goals. Here are a few things you can learn from setting up comment form submissions as goals in Google Analytics.


Social Media with Romona

Blogging Content Management Content Marketing Domain Names GoDaddy Google Analytics Ramona Foster Romona Foster SEO SSL Certificate Themeforest Web Design Web Designer WordPress Hosting blog writing create a blog create a website find keywords how do i build a website how to choose a wordpress theme how to create a website how to find a web designer how to hire a web designer keywords search engine optimization should i use wordpress what to ask a web designer where can i find a web designer

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Will Social Media Influence The Travel Channel Launch's of "Deep Fried America?" An interview with host Jay Ducote

Diva Marketing Blog

in addition to the awesome host of course? I see engagement on Twitter and Instagram but I don’t go too deep into analytics. Jay Ducote came to my attention when he battled it out last year on the Food Network show Food Network Star Season 11.

Writing Around the Web – Social Media SEO, Google Analytics, and Social Proof


5 Essential WordPress Plugins For Comments – One of the best things about using the self-hosted version of the WordPress platform (i.e. How to Set Up Google Analytics on Your Website – This post will help you set up Google Analytics in a few simple steps.

How a Social Media Audit with Agorapulse Can Keep You on Track

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It’s not prone to human errors, and it will literally save you hours of time for every social media audit in addition to speeding up your metrics evaluations and analytics throughout the year. Review Google Analytics.

6 Steps to Creating a Successful Instagram Marketing Strategy

Webbiquity SMM

Host Contests. Hosting contests on Instagram can be a fun way to connect and engage with your followers as well as generate new followers. For example, hosting a contest which requires tagging a friend may help you reach out and connect with new people.

ICYMI – Pinterest and men, Twitter newsfeed changes, Instagram analytics

Danny WhatMough

Instagram announces new analytics features for advertisers. AT&T’s @summerbreak campaign aims to target millennials through a host of emerging networks. Here’s my weekly round-up of things you need to know and might have missed this last week in the world of digital PR and social media. Want this in your inbox each week? Subscribe here. Pinterest is set to ramp up male-friendly content on the site to boost male users.

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7 best social media audit tools in 2019


Take a look at the list of tools we’ve put together that come with great analytical insights to improve your social media efforts. It provides a host of features that will help you review your social media profiles and ease the whole social media audit process.

Tools 101

ICYMI – Twitter analytics, out-app purchases, Airbnb, Kindle

Danny WhatMough

Twitter takes aim at Facebook by pushing its organic reach potential and releasing a new analytics dashboard. A great new guide to Pinterest analytics from Brandwatch – definitely worth checking out. Imgur rolls out a host of new features and functionality. Google Analytics launches dedicated iPhone app. Here’s my weekly round-up of things you need to know and might have missed this last week in the world of digital PR and social media.

Instagram Stories Views Are Down – Here’s How to Fix It


Here are our top 6 tips: How to Increase Instagram Stories Views #1: Review Your Analytics. Instagram growth starts with understanding your Instagram analytics, and it’s no different for stories. Have you noticed a recent drop in your Instagram Stories views?

The Hard Things About The Hard Thing Called "Digital Transformation"

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Notice how quickly we moved from hosting to cloud services? analytics. hosting. You can't throw a marketing professional down a flight of stairs without the words "digital transformation!" tumbling out of their mouth. There is no doubt that digital transformation affects everyone in business today. Small, medium and large businesses are being impacted.

6 best social media monitoring tools 


There’s a host of features that will help you analyze your brand’s social media performance and make better marketing decisions. Crowd Analyzer gives you analytics on your audience demographics, sentiment analysis, top brand mentions, historical data, word cloud, and much more.

Tools 106

11 best social media listening tools


Not just that, Clarabridge provides deep analytics to understand the context of these mentions of your brand. There’s a host of features that will help you analyze your brand’s social media performance and make better marketing decisions.

Tools 115

The key to Victoria’s Secret social media success


In November 2018, Victoria’s Secret hosted their annual fashion show in New York during which they screened an interview of their chief marketing officer, Ed Razek, with Vogue magazine. Social Strategies most followed brands Social Media Analytics Social Media strategy Victoria's Secret

21 Ways to Get More Engagement on Instagram Stories


That means you might see your exit rates on your Instagram Stories analytics drop as your viewers stick around for all your posts! Use your Instagram analytics to learn more about what types of content performs best and then use that insight to tailor what you post.

The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest Marketing 


How to Use Analytics to Tailor Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy. Creating Rich Pins require a bit of technical work, so you might need to contact your website developers or your website hosting platform to get it all up and running.

Klout, the Super Bowl, and Our Addiction to Shooting the Messenger

Convince & Convert

According to the Indianapolis Super Bowl Host Committee , Klout was used to help identify the participants, and the list was augmented manually with known local bloggers, gadflies, and connectors. They were identified by a computer and/or by members of the host committee.

Klout 120

Website Analysis Tools: 8 Powerful and Free Tools

Razor Social

Here are 7 website analytics tools that are useful and worth exploring. Here are some other useful website analytics tools available: Heatmaps. Form Analytics. Hotjar is a tool that offers both user analytics and feedback functionality.