5 best Pinterest analytics tools


A study revealed that 96% of consumers research products they wish to purchase on the channel, and of that 87% end up purchasing the product because of Pinterest. Pinterest analytics is a great source of valuable intel on your business’s performance.

Analytics: the Sideways Approach to Measuring PR

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How Analytics are the Sideways Approach to Measuring PR. And analytics are at the heart of this approach. Registrations were the ultimate goal, and they were using campaign tracking in Google Analytics very well. A version of this post originally appeared on Spin Sucks.

Instagram Study: We analyzed 9 million posts and that's what we've learned


Some use it to share their life with their friends, influencers make a living out of the platform and brands engage with their audience or to generate new customers. Social Media Studies Instagram AnalyticsInstagram has over 1 billion users worldwide.

Study 114

How to write a social media case study (with template)

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To new clients, you’ll tell them how you’ve tripled someone else’s engagement rates but how do they know this is true? Enter the case study. At Sprout, we use this strategy with our own case studies highlighting our customer’s successes. What is a social media case study?

Actionable Social Analytics: From Social Media Metrics to Business Insights [White Paper]


Tweet Recently, Awareness released a new white paper on social analytics and suggestions on how marketers process and assimilate seemingly endless social data. The white paper throws some light on the following: How to define social analytics as a discipline.

STUDY: The Business Impact of Online Communities


To get answers to these critical questions, Leader Networks conducted a survey of nearly 300 marketing and community leaders that resulted in The Business Impact of Online Communities Study. Associations plan to integrate communities with operations and implement better analytics.

New Study Finds You Suck

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The study was listed as one of the bullet points in Academica’s Top Ten , a daily scan of the news stories in Canadian Higher Education. On the whole, people are engaging with the material.

Study 198

Monitoring vs Analytics [Infographic]

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So I spent the better part of January looking at every social media listening, monitoring, analytics, intelligence and insights firm I could get my hands on. They have staff to pull monthly reports and do what they are calling “Insights analytics&#. SENTIMENT BASED ANALYTICS.

Is Facebook Engaging for Your Brand?

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Despite all this information, brands continue to struggle with keeping their content fresh and engaging, and determining whether organic or paid is the best direction to get the most of a post. The post Is Facebook Engaging for Your Brand?

Increasing Reach Without Spend: A Community Radio Case Study

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I’m going to highlight an aspect of this struggle from a user perspective as well as a personal case study on how I’ve been attempting to fight the reach algorithm with an organic page I manage outside of my role here at Ignite Social Media.

Instagram Saves Are The Hot New Engagement Metric — Here’s Why


The more likes, comments, and now saves a post gets the better — especially if all that engagement comes quickly after posting. . If likes can’t be seen by anyone except the account holder, the focus is more on overall engagement, including the number of comments and saves a post gets.

5 Free Social Media Analytics Tools – With Recommendations from Experts

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Social media analytics tools come in many shapes and sizes – from free and niche to enterprise level and comprehensive. Below, we’ve compiled a list of five free social media analytics tool s that can help you find new insights for your brand.

The Most Engaging Industries on Facebook and What to Learn from Them


According to a recent study carried out by Socialbakers , a global social media and digital analytics company, the leading industry in terms of response rate on Facebook is the telecommunications industry. Similar Posts: EdgeRank Is Still Valid According to Study.

15 most engaging Back-to-School social media posts


Mask Of Magnaminty’s invigorating peppermint oil will perk you up after a marathon study session. The post 15 most engaging Back-to-School social media posts appeared first on Unmetric Social Media Analytics Blog.

Know What’s Working on Social Media: 26 Free Social Media Analytics Tools

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We’ve refreshed this post for 2017, check out the latest and greatest social media analytics tools below. As a little bonus, we have included more than 19 free social media analytics tools in this post! Chapter 1: 19 Free Social Media Analytics Tools. Google Analytics.

Introducing Buffer Analyze: A Facebook and Instagram Analytics Tool From Buffer

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And understanding the data behind your social media performance can help you to make better decisions about your content, ensure you’re connecting with the right audiences and help you to boost engagement and grow your following. Mastering social media analytics isn’t easy.

Complete Guide to Hashtag Analytics

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One study showed 39% of businesses don’t measure their social media ROI due to a lack of analytics, resources or expertise. By using hashtag analytics, you’ll be able to run organized campaigns, get details on your target audience and optimize your social media posts for more exposure. Social media marketing is all about engagement. Hashtags drive engagement. Hashtag Analytics Tools. Give these tools a try for hashtag analytics: 1.

Tool Tuesday: PostRank Analytics

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Most obvious of these is Google Analytics. Another is the popular “Add This&# which also offers analytic information. There is even a feature to add additional pages, great for blog-specific campaigns and funnel analysis and comparing it to Engagement Events.

Our Dangerous Addiction to Social Media Case Studies

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But it applies equally to the basket of case studies that are left for us each day by the sites that chronicle social’s advance. Case studies should be used for ideation, not ratification. Social Media Case Studies – The Crack of the Stat.

How Do Smartphone Brands in the Philippines Get Engagement on Social Media?


To judge these brands on engagement, let us look a little closer. However, given that ASUS published the most Posts, a more accurate measure of engagement would be the number of Likes, Comments and Shares that these brands received on average. Engagement. Engagement over time.

Increasing Reach Without Spend: A Community Radio Case Study

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I’m going to highlight an aspect of this struggle from a user perspective as well as a personal case study on how I’ve been attempting to increase reach by beating the algorithm with an organic page I manage outside of my role here at Ignite Social Media.

Visual Analytics: Find Your Brand’s Visual Influencers

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Most basic social media analytics platforms will allow you to search for images based on text queries, which will give you access to a fraction of the content you are looking for. Assess Reach vs. Engagement. You should have already heard this statistic: over 1.8

Instagram Analytics Guide: How to Pull & Examine Your Data

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With algorithmic changes and the increasing need for paid social efforts, the time to rely on your core Instagram analytics data is now. Here we’ll show you the six must-have Instagram analytics reports and how to pull your own data: 1. Instagram Engagement Analytics.

10 Ways to Increase Facebook Engagement that Work

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Have you noticed your Facebook engagement has been on a downward spiral lately? For example, Facebook is explicitly fighting against engagement bait and spammy tactics which they see as undercutting their algorithm. Let’s take a look at how to increase engagement on Facebook: 1.

Social TV Analytics: Commercials Spur 145% Lift in Social Media Comments for Mike’s Hard Lemonade

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Mike’s Hard Lemonade saw a 145% lift in social media comments during a recent TV commercial campaign, according to a recent case study by AdAge and social-TV analytics company Bluefin Labs. The funny, engaging commercials (view them below) had 642 airings in the U.S.

Find out how ANZ is Minting Engagement on Social Media


The #InspiringLocals campaign, that spanned from June 28 th to August 4 th witnessed some pretty engaging Posts, like this one. Merely putting money behind Posts will not get you consistent engagement or Reach. Engagement. We ranked these Posts based on their Engagement Score.

Jim Sterne on #MeasurePR: Using Analytics For Better Public Relations

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I’d hear about his work in the analytics field , about eMetrics and always think, wouldn’t it be neat if I actually got to meet him sometime? What are some of the most basic mistakes PR pros make when it comes to using web analytics? What are some ways to measure engagement?

How Engaging Pinterest Content Can Triple Your Website Referral Traffic

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With this data captured in Pinterest Analytics, companies can then compare the top pinned content from their website with their own top performing Pinterest content to ensure alignment, or even identify a trending product or service as it becomes popular.

Understanding the Nature of an Event Using Social Analytics

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This is a guest post from Marshall Sponder , author of the newly released Social Media Analytics. I picked up Hubbard’s book and it nicely fits into my own framework on analytics tracking I put forward in Social Media Analytics.

It’s Time to Reconsider ‘Best Time to Post on Social Media’ Studies. Here’s What to Do Instead.

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If you are a social media manager, you’ve likely looked at ‘best time to post on social media’ studies to come up with several posting times for your brand. But now, I believe it’s time to reconsider these studies. Outdated studies. Study your analytics.

Study 111

IBM’s Watson Engages Customers with Youtility

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Our own Jay Baer was the host of this 3-day event, during which many exciting case studies and announcements where shared by companies leading the charge for smarter marketing. And in the case of IBM Watson Engagement Advisor, great technology.

How to engage customers on social with brand storytelling

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The good news is that engagement doesn’t have to be a mystery. You can create these personas by collecting data about your customers through customer interviews, a social media platform, and Google Analytics. Here are four examples of brands successfully engaging with their customers with brand storytelling. I know you might be thinking, So you’re saying I have to open a hotel to engage customers on social? Your brand’s story will engage customers. Engagement

We Studied Our Top Social Media Posts of 2017. Here’s What We Learned.

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We think social media is becoming more for engagement and brand building than referral traffic and revenue. So a top social media post to us is one that generates the most reach and engagement. Having said that, we found that the higher the reach, the more engagement a post likely gets.

Study 106

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Tracking Website Engagement

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The concept of “engagement&# follows a similar storyline and is quickly becoming one of those words that makes you throw up a little in your mouth. Like “buzz,&# “leverage,&# “ROI,&# and “word of mouth” before it, engagement has become the word du jour for marketers.

Digital PR Measurement Lessons from News Analytics

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News outlets are paying attention to analytics in an effort to learn more about what their audiences read and watch – and why. These unique stories capture 30% higher engagement: 62% more page views and 101% more shares.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to to Tracking Website Engagement

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The concept of “engagement&# follows a similar storyline and is quickly becoming one of those words that makes you throw up a little in your mouth. Like “buzz,&# “leverage,&# “ROI,&# and “word of mouth” before it, engagement has become the word du jour for marketers.

A Daily Social Media Checklist That Will Double Engagement

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That process when followed will help blow the lid off your engagement! A Daily Social Media Checklist That Will Double Engagement. Case studies. What type of content is your audience already engaging with?

How to Use Facebook Attribution to Scale Your Conversions

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For instance, if a user began engagement on a desktop but converted when later using a tablet. For example, breaking down the attribution data can help identify the following scenarios concerning three separate ads: Ad 1 : High engagement but few to no conversions.

Social Media Trends 2012 – Analytics and Measurement

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Better use of analytics and more focus on measurement. Let’s take a look at Analytics and Measurement. Some of these are outputs and outtakes, but a good number of them are outcomes: what did people do as a result of reading your content or engaging with you on a social site?

[CASE STUDY] How the United Soccer League Manages Its Nine Social Media Accounts

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The mission of the USL Digital department is to promote its league, teams and players and keep its fans engaged year-round through content on the USL website and social channels.