Turning Facebook Analytics Into Action

Jon Loomer

And one of the best tools that helps all of us understand data at a deeper level is Facebook Analytics. Jon and I taught a Facebook Analytics course last December and we received this question, which helped prompt our thinking for a future Analytics course: .

Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup, November Discounts & Life on Facebook


This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the resources mashup, a great discount code for November, and life on Facebook on kikolani.com. Search Engines / SEO / Analytics. November Discounts. Also, if you’re thinking about both, get the Copywriting Scorecard for Bloggers first – it comes with a 50% discount for 31 Days to Building a Better Blog.

Hook A Facebook Fan Up: They're Looking For Discounts


To receive discounts and promotions. Sometimes, it seems, the greatest value you can add is a good old-fashioned discount or promotion. Have you experimented with discounts and promotions on your Facebook page?

Post Case Study: Triberr Visits vs. Google Analytics


Naturally, being the statistics geek that I am, I wondered if I could match up the stats that Triberr gives you for visits from everyone’s unique Triberr URL of your post to the number of visits you see in Google Analytics. The Problem with Google Analytics.

New Pinterest Analytics Dashboard Tools: How to Use Them


The new Pinterest Analytics dashboard will make this even more obvious, and help business accounts on Pinterest thrive. New Pinterest Analytics – Go beyond basic demographics. Related post: New Instagram Ad Analytics Tools Introduced. Pinterest Analytics as a tool.

Talking Social Media Analytics at the Summit

Net-Savvy Executive

Considering the unresolved questions of measurement and analytics in social media, spending some time together sounds like a great idea. That's why I'm excited to be a part of the Social Media Analytics Summit , taking place April 17–18 in San Francisco. You want a discount?

AdWords Quality Score: What marketers need to know

Sprout Social

This means that you might still need to pay more for your Google Ads but you still shouldn’t discount the effect that a good Quality Score has on them. Analytics Social StrategyAs a digital marketer, it’s useful to have all kinds of knowledge in your skills toolkit.

How Do Smartphone Brands in the Philippines Get Engagement on Social Media?


Lenovo backed their Posts that advertised offers and discounts. philippines engagement Social Media Analytics Facebook Reach social media report smartphonesIt will be hard to think of a time when not everybody had easy access to a phone.

Does SEO Have A Future?

Small Business Mavericks

Besides these big changes, you add personalized search to the mix, undisclosed social signals, and inbound links being discounted left and right, it might seem like SEO is broken. Tracking & Analytics analytics metrics SEO With so many changes happening at the search engine level, this is a trying time for many online marketers. That’s especially true where SEO is concerned because it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to measure results.

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How to Create Achievable Social Media Goals

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As a social media consultant, you’ll need goals and analytics to show your client that your work is creating results that they want. Measurable : This is where analytics come in. Website analytics for Facebook referrals.

Is Snapchat for brands?


16 Handles encouraged their customers to send a picture on Snapchat of themselves eating ice cream and then 16 Handles would automatically send a discount coupon back to the customer. Most of us have heard of Snapchat.

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Social Media Demographics to Inform a Better Segmentation Strategy

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But don’t discount your young demographic on Facebook, as the social network still reigns as the most popular channel. The best marketers you’ll come across don’t sleep until they have a better idea on their audience and segmentation strategy.

3 Website Metrics to Watch Daily

Cody Ward

Below are 3 key website metrics that I watch every day: Daily Visits (Google Analytics) – Although you’re thinking this is an obvious choice, you’d be surprised at how it’s overlooked. Promote your deals and discounts on social media sites like Pinterest , LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Content Marketing Online Advertising Search Engine Optimization analytics google google webmaster tools metrics reporting

Top 10 Cyber Monday Social Media Posts


Cyber Monday is a big deal for the e-commerce industry, with companies slashing prices and offering massive discounts on their stock. However, having heavily discounted products and promotions alone aren’t guarantees of reach on social media. The post Top 10 Cyber Monday Social Media Posts appeared first on Unmetric Social Media Analytics Blog.

How to Create a Hashtag Just for Your Business

Sprout Social

However, you can’t discount the power of a successful hashtag for your business. Hashtag analytics gives you insights into what’s resonating with customers or what’s falling flat. With so many advertisements, billboards and commercials in our face, it’s tough to find one without an added hashtag. In the late ‘90s, phone numbers were slowly replaced by AOL keywords and websites. Eventually social media handles made their way onto ads.

How to Setup and Run an Ecommerce Referral Program


Here are common strategies to consider: Discounts and Rewards. Discounts and rewards are ideal for customers whom you want to reward for making a purchase. Discounts, exclusive deals, or free gifts can push your existing customers to refer new people to your service. Rewards make bigger purchases enticing, especially if they want to make use of the discount. When it comes to discounts, consider whether you will be setting a fixed discount or percentage discount.

Technology Makes Us Lazy Communicators

Waxing UnLyrical

That speaks very strongly to me at this point in my life right now as I’m taking on a more analytics focused role in my job. I agree to a point, however, they shouldn’t be completely discounted either. Guest Post by Matt LaCasse.

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25 Free Digital Marketing Tools for Nonprofits

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When your list or send needs outgrow the free plan Mailchimp offers both a 15 percent non-profit discount and a 10 percent when you add two-factor authentication to your MailChimp account. AND the discounts can be combined! Google Analytics : Your time and money is low and fleeting.

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Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media.

Convince & Convert

Advanced social media analytics and ROI calculations often require tying together disparate systems, and looking for causation (or at least correlation) between social media success and business outcome. Mr. Lake told me that beta customers are likely to receive a discount when Swix switches over to a monthly fee service.

Blog #6.3: Merits of Story Telling and Introduction to Predictive Narrative


guide me to the best travel destination, get me to the fastest route avoiding traffic, pick the best songs or movies based on my tastes, find me the best mate based on my interests, find me the right car given my parameters, so why not find me the fastest route to make my sales plan using predictive analytics helps me see more to win more and make my quota, or simply advise me on what I should purchase based on my specific parameters, and place my order directly.”).

How to Measure Social Media Success for Your Small Business


You can also use platforms (free and paid) like SproutSocial , HootSuite , Sysomos and InsideSocial for more detailed analytics. Use Google Analytics to see this data by going to Acquisition – Social – Overview. These word of mouth statements CANNOT be discounted.

5 Key Elements of a High Converting Facebook Post


Use promo code 'LASTCHANCE20' to get an extra 20% discount on your next order. On Discount Tuesday, we’ve selected some of our best fares and reduced them even more. Be sure to use Facebook Analytics to confirm the peak times for your page’s traffic.

15 Top Tips and Tricks of Cross-Selling [Infographic]

Social Selling Masters

If you run an e-commerce store, make sure you have some form of website analytics running in the background. Using the information gathered from your website analytics, you can display similar items that other customers bought to your existing buyer. Offer a Next Order Discount.

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Email marketing tips and tricks: How to do email marketing using MailChimp


If you want to track the activities of the website visitors, then you have to take the help of Google Analytics. Using the analytics would provide you a clear view of the customer’s behavior. Connect your MailChimp account and Analytics (Google) to induce campaign “after click” metrics.

Three Steps to Monetizing Your Data through Customer Intelligence

The Realtime Report

To achieve a better yield on your marketing spend, we recommend creating Customer Intelligence analytical solutions that provides your company with a variety of ways to monetize your customer. Here is a 3-step approach to building a customer intelligence analytical solution: 1.

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Can Facebook Ads Actually Pay For Themselves By Driving Traffic To My Blog?

SocMed Sean

NOTE: You can get your pages per session by looking in your Google Analytics dashboard. Pages per session in Google Analytics can help you estimate how many impressions a user will see in a session. This one is a really good question that I got from a friend of mine who is a blogger.

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13 YouTube Community Building Hacks You Never Knew About

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Use Analytics to Guide Your Strategy. Another tool which is more analytics-driven is Bird Song Analytics. This suite allows you to tap into your video analytics, pull reports and use them to create better videos. Did you hear the latest social media stats?

Social Media Influencers: How to Find, Evaluate and Work with Social Media Influencers

Razor Social

All of these metrics are pretty easy to measure either through native social media analytics on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., You can check this in Google Analytics ? Getting access to their analytics Using an SEO tool to review them. Getting access to their analytics.

How to Run Your Own Instagram Audit: 8 Steps to Building a Better Profile


If you need help selecting the right KPIs for your business, check out our ultimate guide to Instagram analytics for a few tips! Instagram Audit Step #4: Analytics. Diving into your Instagram analytics is more than just finding out which photo, video, or story performed best.

How to Develop Meaningful PR Measurement

Waxing UnLyrical

You can’t properly attribute sales or awareness to communications using baseline analytics from Google or Facebook or Twitter. Listeners use the code to get a discount, and the seller gains insight about the referral source.

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The 5 Best Shopify Apps to Boost Your 2019 Sales Strategy

The Realtime Report

Integrated Google Search Console analytics. Create innovative discount codes to attract customers. The 5 Best Shopify Apps to Boost Your 2019 Sales Strategy. Shopify offers over 2,500 apps to help you scale up your ecommerce store and boost sales.

7 Email Marketing Conversion Mistakes to Avoid

Razor Social

For example, you can use the analytics provided by your email service provider to analyze link clicks and other relevant actions your recipients take after an initial optin, or leverage a tool such as ClickMeter that allows you to track conversions by placing a pixel in the Thank You page.

7 Methods of Troubleshooting Facebook Ads That Are Underperforming

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Pay Attention to Google Analytics. Get Google Analytics — it’s free to install and use, and it can give you a lot of extra insights on your Facebook ad performance. Mastering Facebook Ads is complicated– there’s no denying it.

Guide to Every Social Media Metric That Matters


Most social media channels offer an ‘Insights’ or ‘Analytics’ page, where you can track the metrics most important to you.

The Definitive Guide to Instagram Stories


Announce a special offer or discount to create FOMO. As a result, when you use IS to share special offers, sale information, or limited-period discount, your customers are more likely to pay attention and act on the message.

How-To Guide for Calculating Influencer Marketing ROI

Social Media Strategies Summit

For example, in order to determine how many orders a specific influencer was responsible for driving, you may want to have the influencer share a unique discount code with his or her followers. Tagged Links, Platform-Specific Data, Google Analytics.

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25 ways to fool your audience on social media this April Fool’s Day


CONTESTS & DISCOUNTS: Chingles Gum held a contest for their fans to participate in. The post 25 ways to fool your audience on social media this April Fool’s Day appeared first on Unmetric Social Media Analytics Blog. Get ready for the pranks and hoaxes cause April Fool’s Day is just around the corner. Love it or hate it, this 500-year-old tradition will carry on. In recent times we have brands bringing pranks to social media.

How Instagram Influencers Use the Paid Partnership Feature

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Posting to Instagram takes a focus on analytics , strategy planning, time management , and the help of third-party tools. In the case of a code, a retailer can see how many times a specific discount code was used and share payment with the influencer based on those sales.

How to Master the Art of the Upsell

Convince & Convert

Upselling is usually a soft sell, with the promise of discounts, incentive programs, exclusive offers, and special pricing. Image via BigStockPhoto.com. Much like the old saying that compares new friends to silver and old friends to gold, current customers are often your best customers.

Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup, Black Friday & Cyber Monday Blogging Sales


How my article on quitting Foursquare caused a blog traffic spike – a look at analytics and referrals when you get a post that goes viral. Search Engines / SEO / Analytics. 99 free and low cost tools to improve your website – tools to help you with analytics, conversions, SEO, and more. Segmenting social traffic in Google Analytics – a guide to learning more about your social media referrers. Black Friday Sales, Deals, and Discounts.

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